Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo Pity MARTINEZ injured, to miss Argentina match


Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo Pity MARTINEZ are both injured and ruled out of Argentina’s match against Morocco on Tuesday.

Following Argentina’s 3-1 defeat to Venezuela, the official Argentina Twitter account tweeted out stating that both MESSI and MARTINEZ will miss Tuesday’s clash.


  1. So the logic by the retards here:

    Throw out the European based players or they are trash coz they didn’t win anything but gave us 3 finals in a row after almost 25 years. But bring in the garbage from the bum league even though they keep flopping over and over again and a team comprised of the bum league gets their ass handed regularly by any team.

    How about playing players who do perform well??? Whether European or Argentina league. Like the likes of Fazio, mercado, Banega shouldn’t be in NT or Banega as a sub as we hardly have any CM.

    Logic dictates that players playing in harder leagues would perform better that’s why the 3 finals Argentina got to was almost entirely comprised of players playing in Europe.

  2. All,

    Yes we play bad, but we are really overreacting.

    Yes, the formation did not work. Venezuela did not play well either except for glimpses, but their GK was really acrobatic which was a big difference.

    Scaloni, Samuel and Aimar will fix it. Give them some space..they cannot do any worse than Maradona, Bauza etc..

    Calling Senior Players and criticizing coach, when the first team playerss are injured is abysmal.

    • Here its brutal, We cant lose one match even if we r playing with 11 new players for the first time. Its very demanding crowd.

      If we lose one match CHANGE THE COACHHHHHHHHHHH.. LOL. Dramatic..

        • Apart from the last match till now Scaloni has done well. Considering he is playing with an entire new set of players. But I agree he did blunder in last match. Even if it was Gallardo or any other coach. It will defenitly take time to rebuild a team. Either we accept it and be patient with the process or panic. We can’t change coaches like changing jerseys. Scaloni Ayalaa, Samuel and Aimar r capable of doing the job. Let’s wait let’s see how they r gonna crack the code in Copa.

  3. I m keen to see how Andrada will perform in our Next match. I hope at least he can prove to be an answer for our Goal keeping dilemma. Musso also can have a decent showing. Somebody has to be fixed this is our last match before Copa.

  4. I think Lisandro Martinez should play against Morocco on LB. His crossing and passing is something to use.

    • I am tired hearing transfer rumours from local pundits. Not long ago, we were keen that Arsenal would spend 40M for Pavon, or Real Madrid would be all in for Palacios. Where are they now? It’s super hard to accept the fact that Argentinian players are no more most wanted in the Europe as it has been. We do have raw talents but Argentina is not the same world class producer as in the 1990s or 2000s.

      • Well, I disagree. One of the problems that Argentina has is that due to financial issues, the local clubs can’t afford to keep the promising prospects. Balerdi to Dortmund, N Perez to Atletico, Barco to Atlanta, Garre Man City to give some examples. If Argentina could manage to keep them for longer, like Bundesliga, I’m sure NT could benefit from it like Germany has.

        • Hernan Crespo, Javier Zanetti, Juan Veron, Claudio Lopez, Roberto Ayala all left for the Europe in their early 20s and became world class. I have no problem with players leaving early. If they can survive in the Europe, they will be true gems, if they cannot, well, they are probably not good enough (you can tell me about Tagliafico but it’s not common that a player will do better in his second spells in the Europe).
          I of course have more hope in the likes of Balerdi, Nahuel Perez, or Lautaro Martinez than on the players who are beginning to peak but still play in unknown leagues. I wish Palacios and Barco can make their way to the Europe as soon as they can.

    • Sincerly I think Benedetto is best player out of all these called up outside Europe. He is class but his mentality is such a poor. I see him in NT having problems to control easy ball why I see him in Boca showing lovely, exceptional (more than just class) ball control of harcest to receive passes. Such misses like the header in last game are something impossible for him in Boca. Almost all of our not only local players have the mentall problem. I could understand that if they were throwing on deep water of tournament but not in friendly against Venezuela. It’s Venezuela players should feel inferior on mentality to us. We need better psychologist in out team.

        • “its time to apply the same logic to bendetto too”

          No, it’s not the time. He got so far 257 minutes. That’s not even 3 full games. Icardi and Dybala needed much more to score their first. Benedetto easily can be one of our 3 Copa strikers, together with Lautaro and Aguero. He has more potentiall than Icardi. Just needs the first goal to gain confidence.

      • So Benedetto and other local players should be called up even if they have mental problems, but the Veterans should not. You make me laugh. 😂 The most contradictory person in Mundo

        • What mentall problems you are talking about? I mean the Benedetto’s problem is nothing permanent. Just normall striker difficulty who strives to score his first NT goal which is most though (like was with Icardi and Dybala). The only mentall problem Benedetto has is lack of stability in NT to gets more confidence and that will continue till first goal (of course if he will score finally). This is problem of our current team. Ebo and Ghostdeini were just talking about. Double standards?! Icardi needed 2 times more minutes than Benedetto to score his first goal in NT. Before the goal people were disgusted, after the goal quickly forgot that though initial period of Icardi in NT. Dybala needed even more minutes than Icardi.

          Every striker needs to score his first goal to gain confidence and then show his full potentiall. Unfortunately thanks to such ephemeral posters like you this team will never have the atmosphere of stability needed to progress.

          Who are the people that send here most extreme claims? These are not the regular members but ephemeral, occasional shouters like you which do that when things goes wrong. I respect more members that are here for some time, even if disagree with them. People who are here regularly and for a long time avoid extreme statements because this is not helping in building good reputation here. If someone want to be taken serious on some forum he needs to be cautious and balanced in opinions.

          Quite opposite is behaviour of ephemerids like you. Jump in once in a year when the atmosphere is boiling, throw some extreme, abusive statements – it costs nothing because within a while I will not here be anymore.

  5. I watched the match again and again, there were some things that were promising in the match, some might hate what I am going to say, but L. Martinez, Pity and LoCelso linked well with Messi in few moments. Yes they misplaced some passes at the beginning but in general they were OK considering that it is their first match together and it sure came with tremendous pressure on them to play together for the first time. and I think Pity Martinez and L Martinez should have been given more time to play. I think we should not keep changing players every match. WE have seen and tried enough young talent to start picking our 23
    The defense was complete disaster and that what cost us the game.

    • What you have said is true. Whether we like it or not, our players should learn to play their natural game even when we are one goal down though it is difficult. The course of the game contributed to the panic of our players. Pity Martinez can use his pace to break the line; i think he is also ok in more central areas. His problem in the last game was when he tried to give long crosses to the box. As you said Scaloni should give the players more time for the players to develop understanding between them. He should distinguish between training sessions and actual match. He may do experimenting during training sessions but these friendlies should be used to create more cohesion.

      • Yes, panic of our players is something clear however unacceptable and unintelligible to some degree. I saw players like Pity, Benedetto or Blanco being shaky as if it was game about points or so. Benedetto header miss like I saw and Pity crosses with eyes closed are something you never see on club level. Mental problem is there and we need to recognize this is big problem if we can’t feel the winner mentality even against Venezuela.

  6. Argentina 11 Main squad
    Rulli – Saravia Otamendi pazella tagliafifo – parades Batigala lo celso – Messi Icardi Dimaria
    Reserve squad
    Romero – marcado kanemaan Foyth acuna – lanzini ascaliber Palacio – Dybala Aguero Corera

  7. Argentina losing against Venezuela (30th rank) is better than Brazil draw against Panama (75th rank) who is considered outright favorite for copa. Argentina played with reserve team expect 4 or 5 players including messi, if Romero or Rulli-Gazza in GK saravia Otamendi pazella tagliafifo back 4 played then 3time defensive error not happened remember in Brazil game how Argentina played with solidity only Messi was missing against Brazil and Otamendi,Romero missing against Venezuela as well as DM because lo celso or parades not reliable

    • I didn’t watch Brazil game but the way how Argentina played against Venezuela was more than shameful, its like insulting all their fans. From GK, defense to attack, its like amateur league level.

      But I agree with you on Lo Celso and Paredes.

      • I find offensively better than previously matches under scaloni but surprised by disaster defense after France match in world cup, Argentina create handful of chances and icardi wasn’t there although lautaro scored goal in 2nd half but when lautaro subbed farmer no9 benedito played as Venezuela defender

        • And all the chances created by messi alone so whats your point. And i watched the match of brazil vs panama they were not as bad as argentina , whenever venezuala attacked and took the ball forward it looked like we will conceede a goal. And against panama parked the bus and the goal they scoed was header.

  8. In my country there is no gray area. We have a young nt team and in the beginning we lost a lot. There was no enthusiasm. Flash forward we won our group in the Nations league D and suddenly enthusiasm is high, everybody follows the team even people who don’t follow football. The problem is if we start losing we won’t follow the team like this. It takes 1 game and from losers to become winners and winners to become losers. Hot and cold, black or white, nothing in between. The same is with Argentina. One lose and everybody and everything is doomed. One win like against Nigeria at the world cup and everybody and everything is world beater. One good game and a player is world class, one bad game and a player is trash.
    x players starts–almost everybody wants him out for y-player–y player starts and people cool off want now z-player–z player starts and people cool off so demand x player back and sour on him again–player a gets ignored- repeat. No continuity.

    • You couldn’t have said it better Ghostdeini. Nobody has the patience. Everyone wants instant success, they don’t care about anything, how can it be achieved,nothing. They can’t get behind the team. It’s a rebuilding process and a long term project and some are so delusional they don’t get it: their expecations are too high, unrealistic. Some say getting to the 2015 and 2016 finals are great achievement and at the same time say we must win the Copa 2019 at all costs and anything other than victory is a failure forgetting about the reality. Another level of delusion. Btw anything can happen in football, it’s only 6 games inside 4 weeks.

      These kinds of things happen when you’re rebuilding or not. There’s no easy way or smooth way. Someway or the other it’s bound to happen. Imagine what would’ve happened when Mourinho was sacked after his first season at Inter, Mancini after his first season at Man City, Guardiola after his first season at Man City, Klopp at Dortmund-Liverpool, Pochettino at Spurs… There are many examples..

      Here one loss in a friendly, is treated as a catastrophe. Somehow they think friendly result directly equate to Copa/WC results, if that was the case we would have defeated Germany in the previous 3 worldcups and Chile too in the Copa Americas. They’all forget the fact that it’s just an experimental lineup and noway the back 3-4 would be the same if we’re in Copa or “friendly(or not)” against the likes of Brazil or England. All they want is Scaloni out who had the guts to try new things in friendlies and rightly so unlike other spineless “popular experienced” previous coaches. Don’t get me wrong, Scaloni is no magician, he got no magic wand- all he and the team needs is time and patience from fans and media( which apparently isn’t happening). I’m also curious to know who they expect to be the “magic man” and work his magic in NT colours and bring instant success, playing attractive brand of football, winning every friendlies, every tournaments’ there to be won?

      PS: Albania is your country right? Any chance of qualifying to Euro this time too? Back to Back Euros?

      • >>> Nobody has the patience. Everyone wants instant success, they don’t care about anything, how can it be achieved,nothing. They can’t get behind the team.

        Agreed but you know what, this exact same phrase can be said if were defending veteran players.

        >>> It’s a rebuilding process and a long term project and some are so delusional they don’t get it: their expecations are too high, unrealistic.

        “rebuilding” comes in many forms. Id prefer to have 5 veteran players integrated with current roster.This way our quality doesn’t nose dive putting copa america at higher risk but still gives new gen enough experience.

