Argentina line-up against Morocco, Paulo DYBALA, Lautaro MARTINEZ start


Paulo DYBAA and Lautaro MARTINEZ will be the focal point of Argentina’s attack when they play Morocco.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has already confirmed the starting line-up. Esteban ANDRADA starts in goal and it’s a four man back line.



  1. Didn’t watch the match but from highlight looks a real shit.

    Lol everyone losing their shit before correa scores after that “oh, you guys expect too much from this team. We are a team in transition blah blahblah blah.” One lucky goal and everything is great. Pathetic

  2. Watching Arg matches is like a torture. No matter how much time is given, how many players are tested performance won’t improve bcz Scaloni is Bauza 2.0. He’ll surely get sacked after copa or during wc qualifiers. New coach will have little time to prepare, to test 100s of players & the result will be 1st or 2nd round exit from wc…same story..

  3. Morocco need to be reminded it is just a friendly and experimental game and Arg players should realized this is a football match not just adventure trip.

    Winning always boost the spirit although overall albiceleste still under performing. Scaloni experimental selections is over now. No more trial and error !

  4. Scaloni tried 7 GK Rulli, Armami, Romero, Maschrin, Gazza, Andrada, Musso where Rulli, Romero and Armani played 2games and rest of all one games each, my pick for 3GK as performance although scaloni evaluate before selecting 3GK, my pick as per order based on performance on Argentina shirt
    Rulli (2 clean sheet)
    Romero (1 clean sheet)
    Musso or Armani

  5. As usual too many are in a delusional state. They expect tiki taka football,controlling possession, creating loads of chances in the most trickiest and worst conditions to play a football match. In addition to that Morocco treated this game as a WCfinal or some sort or mistook Argentina for their archrival. The fans added fuel to that from the minute Argentina’s National Anthem was played showing no respect. Maybe they’re pissed coz Messi didn’t play or is there any political feud between the two? We should be grateful that all of our players left the pitch in one piece. They showed great spirit, typical Argentine spirit, they fought back, didn’t cave in. In footballing terms, there’s nothing to talk about as there was none. But Guido Rodriguez deserves special mention.

  6. I am happy with the performance. In these wicked wind It’s impossible to play 3-4 passes together. Once that happened and correa scored. Dybala Lautero tried a few but couldn’t connect properly, i believe, due to condition. They fought hard. It’s also difficult to play beautiful football when your opponent constantly foul u. I think Argentina played with grit and determination and that is what we need. Moreover, they do not play everyday together, so there will be some lack of understanding among them.

    Scaloni was spot on today with his formation. He used subs well. I liked that. I am liking Lautero. He is a old fashioned angry striker. I am loving his attitude. Guido Rodriguez played a hell of a match. Because of him Morocco could not play passing footbal in midfield. Kanneman, Pezzella were solid along with Acuna.

    Don’t get too frustrated or excited. We are getting together with a young team. When the Messi, Di maria aguero will be back then we will be more strong.

  7. Foyth and lisandro Martinez were clueless in last game it shows how much important leader in defense like kanemaan and pazella, why saravia not played a single minute I can’t understand it seems montial is going to copa

      • Imagine if you’ve watched the Liverpool-Burnley game a few weeks ago. That was extreme, never seen anything like it nor expect to see in the future. All-in-one Weather pack! Sunny, Snowy, Rainy and Windy all at the same time!

  8. Weather is bad but still playmaking is missing…I hope Messi, Lanzini, Aguero will change this team. Defensively an OK performance, could have done better. Again midfield was missing. Locelso and Palacios are must in the midfield.

    • Lanzini haven’t played a single minute, i don’t think he will make into the copa, Palacio will get nod ahead of him

  9. This games is one of the ugliest game I’ve ever been forced to watch. The conditions were terrible and there is nothing to talk about. It was and rugby match.

  10. I’m sorry but what the heck guys… a few moments ago most of you were like, we are going to lose big against this strong Morocco…
    Now we won and you guys find other reasons to blame the team the coach and everything.

    I’m just happy to see Argentina win

  11. Apart from the result, there is nothing positive to take from this game. Morocco even had more possession than Argentina, Argentina couldn’t even keep the ball, stop start stop start, a rubbish performance. No wonder all these teams are not afraid to play against Argentina. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the future of Argentina

    • looks like a correa is going to snatch a spot in copa 23 team & maybe at expense of Dybala. correa has always impressed as a sub even in Atletico. Dybala in NT is a mystery.. maybe will give him the doubt of bad weather & pitch this time

      • Dybala will be selected as messi back up, correra stole Dimaria spot most probably as pavon is out of sceme as of now

  12. Still a lot of things to improve. Dybala didn’t convince me. Guido is good find for anchor. Pezzella is looks like born leader as he was always. No disrespect to the legend but Pezzella should keep the armband. In defense 3 in in copa squad but Montiel looked confused. In midfield Lo Celso must as he has unique talents to connect defense and offense. Lautaro didn’t convince as for starter.

