Lionel MESSI scores ridiculous hat trick, free kick, chip in Barcelona win against Real Betis


Lionel MESSI scored one of the most ridiculous hattricks you will ever see in FC Barcelona’s 4-1 win against Real Betis.

MESSI with three very different types of goals, all of which were worthy of winning a match but he truly saved the best for last. Barcelona were awarded a free kick and the captain stepped up to take it. Not under the wall or over the wall, MESSI’s shot went to the left of the wall and into the top corner of the net.

But the magic was just starting. Luis SUAREZ played sublime pass in to MESSI and his shot beat the goalkeeper to make it 2-0 for Barcelona.

However, the best was yet to come. MESSI received the ball at the edge of the penalty area and with a first time touch of the ball, chipped it over the goalkeeper and into the net.

Real Betis gave MESSI a standing ovation following the third goal.

The Argentina and Barcelona captain spoke after the match regarding Betis fans giving him an ovation:

“I don’t remember the last time a rival audience applauded me… Betis fans always treat us very well and I’m very grateful.”

Sergio CANALES of Real Betis had this to say after the match:

“When MESSI is in this form, what the heck can you do? He’s the best player in the world.”

With his free kick goal, MESSI, well, here’s a statistic. The most direct free kick goals scored since 2011-2012 season.

Juventus: 29 goals
Lionel MESSI: 25 goals
Real Madrid: 24 goals
Lyon: 22 goals
AS Roma, PSG: 21 goals
Liverpool: 19 goals


  1. Messi’s football is so far beyond the reach of man that only GOD can mess with him and that’s exactly what GOD did… in three separate occasions in three major tournaments.

    and that is not counting 2018 WC. that fuck-up was all done by ‘stupid’ men (i dont blame GOD for that)

  2. He is the Alien disguised as a Human.

    Have no idea how this guy haven’t even won a Single trophy in the international Stages. Its ridiculous to think that. I just wish Sabella should have continued till the 2015 Copa, The team was playing so well like a well oiled machine. And Sabella had astute tactics to make us win the Copa.

    Well past is past, but the fact is whenever we r thinking about Messi in Blue & White jersey, we will feel the sadness. Till now. Till Noww

    • 100% true words

      I was really thinking to write almost the same words after the match. But said no, better be motivated and optimistic.

      “but the fact is whenever we r thinking about Messi in Blue & White jersey, we will feel the sadness. Till now. Till Noww”
      It’s like an empty giant whole since the Riquelme era in 2006 till NOW.
      Argentina should have bagged 2 WCs and at least 2 COPAs
      F..k the AFA
      F..k the FIFA
      at last he was ranked fifth player in the world!
      they can stick their Ballon d’or up their a…

      • Funny thing about Ballon d’or was suddenly Luka Modric thought that he was really the best player, Really?? He was complaining about Messi and Cr7 not attending the Ceremony.

        Lets see next year where his A** lands. may be in Top 50. May be.

    • Bad luck played a huge role from preventing him winning with Argentina. He was in 3 COpa final and 1 WC final since 2007, lost those finals. CR didnt even play a final when Portugal won Euro 2016 lol.

      • But the problem is historically with the passes of time, Only Winners will be remembered. Cr7 will have a Euro in his name, While Messi will have an Olympics(As of now). Unless Messi will not win something with us, He will probably still be the Best Ever, but the trophy less international Career will be a big stain his legacy. I want him to win at least 1 Copa for us, if not the 2019 one at least the 2020 one. World cup looks a distant shoat. As of now. But he needs to play the 2 Copas to write the final chapter of his own legacy.

        By the way Cr7 achieved is no matter at all to us. His name dont even mentioned in the same breath as Messi, but still all keeps doing that for some reason. Crapp

  3. If Messi can replicate this with Argentina….
    Well… if…
    We can win anything!

    It appears that Messi works best in a 4-4-2, with wingers around him, and given absolute freedom to go where every he wants to create.
    It could be something like this:
    Di Maria-Lo Celso-Paredes-Lanzini

    • “If Messi can replicate this with Argentina….Well… if…
      sorry but im lost as messi is argentinas top scorer of all time, with zero luck in finals we could have been 3 x champions 1 x w/c and 2 x copas, messi is not to blame for any of those losses others are.
      some stats for you.
      “Lionel Messi has scored 8 goals and assisted 11(Most by any player in History) in Copa America !
      Most Man of the Match awards : 9 times
      Fastest HaT-tRiCk after substitution : 19 minutes..

      And still some dare to say “Messi was the reason for Argentina’s Failure”

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