Paulo DYBALA, Walter KANNEMAN, Roberto PEREYRA rumored to start for Argentina against Morocco


Paulo DYBALA and Roberto PEREYRA are some of the players who are rumored to get the start for Argentina against Morocco on Tuesday.

Per a report by TyC Sports, Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI will revert to a more traditional four man back line when they will take the pitch. The team started with five at the back in the 3-1 defeat against Venezuela.

Esteban ANDRADA, Paulo DYBALA, Walter KANNEMANN and Roberto PEREYRA are all rumored to be in the starting eleven. While German PEZZELLA faces a fitness test.


  1. Copa 2019 Squad For Me

    1. Gazzaniga
    2. Benitez
    3. Romero

    4. Pezzella
    5. Otamendi
    6. Kannemann
    7. Mammana
    8. Tagliafico
    9. Saravia
    10. Acuna

    11. Paredes
    12. Lo Celso
    13. Di Maria
    14. Ascacibar
    15. De Paul
    16. Pity Martinez/Pereya
    17. Lanzini
    18. Palacios

    19. Leo
    20. Dybala
    21. Lautaro
    22. Aguero
    22. Icardi

  2. Even though i believe team Scaloni will rectify their errors, But I just cant understand one thing, Why would he try a different formation which they clearly know takes time to work out, and in addition it has been flopped miserably before too in the WC 2018. Why would he change the Formation with only 2 Matches left before the Copa, Added to that he is still searching for his 11..

    Most of the Games he tried 4 in back. Anyway Lets see what he learned from his mistakes in the upcoming match. Hope for the best.

    And i have a gut feeling that Marchesin have almost locked his place in our 3 Goal Keeper slot, But who will be Number 1 and 2. There is no matches left. So i think Scaloni will have to go for the safer choice of Romero as Number 1 and Rulli as Number 2. Well what to say. Anyway 8 matches have gone past after the WC we still dont have a Goal Keeper who plays regularly week in week out as our Number 1. Sighss

      • Moving Forward, Andrada, Benitez, Gazzaniga can be a good trio for us. All 3 are reasonably good aged. They can be rotated in between. I would have added Rulli but for now looks like a lost course. Musso is younger so he has time to get into the side.

        In Gazzaniga and Andrada we have the best Ball distributing Argentine Goal keepers.

          • I m not sure of that, but he is gud with feet that I know. Penalties r like lottery. Rarely we find GKs who r specialists in Penalty saving. Armani is crap in Penalties, where as Caballero is an expert. We can’t measure a GK just on basis of Penalty saving only I think. It’s matter of luck too.

            I think Gazzaniga is more natural GK. But damn he is substitute so that’s his main disadvantage. Benitez I haven’t seen at all only heard gud things about him. Andrada right now is the best in Argentine league. If that’s gud then we have to start with him.

            How will he perform?? no idea…

  3. for me it is not just Scaloni wrong experimental selection and formation but the mentality of our coach after Sabella left; Bauza,Sampaoli another scaloni seems lost their common sense and instinct to select and brings out the Arg best players. Messi; Otamendi; Lo Celso; Kun Aquero; Banega or Ascacibar and Lanzini, Preyra with Tagficilao must be in the team and starting XI.

  4. Since some nutcases accused me
    I hate thier lover Lionel Messi
    Let me share some story with you
    Happened in my home country
    It has been destroyed by civil war
    After civil war you can’t imagine
    But as people we so passionate
    About football no our local clubs
    Our country but mainly Italia league
    Epl la liga UEFA champions league
    And all the major international tournament
    When comes to supporting national
    Teams people are different categories
    in the southern of the country
    Mainly support Italy Brazil Argentina
    Germany ‘ France
    And England the southern side
    Is the worst when the people watching
    Football matchs they come to cinemas
    With big screens all the kinda different
    Fans come and watch together
    Since the government re so weak
    People carry on guns like pistols
    Ak 47 and coming to cinema
    Watch football imagine Brazil fan
    Carrying ak 47 loading Brazil
    Against Argentina if Arg score
    You can’t celebrate our your gone
    Bring forward back to 2014
    World cup when Argentina reached
    Final .. Young boy I think he was 14
    Shouting tonight is Argentina night
    Tonight is messi night guess
    What happen they killed him
    Put polit on his head. 😢

  5. What would happen when we put in a good performance and win against a well organized, disciplined Morocco who also possess definite pace and craft upfront(and who are a far better team than Venezuela)? Will that change anything? I’m expecting a draw and a tight contest but I won’t be bothered by the result.