        >>> “Some say getting to the 2015 and 2016 finals are great achievement and at the same time say we must win the Copa 2019 at all costs and anything other than victory is a failure forgetting about the reality. Another level of delusion.”

        Yeah, it is an achievement and i cant speak for everyone, but i want our absolute BEST players on the pitch during Copa 19, WC22 can wait for now.

        >>> “These kinds of things happen when you’re rebuilding or not. There’s no easy way or smooth way”

        totally agree.

        >>> “Here one loss in a friendly, is treated as a catastrophe. Somehow they think friendly result directly equate to Copa/WC results,”

        The over reaction isn’t about the single loss. It’s a culmination of poor performances over the last friendlies. We have a great crop of players but I don’t think Sampalonii is the right guy and each game reinforces my opinion.

        >>> “They’all forget the fact that it’s just an experimental lineup and noway the back 3-4 would be the same if we’re in Copa or “friendly(or not)” against the likes of Brazil or England. All they want is Scaloni out who had the guts to try new things in friendlies and rightly so unlike other spineless “popular experienced” previous coaches”

        Dude come on..3ATB is garbage and doesn’t suit out players. Sampaoli failed miserably and now Sampaoli 2.0 failed as well. Lets get on with a 433 variant and pick the darn starting 11. i’m tired of the experiment. Constant switching also unsettles players and they play like crap.

    • This is what is happening with the new younger players being called up, some just keep throwing new names every gathering, lacking the patience for the new players to deliver and establish cohesion, it is too lacking the patience with the new players, but rather than that, what we do? we call more new players. we are losing direction because till now we don’t have basically 23 players to form the team. until when we are going to stretch this experiment?
      even without any senior player present we should have seen the outlines of the team after 9 months. I am sure we have talented young players to form a team, but there is no team, why because players formation keep changing dramatically and it is not going forward, but backward. 9 months and there is no team character. We simply picked the extremely hard way to rebuild. going on this rate, dark days are ahead, yes of course eventually we will have a good team in say 5 years, and by then the core of the team that we built will be hitting 30+ and fall apart again. but why do it the hard way?

      If we started rebuilding after the WC the right way, we could have phased away all or at least most of the seniors and still keep the ‘outline’ of the team with fresh blood. not a different looking team every single game. I have even started thinking that AFA is just executing a public stunt to silence the critics. because things just don’t add up

      • @ebo The way I see it, Scaloni has his core group of players:


        Lo Celso
        Pity Martinez


        The next in line are Foyth, Acuna, Pereyra and De Paul. If that’s not the case, then he would’nt have called up these faces time and time again(barring Messi ofc). He’s just trying out the rest.

  9. Hai All. This is my first time to comment here. Following this site since 2 years. As a hard core Argentina fan this is not the right time to share my happiness of joining here . Hopefully we will bounce back and will have a good game against Morrocco

  10. @ choripan
    How re you mate
    I want to clarify that when I said
    Argentina has been declining
    I meant that we don’t produce
    Enough youth talant like
    Before arg was one of the best
    To produce youth blood line
    To the senior team
    By the way reaching three finals
    Was good but is not success
    No one will remember the
    Runners-up the history will
    Say Germany world champion
    In 2014 Chile copa America winners
    In 2015 and 16. And trust hurted me
    It made me nights of sleepless.
    But I believe Argentina will win
    Trophies in my life time insha Allah.

    • yo yo…i thought that sounded like a really strange thing to say.

      Friend, reaching finals is improvement and its relative success. you don’t call every single team on planet earth that didnt win #1 failures. Even reaching final is something. most countries would kill to reach even 1 final. well just have to agree to disagree on this one.

      • Choripan
        Pal I don’t have no problem
        Agreeing and disagree as long
        Is healthy
        You know funny thing I mostly
        Disagree you and Ebo
        But still I like you guys
        Even though my pal ebo
        Accuses me that I hate
        Certain players which is not
        True but again I’m cool with him.

        • @godin11
          Bro, we agree or disagree, you know you have my total respect. we disagree for long now but we are not enemies
          i only wanted to say that if you accuse someone of something, they can accuse you of the opposite. Please don’t think I mean to undermine your opinion. Maybe we are both just frustrated with the NT situation.
          respect to you brother

          • Ebo:Thanks bro same here
            You have my respect bro
            No matter what.
            I know you re true arg fan
            Same like me I have never
            Doubt about that bro
            But you’re right we re frustrating now.
            We will celebrate very soon
            But our albicelestes need a lot
            Of work to be done probably
            We need few good years
            We must low our expectations
            But still I don’t rule out anything
            Because it’s Argentina if our
            Coach become well organise
            We could beat any team.

  11. People have the right to be critical.
    It was not a good game.
    The problem is that fans want to be right no matter what!
    Some people are simply Messis generation and Barca fans. They hope the young players fail so they get to see some of them(Aguero, di Maria, Romero, Otamendi, Banega) in the team. Then there is the other group who wants young and local league players on the team.
    I for one want to rebuilt and stick to that plan no matter how many loses. I want to be good in 2-3 years because I think this is the best way to go. Winning now with youngster or with seniors is not a given and we are far from being favorites. Be realistic. I am against a local team because every time a player performs for us he will be sold to an European team and will not be a local player anymore. I am also against excluding players from local league. This is close minded. Some of the players are also not good enough and people should be rewarded for their performances and not demoted. I like Montiel but Saravia deserved to get the chance after his performances in the last friendlies. Pezzella also. There must be some continuity. Dont throw good work away. Like it or not Argentina will be forced to rebuilt. Does this mean Argentina will not win the Copa this year. Nobody knows. For the first time in years I go without expectations into a tournament. Rebuilding and if we win it would be a pleasant surprise and present.

    • 100 percent you right pal
      I really enjoy reading your posts
      Mate i know how they talk
      The real Argentina fan
      And I believe Argentina have
      Good time very soon .

    • “Some people are simply Messis generation and Barca fans. They hope the young players fail so they get to see some of them(Aguero, di Maria, Romero, Otamendi, Banega) in the team. Then there is the other group who wants young and local league players on the team.”

      One legit and logical description of our situation.

      Now I have one legit and logical question: Why can’t we have both?
      The five ‘senior players’ you mentioned are clearly better than anyone else at this moment of time, why not have them on the team while ‘younger’ players take their place in the near future? even as a subs?
      If you or anyone who calls for their complete elimination from the NT while the new players are not fully set yet, then we are looking for few years of living in the shadows. and those who call for their complete elimination can ‘evidently’ and ‘rightfully’ be described as ‘senior players haters’ likewise describing the ones who want them in the team as “Messi and Barca Lovers and not true Argentina fans”. I will never go that far as I do not live in their mind or soul to prejudge certain individuals.

      My friend, any coach in the world will pick his players to compete based on current form and performance in club, training sessions and friendlies, not on mere expectations or past results.

      I don’t think there exist fans who wish for the NT to lose on this site. this is going too far, if I am mistaken, then they can go some where else

      Likewise some will come and accuse you of wishing that the NT loses if senior players take part in the NT. It is a double edge sward, my friend.

      • “The five ‘senior players’ you mentioned are clearly better than anyone else at this moment of time”

        I’m not against few seniors but Banega is not better than Paredes neither in attack nor defence while I’m sure Aguero will not be better partner for Messi than Lautaro. Messi-Aguero pair is nothing special. Lautaro suits him better already.

        • I know I will be misunderstood If I say I am not worried about Messi/Aguero or Messi/Benedetto or Messi/Lautoro partnership as I have no clear preference . all combos will work it all depends on opponent and what coach believes
          The problem is the extensive change of formations and players. Paredes is an integral part of the NT as I said many times, but having Banega on the team is essential for the transition. Maybe We can get away with not having him, maybe we can not. it is up their in limbo, but having him is more likely better than not having him. to maximize our chances of a smooth transition. You might say that Paredes might be enough for the time being, yes ‘might’ be, not surly enough. I am still talking about now not 5 years from now. It is very clear that WE can go through transition and stay competitive at the same time. Again and Again, THROWING A WHOLE GENERATION OVERNIGHT will just make our job more difficult, and that is very clear without any prejudice.
          If we had done that right after the WC, We could have phased away the likes of Banega and Mercado and Romero by now after 6 or 7 friendlies.

      • Ebo
        I just think it’s wrong not rebuilding and sticking to it. But I have stopped playing coach. I have made my peace and am not against those players or any player. Actually some of them are my favorites. Boca Banega is one of my favorite players. If they play fine and if they dont play fine. I feel good supporting the team I love so much.
        I support also any criticism and I am not calling on anybody to be positive. with the seiniors or without them we are not the best team. I have no doubt we will be there in 2-3 years. Every win till then is a added bonus.
        Lets hope we improve in the next game. Thank you!

        • I noticed some here sticking to Messi as if he is our ONLY HOPE, and that is completely wrong and is hurting us more and more, but what is wrong too, is not use what we have available at the moment in a smart way to go forward. the main culprit of our current state of misery is AFA. not any certain player or group of players.

    • agree with some thought but not others.

      > Then there is the other group who wants young and local league players on the team.

      you described the some of the “other” camp incorrectly. Should have said “Some people want to toss out veterans players no matter how irrational and naive it may be, they want seniors to fail. They hate seniors”

      > I for one want to rebuilt and stick to that plan no matter how many loses. I want to be good in 2-3 years because I think this is the best way to go.

      If this means flushing 2 copa americas down the toilet then heck no. There are also many ways to “rebuild” and your referring to 1 method. Playing with seniors and integrating new players is another method. That is also by definition ‘rebuilding” . I just want the best players playing at all times while also giving opportunities to other players.

      So we both want to re-build, just different path to get there.

      • I dont agree with your way but it’s fine for me. I dont want to flush 2 copas but chances are we won’t win anyway. We are not favorites but let’s hope that we win. hopefully you are right and I am wrong.

    • @Ghostdeini “I for one want to rebuilt and stick to that plan no matter how many loses. I want to be good in 2-3 years because I think this is the best way to go.”
      Building team for what are you sure if these senior players will not play , argentina will qualify for the WC 2022. So what is the matter of building the team if we will not be eligible to play the WC.

      • Argentina will qualify. Last time senior players played and Argentina barely qualified. So that isn’t guaranteed either. Qualifiers start exactly in 1 year march 2022. 1 year of work. Argentina is rebuilding because they don’t have any other choice. Some senior players will take part in the rebuilding process but the old guard will not be the backbone of the team. Like it or not.

  12. The loss vs Venezuela is not so much to be upset about, but how (bad) the team played is more to be worried about. Now Scaloni has to stop experimenting and man the f@ck up and pick the core of players with only minor tweeks. I’m not sure what the guy is thinking about when experimenting as he is only a caretaker coach over Copa. A good result will increase his chances to remain post copa, so why the hell is he chosing guys for WC 2026 now for?

    However, one positive takeaway from the miserable match was the link between Messi, Lo Celso and Martinez leading to the goal. I hope to see more of it going forward.

    • “However, one positive takeaway from the miserable match was the link between Messi, Lo Celso and Martinez leading to the goal. I hope to see more of it going forward.”

      This was the only positive thing in the match and some here don’t like these players. but they are an integral part of the team.

      Agree We have the players, and they are good, all he needs to do is pick his 23 and go forward. I am amazed at why we still experimenting in such a broad scale. Yes we still need to experiment one or 2 positions but not a whole new formation and players every match.

      • Those guys did do well but the musical chairs of experiments will never end. All Sampaoli 2.0 has to do is select the 23, select the starting 11, select a formation, and select tactics.

