Gonzalo HIGUAIN announces retirement from Argentina team


The Argentina forward has announced his retirement from the national team.

Speaking with Fox Sports, the Chelsea man has stated that he will not continue with the team. Here’s what he had to say:

“I think that it is over, thinking things through in depth, my time is up. I want to enjoy my family, and my time. To the joy of many, and maybe not so much for others, my time is up.

“You can now stop worrying about whether I am there or not.”

In regards to the finals lost, here’s what he had to say:

“We have been called failures for making three straight finals and not winning them, one of those a World Cup.

“For me failing is something else, but now let them take care of the new players, a lot of people enjoy criticising more than supporting.”

HIGUAIN took part in three FIFA World Cup’s for Argentina and three Copa America tournaments. He scored 31 goals in 75 matches.


  1. Pipita was a good player for Argentina. I respect him and thank him for his services. But he could have been a hero and won the world cup and Copa. He messed it up completely. He had played a lot for the NT and his time is up now

  2. Apart from the miss in world cup final ,higuain is very usefull indeed and scored many goals for Argentina .He is the one who keeping similar form both in national team and club .Dybala is on the contrary !

  3. Good luck to ganzalo higuain
    I will never forget the goal against
    Belgium it was first time I saw arg
    Reached semi finals for world cup
    In my life time .

  4. Since 2014 I’ve always held on to the theory that Gonzalo needed 1 more crack at a big game to seek redemption.
    Sadly he won’t get that chance and there will be no redemption. Just pure heartache for us and what ifs when we remember Pipita.
    On a positive note – apart from the goal against Belgium in the 1/4s, his goal against Chile in a world cup qualifier for 2014 (I believe we were at Chile), where he went wide right to retrieve the ball to then cut back in and nutmeg the defender, beat him with power and unleash an acute angle shot to the far post. That was beast mode.
    I hope he can play out his twighlight years in success and peace. He’s mentally suffered the torture and abuse.
    Just think about it folks……we have to endure the misses constantly. And only have what ifs to live with. Imagine what it must feel like in Higuain’s mind that before going to bed he must always remember that world cup chance. It’s almost suicidal.
    Anyway, thanks Gonzalo Higuain for the 35 goals. We can now move on.

    • His Copa 2015 miss was worst than World cup 2014. Again in 2016, he missed one on one vs Bravo. Top striker cant have too many off days vs top teams.

        • I did not see that since then but I remember It was a very tough angle, and Pipita was far from getting the ball, Lavezzi should have shot at goal instead of passing. This poor kid was just unlucky, and he is blamed completely for not winning, a goal up might have given us better chance to win but not necessarily certainly win the matches as there was ample time for the opponents to score, how people think that if he bagged those 2 chances in 2014 and 2016 that we would have certainly won those matches and Germany or chile would not have equalized?

  5. I agree that Di Maria has to be there. I know that many will disagree with me but i always liked him. Aguero should be one of our strikers along with Messi, Icardi and Lautaro. A player that i like very much and i would like seeing him back again in Pavon. He has tremendous pace and good technique. Ocampos is another player i would like seeing in the team as well, but at the end of the day i agree that transition should be done step by step trying to keep a core and not making big changes starting from scratch everytime!

    Man, i know that i have to be patient but i can’t believe that how a legendary team like Argentina has ended up with an interim coach (i have nothing against Scaloni though) and a copa inside the yellow team’s backyard is treated without any expectations! It makes me mad!

