Lautaro MARTINEZ of Inter could lose Argentina starting spot to Matias SUAREZ


Lautaro MARTINEZ could lose his starting spot for Argentina and be replaced by Matias SUAREZ.

Despite being rumored to be in the starting XI along with Lionel MESSI, Paulo DYBALA and Angel DI MARIA, the Inter striker could see himself on the bench when the match kicks off against Venezuela. Per a report by TyC Sports, 30 year old Matias SUAREZ impressed Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI enough to potentially change his mind about MARTINEZ.

This is the first time that SUAREZ has been called-up to the Argentina national team.


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  2. Franco Armani; Renzo Saravia, Pezzella (Mercado o Foyth), Walter Kannemann, Nicolás Tagliafico; Giovani Lo Celso, Leandro Paredes; Pereyra (Correa o Blanco), Lionel Messi, Di María o Pity Martínez; y Lautaro Martínez.

  3. i don t see any reason to worry about that subject.
    if he will not play with Venezuela he will play against Morocco. so what ?

    personally i don t care.
    it is just friendly games and the only thing interest me this moment is to see finally the team play again.
    i really miss all this months to see national team play.
    i really can t wait.

    • People in here are to much fixated on his favourite choices and if everything is set different they are making much noise. “Lautaro MARTINEZ of Inter could lose Argentina starting spot to Matias SUAREZ”. Why do not say about Suares winning the spot instead Martinez losing?
      Ezequiel Palacios was surprisingly set to start after he impressed Scaloni on trainings and that turned to be good decision. You never know.

      Besides: it’s just rumours.

  4. So the great slogan of preparing team for 22 wc is a big myth ,bdw they are reluctant to prove that local league players are better than those of europe lol
    Come on don’t be that much stupid use only suitable and talented players from local league in positions in which we are having scarcity
    Example saravia ,lisandro Martinez ,palacious not idiots like suarez ,meza ,armani

  5. I think matias Suarez can certainly do a job……aguero is the best but I don’t think he will get the service like Man city or quick wingers who will create space for him…..I personally feel icardi would be the best option for copa as he has a tremendous finishing skills and he also gives the very good option of playing long balls which scaloni wants to play and can create space for messi with his movements inside the box.

    We hv a luxury of very good CF so I don’t mind whoever scaloni play in copa America.

    • Icardi played 4 matches with messi but didnt create enough spaces for messi and did neither score , i think lautaro is better fit than icardi his finishing may not be as good as icardi but his movement around the defenders is batter than icardi. Still aguero will be the best choice now he also drops deep for man city.

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  6. The problem is the team selection. Unfortunately neither Lautaro or Suarez should be the first choice starter for Argentina who has great strength and options upfront. Lautaro should be in the team. Currently, Aguero, Icardi and Lautaro are the best options. Now first 2 are not selected. Hence there is no option.

    All in all, way things are going, I do not see much hope.

    • 0:1 Not much interesting to watch from both sides. Some opportunities missed by Colidio. France was the better side though. Missed also penalty.

      • Yup france were better side, the only argentine players that have some credibility was Almendra and goalkeeper.
        But the team didnt get much practice time together though

  7. On paper it should be Lautaro no doubt because he is player for years (I would take him over Aguero as well). We saw at first Lautaro was also prior Scaloni choice but there’s nothing you can do if some player impressed coach more on training camp or so; he suited more Messi and Di Maria or so… or anything that happen on training ground we didn’t see – we can’t just say it must be Lautaro. You don’t know how it looked on training so please more reserve to Scaloni decisions. I was also against even call up for Suarez but finally why 30 yo Di Maria or Otamendi can be there and Suarez cannot.

      • Your criterions are so much limited. According to your criterions best are only those which play for biggest European clubs. If it was like that there was no reason to call up any player from behind of Europe. But every Argentina coach is doing that. Scaloni has called up 13 players from behind of Europe. Do you think none of them should be in NT just because football standards in Europe are much higher? Even if only few of them will deserve to stay there longer, we will do not know without giving chances to new ones.

        Ugly ducking 28 yo Pratto has scored more goals in last qualifiers than Aguero, Di Maria or Higuain, having so much less chances. Football is not just looking for most popular names, especially if the most popular were disappointing often for us.

        • You must be mistaking me for someone else.

          The ridiculous part is you call me “limited” and “show favoritism” when in fact, you are the king of doing that with local players. It’s almost comical how self-reflective your statement is.

          Your claim that Suarez is better than Otamendi and Di Maria is baseless.

          You have no objective evidence to argue that he will perform better. None. All you’re doing is “praying” and “hoping” he will perform well.

          At least i have seen what Di Maria and Otamendi can do for the NT and i’ve also seen them play for years in Europe every weekend. It also happens to be a fact that players in Spain, England, and Italy are for the most part, better than those outside of the counties.Thats why all elite south americans flock to europe as soon as club come knocking. I know you cant stand to hear this but the quality of local league is simply not as good as in Spain, Italy, or England. There is nothing you can argue that will convince me or the world otherwise.

          With this said, it doesn’t mean local players wont do well for the NT, thats asinine, i would never say that. There are many counter examples so again, i would never say something so stupid. But to call me limited because i said Di Maria and Otamendi are better is simple non-sense.

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  8. Dang 30 year old Suarez over 30 year old Aguero and 22 Martinez. Can’t you smell all that progresssssss. Look at all that future building. Wow. Scaloni is da man..pure progressssss

    • Yaa I was hoping for lautaro or benedetto.
      Anyway when I was casually watching the argentine practice on youtube yesterday, there was a drill where 3 or 4 players shooting to goalkeepers and almost all of the shoots of Lautaro was over the bar and I was thinking ‘cant this guy hit on target in a training session?’. I am not saying that is the critieria or reason for team selection but just commenting my thought process. Anyway its just friendly, lets see what this “suarez” guy can bring to the table.

  9. I am usually quite optimistic with the NT even during bad times in the past. But this time I don’t feel it with Scaloni. Not quite sure about Menotti’s input. I guess both will leave after the copa. We waste an entire year effort to prepare the world cup.

    Instead of giving playing time to young players, we keep on trying new players of 30y old.

  10. I don’t know much about Suarez. But already I don’t understand his selection. If a player got his 1st selection at 30, what does that imply? Some recent examples like Armani and Fazio.

  11. Rumored squad starting for Venezuela

    Franco Armani; Renzo Saravia, Germán Pezzella, Walter Kannemann, Nicolás Tagiafico; Roberto Pereyra, Giovani Lo Celso, Leandro Paredes; Ángel Di María; Matías Suárez y Lionel Messi

  12. Rumored squad to start against Venezuela

    Franco Armani; Renzo Saravia, Germán Pezzella, Walter Kannemann, Nicolás Tagiafico; Roberto Pereyra, Giovani Lo Celso, Leandro Paredes; Ángel Di María; Matías Suárez y Lionel Messi

  13. ………Peredes……palacous……….

    Lo celso………messi……………di maria…..


    This mid plus forward can work wonders not only now but also in upcoming world cup……………..

    • Di Maria too old, players not tall enough so would get smashed on corners, not a single fast player so will be very static, Lautaro plays too deep, kind of overlap with Messi. Honestly your version of Argentina 2022 will go nowhere

      • U r quite good in ur views……..i agree……most of them are static …….i say except for palacious……….DI maria would be old……i think Lanzini can take the place……..PEREDes is developing in psg……he has been improving his speed and defense by looking at recent game against lyon….battalgia is other option………lo celso is must in the team……….as u say no laurato than Icardi will be better choice……….any more changes u wanna make???

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