Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI talks team, Copa America following win


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI spoke to the press following his team’s 1-0 win.

The coach stated that he has 70% of the Copa America list completed and gave his impressions on the victory. Here’s what he had to say:

“From a play point of view, logically, I can’t say much. But in terms of the attitude and the desire, they were incredible. Comparing this match with the one from the other day, we are happy not just because of the result but because we were superior in our play, that is important.”

When asked if the formation we saw today would be the one used at the Copa America:

“Yes, what do I know? You guys are so focused on the formation. We don’t believe that it’s the most important thing.”

SCALONI also spoke about ZARACHO who was a substitute:

“ZARACHO played 15 minutes and they were 15 incredible minutes. He connected with the attack and you wouldn’t be able to tell it was his debut. It’s the best thing that could happen to a coach.

“I believe I have 70% of the list completed, today for example I could put ZARACHO.”


  1. If you look at all the results from South American team in this week friendlies, none of them actually looks good . Brazil is slightly ahead of the rest but by small margin.

    Winning this Copa isnt impossible thing, not because we’re in good shape but because the other teams hasnt been good either.

  2. Zaracho looked really good. Not that spectacular as Scaloni said but really good. He, Suarez, Correa and Kannemann were the only positive players.

  3. He was happy with the attitude and the desire of the players in yesterday game? I wonder what game he was watching? Maybe the Brazil v Czech Republic? They had the attitude and desire, I didn’t see nothing from Argentina yesterday

  4. Our center back for copa pazzella, otamendi and kanermaan confirmed, for the 4th spot I would prefer Christian Romero rather than fotyh…. What yours choice – please comment…

  5. Under Martino Mexico played brilliantly…. Though I am not Martino fan but I think Martino rectify himself as coach who he created mistakes when he was an Argentine coach…

  6. Picking and throwing players is not beneficial for a team like Arg. We need an experienced team in copa19 not an experimenting.winning is our ultmt aim .
    Congrats to Correa.he is our future no doubt in that. He and couple of youngsters need more games to prove thr worth….

  7. Any major tournament should be treated as important thing. Saying a manager should build a team for tournament that still many years ahead is ridiculous. Even if you top the qualifying group, there’s zero guarentee you’d go pass QF in WC itself. There are many teams competiting and too many factors that will determine the winner.

  8. I think the 70% scaloni of scaloni list for Copa will be like
    GK: Romero, Rulli, ???
    I put romero and rulli in confirmed GK list because both are the part of scaloni call up since taking over the coaching job after sampaoli and played 2 matches each of them and performed good. Our 3rd GK will be one of the from recent call up Armani, Andarda, Musso after evaluation
    DF: Montiel, Otamendi, Pazella, Kanemaan, Tagliafico, Acuna, ???, ???
    Out of 8 defenders 5 are certain according to me, two position most probably between marcado vs Sarvia and Foyth vs Other CB
    MF: LO Celso, Parades, Pareyra, (NO-5), ???, ???
    Out of 6 midfielder 3 are certain as well a pure no5. In no5 fight between Ascaliber vs Batigala vs Guido after evaluating their pervious NT performances and club form. The others two position is the thing scaloni in the dilemma to decide. Dimaria, Lanzini, ZARACHO, Palacios, Lamela, De Paul, Benega all of them fighting for the two spots. I think scaloni prefer Palacios ahead of others and remaining spot Dimaria vs ZARACHO(impressed scaloni), lamela/lanzini probably miss copa ticket.
    FW: Messi, Icardi, Lautaro, Corera, Aguero/suarez, Dybala/suarez
    Lautaro and messi are 100% in copa, icardi too unless something really bad happen and his condition not improved but most likely icardi deal with Inter problem solved within next 2 or 3 weeks also leave the club this summer for Real Madrid or Man utd. Corerra seems uncertain for copa before the match against morocco but seals his spot after match winning Goal. Out of 6 attackers messi, lautaro, icardi and corerra are certain. Now for remaining two spots fight between aguero vs suarez vs Dybala. Suarez is huge positive in march friendlies which can’t be ignored. Aguero having his best season and best Argentine striker at moment but considering 2022 it’s upto scaloni to include him or test unproven player in the tournament. Dybala is totally useless when NT matter, many one hates 2007-08 generation players for inconsistency but dybala never performed in NT shirt but can be considered for copa as messi back up still last part of the season is going to crucial for him.
    NOTE: I am giving the list of squad based on Scaloni call up not based on my choice otherwise i put aguero ahead of anyone

  9. Why can’t somebody ask Scaloni, ok what does success look like? Losing, winning, playing with cohesion, testing players?
    Why is it ok that the team looked better against Morocco and didn’t show up against Venezuela?
    Is amateur manager what this team needs or someone with clear ideas?

  10. I think that was a good comeback from Scaloni after a very poor showing in the first half against Venezuela. Hopefully he has realized that we don’t have the players for 3 in the back even though he didn’t admit it. Dirty game from the Moroccans and high winds kind of took the fun away a little.

    Also, whenever Pezella plays we look defensively solid. He is without doubt our best defender. Only imbecile like fraud Sampaoli can pick a part time bench warmer Rojo over him.

