Angel DI MARIA injured, out of Argentina team for matches against Venezuela, Morocco


Angel DI MARIA is out injured and will miss Argentina’s matches.

News coming from the official Argentina Twitter account that the winger suffered a muscle injury and will not be participating in his country’s upcoming friendly matches.


  1. This is the FUNNIEST SHIT I have EVER seen. When is our country gonna learn that this MOFO can’t even put on the shirt without getting FUC**NG injured? PLEASE for the love of GOD, retire from the NT and leave us alone.

    • Arrogant and disrespectful fans like you are cancer to this website. You can cry all you want but he’ll definitely be there in the Copa squad. 💯 💯 💯

  2. Its De Paul and Pity’s time. Di Marias Cycle with the NT is finished, He should not have been called at all..Along with his inconsistent plays he is injury prone too. We cant trust him in Tournaments. Anyway It is over.

  3. First Otamendi now angel di maria injured hopefully now Scaloni calls replacements who can atleast play in morroco friendly match like Cristian romero or alexander barboza or marcos senesi for otamendi and for di maria either call joaquin correa or nicolas gonzalez of vfb stuttgart or lucas ocampos of marsellie fc

  4. arg technical team is not good as Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany, etc.. they’re are not giving a proper training content to the players such as dribling, short passing, side line dribling and tackle.
    I think marcelo gallardo technical team is doing like this..

    • Yea, those teams are World cup favorites, how far they progress in last year WC? Spain cant even beat Russia while Germany was a laughing stock despite flying high in qualifier. Brazil cant even beat Switzerland and Belgium. Italy? not even there.

  5. Dont worry, this is just a phantom injury aka their clubs preventing them from playing. They’d be in good condition and play 90 minutes once they returned to their respective clubs.

    Messi will play against Venezuela so everyone’s happy and then will be reported to get a knock and miss out the game against Morocco . I could see that happening.

    • I don’t expect Messi to play full Venezuela match anyway
      PSG will play 3 matches in 11 days after Morroco match. if DiMaria plays any of them, then this injury is ‘politically’ motivated

      • and with Icardi falling out of favor, Inter will need Martinez even more for the rest of the season to secure at least top 4 finish.

        With Atletico Madrid losing recently, I think Barca will give some resting time for Messi in La liga since they’re 10 points ahead. I still think they’d say Messi suffers minor injury so he can skip Morroco match.

  6. it is not news anymore due to his consistent on injured pronk. Di Maria is finished with N/T, can’t rely on him especially on crucial game. Calling new blood is more wise and good for the team. We have bundle of wingers

  7. I thought he was sent to the wax musium already. we are back to the friends club again. I think even after Messi retires from football, AFA will ask him to play for the NT.

    Who was the brainless man that called Diva Maria?

  8. Nothing new always injured when needed, Dimaria and Lanzini should not be trusted no matter how good both are

  9. Ok ok, where is the camera??? Where is the host? This must be the Candid camera show!!…..any minute now?? somebody must be playing a trick on us

    Are you F$$^& Kidding me? Out injured??? NO SHIT

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