        Basically, all he has to do be a MANAGER. lol.

        We’e not there yet though baby steps PROGRESS

      • It’s so true. I can’t understand why our coaches keep changing tactics all the times. If you are not an inventor like Pep, pick the f*ck basic formation and let the players stick with it to build chemistry. Prior to the world cup, Sampaoli seemed to realize his high line defense wouldn’t work and come back to the old school 4-4-2 but he went on mad mode against Croatia then disaster happened. Scaloni is basically doing all the same thing Sampaoli did, just one different, he is even worse than Sampa. I was thinking if Sampaoli was given another chance, he might be getting a good team now, but it was quite impossible as his relationship with core player were broken.

    • Bodhi and Ebo agree with both of you. We have become an experiment as a whole!
      I may be annoying but i will repeat myself once more: The most annoying thing from all is that a legendary team such as Argentina has ended up with no proper coach but having an interim one instead while even “third grade teams” have proper coaches!

      Our deference between us and Brazil is that they have Tite while we have Scalloni, even though they didn’t do much in the previous world cup.

      And something else: Put an interim coach to the European giants and we will see how they will perform.

    • I still think second half was decent display from us. Had Scaloni not gone with 3 in the back and played the defense a tad deep then we would have managed to stop Venezuela from scoring two in the first half. We had good amount of possession in the 2nd half but the pressure of 2 goal deficit and inexperience of Foyth resulted in the third goal. Whether we like it or not , Scaloni will be in-charge in Copa . He unlike stubborn Sampaoli did change his formation in the 2nd half and it immediately started reflecting in our ball possession and attack.

      Messi’s return has certainly helped Scaloni not look so ultra defensive yesterday . Messi and Aguero in the attack and Scaloni’s defensive tactics is the best workaround for this Copa. All he needs to do is play to our strength, no high line defense , no 3 man backline and no changing formations and players everygame. Basically don’t play fifa with this team!! As I have said below, Morocco is much more balanced and attack minded team and they will put Scaloni’s managerial skills to the test. He and his team will need to come up with solid tactics and formation to beat them. There should be quite a few changes in the next game and some of our regular starters should be back in the playing xi. Again, victory over Morocco will be tough but if Scaloni manages to beat them it will uplift the confidence of the players , coaching staff and the fans!!

  13. Now where are argentina haters here? Brazils squad are almost from europe based clubs and they have drawn with panama…. the team that lost 6 goals to england

    • My dear friend we are not here to be happy just because Brazil had a bad game infact we should introspect what’s going wrong in our own team ,we should be least bothered about them

      • To be honest their defence and midfield was not vulnerable as ours and its very sad that no south american team are in a position to compete against mighty European teams which are doing very well now like England ,France ,Italy ,Portugal , Netherlands etc

        • Indeed sad to notice that South America has fallen behind Europe. Last 4 WC’s won by European teams. WC clubs always for CL winner from Europe.

        • @munawar-choudhury I am always happy when brazil have a bad game but that is not the reason I commented that. It is to show that calling only europe based players does not garantee sucess. I have seen plenty of matches where di maria and banega being piss poor but when a local league player had just 1 or 2 bad games then people here start bashing them. Even in yesterday loss 2 goals conceded were directly due to players who is playing in europe and the other goal was due to individualistic brilliance of opponent. In the last game we lost against brazil was due to the senior most player i.e, Romero (little blame can be directed towards otamendi also). Do u see my point? Anyway I agree that scaloni’s tactics failed so what? This is transition period as part of long term project so there will definitly be “growing pain” bound to happen.

          By the way pity martinez yesterday reminded me of di maria’s national team matches.

          • @ rhaelyn
            I couldn’t agree you more mate
            You see how many people plug on
            Last night and bashing those
            Who plays outside Europe
            The worst thing they never mentioned Mercado who was sh…t

    • 😂😂😂😂
      Mate that makes me chill out
      After so pissed off last nights
      Performance. For many reasons
      Because I knew some mundo followers
      Waited that chance so they can bash
      The next generation.

      • @mrinal1235 If that is the most idiotic comment you seen then you should look your own comments, trust me it will be an eye opener.
        Heck you even commented that Vasquez should never play for Argentina because he fouled messi in some shitty la liga match. You care more about barca than Argentina

  14. @gonzalo who is this bitch amuntvalencia CF ?

    Just take a look at his posts, so much abusive and hatred behaviour towards our NT . I mean , it’s easily visible that this guy lacks football knowledge.
    But the fact to be seen is that , I see a lot of new faces here, maybe because Argentina have lost the game.
    Just take a look , I mean 80 % comments are abusive and trolling of our NT.

    • I’ve been here for about a year now, and everything I’ve said is not trolling, rather being upset at the condition of our team and making my feelings known!
      It makes me upset, angry etc.

      If I say guys like Pity Martinez, Lo Celso, Paredes, Salvio, Acuna, Benedetto, Armani, etc aren’t good enough for the national team, that’s not trolling, that’s just my opinion! It can even be considered a fact to many football pundits. Opinions such as those should be respected, not calling people an idiot for not agreeing with you.

      However, making fun of the team as a whole is unacceptable! If you truly love Argentina, you’ll love the team and not mock the condition we are in right now, because where we are at right now is very sad to see for all Argentinians.

      • @dontbethatguy

        Now you are for me more understanable on your opinions, not because I agree with you, but because you use matter argumentation much more often than in past when you were more extreme and emotional.

        Seeing how much you want to see again old guard players I just hope you are not KidultHood in disguise LOL

        I respect your opinion

    • Yeah, Rohandip

      some of them perhaps even think they can deter others from commenting here by throwning extreme insults. Mundo is changing, teams are changing, posters are changing but I’m still here, totally indiferrent to the insults. In fact, when I see such offending posts I understand that as admitting defeat.

      • Mate they been insulting me
        To be honest I don’t give f…k
        I will never change my username
        I will insisted my thought
        I have been supprting Argentina
        More than 20 years good times
        And bad times a real man
        Doesn’t insulting accusing
        People he just express his opinions.
        With respect

          • Gonzalo
            We re in same boat mate
            I saw people mentioning
            Our names say that we should
            Leave this forum because
            I don’t overpairse certain individuals

          • gonzalo,

            Why would you even think about that?

            If they don’t like what you say, they can disagree, respectfully.

            Throwing mean insults is not a smart way of projecting someone’s opinion.
            Mik said few days ago
            WE all differ in opinion, but should keep the level of discussion ‘civilized’

          • godin my friend. glad you don’t feel need to change name. thats silly. Everyone is entitled to opinions and everyone else is entitled to react to those opinions.

    • @rohandip and who are you supposed to be faggot? I don’t know football? I was a semi – pro player here in Jersey and a part time coach.
      U know more football than you boy. So anyone criticizes their team is a troll? Seriously man I bet you have never even watched an Argentina match live ever!! But feel entitled to be the REAL FAN.

  15. Sabella didn’t form his 2014 team overnight!!! Essentially, he had his core set of players and stuck with it throughout the whole qualifying campaign. Messi, Higuain, Aguero and Dimaria were incharge of carrying out the attack. Mascherano, Gago and Biglia were given the responsibility of protecting the defense and cover our Fab-4 when counter attacking the opponent. Garay, Federico , Zabaleta and Rojo were his first choice of defenders and Romero being the undisputed goal keeper. All these players played really well during those 2 yrs leading to the world cup 2014. Garay and Federico had a solid partnership, Gago was our Iniesta and had a good chemistry with Messi . Basanta and Campagnaro were solid backups. Rojo was the only exception, he was never solid but to everyone’s surprise he had a good world-cup . Additionally, Sabella’s bench had pretty much same set of players. Only change was Demichelis, picked at the last moment. We all know, unfortunate injury to Aguero, Dimaria and Gago dented our attack and our bench being full of defensive players we started defending deeper and deeper . Fatigue finally caught up and we lost in the final.

    Scaloni on the other hand is the complete opposite when it comes to creating team chemistry and player selection. Similar to his predecessor Sampaoli , he is playing fifa in real life. Did he not watch the Croatia game?? Did he forget how the Croats were targeting our flanks with long range passes constantly?? He did show some consistency on player selections in his first few matches but why all of a sudden change players and tactics, when there is so little time left for Copa. Why drop players like Icardi for Bendetto and Suarez .Icardi next season will go to a new club for a record transfer fee but he is not good enough to be on our bench even. Clubs are willing to pay 100 million for this guy who hasn’t played a single match for Inter for quite a while, but he can’t even make it to the our bench??? I know the local clubs want their players to get international exposure so that they can sell them for big bucks, but that doesn’t mean drop your core players.Another good player that is missing is Lamela, he should have moved to a new club like Lo-celso, he is too good to be a back-up player for Song. When he was playing regularly for Spurs he was their main man, scoring and creating plenty of opportunities but now he is not getting adequate playing time there. I was really glad when Spain thrashed us 6-1 just before the world cup and was really hopeful that defeat will be an eye opener and we will go back to playing to our strength but Sampaoli had already made-up his mind. When he selected his team for the world cup , it had only 2 full time centre backs!!!!

    I will say it is still not too late. Yes, he hasn’t played attractive attacking football but this is Scaloni’s first bad game with the national team. All he needed to do was bring back Aguero and Messi and continue with what he was doing. Yes his tactics are quite defensive , but with Messi , Aguero and few other offensive players we should be fine. I pray he has learned his lessons from this defeat and will show the ability to change his tactics according to the situation of the game and opponent. Meza and Pavon were performing quite poor and dropping them was a good call. Pezzella, Tagliafico, Foyth, Saravia, Ascacíbar, Battalgia, Lamela, Palacios, Lo-celso, Paredes, De-paul,Dybala and Icardi they should be his core and we need them to play together as much as possible if we are win the Copa. He also needs to pick his goal keeper asap and stick with him. If he is unsure then bring Romero back. Next match will test Scaloni, Morocco is stronger than Venezuela. Morocco was very unfortunate team to get eliminated early in the last world cup and they will test Argentina.

  16. AmuntValencia CF

    Glad that i entertained you but actually i don’t really care about what you think about Dybala! And yes, the guy is talented but this kind of shit happen with player, just consider the case of Brazil’s second best player Coutinho who barely plays with Barcelona and now they are even thinking of giving him to another club! Not to mention “talented” players such as Fred and Malcom whom both of their respective clubs want to get rid of them! At least our youth qualified for the u20 world cup!

    I am watching our beloved team for almost three decades and yes barring Messi who along with Maradona are the two greatest ever played the game, we don’t have phenomenal players such Batistuta, Caniggia, Redondo etc any more, but i ensure you that this team will always produce talents. It is people who run this team, afa, stuff and coaches who are the ones to blame for being trophyless since 1993!

    Kid, with all due respect, since you are supporting Colombia now why do you even bother spend your time with Argentina?

    • The case of coutinho can’t be compared to Dybala. Forget club form, Coutinho has always been the star of Brazil more so than Neymar.
      When was the last time Dybala actually gave even a decent performance for Argentina? N he has played almost 20 games I believe. The guy lacks will and grit. If u ever watch CL games he regularly flopped vs big teams when he was a regular for Juve. 1 exception was the Barca game.

      • Forget club form? You were the one refered to club performances. As for cl, as far as i know Ronaldo and Dybala are juve’s top scorers.

        Nevertheless, we agree in one thing: They cannot be compared in regard to the nt as Coutinho is Brazil’s second best player while Dybala is not even among Argentina’s regular top five.

      • Brazilian players can be flops at their clubs but will play 120% of their ability in the Selecao. Still, the yellow team are doing shit in all levels, so I think their player quality is bad right now.