    • I think Correa has some kind of toughness in him. If I remember correctly, he played well when we played in La Paz the last time which we eventually lost. Argentina in the past has not been great in tough weather conditions. Even conceding goal in injury time against Brazil in the last meeting has more to do with fatigue due to hot weather.

  11. I told you A Correa is a must, he deserve more time to prove himself in the NT, many prefer farmers over him.
    We need both (Angel and Joaquin) Correa

    • Otamendi, Pazella, Kanemaan is must then toss up between Foyth and romero where foyth has edge because already in the squad before

  12. the main reason racing club and defensa players got very less minutes or no minutes at all was because scaloni himself said in an interview that they wont be playing much because of argentine league title race between defensa and racing club and most likely saravia place might be fixed for copa and scaloni is most likely trying to find saravias’ substitute and about morrocos games i understand it was not a beautiful football match like tikki takka or possesion based football but in the end argentina won the match when here some people were predicting an humiliating defeat of argentina by morroco desspite bad weather and dangerous fouls on them by morroco players so lets hope that scaloni has an idea on his starting 11 players and formation and scaloni most likely wont be replaced before copa because there is no other good coach available currently and afa is kind of short of money so lets see how scaloni perform in next 2 friendlies and copa america 2019 and scaloni playing style and tactics sometimes seems similar(not vevenzuela match) to sabella who took argentina to wc2014 final so lets hope scaloni surprises everyone in a good way at copa 2019 and guido rodriguez performance was awsome against morroco he has young age (24) and height(1.85m)and ggod pace if he performs like this in next argentina matches then most likely he will be at some good europe club soon guido and ascaibar would most likely be DMs’ at copa 2019

  13. I have watched horrible performances with players that aren’t deserving of la seleccion… I watch every argentinan player in Europe as much as I can… and this is our best team in my opinion for the Copa:4-3-3 a double #8 in midfield (attacking) with the possession philosophy
    Saravia Otamendi kanneman tagliafico
    Lamela/banega lanzini
    Messi aguero dimaria

  14. Did Scaloni break the record of Sampaoli to use maximum number of players??? You do not need to create formation and chemistry in the team but will test only players one by one!!!

  15. Do you guys hear what some commentators/sports analysts are saying?
    That it was an undeserved win for Argentina.

    And to be fair… they have a point!

    We looked like a Concacaf team today, not a two time world champion team!

    Look at the teams we have beaten under Scaloni:
    – Iraq
    – Guatemala
    – Mexico (Before Tata Martino)
    – Morocco

    Now look at our record against our competition for the Copa America:
    – Colombia 0-0
    – Brazil 1-0
    – Venezuela 3-1

    So against the teams that actually matter, we can’t win!
    And seeing this performance today, makes me fear for the worst this summer.
    I hope that after Scaloni’s departure, we hire a foreign coach! One who can whip this team into shape!

          • Germany topped the qualifying group, Portugal won most recent Euro.

            Portugal out in round 16 and Germany was a laughing stock against Mexico and S Korea, they got dominated could have lost 0-4 to Mexico.

            Argentina was the only team that almost beat France even though we played badly.

            Brazil cant even beat Switzerland and Belgium and they’re one of top 3 favorite.

            Qualifying and Friendlies tend to be deceptive.

            People tend to put Spain as one of WC favorite but if you check for some fact , they basically only passed round 16 once since 1994. ONCE, that was when they won in 2010 . Before and after they always got knocked out in round 16 or first round exit. In last 2 World cup, Spain only won 2 games.

          • @rattlhead so how many points you get for almost beating someone?

            Sweden, Korea and mexico are way better teams than Nigeria and Iceland.

    • Lol he’s experementing. That was the point of this match. We’re not preparing for this Copa America. You gotta be patient. Future coaches will use the information scaloni got for the players that were tried out

    • you are correct, I saw the match which was like street football. now the coach and technical staffs should learned something from the Morocco players I.e, how to pass, how to defend.
      there is no skills between the players.
      messi should not spoil his name when joining under scaloni. this team may win cup like copa Argentina, copa sudamericana, copa libetraders. won’t win WC or copa america.
      Brazil have two team now ready A and B. Argentina is still in progress…. so this team won’t win.
      the coach who has the good and knowledgeable technical team is needed now.

    • hopefully post copa 2019 jonathan silva of leganes fc is used as left back he has young age (24) good height(1.81m) good pace he could be a good substitute of tagliafico and plays in la liga and might be at some big europe club soon

  16. I was a Scaloni supporter. But now I am convinced he is a dope.
    Take the case of Saravia. He played 3 or 4 wonderful games and then we forget about him. So you find a guy to do the job and then you move on to someone else. This is a sign of no clear idea. Formation isn’t that important? Really man? If that’s the case just let me pick the team. If formation and tactics are not important than what do I need you for?
    I think we thought Sampa was bad but this guy opening his mouth just shows how inexperienced he is. God help us.

    • I think scaloni giving chance montiel ahead of sarvia because he is young and bigger potential than saravia. Scaloni is bulding team for 2022

      • Oh, important club match ahead? I mean the league is a joke beyond a joke. The teams of that league get spanked by teams from AFC. Playing for your national team what can be more important than that.

    • Exactly. These idiots won’t even get a foreign coach to solve the problems. Coz no foreign coach would want to beart of the circus corruption unless he comes a from a country like Venezuela.

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