Argentine Champions League preview: Lionel MESSI, Paulo DYBALA, Sergio AGUERO, more


The second leg of the Round of 16 starts on Tuesday as we preview the Argentine players.

Manchester City bring a 3-2 lead from the first leg against Schalke. Sergio AGUERO had scored in that match while Nicolas OTAMENDI was sent off which means he will miss the second match at the Etihad in Manchester.

Diego SIMEONE’s team won the first match 2-0 in Madrid as his Atletico travel to Turin against Juventus and Paulo DYBALA.

Lionel MESSI will play at the Camp Nou as FC Barcelona are against Lyon. The first match ended 0-0 and there’s all to play for with qualification to the quarter finals up at stake.

The Argentine players left in the Champions League are:

Manchester United: Sergio ROMERO, Marcos ROJO
Tottenham Hotspur: Erik LAMELA, Juan FOYTH, Paulo GAZZANIGA
Ajax: Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, Lisandro MAGALLAN
FC Barcelona: Lionel MESSI
Atletico Madrid: Angel CORREA
Juventus: Paulo DYBALA
Manchester City: Nicolas OTAMENDI, Sergio AGUERO


  1. all the national teams are playing their style of playing is more aggressive with speed like EPL except Barcelona, Spain and Argentina. now you see even guardiola also changed style of play. finally he understood bielse system is best suited for EPL.he learned after loss with liverpool.

  2. ronaldo is more better than messi because he brought two times champions to real simultaneously. now he showing the spirit in juve. but messi only playing in Barcelona not in other teams. why?, if he is genius why don’t he play and showing his skills with other teams?

    • This is not Juventus Or Portugal forum, go brag about your christina somewhere else.
      Some of Argentina players better than your boy:

      Batigoal(Batistuta), guess why they called him batigoal ?
      and the great Di Stefano
      and of course Maradona and Messi top 2 players in history. You can brag all you want about Pele and others, they are miles behind. Troll.

      • For me is incomparable both players messi
        Is miles ahead of Ronaldo
        I can’t deny Rolando has fighting
        Spirite and score goals which is
        Important but messi is different level
        To anyone else in world football
        He is unbelievable and joy to watch
        You will pay millions to watch messi
        He does everything in football
        Creat chances best passer on the
        Ball best team player most beautiful
        Goal score not heads or tapping like
        Cristiano …
        Messi will win trophies for Argentina with this new generation by coach
        Gallardo ….

    • @splendor: What is that for a joke u talk … ??? In Past the Players like Totti or Pupi Zanetti had the most Respect of teammates,fans,clubs becuz they stay every year in the same clubs!! no one said ever they should change the club , never ! now cr7 goes in a Seria A to a club who wins every game in past too, they was in champ.league finals twice , without him ! and now u say messi must play in other club ?? oh damn sorry but this are words from ppl they not watch soccer ! La Liga is still the best Liga in World, why should he change to others ? all is perfect for him ! why change ? just becuz cr7 did it or the newspaper writes it ? cr7 did becuz the problems with president and the Millions he hide from State Spain – not for an other new mission 😉 !by the way … every player wins his Liga when u play in juve,bayern or PSG , isnt difficult.

      • only pep can get the cup for Argentina. he can get the best out from messi. messi never get cup with this shut coaches.

  3. Another imbecile called Correra!!! why the fak he needs to push when all the Atheli defenders surrounded Banerdeschi from every side!!! Faking moron…no wonder why we are trophyless this long


    • Simeone is DONE, he chokes in big games. I can not stand him anymore. I hope he just resigns.
      This is not the same team that played 3 weeks ago. How could he ?
      4 times now maybe 6, Atletico flatters. I lost count

  5. Icardi+Messi will be the key it’s sad when messi come back, icardi currently not playing and the situation is tricky hope final solution come soon but one thing certain this is the last season of icardi in Inter

  6. Cristiano has never give up attitude, only player after him is Icardi that’s why Real Madrid buying him this summer after Zidane appointment clause

  7. You see the difference between Dybala and Angel Correa!

    Dybala bullying desperate defenders when they’re trying to get an away goal, showing good composure and skill…
    Correa meanwhile panicking and pushing Bernadeschi inside the box with 7 minutes to go? STUPID mistake that cost Atletico Madrid!

    Aguero and Otamendi are in!
    Dybala is in!
    Rojo and Romero are in!

    We’ll see if Messi can follow up!

  8. Hard to believe ATM knocked out from UCL round of 16! Ronaldo simply destroyed this team’s sprit to face tough situations, first he done with Real and now with Juve! No question, a leader and a champion.

    Simeone for Argentina 2022 WC?
    Thanks, No!

  9. Ebo
    My thoughts are with you my friend
    Just Diego simeone and atletico Madrid
    Proved too much defending ain’t working
    In football anymore f…k Ronaldo
    S .. of b….

      • Bro I’m so pissed too off I wanted
        Atletico to win for champions league
        But now I want aguero or messi
        To win definitely no juve and Ronaldo
        Yes simeone is f…king lunatic
        I swear if Gallardo was managing
        That team he would have gone
        Through because his flexibility
        Than simeone.

    • Nd what was atletico doing before his foul….simeone side didn’t hv any answer to allegri side…..simeone should hv started correa from the start ….he was too defensive minded….there was no intent of scoring a goal

      • lol. wayyy to harsh dude. danny alves yelled at him the other day for not running. I dont think hes lazy but he could sprint more. Hoping tuchel will light a firecracker in his ass.

      • Dude I think this game was postponed before and Leo paredes
        Wasn’t psg player at that time
        Therefore he wasn’t eligible
        To play but you can say whatever
        You want say about Leo paredes
        Is top play and He will improve
        As time goes on no play is perfect.

      • I think Paredes Place in the NT is not negotiable, He just have to improve his tackling a little bit if playing in no.5 Role.

        Leo Paredes, along with Saravia, Pezzella, Tagi, LoCelso, Palacios,L. Martinez and Lanzini are non negotiable as they are worthy of the NT.

        • agreed but i would include dybala :).

          good core of players in each part of the pitch, except def mid.p aredes needs a true 5

          wish pavon and lamela were in. really talented but not doing well recently.

          • yeah friend, Dybala is obvious, even if he dipped in form he has the talent.
            I really like Lamela, Pavon and Preyera I expect them to be there too in the very near future. You never know! some of them might be part of COPA

            Edited: I am pissed at Dybala, When I went to watch Argentina and Colombia in NJ, I was setting about 12 feet behind him, first row behind the players, I screamed my lungs out: Hey Paulo, Heeeey Paulo, he did not respond, A hole. 🙂
            Onlyh Romero responded 🙂

    • @Mrinal1235
      Wow when you don’t like a player you really start making crap up! Like Godin11 said, he doesn’t qualify because this is a match that has now been postponed twice and at the time when it was originally scheduled to be held Paredes wasn’t a PSG player.

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