  17. First of all this is not about players or formations. If we go back into time, when was the last time Argentina played with a compact midfield capable of pressing, counter-pressing and fast transitions? That has nothing to do with line ups or formations like many Mundo friends fantasize.

    After so many failures, Argentina national team still entertain the idea if playing with conventional wingers on both sides and 2 central midfielders like most teams set up in the Super Liga. Even the weakest of the teams will eat you up alive with those ancient tactics. 2 static central CMs will not protect the defense from fast counter attacks.

    Secondly, the problem will only be solved once Argentina hires a real coach who understands modern European and South American football basics. A lot of Argentine players lack fighting spirit. You need a coach who can identify men from boys. According to World Cup winner Deschamps, he said he didn’t choose France’s WC squad according to the best players in their positions but he picked the players showed the most guts in the WCQs. Example, Giroud played all 7 games without a shot on target but he had a role to play for his coach.
    The last game showed lack of collective balls. A real coach will instill responsibility into every player’s ears.

    • It’s always about players, tactics (ie lineups formations ) and coaching.
      Giroud played a role but France had superior players. And Deschamps is no brain surgeon.
      Yesterday we couldn’t defend with 5. Our defense worked fine with Tagliafico Otamendi Pezella and Saravia. What do we do? We screw with something that isn’t broken. In what world is Pity better than Dybala? Even Scaloni says Messi and Dybala take time to mesh but if you don’t play them together how the hell are they gonna learn to play with each other?
      Too many people in AFA with too many voices. Even Maradona had a plan. A fat out of shape druggie has a plan and Scaloni hands over his testicles to Tapia and Menotti.

      • I understand Scaloni made some errors but in defense pezzela and otamendi were injured but he should have called cristian romero as replacement of otamendi and played with 4 man defense (maybe cesar luis menotti influenced his deceision on formation and playing style .I respect Menotti for his football knowledge and winning WC for Argentina ) but Scaloni atleast had guts to change the formation in 2nd half against vevenzuela unlike Sampaoli(I respect him because he left his high pay job to coach Argentina NT but he couldnt compromise on his playing style and tactics)hopefully Scaloni learns from his mistakes and plays 4-4-2 formation in next freindly against morroco with a pure DM like Guido Rodriguez i understand he plays in mexican league but he is 24,has height of 1.85m and has good pace so lets see how he fairs for the NT and plays dybala , lautaro together as strikers

    • “A lot of Argentine players lack fighting spirit. You need a coach who can identify men from boys. According to World Cup winner Deschamps, he said he didn’t choose France’s WC squad according to the best players in their positions but he picked the players showed the most guts in the WCQs”

      So true Sabellista. For this and few other reasons Venezuela may beat Argentina.

  18. Not rocket science here. If you want to try new players no need to call up Messi. If you want to win, you bring your best players.
    We can’t even decide on a formation, let alone players.
    This is what Messi meant by saying we need a project.
    Halfway through you bring Menotti who still thinks this is 1980. You couldn’t give the job to Peckerman who is 10 years younger and develops players? Truth is nobody wants this job. This team is a ship lost at sea with an other worldly talent on board named Messi.
    In any world our old or young players should beat Venezuela if we had any plan.
    Keep calling up 20 year old Defensa y Justicia players and we will get smoked.
    People forget sabella stuck to one group of players and when the players didn’t like 4-4-2 they went to a 4-3-3 immediately.
    I have been watching the NT since 1976 and this generation was incredibly talented and mismanaged to lead to no trophies

    • That’s well said. We never had as many world class players as the 85-88 generation. So sad if they couldn’t win a single trophy. For what the likes of Messi, Di Maria, Aguero keep traveling 20 hours to play a NT match? Money? Fame? Please, stop kidding yourself. That’s true love they put on the NT shirt. If we could only give them a proper coach, they would have won something. They were close in 2014 and it was the last time we have a professional coach with a proper plan. Tata was not bad but who can work without paycheck for 6 months? AFA ruined all the momentum and effectively ruined one of the most talented generation.

  19. We need a good technical staffs who can train players how to dribble ,where to move and when to move ,off ball movement skills ,crosses ,how to execute set pieces ,one touch and no look pass and many more modern techniques
    Bdw my lineup will be
    Benitez/Romero ,saravia ,otamendi/c Romero ,pazella/kanneman tagliafico ,lanzini battaliga/ascacibar le celso ,messi lautaro de Paul /j correa

  20. First thing we need is a proper coach who should find out the best formation whichever it is ,fix the dm,winger ,fullback problem and 2nd thing we should give chance to only deserving ones instead of calling raw players from Europe or stupid ones from local league ,call deserving players like c romero ,benitez and not stupid players like bendetto ,blanco etc
    Last but not the least sack oldie mennoti and appoint pekerman as gm

  21. Sampaoli got humiliated 6-1 by Spain in the Wanda Metropolitano in March 2018!
    Sampaoli 2.0 gets humiliated 3-1 by Venezuela in the Wanda Metrapolitano in March 2019!

    So can we say we’ve made progress?
    We’ve gone from Bad to WORSE! LOL

    Sampaoli after that humiliation gets knocked out in the round of 16, Argentina’s earliest elimination since 2002 when they got knocked out from the Group Stage (which will most likely continue once Messi retires).
    Sampaoli 2.0 – Pending earliest Copa America elimination since who knows when. No chance at all!

    We beat Guatemala, Mexico and Iraq! Great! World Cup favorites now lol
    There’s no guarantee we’ll beat Morocco seeing how badly we’re playing.
    What about the teams we will ACTUALLY play in the Copa America?

    Argentina v Colombia = 0-0
    Argentina v Brazil = 0-1
    Argentina v Venezuela = 1-3

    If that was our group, guess what? We’re eliminated!! We’d only gain 1 point in three games if it was our group!
    And we still have Uruguay, Chile (out for a vengance), Peru, etc.
    It does NOT look good!

    One things is to be optimistic, another is realistic! And realistically, we have NO chance this summer, seeing our current record, with no set squad, still no identity among the team, no desire, no passion, no experience under pressure! Under Scaloni and Menotti, we’re DOOMED!

  22. Very sad result. Reading most of the comments in here make me sad too. But the most and annoying at least to me is that i really hope we have already hit rock bottom because i fear that it may be possible that we even haven’t hit rock bottom yet!

    But nevertheless, i have said it many times in the past and i will say it once more! The reason of all this is afa and lack of a proper coach! I like scaloni but he is an interim, not a proper coach! Is it beyond any logic that one of the most prestigious national teams in the world doesn’t have a proper, yet to say a good coach! Unless this won’t be sorten out nothing will change!

    WE DO HAVE GOOD YOUNG PLAYERS! The point is that the right mixture of young and old players must be selected and this is dependent on a wise decision made by a proper coach! For example, our strikers should be Icardi, Lautaro, Aguero and Dybala and choose whoever you want! No Benedetto (although i like him as a player or someone else! No any other 30 yeras old local players as we have much better players at this age playing in Europe already! The point is to try to mix old and proven players who are playin in Europe with young promising talents instead of old local players.

    The state we are currently is like that: Imagine a racing car team which possesses for the races a supercar but the ones who are running that team didn’t even bother to hire a profesional driver who has experience in races and driving superfast racing cars. But what have they done instead?? They hired an amateur instead!! The outcome won’t be any different than crushing at the very first corner!

    This is what is going on with our beloved team!!

    • Lol I would consider Dybala the most talented of this generation right? and the guy is a joke when going gets tough. In juve he is getting owned by bernadeshi and Costa forget Ronaldo.

      The guy has a loser mentality. And that is the case with most of the Argentina players of this generation.

      • I disagree that Dybala got owned by Bernadeschi. Cristiana her majesty certainly needs servants and Bernadeschi is that kind of player. Dybala is too talented to be CR7’s servant. He should find his way out of Juve and when CR7 retires, Juve will realize who is the real gem, Paulo or that Berna kid.

    • “WE DO HAVE GOOD YOUNG PLAYERS! The point is that the right mixture of young and old players must be selected and this is dependent on a wise decision made by a proper coach!”

      I can not disagree with you, as this is the smart way to go forward

  23. so vs Morocco possible lineup: Andrada or Musso—Tagliafico or Acuna—Pezzella—Kannemann—Saravia—Guido Rodriguez or Marcone—Lanzini—Pereyra—Correa or De Paul—Lautaro or Benedetto—Dybala…will play as sub: Lamela, Vazquez, Zaracho

    • Oh, looks like Scaloni learned he should just do the football 101 things. 4-4-2 with a destroyer and 2 box to box. Put Messi on the top of the diamond behind 1 wide forward and 1 target man. That’s it. But he thought he was genius and he probably ruined Messi’s enthusiasm once again.

  24. If you guys think losing to Venezuela was bad, just wait until this team play against Morocco. Morocco is way better than Venezuela. Morocco was easily one of the best group stage team at the 2018 World cup who outplayed both Spain and Portugal and was unfortunate to exit the tournament. With Morocco pace in transition into attack, how is this slow Argentina defense and midfield going to stop them? Morocco will score 3 or 4 goals against Argentina easily going by the most recent performance against Venezuela. Okay forget about the Copas, how in the world will this team qualify for the 2020 World Cup with such mediocrity?

  25. Btw on paper the Foyth-Mercado-Martinez trio was not a bad idea, they played in their clubs in this system regularly, maybe even Montiel in some River matches when Gallardo tried this dont know, but without class wing-backs and midfielders who know and understand this system its a dead horse, too much time to learn, i didnt understand why the worst passer Mercado played in the center and not Foyth, he plays RCB in Sevilla.

  26. Calm down guys this just a friendly and Messi only played for money purpose, half of these players are not going to be selected for the cops America, although I’m not sure if scaloni is the right coach for Argentina national team, the like of Pekerman, Tata who won his first game with Mexico last night, even foreign coach should have taken over, Scalony tactics is too close to sampaoli.

    • Dude!
      That’s what everyone was saying after the 6-1 humiliation against Spain, which happened to be in the same stadium might I add.

      Sampaoli got humiliated 6-1 by Spain in the Wanda Metropolitano in March 2018!
      Sampaoli 2.0 gets humiliated 3-1 by Venezuela in the Wanda Metrapolitano in March 2019!

      So can we say we’ve made progress?
      We’ve gone from Bad to WORSE! LOL

      Sampaoli after that humiliation gets knocked out in the round of 16, Argentina’s earliest elimination since 2002 when they got knocked out from the Group Stage (which will most likely continue once Messi retires).
      Sampaoli 2.0 – Pending earliest Copa America elimination since who knows when. No chance at all!

      We beat Guatemala, Mexico, Iraq, and we’ll most likely beat Morocco! Great!
      What about the teams we will ACTUALLY play in the Copa America?

      Argentina v Colombia = 0-0
      Argentina v Brazil = 0-1
      Argentina v Venezuela = 1-3

      If that was our group, guess what? We’re eliminated, having only gained 1 point in three games!

      One things is to be optimistic, another is realistic! And realistically, we have NO chance this summer, seeing our current record, with no set squad, still no identity among the team, no desire, no passion, no experience under pressure! Under Scaloni and Menotti, we’re DOOMED!

      • True but did Germany and Spain progressed further than Argentina in 2018 WC? I know they’re heavy favorites along with Brazil who cant even beat Switzerland and Belgium. Nobody expect Croatia to went that far but they did. You;ll never know what would happen in major tournament. Diego who cant even managed shit was able to thrashed South Korea 4-1 and Loew’s team got thrashed by South Korea. Football isnt mathematic, there will be other factors that will determine the outcome, and its not always what’s written on paper.

