Diego MARADONA talks about the Argentina team, Lionel MESSI, AFA


Argentina and football legend Diego MARADONA took to the media to discuss the Argentina national team, Lionel MESSI and the loss against Venezuela.

MARADONA had less than pleasant words when describing the team and the AFA. Here’s what he had to say:

“I am very Argentine and I feel like I am part of a different group of coaches and players. I know that RUGGERI, BATISTA, GIUSTI, PUMPIDO, CANIGGIA are thinking… That this team doesn’t deserve the shirt. The one’s I named you had the shirt tattoo’d, we have it tattoo’d.”

Talking about Lionel MESSI, MARADONA defended the Argentina captain:

“MESSI has to ignore the critics. It’s not his fault. He’s in a bad, disorganized team… a team that always depends on him, in every way. He’s an amazing and extraordinary player, he’s got nothing to prove to anyone.”

In regards to AFA president Claudio TAPIA, Diego MARADONA had some harsh words:

“I don’t know what TAPIA will be, if he will be a math teacher or what but he has no f*cking idea.

“Those that are inept who are running the AFA thought that they would win against Venezuela? Venezuela are a proper team and Argentina came into this through the window, not the front door because they betrayed and constantly lie to people. I’m sorry but Argentina are not going to win a game.

“I’m sorry for the Argentine public who continue to believe these liars. I’m sorry for the players who have to show their faces when they shouldn’t have to. It should be the leaders who start doing things right. Don’t give away the prestige that we once gave you.”


  1. Read somewhere that Battaglia’s gonna return to either full training or whatsoever, not quite sure on May 26 th. I don’t know the truth about it, but if it’s true , how can a player that ruptured his ACL recover so quickly? Besides it would be a very bad idea to consider him for the Copa, particularly bad for him rather than anything.

  2. Ppp say icardi best striker, hasn’t messi been the best striker for the pas 2 yeara going on a third, to be tye best you have to score goals.

  3. this is what no EU teams are not interested to buy arg players because of there is no technical training in their local clubs. 2 generation teams won’t win any cup in future.

  4. Icardi is not only the best Argentine striker but also the best striker in the world, future ballon dor winner his next destination will be the Real Madrid next season

  5. Scaloni going well.but has no coaching experience it is hard true.. if the team is in a building process then a proper coach should be needed.. and my thought is that pochettino is the right man for build the team…may be his Tottenham won nothing but he put the team a contender of EPL and a qualify them in champions league per regular season… After he takes charge of this side a mid table team is able to contender of EPL and playing champions league every year..if pochettino coached Barcelona or real Madrid he surely achieve huge things…

  6. Jan Boskamp (Former Dutch footballer and manager): “Messi at Argentina? As soon as he receives the ball, you will see him waiting. He waits for movements, for players to link up with, but nothing will happen. They are sleeping in that team, looking at him and waiting for him to do something.”

    “At Barcelona he knows that when he receives the ball, movements around him will be made. Jordi Alba will make his run on the left wing, etc. At Argentina they do nothing except looking at him.”

        • @Godin11 a serious question why you hate messi blindly , what do you expect from him? Goalkeeping by himself. Have you ever seen a player like him?
          Will you ever see a player like him?
          Sometimes i think you are more messi hater than a argentina fan.
          I wont talk bout rhaelyn i am sure he is a penaldo fan in disguise , i dont kow what is he doing here.

          • @mrinal1235 what in hell is a penaldo? Did you mean ronaldo? No I am not infact I am not any player’s fan. I am an argentine football team fan through and through. I have been supporting Argentina before 2006 and I will continue to support Argentina even if messi retires tomorrow unlike a plastic fan as you.
            Also what happens when aguero fouls messi in champions league? Do you declare aguero should never play for argentina because of that? or that privilege is only bestowed upon franco vasquez?


        but isn’t the above ‘THE TRUTH’?

        so why you are implying that he is not speaking ‘the truth’

        “but when he speaks what you like then he speaks truth right?”

        • > but isn’t the above ‘THE TRUTH’?

          that had me cracking up. Its like “yeah – you said he spoke the “truth”” and i believe it. what more does he want? lol

        • @ebo The comment was to show the double standard people have here when taking maradona’s word.
          This is not a disorganised team as you think but had one bad result. Several modern coaches are using 3 man defence so Scaloni tried it in a friendly match and I agree he failed. But it is better to look for variants than become owner of just one tactic, you never know when you need a plan B. Maradona talking as if people just criticised messi, actually the whole team was criticised and some players more than messi (rightly so). It is like saying Gago( he was best player in that match) is in bad, disorganised team when argentina lost 6-1 to Bolivia.
          Maradona’s beef with scaloni is not the bad result against venezuela but rather he was annoyed that the coach was not Almeyda or martino (or consulted him) and the inclusion of icardi, so he just used yesterdays opportunity to bash Scaloni and the members here are so happy as if it is gospel truth but the same people will turn on him when he says messi does not have leadership quality.

