Angel CORREA goal wins it as Argentina get 1-0 victory against Morocco


Angel CORREA came on as a substitute and scored for Argentina in their 1-0 win against Morocco.

After a nearly disastrous 3-1 loss against Venezuela, Lionel SCALONI’s team got a scrappy 1-0 in less than stellar conditions. The first half could have been thrown into a UFC event as there were 26 fouls and three yellow cards.

The second half was less violent and did manage to bring a goal. Angel CORREA received the ball at the edge of the penalty area and scored to give Argentina their first win in 2019 and a boost in confidence.


  1. Geez!! What an UGLY match!

    The team won, the boys showed real grit and the defense was excellent but beyond that one cannot take anything worthwhile from this match because, again, it was all sorts of ugly.
    You know we arabs are hot tempered, it’s in our makeup but that still doesn’t excuse such ridicules, needless fouls, for god’s sake it was a FRIENDLY!!!
    Then there were the damn lazers in the players’ eyes, infact at the 2nd half when morocco got a free kick in Argentina’s half there were so many green lazers in poor Musso’s face I’m still surprised he wasn’t blinded by the end!
    Last but not least there was the “lovely” weather, it was so damn windy that when Celso was trying to take the corner kick he needed the corner ref to hold the waving flag for him!!!

    Again, win + grit + good defense = +ve match for me but one shouldn’t even try to draw conclusions from such a “messi” match.

  2. Zaracho may have taken a place forcefully after his 15 minutes show. So midfield might be like this Paredes,Lo Celso,Pereyra,Guido/Ascaibar/Batta/,Palacio,Zaracho,Lanzini. He probably will take only one destroyer. Which is fine I think. Zaracho is really versatile. He can play any position in midfield. Just needs to improve his physical game a little bit maybe

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