        Argentina has reached 27 Copa America finals, we’ve been in 4 Copa finals since 2000. My point is, Argentina had a history of performing well in Copa even if they ended up losing the final like in last 20 years (losing 3 of those in shootout) , so the chance is always there.

        What people never consider is how other favorites tend to perform well either and we’ve seen that from time to time. Brazil has been Copa and WC favorites for many years and they performed like crap most of the time.

    • the standard for Argentina nowadays is so pathetic to say the least ,for all my years ,decade watching this team it has clearly become very pathetic that losing to lower team like Venezuela is ok. Experiencing or not back in the old days it was never allow not saying football hasn’t change other selections got stronger but the same way we used to hold past generations accountable for losing ,the same thing should be said today .its clear that our league went downhill compared to other league let’s be honest guys. Let’s ask this question . Can we compete against any European team right now? Do we have the players ?

  27. Too many comments to read and dont have time to.
    – Scaloni made many mistakes.
    – It has always been a disaster when we played with 5 at the back. Never play 5 at the back.
    – Players out of position: Mercado is no libero. Why not Pezzella(He is a must).
    – We need a third midfielder with Paredes and Lo Celso.
    – some players are simply not good enough.
    – goalkeeper position needs solution.
    – Scaloni must step up his coaching. I dont like the talk of players cant play together, make them!
    – people who think we are favorites need help, we are a rebuilding side which will be great in 2-3 years if we stay on track.
    – life goes on so keep calm and support the team.

  28. If we realistically think Copa 2019 will be hard, it is meant to be hard. This is a transitional period, It wont be easy. Did any one thought that its gonna be easy?? We cant be hallucinated and make ourselves be leave that we are going to be the Copa 2019 Champions. 2020 Copa at least looks a little more closer than the 2019 Copa. I just hope we put on a decent show in the 2019 Copa. It should not be a catastrophic. We dont have any choice left other than try young players. It will take time, But they will gradually click. Hopefully.

  29. Our young player are trash.They need to.learn about football.Banega Aguero Otamendi are needed.Paredes does not run much so needs to be discarded
    Armani is not for NT. Scaloni is being exposed here.Some players are total trash do not know why they are called like Armani.Our goalkeeper trio should be Romero Juan Musso and Caballero for copa because Caballero is very good at penalty shoot out. We do not need experiment now we know who are good player needs them to be injury frew

  30. Imagine Mascherano watched the game yesterday and afterwards send a WhatsApp message to his friend Messi. What would he say?


  31. How hard is this????

    Who brings garbage from MLS AND MEXICO?

    Get players from top leagues who are playing well. Stop with Martinez family bums.

    DEF: Bring back garay, he has been out best defender for years now. Way better than erratic otamendi. The man is a calm presence and excellent at reading games.
    Make saravia the main RB with bustos on the bench. Tagliafico was so awful at being Alba esque it was funny. But he is the best we have on LB.

    Mid: parades, lo celso (play him further up the pitch). And battaglia/ascaibar
    If it’s 4 man mid then lanzini parades battaglia de Paul/j. Correa

    Attack: Messi and aguero

    1ST TEAM- 433

    Saravia – Garay- pazzella – tagliafico
    Lo celso – Parades.
    Messi – aguero – de Paul/ j.correa


    Saravia- Garay- pazzella- tagliafico
    Lanzini – paredes- ascaibar- de Paul/ correa/
    Messi – icardi/ lautauro/ aguero

    2ND TEAM – 442
    Lauturo- alario

    This team is not brilliant but have good playets.

    Also for heaven’s sake get a foreign coach before and after Isabella every coach is an absolute shite. Get a good foreign coach.

    • “Who brings garbage from MLS AND MEXICO?”

      Once again: MOTM of yesterdays game was Josef Martinez of MLS Atlanta United. Beautifull receives of ball, shoots, winner mentality. Good players are all over the world. But I bet you even didn’t know his club. Shooting yourself in the foot…

      • A winner mentality player doesnt fail in Italy bro, yes these are good, useless players inside their comfort zone (just like our local heros) MLS or argentine Primera are these places, Seria A is out of comfort (too fast, too strong, too tactical)

        • So explain me why player like Papu Gomez can be one of best in Serie A and fail in Ukraine. Why player like Battaglia may be nothing spectacular in Braga, Moreirense, Chaves and then do better in Benfica and to be bright spot against Brazil. Tagliafico fail in Segunda Division and years after has some great games in Ajax being close to better club.

          If Josef Martinez is making fool of Mercado, who plays what you would name as class league, there’s no more excuses. Not only on first goal you see the Martinez reciving the ball like class player, shooting like class player and so on. These abilities are there no matter where you play. You can’t deny these qualities because he just shown them against top league player like Mercado.

          Good players are all over the world. Still by far most of them in Europe but that doesn’t mean we should not test players from outside Europe.

          Your standards are not compatible, man, It’s easy to find more instances that refute this logic like Pratto, Saravia and others.

          • Are you talking about Salomon Rondon? So if my logic is wrong how many Copa America and WC final did Venezuela play with these unknown heros? Zero, a WC participation is a dream for them too, correlate perfectly to the qualities of their players (Rondon, Martinez…again one good match against a top team means nothing, rather i see their whole career 1 match versus 100-500, Meza vs Spain vs no european team bought him and never will, Gonzalo Martinez one so called good match vs Columbia against top team vs no european team bought him and never will (more than 100 teams see the same like me and whats the reality) rondon, Martinez,. Pratto…the list will never end…so now Suarez is you new favourite? cause he was not horrbile like our other local players…1 match…

          • Rondon is another good example of such player who (playing in inferior clubs) according to your standards should not able to play like he did yesterday.

            Venezuela is not Argentina. They have not the amount of talent of Argenitna yet still few players that may beat Argentina if well organized (something that Argentina miss yesterday) but once again: good players or everywhere. Core of our team might be frome Europe however we certainly need also best ones from local league. To that: every work on grassroots and bottom si work that has a beginning in local base of players.

            Some of these currently called up local player will turn to be not enough good but if anyone, (you too) want to say they are all shit after 45 minutes cannot be taken seriously.

          • Suarez is not my favourite. I’m for younger ones. Suppose you noticed I was against call up for him. But was also again those who were absolutely convinced he should not play against Venezuela.

            At the end of the day he was good and so far you are wrong. Me too (as I didn’t wanted him in NT) but at least I was (as always) more open to him.

            You see, we never know…

          • Yes some will turn into great players, but 90% of them are 20 maximum 21 years old (Zaracho, Dominguez Macallister, Caseres, Ascacibar, Vargas, Robertone, Almendra, Palacios, Almada, De la Vega and so on) from them 1, 2 or 3 will be great in some years but not 24….30 years old local heros Pity, Benedetto, Meza, Suarez even Blanco (first season as starter) we should focus only on biggest prospects and the best european players. I dont know what to think about kannemann, propably his bad passing and technical skills avoid him to play in Europe, but there has to be a reason

          • ” I dont know what to think about kannemann, propably his bad passing and technical skills avoid him to play in Europe, but there has to be a reason”
            Maybe you should concentrate more on his current NT performances instead always looking only in what club and league some footballer play to estimate wheter he is NT material.

            Blanco is first season starter but don’t forget Palacios in September made 2 good games in NT being starter in River just few months (since april or so)

      • @Gonzalo U literally are one of the brain dead I have seen commenting. So Josef being the MOTM for a team where majority of players play in shit teams makes MLS great?

        By that logic Iceland semi-pro league is one of the best in the world. U need big players for Argentina coz small league players LACK the confidence or ability to handle the pressure. Back in the day almost all the Argentina team players played for big teams in Europe now playing in MLS IS AMAZING.

        • @ Gonzalo

          Ur delusions of grandeur are at a dangerous level. Get help boy,

          As for u20 world cup, they lost to India of all teams not so long ago.

        • “So Josef being the MOTM for a team where majority of players play in shit teams makes MLS great?”

          What’s the relevance here. No matter where his teammates play. What’s matter is that he play in MLS and was playing better than every our player except Messi.

          “U need big players for Argentina coz small league players LACK the confidence or ability to handle the pressure”

          They needs the opportunity to gain confidence and handle pressure. You don’t know Argentina NT history. Look at 2004 Copa America team. Many youngsters from outside of Europe that almost win the tournament but more importantly had the opportunity to learn, grow in confidence and experience before the even left South America like Tevez, Lucho and others.

          • Like i said idiot, You and your dumb AFA Menotti idiots need to get their ass out of their heads. This isn’t 2004 anymore. The gap between European teams and rest of the world is huge in club level.
            Stop talking shit man, comeback when an Argentine team actually beats a team form AFC in this time and age.

    • With all respect to members here on mundo, I am not going to entertain calling NT players “GARBAGE”. at the end they represent our beloved team and we can criticize them with respect.
      NT players don’t have to play for big clubs to be good. The Idea is to have the right mixture of players who can play as a team without setting conditions in which club they play. Pitty was ok compared to the performance of most of the players.

      Argentina will never hire a foreign coach, that is a RULE. the only foreign Coach was in the 1930s for few months only and he was Italian who lived most of his life in Argentina.

  32. Coach : Eduardo coudet
    Goal keeper : Romero ,Juan musso ,Damian Martinez

    Defense:Montiel ,Godoy ,Otamendi, Pezzella ,Manmanna,Barbosa, Lisandro Martinez ,Alexis Soto

    MF :lo celso ,Reynoso, Juan foyth ,Paredes, Joaquin Correa ,Lanzini ,Ocampos , Benjamin garre, Di maria

    FW:Alario ,FACUNDO colidio ,Messi, Aguero

    The best team should be
    Montiel #otamendi#Barbosa# Martinez
    ###lo celso #####j Correa
    Messi ##############di maria

  33. Let’s take it to the chin. Some great individual efforts by Venezuela. Deserved their victory.

    Argentina played good football and there were many ideas showing. 3 in the back did not work and some mistakes here and there, but the most important thing about that game was the all around passing game and rehearsing those ideas of Scaloni. Not the goals or the result.

  34. I don’t know if Scaloni is the worst coach ever but 1 thing I am quite sure is that he is still very far from finding the right formation with the right players. And he will keep on trying even during the copa. Like what Sampaoli did, without any plan, no preparation. I don’t see any progress vs Sampaoli’s team.

    There is no miracle in football, what will happen in 3 months won’t change much. The outcome will be the same, either we cut the coach now or wait till copa, being humiliated like never before replacing him.

  35. What we know from the match : 1) lautaro Martinez & Messi impressive 2) Never play 3 man defense because Argentina doesn’t have worldclass fullback 3) Romero still the best goalkeeper 4) while selecting player as defender height must be considered ( in the 1st half all three central defender lisandro Martinez, Mercado and fotyth only 6ft height) as sabella did 4) parades needed a defensive midfielder unless he is worthless 5) fotyth needs to be careful, he always trends to conceding penalty

    • Long time I suggest Argentina can’t exist without pure No.5 destroyer. Neither Paredes nor Lo Celso nor they both together are enough diligent to keep our midfield tight (Banega is inferior to Paredes). We need someone like Battaglia, Ascacibar or Nico Dominguez. Some suggest Caseres but he is not kind of agressive, warrior-like destroyer. Rather type of Biglia. Elegant one, soft, carefull DM. He is not much better than Paredes on defendeing while Paredes is 10 times more creative (however not yesterday).