          • Yeah you got a point about double standard, many here have double, triple and quadruple standards
            ..And sometimes no standards at all 🙂

  7. Guys read between the lines.
    Menotti is running the team, not Tapia or Scaloni.
    Menotti wanted local players.
    Menotti wanted the 5-3-2
    Things are no different than when Sampaoli ran the team. Remember Sampa kept changing players formations before the WC just like now before Copa
    This is more than just Tapia being an idiot. This is the clubs pushing their trash players to sell for money to Euro clubs.
    This is corruption at every level.
    If you think things are bad now wait until a bad showing at the Copa.
    This is the worst conditions I have ever seen for any NT.

    • “This is the clubs pushing their trash players to sell for money to Euro clubs”.


      the local clubs reluctantly release their players for NT matches. For the reason Scaloni didn’t called up Alexander Barboza from Defensa. Defensa push their players to sell them? Blanco is not even Defensa player. He is there on loan. Boca push Marcone or Benedetto? LOL Both are rather too old to go to Europe and Marcone just joined the team as well as Andrada. Armani to Europe at this age?

    • Thought provoking to say the least. Much more interesting to read that all this player bashing.

      Menotti is rather old to be running the show, i cant imagine thats ideal for the NT.

      The “club profit motive” accusation appeared when Meza kept getting play time.

      On one end, it’s frustrating because watching these horrid performances makes our eyes bleed. On the other end, AFA needs money to spend on local facility standards, better staff and access to physio therapy, etc. All these things are better in the long run as it will develop better player.

      The problem really is how the money is used. If these fat fucks in AFA use it for Filet Mignon every night and Private Jet Flights to Monte Carlo, then its corruption. But if its distributed back into the league, then is justifiable.

  8. Here comes the great Diego Maradona.
    Give him the job once again. So that we can enjoy watching midfielder playing as defender,Full back playing playing as Center back and he knows may be the return of Mascherano,Biglia,Gago etc to the national team lol. Iam not saying Scaloni is the best option for national team but even if you appoint Pep Guardiola as coach of Argentina maradona may say that person knows nothing about football.
    Diego Maradona – Greatest footballer and worst Football coach ever.

    • Would like to see this:

      …….Lanzini…………………………De Paul/Suarez


      • I want to see benedetto as no.9, I know people here hate him but my reason is that we already know that lautaro martinez will be in copa america so why play him and benedetto only played two matches as starter until now so lets assess him more before reaching to conclusion.

        • I think the same. Lautaro is already booked. Aguero might be. Still I think no other deserves the third spot more than Benedetto. He just needs to score the first goal. Then should be easier for him.

          • benedetto might be decent but his age is 28 and no offence to argentine league but he never played in europe and there are better options compared to him like icardi,giovani simeone,lucas alario,for copa i understand alario and simeone may not be performing that good right now but atleast give them chance since they are young and maybe more useful in future and for post copa friendlies maybe strikers like adolfo gaich,facundo colodio could also be tried

          • “icardi,giovani simeone,lucas alario”

            believe me none of them is better than Benedetto. Only Lautaro and Aguero

          • Top 4


            Given Icardis situation right now, Benedetto 100%. Talent wise, Icardi is better but NT performance wise, Icardi has left a lot to be desired. i know what he’s capable of so id always include him as a possibility. Simeone and Alario are several classes below. No contest for now.

          • Forget scoring goals he gave ball to the opponents whenever he received the ball as if he was playing as defender against our own team ,we are not asking to score hatrick but show some basic style of play

        • @Rahelyn you are the most annoying member on the mundo or a attention seeker, benedetto is the worst striker argentina have now. He will not even get a chance to play even in tunisia NT.

      • yeah great line up but maybe replace marcone with guido rodriguez, pereyra with paredes,if pezella not fit the maybe again use foyth,and use again lautaro as no9 for building team chemistry in NT

        • Marcone/Guido Rodriguez – matter of taste

          I propned new names because suppose Scaloni is going to play different team anyway

  9. hopefully scaloni uses Guido rodriguez as a destroyer in next match against morroco he seems to have potential to be a decent DM lets see how he performs for NT

  10. Icardi is more needed than messi in Argentina, a player who can change the game even playing bad in who 90min like Cristiano

  11. As Battaglia injured, why Scaloni didn’t pick Ascacibar? He’s one of the future DM of Argentina. I know he’s not in form but still playing every week in a big league. Venezuela match shows our weakness. Battaglia and Ascacibar should be in the team for Copa.

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