    • I think acuna was always very buzzy & kept the left flank busy. he should atleast be there in 23. pizzella clearly is the leader. what was sampoli smoking when he dropped him from Russia

  13. Regarding Kenneman and Matias Suarez’s performance:

    They are not better than Pezzela or Icardi. They just played more naturally under a shit coach Scaloni, since they appreciate this opportunity.

    Since Scaloni is a shit coach with no leadship, so he can only coach very mediocre players. He can’t coach a team with some star players nor train some potential youngsters. That’s the key!

    • Yeah, Yeah, when the local players play bad it’s just their fault but when the Europeans play bad (like today) it’s Scaloni’s fault. But when locals like Kannemann or Suarez play good it’s just thanks to Scaloni.

      Shut up double standards idiot

      • The fact is Kannemann and Suarez were best (except Messi and Lautaro in first game) in both games. Even Pity was better than the European players today.

  14. What I said few comments ago that Matias Suarez impact is far better than lautaro…celso played better…and am impressed with Matias Suarez…I hope scaloni will give him a couple of chance

  15. No dribbling ,no running on wings ,no creativity ,no taking ball forward ,no passing accuracy ,no creating space , overcrowding one place ,no build
    up ,no press resistance uff its so frustrating

  16. In friendlies against mexico scaloni gave full 90 minutes to mascherin and 45 each to rulli and gazzaniga ….now again armani 90 andrada and musso 45 each
    I don’t understand this man why didn’t he give full 90 minutes to rulli ,gazza ,andrada and musso instead of armani and mascherin (these two are already tested )

  17. I just want to tell one word, FRUSTRATED!
    I m really very much frustrated by seeing Argentina matches now a days. Always stay hopeful, positive, but end of the day no result, a big zero! Don’t know when I’ll see again the actual Argentina, I just watched the old Argentina games on youtube & missed those days. Yes, they also didn’t give us trophy, but they played beautiful lovely football. This Argentina just doing nothing, nigther playing nice football nor give us victory, trophy! What is the solution actually??
    If I could, I would just shut down myself from watching Argentina game and stop reading all news regarding Argentine football. But, Love is a very dangerous thing. All Argentine fans all over the world r realizing it years after years!
    It is just so irritating!! I m fed up!

  18. People complaining about Argentina , better you open your eyes , this is Morocco homes ground, they play Betty here cause they are adjusted to the weather, and any visiting team gonna suffer here , I mean look at the wind , the ball is not even crossing halfway line. But I found something really interesting in Argentina tonight, I won’t say now , but after the match.

  19. This has got to be the worst performance I have seen from Argentina. They can’t even keep the ball, from the first performance I can’t see them doing anything at copa America or even reaching the next world cup.

  20. The pitch looks very bad. The ball is not moving properly and a nasty wind. Very difficult to play a string of passes. It will be harsh to blame the players alone. Good if none of our players are injured!

  21. Renzo saravia should be in the second half in place of montiel. Montiel need experience , too much vulnerable , wrong decision making and positioning , am not hating him, but really needs experience .
    F.bustos much better and mature than montiel

  22. I don’t know what I’m missing???You guys really complain about the way we play?
    For me, it’s full of possitives:
    * Fighting spirit – I became a n Argentina fan not because they won something (Infact I never saw Argentina win something), but their fighting spirit, passion, warrior like brave attitude……I’m seeing that again…may be Moroccans are playing rough…Look at Lautaro eyes man…It’s striking
    * A leader is born – I don’t know whether I’m watching the same match as you people see… I see a leader in the back who is not shy to get argue with referee, jump to the opposition player, being ready to become nasty but still nearly avoid that yellow card…
    * Kanneman – Man, that guy is surely an Atletico mould centre back…attitude…who ever giant you are, just don’t mess with me attitude…
    * Montiel is not get outrunned…Acuna is solid…
    * Dybala and Perreyra along with Lautaro really played some connecting football…
    * Even you want to neglect all these things, it’s OK. What about Morocco playing in their shitty home climate???They’re all familiar to this…They’ve been there before…Why they’re not using their climate as their advantage???
    * We may still get lost…but I’m happy about this…consider the fact that we still miss Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Battaglia, Lo Celso, Palacios, Saravia, Otamendi, Tagliafico and Romero (Most probable starting XI)
    * Like the Zen says: even if it rain gold, human will still complain…So be patient…(Please atleast be possitive till we loss…then you can start rants as always ..)
    * Please don’t see my comment if you don’t like it reading…Thanks…Regards…