      • No no. Why Nico Dominguez let’s get someone from the 2nd division of that bum league primers division.i hear they have the most talented players in the world.

        While at it we should also throw Messi out of the team and bring all the Argentina primiera division homeless bums and we would win every tournament until the next century.

        • I could say if within short time Nico Dominguez will play in Europe (yes, he will) suddenly he will be reasonable choice for you, right? Let’s face the truth: your attitude is just prejudice and bias. Players are just good and weak not local or European.

          I would bring your words here in future about Nico Dominguez to see wheter you were right but unfortunately you are one of those countless members here who will not stay long, at least under not the same account.

          Ephemeral members are throwing most extreme statements.

          Where from do you know Dominguez will not give something positive as Palacios or Saravia did? And where from Saravia in your starting line up? Isn’t he local bum?

          • This is not the 80s or 90s anymore. Wake up u moron. The only reason this players get better are better is coz of the quality players around and the competition. Argentina teams get pounded by Asian teams that is embarrassing.

            U only improve and get better when u play better players. There is a reason since the turn of the century not one south American except Brazil has won the WC.

  36. As i earlier said scaloni is worst manager in the history of argentina . Now i can proudly say Maradona and Sampoli was better than than scaloni. If he stays for copa then there is no chance i already gave the hope most porbably we will get out of the group stage another horror show is waiting for argentina in copa brazil.
    Argentina lost the chance to sign Tata martino last night mexico played great under martino. The last time argentina played like argentina was under tata martino.
    But the biggest culprit is that motherfucker Tapia as long as he is there, no hope. Feeling bad for messi he should not have returned back to the NT.

    • Worse than Maradona and Sampaoli? Come on now really?! Look I understand you’re upset but lets wait until copa is over before we declare Scaloni the ‘worst coach in Argentina history’ because thanks to all the clowns that we’ve had since 2010 (Maradona, Batista, Bauza, Sampaoli) that’s a tall order.
      Every single coach gets their tactics wrong every once in a while but only the special few are able to learn from their mistakes and evolve. Scaloni still has another friendly and then copa so lets atleast give him as much of a chance as the other aformentioned coaches got before we bury him.

      • Shut up man. I see you here regularly here barking bullshit outta ur ass.

        Just like all the wait before, another tournament humiliation is waiting.

        • Yeah calm down and take a deep breath, if you don’t like my ‘bullshit’ then don’t read it.
          You know it’s funny how fools like you only show up here when things go sour, just so you can bitch without giving any thought to your comments. So you don’t like Scaloni’s style, ok neither do I but what’s your plan genius? Get another coach? And if so then who? what coach in his right mind would coach the team with less than 3 months to go until copa?
          Like it or not Scaloni is here until copa concludes so either put up or shut up and stop ‘barking bullshit out of your ass’.

          • Mamoun,

            most of people know you are too mature and respectable here to take as abusive such mean posts. Such people send the likes simply for lack arguments that matter.

            Everytime when I face such vile post against me I actually feel like the guy admit I won 🙂

          • I have been here a long time with different username like Aimar FC.

            Dumbasses like u hide ur stupidity with act of “calm”.

            “Like it or not Scaloni is here until copa concludes”
            And then another cycle of madness starts with the old guard especially messi get the stick from the dumbass Argentine press and another new coach who is an absolute nobody with their archaic tactics gets the job. Then dumbass mamoun would come out and went a like a lil bitch like he did after world cup exit.

          • [I have been here a long time with different username like Aimar FC.]

            LOL well that explains alot, you know what we call someone who uses different usernames? A TROLL.

            [with act of “calm”.]

            Ummmm is that supposed to be english? And you still haven’t answered my question, what is your solution? Imagine that you’re incharge of the AFA and you want Scaloni out after the venezuela game, who are you gonna bring instead?

            [Then dumbass mamoun would come out and went a like a lil bitch like he did after world cup exit.]

            we all all whined like bitches after the world cup exit that’s what fans do when their teams crap the bed but unlike you I didn’t go “bitch mode” with several user names.

  37. this team never win the cup if they play like bulluck cart. arman is waste material, one who is playing good in club level he never shine in international level. so please select if one did not shine in club level please select him he will play the football with dedication because he will take pressure to utilise that opportunity.

  38. I can’t understand people who say something like: “never try again” about players that just debuted in NT like Lisandro Martinez, Blanco, Montiel. Yeah, Montiel got one half and “never try again”?!!! People who say things like that are kids.

    They are in permanent self contradicition. Look at Csabalala: he was shouting “Scaloni is a troll” loudly and arrogantly as always when he was introducing Kannemann, Blanco, Suarez. And at the end of the day everyone agree 2 of them – Kannemann, Suarez – were really positive points of yesterday’s game. Blanco, Lisandro Martinez got his first 45 minutes in NT and they will claim “never try again”. LOL Kids without any understanding of football. This NT will never deserved any title if people managing it will think like that. Look at Germany – they have patiance to their youngsters.

    Armani should not be in NT. We have better and younger options. Montiel is good but since Copa Libertadores finals I don’t see him in good form. This time I was not supporting to call up him. At least not prior to players like Leo Godoy.

    When it comes to Pity Martinez. I agree with some people, that was not his best game but seriously I could use the same arguments people were bringing here in 80% of Di Maria’s games: “at least he was trying something”. THe left side was active also thanks to him, just like with Di Maria while his crosses were poor just like Di Maria’s crosses most of the time in NT.

    At the end of the day: some people are reacting as if he got 10 full games in NT and fucked up 8 of them (like Meza) but this is not the case. Let’s realize: Pity had only three 45 minutes chances so far. It is just a game and a half. Not even 2 full games!!! To that he is not still in optimal form after Copa Libertadores fest and new club adaptation circumstances.

    • THe same people are really rush to blame the local players for the lost. The players rather than coach or tactic. These are the same people who were always convinced coach is to blame for our very similar lost to Croatia on last WC. Coach to blame, not old guard players like Otamendi, Mercado, Messi or Aguero which started there. But similarity of the two games is blatant (as well as the goals lost agains France). When Otamendi or Mercado are doing horrible mistakes that led to opponent’s goal it’s tactical coach guilt. But when Lisandro Martinez, playing his first 45 minutes in NT is doing some thing wrong – it’s just his fault.

      People who thinks like that are either little kids or morons.

      No one say all the local league players will something good for NT. But we need to look for new options. You never know which will work. Saravia clicked since his first game (despite his only emergency call up after Di Placido injury). Montiel did not. Who expected a lot from older ones like Kannemann or Suarez… But they were really good. Expectations to Blanco were higher – he was not up to that yesterday. You never know which will adapt quickly.

      Full of prejudices people want to blame only local players but the core of this team was still European: Mercado, Foyth, Paredes, Lo Celso, Messi, Martinez. That’s core and more than a half of the team. 4 of the players didn’t looked good yesterday so the reason is other than the young boys that only debuted.

      Lisandro Martinez was not that bad yesterday. DUring his first 45 minutes he could have been better on second goal. But his peformance is nowhere near to horribleness of Foyth performance. Yet some poeople still believe in Foyth just because he play in Europe (especially super-hyped here Premier League) and want to dicard Lisandro Martinez after 45 minutes. What I want to say is not that Foyth is to drop. No, he deserves another chances. He is talented. What I want to say is please look at your double standards: Lisandro Martinez or Montiel (he didn’t existed yesterday) gave us less reasons yesterday to delete them than Foyth. LIsandro Martinez is pure talent as well and he will show that with the time, getting more moments on the ball.

      • you always defends your local league players no how shit they played.
        pity martinez – wekeat point of argentine attack.
        lautaro martinez- showed his strength , cant blame him no one was there to feed him except messi, should be called alongwith aguero.
        lo celso – was not on his level but was showing up 2nd best player on the pitch atleast he was only one who combined with messi for a moment.
        paredes – i had big hope from him but he keeps proving me wrong but should be given chance with solid defence.
        Mercado- his days are over should not be called to NT.
        Foyth- as i already said earlier not ready to be in the NT.
        l martinez and monitel- i still do not understand why these two guys has been called to NT.
        Tagliafico- Never liked this guy just another huped player whenever he played for NT it cost us defensively and didnt contribute anything offensively too.Rojo or ansaldi should be called for copa 2019.
        Armani – The only reason he is being selected again and again after france match is he is doing good job in the bed with scaloni and Tapia

          • Fuck off man. You and cunts like you in the AFA are the reason this team is suffering. Let’s give the shits from the turd league million chances and then blame everything on the European based actually brilliant players.

          • Please crawl out, amphibian, out of your another acount and then speak to me. You are not credible creating account every other game. Stay some time under one account then we may to talk.

  39. My point of view: 4-3-1-2 Formation.

    Goalkeeper: Armani is an average keeper. I will put him as the 3rd choice in goal. I would start Rulli in goal or Benitez. Both are playing for their clubs. Rulli sometimes makes mistakes but he is a good keeper. Any keeper makes mistakes.
    Romero is out of question. Doesn’t play with club team.

    Defender: Cb’s should be composed by Otamendi and Garay. Garay is the best defender that we have, but don’t know what is the problem about not being selected. As reserves, Pezzella and maybe Kannemann or Foyth which are average players.
    As right back Saravia and Mercado.
    As left back Tagliafico.
    The 3 in the middle.
    Banega is the best player and should start every game, has vision, gives the tempo to the game as much as he likes. Good dribbler and passing and can tackle. And know a days he’s playing in a much deeper position.
    I would start Lo Celso, he’s our future player, vision, passing, dribble and he can score goals too.
    The 3rd midfielder don t know which one i pick. Cause they are all average players.
    As a CAM i would start Lanzini.

    Forward: Messi and Aguero.

  40. So that means Messi will now play straight in Copa,great.

    Out of all the players Messi is not someone who is easy to play with. He didnt had any time to gel with the new guys. We r gonna face tough Copa be prepared for the heart aches. I m sorry that Messi will have to carry all the blame to after the Copa.

    • Messi will have no problem even if he go straight to play in final (If they could get anywhere near that). Messi isnt the problem, he’s always an adventage. He didnt start in Copa 2016 due to real injury, he started at 70 minutes in second game, still hit a hattrick.

      Messi involved in Argentina only goal against Venezuela, he had two assists against France, but when his team conceided 3-4 goals, there’s nothing he could do. Cant expect him to get a hattrick all the time like he did against Ecuador.

      Argentina had a good defence between 2012-2016, but after 2016 final, the team form took a nosedive.

  41. Lautaro earned his spot. Surely he will improve. He has the quality. Aguero and Lautaro will be the two CF in Copa.
    Currently, Messi(Dybala as backup), and Aguero(Lautaro as backup) will be 2 forwards in 4-4-2.
    Lanzini or Dimaria should be the third attacker if we chose 4-3-3 in Copa. They can play both as midfielder and attacker.
    The fifth striker should have a different characteristic from the first mentioned 4. He should be the super sub. Maybe Gaich kind. We don’t need average strikers in the team.