    It was ironic to see some listing Uruguay as a potential Copa favourite blatantly forgetting the fact that their friendly results have been dismal since the WC and that too mostly against Asian opponents. I don’t have anything with that, they may have used different players, experimented I don’t know but it’s not okay when you blast our NT for not performing or getting the results in friendly matches but they’re perfectly fine when other teams experiment and fail in friendlies yet they consider them favourites. I don’t know how Peru and Colombia are doing now, another dubbed favourites. With Quieros under charge, I only see Colombia getting better; they’ll not bend over like Pekerman Colombia to superior opponents.


    Its not messi who failed Argentina but its Argentina which failed messi
    Now don’t call me individual fan …I have been supporting this team even before messi’s emergence ,all I want to say is that we have failed to take benefit from the best player because of idiotic coaches , mismanagement ,ego , corruption and what not

    • I don’t scare morroco or any
      European team it’s better
      For us to play big nations
      So we can bring our a game
      Never give up on albicelestes
      Give couple years you will
      See Different Argentina
      Every nation goes down the hill
      Now and again like normal life
      Look Germany has been struggling
      long time before
      They won in 2014 same ìtaly
      France from 2008 to 2016
      Spain start come in a live last
      12 years before they were massive
      Under achieves England just come
      Together now even though
      thier media will always Overrite them
      the Holland re on the way back
      Afa already made thier project
      Scaloni will go Gallardo will coming
      We re in transition period we must
      Be patient with our team.

      • My friend, this is not transitioning, this is building from the scratch which takes about 2 WC cycles to start competing again.

        Transition means keep core players and build on that. WE had many ‘young players’ who are good left from the Sampaoli ERA. get the squad of ‘non Messi generation’ from Sampaoli era and compare it to what we have now. don’t you think that they are enough to build on?

      • Even if they replace the coach 3 months before copa it wont change anything. They had to hire a coach right after the world cup disaster but it’s hard when noone is available to take over a team which is in a chaotic situation. So your right we need to show patience and passion. Just wait and see what gonna happen after the copa.

  7. Last game before Copa, and we’re still in such a chaotic form. Looks like every other team would love to face Argentina. Their easiest opponent.

    If we lose against Morroco, I’d say round 16 at max for this year tournament. With only 1 game remaining before Copa, we has to beat Morroco cause a winning result will at least increase players mentallity & confidence.

    Time for experimenting has running out for now. Even if we dont win this year Copa (very unlikely), I’d love at least the team to progress beyond round 16 with some players giving a great showing cause a major tournament would be a valueable experience for them.

    If everyone hates Icardi due to his personal life drama, ok.. but that means we still need Aguero’s service. Dude is best striker this season , second only to Messi. There’s no reason not to pick him. When he’s fit, he could score against any team. Benedatto is just another Palacio. It also sucks that someone like Garay is out of the picture while he has been consistently good in national team. I’d give Rulli a chance against Morroco since Armani hasnt been any good and will never stop a penalty.

  8. Morocco is a strong team ,speedy and powerful. Far more better than Venezuela. without messi ,di maria and suitable tactics. I am afraid we gonna lost the match again.

  9. @El Mongol – Scaloni has been building a team with good players and right formation in the last few games…why would he mess up the formation unless he really wants to experiment…

    The only criticism was Meza’s presence in his previous games…now all of a sudden..Scaloni & team = Sampaoli 2.0 as claimed by rest of the bloggers?


    • “Scaloni has been building a team with good players and right formation in the last few games”
      “why would he mess up the formation unless he really wants to experiment”

      ..and why would he change the formation and change the good players dramatically if he had good players and right formation to begin with?
      he should build on the ‘good players’ and ‘right formation’ that we had !

      WE have enough young players to pick our 23, after Brazil’s match things were promising, now we are back to square one. even excluding all the seniors, we have the talent. but endless experimenting in such a drastic way will just make us lose focus, like we did.
      Winning against Morocco is not going to make us feel secure and inferior.
      I could care less if WE don’t have 4 major FIFA tournaments in 3 or 4 years (COPA19,COPA20,Confederation Cup and WC2022) because at this rate qualification to wc2022 is going to be tough, and winning WC2022 is far fetched. but living in the shadows for at least 3 years is not something to enjoy as an Argentina fan. Bypassing four major FIFA tournaments for the sake of ‘experimenting’ is inconceivable. Argentina looks like we are talent poor, which we are not.

