Nicolas OTAMENDI of Manchester City out of Argentina team


Nicolas OTAMENDI is injured and will not be taking part in Argentina’s friendly matches this month.

Per a tweet by the Argentina account, the Manchester City defender won’t play against Venezuela and Morocco. OTAMENDI suffered a sprained left ankle during City’s 3-2 win against Swansea in the FA Cup.

This would mean that both of City’s Argentine representatives, Sergio AGUERO and Nicolas OTAMENDI will not be taking part in the matches.


  1. As I have always said, 442 is the best for Messi and that’s proven again. In the middle between 10, half 9 and right forward, he killed the game. There is no point to go back to 433. Argentina should do the same, 442. Just provide him players who can defend and run with decent skill around him.

  2. Feel sorry for Juan Quintero grave injury. However that means both Palacios and Ferreira will probably together starters soon.

  3. Some people here think messi is now just a goal scoring machine and his overall performance is not as good as it used to be . They either dont watch the match or biggest liar . Present messi is more complete than ever . Duiring pep gaurdoila he used stay closer to the goals , now he is dropping deep to create chances , his vision was not as good ,now he is the best decisive passer in the world. He is not a great freekick taker now he is the best in the world.

    • Depends on how you define good. If you ask Messi to dribble 4, 5 guys in counter attack and then score, or to break the line from the right, repeat the same kind of efforts over and over again, he may not be as good as before. He is now playing a different style, less based on the pace, more playmaker and knows how to leverage better his team mates. Much much more efficient too, I think he has the highest goal-try ratio. Not a single traditional playmaker including Riquelme, Zidane and Maradona had so many assists. I believe the current him can be more helpful for a team to win.

  4. As per me our most head ached position right now is The Goal Keeping. We are not able to fix that till now, Since Romero’s long run been stopped its been a Chaos. Hope Scaloni fixes it.

    Rest all positions we have sufficient talent just needs to fall in places. That Scaloni can fix in time.

      • Saravia can do the Job i guess Di Placedo, Gomez etc etc r quality players too at the RB, Ascacibar still haven’t exploded for our NT but he is young. But i m sure he will become a pillar for us as true 5 like Mascherano was for long years. He is too good a player to be ignored.

        • Ascacibar and Saravia are our best shot at those positions. Agree. Saravia needs to work on the offensive aspect of the game, and Ascacibar needs to work on his passing techniques,
          I wish for Paredes to be better at tackling too

      • Yes paredes was good but again he looked defenesively vulnerable and misplaced some passes. But dimaria was sublime yesterday , i had seen old dimaria in a better version. Imagie if messi , aguero and dimaria can replicate current form in national team then no defence in the world can withstand with us for even 15 minutes.
        BTW pretty disappointed with the lo celso’s performane he was qutite average yeasterday.
        Lautaro with a good performance ,i hope icardi will stay out of the inter team as long as possible so that he he can develop there.

  5. 100% is not injury is all about
    Man city chasing quadruple.
    They need all the players to be
    Rest plus he so important for
    Guardiola because he knows
    Otamendi can play with pain
    Unlike other defenders like
    John stones and kompany.

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