  23. In worst conditions worst weather worst ground conditions worst pitch but morrocco played way ahead from us against this all odd worst.. and we find excuse…just unfortunate

    • That is for both teams but morocco is playing way better than us . We are not able to complete a single pass.
      So show your stupid excuse as always the truth is scaloni has no idea of football , he is a brainless guy.
      Players are not creating spaces they just overcrowding a single area and giving the ball to morocco players.

      • No they didnt, both teams were crappy…..54 to 46% possession is not that much of difference. Both teams affected by wind.
        You already made up your mind before match. You are just an argentina hater. Next time just watch barcelona matches

  24. The players are showing their teeth. The mentality is right. They fight like warriors. It’s not a friendly anymore. In the second half they are going to war unless the referee shows some balls and gives a red card to calm down these morons. Good thing messi isn’t there.

  25. I previously said that we need experienced coach who build the team perfectly…if u building a team them pochettino is the best option… No defensive or attacking or possessioning football build our team this the way which style will follow…a coach experimenting because he didn’t find any stable formation chemistry understanding and that’s why he is continuously changing his tactics game planning…

  26. Good God
    We are doomed. Why again we didn’t appointed a proper coach? Is Neymar soul inside of Martinez body!!? Fine, Moroccan is dirty but he is diving way too much. Dybala!!! He is fucking too raw for NT. Instead of simple pass he trying to do fancy. Players can’t string 5 passes. Fuck I am angry at Tapia. Fucking Moron. Couldn’t he get anyone else?

    • guido seemed the only decent player for us today. Dybala was totally wasteful .. but not sure if its the wind. parades somewhere is missing in both matches

  27. One of the worst stadiums , worst pitch , worst weather conditions, a pure disgrace of a football venue, I mean , who the fuck plays in there , Argentina is suffering heavily , I mean half of their passes are blown away by the wind, and Morocco with really bad intentions , I don’t know whether their are playing football or WWE.

  28. Parcedes is not the answer at the #5 but not battaglia either…. ascicabar needs a chance … banega, lamela, lanzini …. a person whom can control midfield with possession is needed…

  29. WWE from Morocco
    response from paredes & lautaro
    its good that messi is not playing…

    let’s hope no players will be injured..bad mentality of Moroccan team

    bad weather too
    but Scaloni still can’t find the best 11

  30. what’s going
    l just lost my hope to this team…
    what the.fuck
    all of them play.good in club
    but why they gave us this kind of football

    • The WC 2006 and Copa 2007 team were light years ahead of this team. We have lost so much prestige and are free falling down the fifa ranking.

  31. We are parking a bus against Morocco. Really????
    We can’t keep possession against Morocco. Really??????
    Fuck you Scaloni!!!! You stupid asshole.

  32. Hi, is everyone! I m a staunch fan of Argentina from Pakistan. Following Albiceleste since 1998. Though our performance was dismal against Venezuela. But we should be cognizant of fact that we r in the process of transition. Losing hurts when we see our legacy but we must support Albiceleste in this critical time. We should be hopeful and we will be back on winning streak. Vamos Argentina for today’s fixture against Morocco

  33. my best xi for copa america…

    Pardes—Battaglia—Los Celso
    Aguero. ——–Dybala

  34. Just saw the rumour 80% copa list. If this is true than it will be criminal to leave Aguero if he is fit and this form. Also criminal to thinking include Mercado aswell. He doesn’t convince me as RB and No freaking way as CB. Saravia & Montiel should be if Montiel plays a good game today

  35. hi guys this is Tapos Mishra from Bangladesh… a die hard fan of Argentina football team…hope fully we today’s game

    • Vamos Argentina
      I don’t care about win or lose in a friendly but we must play as a team ,there should be fighting spirit and most importantly I want to see whether we will get correct formation for copa today

  36. He should stick to 4-4-2 like this and replace personnel.

    Pereyra—-Guido—Los Celso—Dimaria

    • C’mon be positive man
      We are going to win this game really looking forward for Dybala and Lautaro
      Too bad no Lo Celso he’s my favorite

  37. I like the line up. Just the fullbacks. Should be Saravia and Lisandro Martinez. Good to see De Paul.

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