    This is the highlights for all the haters of Messi (Actually hater of Argentina in disguise) what he did in the match.
    I want to see all the faces of virgin lover who think we don’t need the old guards because of their delusional dream in wet bed. If this team full of immature players playing in a big tournament against a big team believe me we are waiting for the biggest record in history even bigger than the Brazil one.
    Scaloni with all his experiments and big talk turned the team into pure shit..
    They can’t even run properly without the ball..
    Di-maria, Aguero, Banega, Otamendi is a must for this team..
    @Godin11 started his all the bulshit logic..
    This cunt should be banned from this site…

  43. scaloni to do
    less experiment
    select a core group of players
    donot leave good inform players
    make a midfield (we need that)
    use minimum goalkeeper (in every friendly he selected different goalkeepers)
    use young players who can run hard press hard
    selection should be XI best player in 11 position
    if possible play 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1
    play messi Dybala duo

  44. I think Argentina’s trophy drought is going to continue for another 8 to 12 years.

    Look at the players we have, Messi, Di Maria and Aguero are doing well in europe now but they are too old to have much impact on the NT.
    Icardi and Dybala are young and talented but they have lost their starting spots in their club due to different reasons.

    Lo Celso, Tagliafico and Lanzini look good but playing in small clubs hinders their development.

    Parades and Foyth look promising but they just do not perform consistently well.

    And we have a whole bunch of players playing locally or in small leagues like Mexico and MLS.

    Lautaro does impress me so far, but i dont think he can do everything by himself.

    This is one of the worst Argentina team i have seen in the past two decades.

  45. For Argentina currently and in COPA 4-4-2 will always be a best bet.
    4-4-2 is relatively safer than all other formations and looking at the conditions currently we need to be better defensively than attack. 2014 SABELLA tactics are best examaple we went further and further due to our defensive formation not conceding goals.
    for me(personal opinion)
    Saravia/Mercado — Otamendi/Foyth ——— Pezzella ——- Tagliafico

    A Correa/Zaracho- Battaglia/Guido Rodriguez-Paredes/Marcone-Acuna/Dimaria/Pereyra/Lanzini



    Similar how Simeone plays with Atletico left fullback shoudn’t attack more and should stay with defence.
    1 destroyer is must Battaglia is awesome in tackling.
    left back and left midfielder should attack more than right one like in barcelona. Di Maria Lanzini Acuna can link with messi dybala as Jordi Alba does.
    For possesion based opponent teams Lautaro is better as he is more physical while for intense counter attacking matches Aguero.

    Please comment your thoughts.

  46. Who plays 3 defenders against a team like Venezuela?! 4-4-2 would have been the best. Lautaro and Messi were the only prominent players and now we will miss them for the next match. BENEDETTO IS A FUCKING TRASH!! REMOVE HIM!!!

    This is unforgivable! How can we lose against an unbalanced team like Venezuela? Were were our talented goalkeepers and defender callups? Where was the likes of Mammana, Benitez, and others?! Why were they not called up?! Armani is not world class, none of our youngsters are for a matter of fact. Those who were(Dybala, Icardi etc.) were not called up. At this rate we will have a shit team for Copa.

  47. Mr.Scaloni how pathetic ur defence. It is so crurel to line up this kind of inexperienced back 4. We need connfidnc.bcz messi need confidnc frm this team. We have players like saravia mori pezella type plyrs. Our cen backs r very weak…

  48. Argentina national team in 2019 promotes way too many mediocre players. Nowadays, all you have to do is have one or two ‘’good’’ games playing in a mid-table team in Europe or some local Primera team to earn yourself a call up to one of football most decorated national teams. Everyone gets selected, it’s like a free for all (hey look over here, it’s me Meza, remember my 5 minutes’ fame against Spain? Yes, this should warrant me a world cup spot over a player like Diego Perotti who was having a great UCL season with Roma that same year). Selection to the Argentina national team nowadays warrants only three things it seems; being young and average, playing in the local Primera or some mid-table/relegated threaten club team somewhere in Europe.

    Some young players are hype here for doing absolutely nothing, majority of whom are a part of the worse Argentina youth generation in decades. Yet you have this guy who masquerade around as a false prophet (no pun intended) leading people to believe that the Primera is the greatest thing on earth.

    You often time here claims like, but ‘’we’’ have a lot of young talented players; well duh, this doesn’t mean you should be selected to represent one of football most prestigious national team.

    There are so many talented Basketball players in the USA NCAA Mens basketball tournament but not everyone gets to make the draft to the NBA, the most exceptional talent usually make the cut not the entire locker room. I’m sure every country on the current FIFA top 25 ranking list will state they have plenty of talented players too. Talent is one thing, but where are the exceptional midfield players and defenders among these ‘’talented’’ young Argentinean players being talk about in the main stream football media?

    Be honest with yourselves, are you guys please with the performance of these new players that got outclassed by Venezuela in Spain earlier? Moreover, Venezuela as a country is currently going through political anarchy and unrest yet this didn’t faze any of their players on the pitch. Losing to Venezuela by 3 goals is absolutely embarrassing, this goes to show that the gap between Argentina and the smaller footballing South American nations have closed significantly. Scaloni is an average coach who is training on the job while selecting mediocre players who have no business playing international football. ‘’Scaloni is doing great because he selected new young players.’’ Scaloni has no business coaching a big national team like Argentina or any other national team for that matter.

    In the past the Argentina U20 World Cup Successful youth teams would get promoted to the national team because of what they had achieved in these tournament, this was the main guidelines up until 2009 where the youth teams started regressing. Maradona came on the scene by winning a Youth World Cup Championship. Since 2009 – 2017 Argentina haven’t made an U20 final/semifinal yet people act surprise when they see the current state of their national team. You need a solid structure in place to succeed, and this start at the youth level, if Argentina youth football program on the national level is not revive the future will look even bleaker than the display everyone in the world witnessed against Venezuela.

    Argentina would get trashed by any of the organized European teams right now. Holland struggled on the national stage for a couple cycles but they’re back now with plenty of young players getting exposure in the UCL. For Example; Look at the current young Ajax team, how will Argentina compete with Holland in 5-6 years if their youth teams don’t improve? Not to mention England, who for me has the best young players right now. Germany will always be Germany, they’re rebuilding now, but what Germany have going for them that Argentina doesn’t is having teams like Bayern Munich, Dortmund etc. playing in the UCL every season giving exposure and experience to their young talent in a big football competition. Bayern Munich declining in the last couple of season reflect back on the German national team, once Bayern Munich is back competing in the UCL the German team will eventually get back on track. Are we to believe River and Boca will lead Argentina revival back on the international stage? Not a chance!

    As for Argentina, the lack of new players in the UCL will affect the senior national team, this also need to improve in order for Argentina to compete with the best teams across the globe. You can’t substitute UCL football for the MLS (no disrespect to the MLS) and expect to gain respect from your opponent on the pitch. Take Messi off the pitch vs Venezuela and Argentina individually is not that far ahead of the Venezuelan player’s man for man. Argentina is becoming more and more like Mexico thinking their local league is good enough to compete with the big European teams. The Primera is good/decent in its own right, but unless some serious financial investment is committed to the league then it’s hard to see the league producing a team that can win a major tournament.

    If the notion is that you have the best talented youth players in the world then this mean Argentina should have new generation players on teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Liverpool, Manchester City, Man United, Juventus etc. When you play for these big club teams the level in your game will improve given the quality in your team mates and coaching staff. Raheem Sterling was limping along until Pep Guardiola took his game to another level. Does anyone here think Sterling would’ve improve as a player while playing for Genoa or Levante? Moreover, let’s compare Sterling improvement to Dybala over the last 2 seasons or so, it’s not even close, Sterling is easily a better player than Dybala right now. Dybala might be more talented, but his game is static at the moment, other than distant shooting, Dybala overall game has not improved. Dybala is overrated, did people forget his games against Venzuela (2018 WCQ), Singapore, Iraq and Brazil recently? Dybala doesn’t have the speed and skill to change a game by himself on the national level.

    If the Argentina senior team is made up of mid table/lower tier European clubs, Primera and MLS players, no one will respect you on the pitch not even the Venezuela of this world because you’re most likely team mates with them at club level.

    Copa favorites are Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru. Argentina as a team and federation is broken, the only bright spot is the current U20 youth team. The AFA should invest everything in the U20 team and make sure they make a deep run at the world cup in Poland this year. Semifinal/final/champions will be a great result compare to the last several tournaments. Forget 2019 Copa America, this mess of a team will be fortunate to make it out the group stage.

    The last great Argentina football cycle is over; the current cycle has a long way to go. Argentina football greats like Angel Di Maria is consider as mediocre player on here. ‘’Meza, Pity Martinez and Nacho Fernandez are all better than Di Maria.’’ None of the new players being selected are as good and talented as the Messi generation or the generation before.

  49. In copa2019 ..Right wing = Messi,Dybala
    Left wing=Di maria,Langini
    number 9 = Aguero,Icardi,Lawtaro…. total 7 member
    So we dont need player like Pity,Correa, de paul,Vargas,Lamela,zaracho,Ocampos,pereyra etc. at least in copa 2019
    Six Midfielder Might be..Battaglia,Paredes,Locelso, banega,Ivan Marcone,Palacios..
    Seven Defender and Three Goal keeper.Squad complete

  50. I am taking this as positive…! Scaloni’s Argentina team conceded just a goal against Brazil. Now three in the same match..! That too against Venezuela..!! Still, I am taking it as positive.

    As we don’t have many top players to chose in RB/LB positions and we have many CB’s in the big league, its OK to test on 3 men back. I don’t think that’s a fault, but the player selection is. The actual fact is our important CBs are either injured or not fit (Otamendi, Pazella). You cannot except a clean sheet when you use very young and new players like Foyth and Lisandro together with average at best Mercado. They played together the first time. When you play 3 man back using defenders at wings automatically makes team unbalanced. On paper they are 3-4-3. But they will be playing as 5-2-3, results in no midfield. Scaloni should have thought about that. With correct players selection and practice, 3-4-3 can be done. We will be OK with Romero-Pazella-Otamendi, if we chose to play 3 men back. We have enough backup for them.

    A destroyer is a must. Why do we forget we have played with two or three destroyers recently. Paredes or LoCelso are not DM. We need Battaglia, Ascacibar or Caseres kind of players to destroy and recovers the ball. Palacios became an important player for NT mainly because we have rare players of that kind. Palacios and LoCelso should be playing with a destroyer in 3 men midfield. Paredes should be playing with a destroyer in 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2.

    4-3-3 or 4-4-2 is the best lineup we suit. As we have many talented strikers I think using 3 men attacking is the best but none of our strikers are ready to defend or they are not able to do that. The second and third striker should be helping defense. Else 4-4-2.

    Finally. Armani should go. We have to immediately find a GK. Musso, Andrada or Rulli. Else go back to Romero. He’s not playing regularly but still, he has done better for NT.

  51. Players need to change their attitude towards messi I understand for most of them he might be their idol but that shouldnt affect their game and only 1 Gk of above 30 yrs old is enough For NT and hopefully Scaloni realizes this and concentrate more on defence and midfield DMs

  52. Now is not a good time for argentine football as Argentina NT lost to Vevenzuela NT by 3-1 and Argentina U17 lost by 3-0 against Uruguay but hopefully Argentina U17 team wins its next matches in tournament like Argentina U20 did in sudamericano U-20 after their loss in the first match and Scaloni should apply tactics of Sabella which he did in previous friendlies and atleast Scaloni tried to rectify his mistakes by changing to 4 man backline in 2nd half and NT missed some chances to score goals but atleast this loss happened in friendly not in a competition or qualifiers so there is time to improve but im disappointed the way scaloni chose to play possesion football which maybe due to suggestion of Menotti who likes possesion football(I respect Menotti for his hardwork and helping Argentina win WC) but past is past hopefully against Morroco NT,SCALONI deploys a destroyer or pure DM like Guido Rodriguez who was surprisingly not even on substitute bench and people criticizing mexican league players who were not even in the match against vevenzuela is prejudice and hopefully no more Mercado,ARMANI and hopefully using 4-4-2 formation with a pure dm with lo celso and paredes and dybala,lautaro as strikers Scaloni has very less time hopefully he surprsise everyone in a good way by hopefully wining copa or atleast reaching the semi final or final of copa america 2019

  53. Having a destroyer along with all three of locelso/paredes/messi is hard for me to visualize. one of those three would have to be dropped.
    i suppose you could put messi all the way up in a 9 half kind of thing and add someone like pereyra alongside locelso in front of parades and the destroyer.

