Sergio AGUERO talks about Argentina team, Lionel MESSI, Manchester City, World Cup, more


Sergio AGUERO spoke with ESPN about a number of topics from him not being called-up to the Argentina national team to Manchester City and much more.

When Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI announced his squad for this month’s matches, one of the names which was not on there was that of Sergio AGUERO. The Manchester City striker has been in great form since the start of the season but has not been part of the Argentina setup since the FIFA World Cup.

Talking with ESPN, the Argentine had this to say about his relationship with current coach Lionel SCALONI:

“I spoke to him for the first time at the end of August and it was a good chat. I won’t give out details of what was said but we haven’t spoken since. There are things which were said (in the media) and I don’t know where they got them from. There was never a problem, just good things. My phone is always on.”

On not being called-up and the Copa America:

“I wasn’t called up the last few times but I am calm about it, I’m focused at my club. A lot is said in Argentina. Today, I’m not selected (for the Argentina national team) and I have to respect that. On my end, I’ll always be all in with the Argentina team.

“There’s a lot left until the Copa America. I’ll always try to do things well and you never know what can happen.”

Sergio AGUERO also spoke about Lionel MESSI:

“Leo is a symbol. I know very well that he loves the Argentina national team. I’ll always be there supporting him.”

Sergio Aguero Argentina
Sergio Aguero at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

On the 2018 FIFA World Cup:

“I was recovering from my knee to get to the World Cup as fast as possible. I had time to prepare… I’m calm because I know I tried my best for the Argentina national team. What happened, happened. One always wants to play but you have to respect the coach’s decision.”

On his relationship with Pep GUARDIOLA and the Premier League:

“We won the league Cup and we will try to go as far as we can in the other competitions.

“I’ve known Pep (GUARDIOLA) for some time and I know what he wants. We are good, strong. We’ve won complicated matches.

“The Premier League is not easy, it’s always decided until the very end. We won against Liverpool the match that we had to win. Now, it’s important for them to know that we’re here to give them a fight.”

On the UEFA Champions League:

“For the club and for me, it would be very nice to win a Champions League. We will try to get as close as we can.

“Weird things happened in the Champions League and we know that we have to get to the final.

“Madrid (the city) I love a lot, it’s a city where I started (his European career). It’s where Benjamin (his son) was born and we hope to get to to play the final at the Wanda stadium.”

Sergio Aguero Manchester City
Sergio Aguero celebrating a goal for Manchester City.

On being a goal scorer:

“The more you obsess about scoring goals, the worse it is. The goals come when you least expect them. I feel comfortable where ever I play. I’ve always played a 4-4-2 or 4-4-3 and with Pep’s arrival, the system changed. Now, I am surrounded by four team mates and I feel calm.”


  1. luciano acosta is more skillfull and playmaker than pity martinez. I don’t know why the coach is denying him. what he found in pity martinez?

  2. Excluding Aguero for Copa will be a blunder. By far, he is the best striker we have. I am not against young strikers like Martinez, but Aguero is a better striker. Icardi could be in the team, but I personally think he and his wife are digging his grave….both for Inter and Argentina.

  3. It is hard to speculate on how well or bad the team will perform since all we have at the moment are names on the screen and pretty much nothing else.
    Lets wait and see, its a friendly after all, besides we all would love to win Copa on Brazilian soil but the bigger picture is 2022

  4. So one person who actually played well in the world cup is not called but then, you call Dimaria. I’m saddened by sorry state of affairs. AFA can’t even find a reputed coach😔

  5. Juan Musso is future of Argentina.He is very nice against Juventus not a single goal was his mistake.Those goals were master stroke except 2nd goal which was deflection

  6. according to the selection list most probably line up will be 4-4-2
    predicted line up for vevenzuela match may be hopefully;
    Saravia Otamendi Pezella Tagliafico
    in recent juve-udinese match cant blame Musso for bulnders of udinese defence CBs and FBs

  7. With the players that Scaloni chose, I think it will be more a 442 than 433:

    – Defense: with recent solid performance of Tagliafico with his club, I think he secured his place in defense with Pezzella and Otamendi. I don’t like Pezzella and think he’s too slow but it’s the choice by default. I see Foyth as Ota’s long term replacement and I’d prefer Barboza to Kannemann. I am surprised by Mercado’s selection, recently not that good with his club. I am not so fan of him. Even though many of us here like Saravia, but I think it’s open for Scaloni. GK also.

    – Midfield: Paredes will be in the starting 11. Marcone should be his backup. I really want to discover Guido Rodriguez as well, I think will be either him or Zaracho for the other CM position. I think on the right Scaloni will put a more half-8 playmaker like Lo Celso, Lanzini or Blanco. Maybe Lo Celso is slightly in advance because Lanzini just recovered. On the left, he should put a more winger profile, possibly Di Maria as his 1st option, and then Pereyra, De Paul and Pity. The competition is the most toughest in this position. I personally would have taken Vargas instead of Pereyra.

    – Attack: I guess will be a fast striker + Messi. Either Correa or Bendetto. The others will be Messi’s backup or may enter in a match when we need to score.

    I guess Scaloni will start with: (not my favorite 11 but I think he will proceed like this)
    Marchesin-Mercado, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico-Lo Celso, Zaracho, Paredes, Di Maria-Messi, Benedetto

    back-up team will be:
    Musso-Saravia, Foyth, Kannemann, Lisandro Martinez-Lanzini, Guido Rodriguez, Marcone, Pity-Dybala, Correa

    • isn’t pezzella injured? Not sure why Musacchio hasn’t been called up by now. Think your 1st squad is a strong line up, bar Aguero of course. Lanzini too but depends on recovery. DM still a toss though although most seem to back Zaracho or Guido. I could see Saravia starting too given friendly performance. Goalie still a mystery.

  8. juan Musso is just a average goal keeper.nothing special on him. But honestly i followed him just 7,8 matches.
    Benitez and gazzaniga much better than Musso. Even E.martinez looked than solid

  9. Romance Copa XI: Rulli – Saravia Otamendi Pazella Tagliafico – Lo Celso Paredes Lanzini – Messi Dybala – Aguero/Icardi

  10. Copa

    Dimaria Aguero Messi

    Pereyra Paredes Locelso

    Tagli Otamen Foyth Saravia


    reserve 11

    Icardi Dybala

    DePaul Ascacibar Battaglia A.Correa

    Acuna Pezzela Kanneman Mercado

  11. The only reason I see Aguero NOT being called up is that he is in desperate need of a week off, due to the hectic schedule Man City has.
    Other than that, I really see no reason why he shouldn’t be given a chance to shine with this new midfield.
    The only one who can maybe replicate Aguero and his style of play is Lauturo.

    But great selection nevertheless, especially in Defense, with Lisandro Martinez, Montoniel, etc.
    The only guys I’m not happy to see are Armani, Acuna, and Benedetto.

    • I agree instead of armani ,walter benitez should have been selected,for bendetto some u20 striker like adolfo gaich or maybe even pedro de la vega as winger and acuna may be a hard worker but if jonathan silva wasnt injured he would be an ideal replacement for acuna in NT and finally instead of kannerman and mercado guys like emanuel mamana and cristian romero should been given a chance but hopefully the players i mentioned who should have been called up may get their chances in next friendlies or post copa friendlies but overall selection list was decent

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