      After all that said, I am still behind Scaloni as it is not a smart move to change the coach before COPA. at least, he been there and seen much about this project, new coach means starting from the scratch, again

      • The way I see it, Scaloni has his core group of players:


        Lo Celso
        Pity Martinez


        The next in line are Foyth, Acuna, Pereyra and De Paul. If that’s not the case, then he would’nt have picked them time and time again(barring Messi ofc). He’s just trying out the rest. If it wasn’t for his injury, Battaglia would’ve been there too.

        • And why do you think that we would’ve to play the strongest or core player lineup each game(friendly)? For instance, what is the need of playing the strongest lineup in these two meaningless friendly matches against Venezuela and Morocco in the space of four days risking players? It’s just sensible not to overuse them. This is the crucial time of the season, their clubs need them as well as we need them in the summer and thereafter.Do you want risk let’s say Pezzella, Otamendi just for these friendly matches?

          • how do we know if they can play as a team without playing them often?

            I understand we have injured players, and that is maybe the only reason i still back scaloni

  10. This 3 man back line can wrk but he needs a certain style of player especially vs SA teams who play SA style … u need a destroyer at 5 or mid CB if u play 3 … Paredes is talented but his show on NT has been garbage & his partnership with LoCelso won’t wrk … I like foyth but again u need a destroyer at mid CB or 5 and attacking surrounding … I like to see Lanzini, Lamela, Pereya, Correa more Pity .. the elder youngin mid 20s guys who are peaking with Messi, Kun & Otamendi only vets I’d take to Copa bc Fideo is same story with him… u cant count on him

  11. Let Scaloni & Team experiment as much as they want. They will know the strength and weakness of the team only by experimenting…

    GK is the biggest weak point..please experiment more…

    The one thing that the players need is a fighting spirit..thats is all good..

    Folks asking for Scaloni’s head needs to be patient…

      • Most here, say 3 at the back won’t work for Argentina at any costs. They’re certain, that it would fail citing previous results and performances. But I don’t understand how it affects the current scenario. I mean, different coaches, different players, different era. Why won’t it work? I agree we don’t have the wingbacks to utilize the best of 3 man backine system in an attacking sense, but it’s just only one game under Scaloni(maybe 2 if the Mexico game counts). Failure in one game doesn’t mean 3 at the back won’t work( I’m not a fan of 3 at the back, but it’s good to have team playing in different formations not just having a one dimensional approach). And we should also consider the fact that the personnel he used in this 3 man backline are not even his first choice defenders, albeit two of them may become the future first choices.

  12. I don’t know about you lot but I liked Kannenman. Solid addition in left side as CB. Last game Scaloni fucked it up by playing 3 men defense. But still team played some nice passing football and was looking for space,clearly in attack it was lack of understanding and way too rockie for Venezuela’s defence. Need more experience and calmness in midfield aswell. No!!! I’m not calling Masche or Biglia back. Time will make these youngsters better although Banega in the squad for sub would not kill us. I am 100% sure with Otamendi-Pezzella and Saravia-Tafliafico our defense will be more solid. Even I liked Montiel too. Liked his confidence with the ball. Hope he stays. In defense Saravia,Otamendi,Pezzella,Kannenman,Tagliafico already in Copa squad. These are no nonsense defenders for me. Nothing against him but I don’t like Mercado. He has no confidence in him. I said before and I think I justified my point about him with his performance against last game. He better leave. Ofcourse I was upset and frustrated but saw the game again and hopefully 3 men crap goes away and Scaloni do what he is appointed for. BUILD A TEAM FOR FUTURE WITH MIXTURE OF OLDIE

  13. What’s the love affair everyone has with Paredes? He seems slow to me, not a particularly great defender and an above average attacking skills. I’m just asking what am I missing about this guy?

    • Exactly i dont find anything special in him , he is defensively vulnerable doesnt help in attack tho . I think Otamendi is as good passer as him and can defend too so why not otamendi can be our no 5 with pezella and kannemann as CB.

    • He’s very talented, great vision/passing, very apt at creating space for others, excellent with dead ball situations and has a good long shot on him. With that being said I can’t deny that he is yet to impress with the Argentina shirt, but it should but understood that he’s not a 5 and shouldn’t be treated as such, he needs a hardworking 5 next to him, which is why he performed so much better against Brazil (still wasn’t all that impressive though) than he did against Venezuela because he had Battaglia next to him.

      • @mamoun
        That is why I respect people
        Like you having good knowledge
        About football.
        That is deep analysis mate
        But the problem here
        People charging for our players
        For one or two games no
        Patient what so ever
        I do believe Leo paredes is class
        Give him time you people will
        Fell in love with him.