    • Most likely to drop Lo Celso as I have always said even though Paredes was the worst last night. Lots of fans here lying to themselves and think Lo Celso is a box to box CM. He is definitely not. I am big fan of him but should be used as a 10, on this position we have already Messi.

      • @el mongol and @canadienroyal

        Can we eliminate the need for box to box by going with a true #5 and #8
        in a 4 2 3 1. using 2 wide attacking midfielders where one of them at least can play as inverted winger, and the third behind the loan striker.
        Please shed your views

        • Personally I think this assessment of locelso is a little harsh. Disregarding the first half which was utterly mismanaged and should be erased from albiceleste history, the second half had a completely different look and locelso was probably the hardest worker in that period.
          lets see what they played:
          with locelso sometimes interchanging and sometimes climbing upto messi’s shoulder from time to time and suarez extremely wide to allow messi and gio space to advance. so what happens in a setup like this if parades is not a true 5 and locelso not a b2b. On defensive breaks you will end up isolating both of them because messi will not drop into the defensive 4-4 and you leave blanco and suarez with a lot of ground to cover and catch up especially from wide. This is exactly what happened on the few occasions venezuela attacked in the second half. Parades and locelso both get overrun.
          In my view it would have been more balanced to just change it to the following with the help of a simple substitution
          This might have ended up resembling the flow of the brazil game a bit though, by getting compact, but of course i don’t know for certain. Some fans might claim that to be boring but I am personally ok with organized structures in internationals over more risky open ones. With this understanding we can then switch out parades for maybe guido for the structure you mentioned above and move up blanco/pereyra level (possibly zaracho instead of blanco) besides messi

          • “On defensive breaks you will end up isolating both of them because messi will not drop into the defensive 4-4 and you leave blanco and suarez with a lot of ground to cover and catch up especially from wide.”

            You are good man!

            Actually I seen analysis “in Arabic” on bein sports how the wide areas were exposed on the defensive breaks very close to yours

  54. It’s definitely a huge humiliation to loss against Venezuela. I am usually very positive, very patient with coaches and very relax with results of friendlies games but the way that they played was just insulting all the fans supporting this team. No dignity. Of course players are those on the pitch but the coach has big part of responsibilities.

    Now the question is should we stop loss with Scaloni and Co immediately or wait after the ultimate humiliation at copa?

    • Iis there any other good coach to replace Scaloni other than Gallardo who has done good work in river plate fc but hasnt proved himself in europe and the only reason Scaloni was taken because there was no good coach available at that time other than Martino who was before coach of NT and he never tried new players in friendlies during his time and called mascherano,biglia the 2 dms who were best in 2014 WC but not that good in 2016 so Scaloni was given job lets see if he can improve or not so lets see how NT performs against morroco next and in next friendlies or post copa if he is not SACKED call players who dont get injured often like angel di maria or players who are not that good for NT these days like armani , mercado and hopefully call walter benitez,cristian romero and jonathan silva if he is fine for next friendlies and give chance to dm who are currently with NT like guido rodriguez or ivan marcone ( maybe guido is better compared to ivan marcone
      in age(24),height(1.85m),pace)in morroco friendly and hopefully use 4-4-2 formation

      • “Iis there any other good coach to replace Scaloni”

        Here on mundo, we have many of them, World class coaches who have tremendous vision into the future 🙂

  55. I have always said Paredes need at least 1 more defensive and energetic box to box player next to him. Lo Celso is not that type of player. It’s so predictable. I saw some fans here want a 433 midfield Paredes-Lo Celso-Lanzini or 442 with Lo Celso and Paredes. I don’t blame them because they are just fans but I cannot imagine Scaloni will act like them. A coach should have a minimum of knowledge.

    Pity was isolated. Besides as I said before the match, no fwd to receive his crossing.

    Mercado is finished, he doesn’t even play for his club anymore. Armani may be good at local league but only started his international career at 31. That implies he may not be done for that.

    I have a feeling that Scaloni will repeat exactly what Sampaoli did, as I posted it in a previous thread. He will keep on changing tactics and formation, keep on trying new players above 30 yo. On the other hand, not quite sure about Menotti’s input. Smells like a big fiasco will happen during the copa.

  56. So this is what I saw in today’s game: paredes has been the heart and engine of the national team during scaloni’s tenure. He had a horrible game. Nowhere to be found and he’s the veron of our team. He is a great player and I’m a huge fan of his recent performances with the nt but he was one of the reasons for our loss. Next, Mercado has no need to play on the nt, not scaloni’s fault as he’s a world cup veteran who scored. Scaloni didn’t know Mercado would play horrible defense. Scaloni also didn’t know paredes would have a bad game. I was not happy with the players from the Mexican league at all. Maybe a few good defensive plays from the defender but the forward was horrible. He kept slipping when he had the ball. Only blame I have on scaloni is not bringing in dybala, pereyra, dipaul to help Messi during the 2nd half. Paredes is in control of our transition to offense and he was missing the whole game and that showed. Looked right back like the wc team without the quick ball moving mid fielder’s that lo celso and paredes were for us in the recent games. I can’t believe Messi effects the nt that much that we slow down ball movement just to try and find him every possession instead of looking for the open man

  57. I don’t know why this is news, it was reported days ago that Lio wasn’t gonna play morroco.

    I just managed to watch the match and oh boy………Scaloni’s days are numbered unless he (by some miracle) wins copa america. Thus far out of 8 games and this team only played well once (1st half against Colombia).
    The team’s structure was a mess in the first half and the highline defense was getting ripped to shreds but what’s more worrying is that even after switching to a back 4 and the defense continued to struggle, which brings me to my biggest problem…. the midfield! Paredes and Celso were supposed to anchor the team since they were playing at the heart of the 4 man midfield but sadly (and oddly) they were almost invisible and neither created much going forward nor did much to protect the back. A defensive midfielder in the vein of Nico Dominguez or Ascacibar or Caseres is needed to add more balance to the midfield.
    Scaloni would also do well to implement a touch of counterattacking to the side akin to that of Sabella especially since it was a counter that got the lone goal for Argentina and there were many occasions when Venezuela were bombing forwards and Argentina could’ve taken advantage of that but with Scaloni the team seems lathergic.
    Apart from Lio, Lautaro and Kanneman the whole team was awful and Pity in particular was shocking, so much so that I’m gonna chock it up to him having a seriously off-day.
    I hope to dear god that a few lessons have been learned from this game, namely:

    – No 3 man backline! There is a reason why only a few NT use 3 at the back!
    – The team needs to learn how to counter because Argentina has the players to do so!
    – A no.5 is required to anchor the midfield because Celso and Paredes are too exposed otherwise.

    • Paredes and lo celso will have to master the Argentina midfield for years to come , but they need a pure destroyer , they can’t do in both , they need triple , coz paredes ain’t a destroyer , so we probably gonna need ascacibar/battaglia.
      You see how Argentina midfield performed Vs Colombia Mexico and iraq any to some extent even Brazil when the to played . Two man midfield is not enough for Argentina , the get is that they need a destroyer
      So the current midfield would look like

      Lo celso. Battaglia/ascacibar. Paredes

  58. It’s experimenting that’s going to make us lose our great legacy and identity. Experimenting new players, new formations, playing a player in a new position for every match, using a new player for two matches then taking him out of the picture completely even if he is impressive in the matches, making the same mistake again and again and again without learning anything from that..on the back end corruption, no money, no longer vision.. not a surprise we are falling and countries like Venezuela, Iran, Qatar are rising. There is a great book by William Ruso “Composing Music”. The author firmly believes that the biggest obstacle in learning is not restrictions but endless options..if you got only one single DAW however poor it may be.. but if you stick to it at least you end up learning few basics of DAW common to all softwares irrespective of price.

    Three at the backline is not a problem. But using it occasionally is the problem. Bielsa did wonders with back three. We lost 2002 not because of back three. Somehow psychologically we lost especially after the England game. Still surprised and shocked we don’t go for Beccacece and opted Scaloni instead. Beccacece is a very good example of modern coach. Got good experience under good version of Sampaoli. If the story is true..he touched Messi during a conversation so he was dragged out of picture.. it’s really a shame. We need coaches like that. Scaloni never do that in his life. Unfortunately that shows his confidence level. We can be thankful for Scaloni in his intentions to help us. But he is just graduated. No real experience. Need time. As long as Messi don’t care about who the coach is and don’t take that seriously, we are cursed.

    This Copa is very very important to us. More than the world cup. We are making a disastrous choice in keeping Scaloni. To end with a positive note..our new kit is awesome. So beautiful..

    • This Copa is very very important to us. More than the world cup.
      This Copa is very very important to us. More than the world cup.
      This Copa is very very important to us. More than the world cup.
      This Copa is very very important to us. More than the world cup.
      This Copa is very very important to us. More than the world cup.

      Winning COPA in Brazil’s back yard will make up for all the disappointment we had for the past 25 years!

      I am amazed at how some are willing to sacrifice this by expecting and wishing and hoping

      • Copa? If we keep the same coach, same playing style and same players, we cannot even qualify for the 1st round. I know in modern football there is no small team but we are talking about Venezuela! This country is in real crisis, the federation has no money and their best players are mostly playing in MLS. Respect to them for having beaten us but shame to our team.

  59. Albiceleste famous jersey became white jersey? It didn’t look like Argentina we know, either the game nor the jersey.
    Saloni and Adidas needs to go.

  60. See, as well know, Messi is going to be reported injured after this game.

    Scolani is fielding too many defenders and only 2 forwards, he’s clearly trying to secure his job by playing it safe.

  61. First time after world cup Argentina defense looks shaky surprisingly messi played both matches with Armani as GK

  62. Yea… I’m calling BS on that injury of Messi…

    But after today’s game, who can blame him for not wanting to play with a bunch of amateurs? He leaves playing with Busquets, Suarez, Coutinho, Dembele, Rakitic, Jordi Alba, Arthur, Sergi Roberto, TER Stegen…
    To playing with Armani, Lo Celso, Paredes, Martínez, Foyth, Tagliafico, etc! 😆it’s even funny the distance between class of the two teams!

    I’m telling you, our standard for National Players has DROPPED!
    From Maradona, Riquelme, Batistuta, Kempes, Zanetti, Di Stefano, Crespo, etc
    To now playing kids like
    Acuña, Salvio, G. Martínez, Lisandro Martinez (to me the biggest disappointment today), Benedetto, Armani, Montiel, the list goes on for hundreds of names called up in the past two years!!

    Our quality has dropped, and it’s very sad to see! It breaks my heart! Really it does!

    I’ve said it about two million times now, but I’ll say it even a third:
    “If this golden generation of Messi, Higuaín, Aguero, Mascherano, Tevez, Zabaleta, Di Maria, Garay, Dimechieles, etc failed, what even makes you think these amateurs can even lace the boots of those guys?

    • Who were the less talented players in 2014? Lavezzi and Enzo Perez, even them could have made huge impact on this team.

      Let’s forget the top names, I am not even sure within that list, there is any player at the same level as player like Maxi Rodriguez.

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