      • “He needs a hardworking 5 next to him”
        True, but some here said few times that having a destroyer is ‘old school’ and Argentina has to move away from ‘old school’ football.
        He can prosper by having a destroyer next to him, I liked when he teamed up with Ascacibar in particular, he is good in long passes, the closest we have to Ever Banega. But he should be part of the team as we don’t have many option in that department for now.

        Some might say he is better than Banega – because Banega is considered ‘ old guard failure’- , but he is not, yet
        Banega’s long passes and tempo control is better, and defensively he is better,too

        • Ebo
          I love ever Banega to me is top top
          Midfielder on his day easly can be
          World class but I curse of ex
          Argentina managers why the never
          Try mascherano and Banega
          More oven together ..
          if I would take some
          Old guard players has to be him And kun aguero and obviously Messi

        • You’re absolutely right regarding Paredes being like Banega because they are very like for like and both came through the ranks of Boca.
          Banega was (still is) hella talented, what let him down was his indiscipline off field but he seems to have found some stability and maturity in his early 30s and I’m not against having him in the team, heck if Paredes doesn’t shape up soon he should be benched in favor of Banega or a more b-2-b type player like Palacios who had a great game against colombia and deserves another shot when he recovers.

    • @san isidro u right mate…..pAredes is energyless…..if I m scaloni I won’t play paredes as a no.5….
      It’s ok if he doesn’t hv great defensive skills but the problem is his attitude he just doesn’t want to move or want to take ball……I had a huge hope from paredes but after watching some psg matches and now with argentina I m fully sure that this is not the right guy unless he improves his attitude and show some eagerness to get more involve in the game.
      P.S.- I m not doubting his talent

    • No one will do better than him in 4-2-3-1 for current Argentina NT. He needs a destroyer with him. He’s more suited to 4-2-3-1, a half DM, half CM position. He can do wonder there.
      If Scaloni sticks to 4-3-3, chances of Paredes will be slim. It will be Palacios-Battaglia-Lo Celso. And sub for Palacios or Lo Celso? He’s not that kind of a player..!

    • With pace u can not only trouble or outrun the defenders but can also stretch the pitch so that our playmakers like messi dybala lo celso etc will have more space to do thier magic

      • we need players with top speed…

        as we are including young players then we surely can expect lot of speed….

        but previous game has speed …only Messi & Messi
        little spark from Kanneman Locelso Suarez and Foyth

        Lautaro is also in maturing process

  14. Here is my starting XI for copa::: I bet this happen they will not frustrate us:::
    Saravia. Kenneman. Otamendi Tagliafigo
    Di Maria. Paredes. Lo Celso
    Messi Aguero Lautaro
    Bench: Dybala, Lanzini, pazzella, Gazzaniga/Musso, perayra, A Correa/Icardi

        • watching most of the past friendlies, there is a void, a big VOID in the middle of the pitch where the great Mascherano once filled, do you agree?
          Now waiting for the ‘sarcastic comments’ accusing me of calling for Mascherano and biglia to be back with the team 🙂
          We are still light years behind finding a TRUE #5 like him who bossed the midfield. I bet on 2 players to fill that gap -somehow-, Ascacibar and Caseras.

  15. ———————-Musso ——————-
    Saravia Kanneman Foyth Acuna
    ———-Zaracho ——-Paredes———

  16. My line up against morocco
    Andra/musso – Saravia Pazella Kanemaan Acuna – lanzini NO(5) De Paul – Dybala Lautaro Correra

  17. Icardi is the Best no9 in the World, next season his next destination will be the Real Madrid as well as future Ballon dor winner

  18. Dear Mundomites,

    Now that some time has elapsed and we got to see more players and playstyle, i thought it would be a good time to redo the Copa 19 Albiceleste Squad survey. I’ll post the results with comparison to the 1st round as soon as we get enough votes. Last time, 100 or so voted.

    With the help of godin11, gonzalo, cox4, ebo, and Mrinal1235, this list of players was created. LINK TO SURVEY:

  19. @chintu paul
    Please stop accusing me that
    I hate messi let me make myself clear
    I support Argentina regardless who
    Plays I don’t hate no player
    In Argentina NT in fact i love
    Them. However I’m here to express
    My opinion if you have legitimate
    Arguement let’s discuss bro
    I’m not here to insult or be little
    Anybody or support certain individuals
    If you love Messi or any other player
    That is cool by me .

  20. Looking forward to see walter kannemann if this guy can replicate his performance of the last match then may be our defensive problem is solved ……because we have very good right footed defenders like pezella otamendi even foyth or romero but we dont hv many options on the left centre back postion….
    After the last match display i won’t play paredes as a DM ever…..
    Lo celso should be doing more too…he wasnt able to run with the ball in the last match thnx to real betis as he is playing more and more upward in the field for real betis…
    Montiel is a good right back….he is someone who will definitely will improve…
    Same can be said for lisandro martinez he will improve…..
    No more pity martinez plz….he cant play as a winger if he can not stretch pitch widely then whats the point of playing him…he was always looking to come in the centre …..i think pavon di maria or even angel correa can play good as a winger.

    • Kannemann has been an excellent player for many years – so glad they called him up. Tough, no nonsense, nerves of steel defender.

  21. Still trying to digest fridays bad performance. sorry for a long rant to follow.
    To me it’s not about young or old players. Or europe and primera players. Or frankly not even win or loss to an extent. I mean I was far more satisfied with the 0-1 brazil result than the 1-3 venezuela one. let me explain:

    Any project you build you want to see continuous progress. A big indicator of that progress is to see if you can find the same organizations and strategy on the pitch from game to game. In this post I had made a comment going into the pressing and transition game built around a particular midfield style which allowed direct football.
    (copy link in browser)

    Even in the brazil loss i could appreciate it because i saw the continuous building blocks were there which meant progress was being made. But now you come back after 6 months and draw up a completely new strategy built around possession and slow build up? all the concepts you worked on for 6 months now thrown out of the window. Why? Is this a desire for some new form of menottismo? satisfy some idea of ‘beautiful
    football’ which is meaningless in the modern international game without a base built for years?

    the strategy should have been simple. add lionel messi to the structure already built and let the magic flow – a simple addition of la pulga behind the #9. play these compact shapes built on for 6 games for about 60-70 minutes, see if you can get a lead, or even a draw, then bring out your exotic schemes to see if they fit. Everything slowly, with a plan. instead you come out like the harlem globetrotters and get flat embarrassed within 5 minutes!

    This is further compounded by simple tactical and player selection issues.
    Anyone who knows the slightest bit about defense lines and three man back lines knows that the central player in the 3 man is the one who has to be the pillar and the guy with the best technical defending skills. With pezella and otamendi injured, you only needed 30 seconds of the second half to confirm Kanneman was the superior center back amongst the defenders. What were you doing as a manager in three or four days of training if you cannot see this or know this beforehand? I’ll tell you why, it indicates a desire to add ‘ball players’ everywhere. a desire for dynamism without regard to anything else.

    next take a look at this image
    (copy the link into a browser).
    ignore messi and locelso positioning. that is interchangeable when messi drops. But Tagliafico? what is it that made you think as a manager tagliafico can be tucked in like that? 2 games before a tournament this is the extreme experiment you want to conduct? i mean i understand and agree with minor adjustments. For example testing the connections between locelso/messi and messi/ el toro etc which were quite successful. But really, Tagliafico in the middle? This is just throwing guys like mercado, lisandro, montiel, Nico into the fire in situations they don’t belong for no reason.

    scaloni don’t fall victim to chaos. build on what you’ve built. not pay attention to facebook and twitter fans who are only satisfied with 5-0 results and 70% possession and a hattrick.

    • Ah the real breakdown finally emerges :). Thanks dude.

      Totally agreed that the manner in which you lose during friendlies is more important than the actual result.

      i’ve never really liked Scanoli, i just don get it. Right hand man under Sampa….did he learn nothing from the madness of the WC18 experimental Sampa Train and what it does to players. Its astounding. Several matches before the copa 19 and we have no identity, no rhythm, and no core of players,

      (copy the link into a browser).
      ignore messi and locelso positioning. that is interchangeable when messi drops. But Tagliafico? what is it that made you think as a manager tagliafico can be tucked in like that? 2 games before a tournament this is the extreme experiment you want to conduct?

      The image is very telling and frustrating btw. nice job.

    • Very well analysed, Bro

      great points to be taken from your post:

      Kanneman exclusion in first half ??
      Tagliafico as a midfielder??

      Any project you build you want to see continuous progress (not regress)

      build on what you’ve built(not keep calling multiple new players every gathering, work with what you have already and build on it)

      Part of the problem is not giving enough playing time for players already called but call more and more players, eventually cohesion turns into a mirage!

      If Scaloni stops the new additions and auditions we will be fine.

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