    • Same goes with me. Nothing against Scaloni but wish we had someone else in his place in copa. I do support him despite my rage against him in last match lol. In the left side in position of Di-Maria no body yet convince me. When I see our XI I feel like opposition doesn’t fear of the left side. Only Pity came little bit close. One player I would love to see in the left side is Joaquin Correa but don’t think it will be possible any more. For me it was stupid not to try him. Sampaoli used him as a striker. Fucking muppet. For me he is one of the clever player and dangerous too. For me Pitty & De Paul has to improve their overall game. Feel like their ability is only limited. Hope they prove me wrong. Even we use Di-Maria & Aguero for 15 minutes will be a huge impact on opposition than anyone in the squad right now with due all the respect. Also I am not bashing anyone favourite player so please don’t get me wrong. We need the change but clearly from those friendlies I felt that team needs a mixture in attack. Needs more experience with this midfield. It will be criminal and also will tell alot about Scaloni ability about a coach if he leaves in form and fit Di-Maria & Aguero from the squad. I know he was poor and got injured too often but at this moment those youngsters needs Di-Maria and also Aguero

  6. I’m glad the nightmare is over for him and all Argentina fans. This guy could have been a hero, but instead too much pressure led to many failures. He could have won a copa and a World Cup for us. Instead he is the biggest goat of all time

  7. Have you guys seen what Crespo had to say about TRANSITION of National team? I am absolutely agreed with him. He couldn’t be more correct. It has to be light transition instead of changing everything in the same time . All the love & hate for Di-Maria and also despite his injuries IF he is fully fit & in form then he should be in copa with the young one. Aguero SHOULD be there too. For Banega I don’t think we will miss him. Midfield is getting shape just need some more practice together and clear instruction from coaching staff,good tactics to back ours young midfield .Messi,Otamendi,Aguero & Di-Maria SHOULD be in the copa squad if they are fit and in form. Doesn’t matter failure or success in copa it wouldn’t affect the transition.

    • Only cool heads think that way, smooth transition Instead of ripping the foundation apart. without prejudice or weak mentalities.

    • “Messi,Otamendi,Aguero & Di-Maria SHOULD be in the copa squad if they are fit and in form. Doesn’t matter failure or success in copa it wouldn’t affect the transition.”

      EXACTLY !

      and definitely it will give us an edge over having a complete new players, we have seen how they are in the last 8 matches, since some don’t really worry about winning COPA, why not have these guys for the transitioning period?

      I just hope they don’t come and say after COPA that we could have won if those players did not participate.

      Most of us will be here in about 2 or 3 years, let us remember all those names that been thrown around, and where did they end.

    • Well, Aguero, Messi and Di Maria were having pretty good WC in 2018, all helped the team to scored 3 goals against France and it wasnt their fault that the team conceided goals in every matches. Those 3 arent the team problem to begin with. The problem were slow midfield and disorganized defence, we got countered so easily and midfield was too static and didnt cover enough space (Biglia has always been a passanger). Di Maria also helped to setup 2 goals for Messi against Ecuador when we needed to win to qualify.

      • > Those 3 aren’t the team problem to begin with. The problem were slow midfield and disorganized defence, we got countered so easily and midfield was too static and didnt cover enough space

        Beyond me how people cant see this and still blame Messi, Aguero, Di Maria. The problem is blatantly obvious.

    • Bro you called it what it is
      ‘injury scenario’

      I am still behind my prediction I posted months ago, comes COPA19 in June, there will be about 5-7 seniors in the NT. and mostly as starters. Some won’t like it- without logical, or commonly understandable reason -, but this is what mostly is going to happen

  8. I feel bad for him, what an undeserved way of retiring for him! We was a world class player for the clubs he played and for our belovef team as well but unfortunately his misses in the finals made him famous for rong reasons!
    Nevertheless, as a die hard Albiceleste fan, thank you Gonzalo with all of my heart for your services to my beloved team, you will always be remembered in a good way and may God light your way! Thank you Pipita!

    On another note, what kind of dirty politics are those from Barcelona regarding Messi’s injury? Are they planning to prevent him playing for copa now??

  9. Thank you Pipita. Once I used to believe that you give anything on the right side of Pipita it’s a goal until that final(bad luck should I say!). But still kudos for your stats and for memories.
    On the other note Scaloni contacted Biglia,Higuain and I bet called Mascherano too than what’s wrong with Aguero 🤔

  10. He was my favorite once. But his nervous and misses made me sad. There is a reason why he was picked ahead of Aguero by our coaches. But his mind was not strong enough to hold the pressure of the big games.
    I salute him for his work in NT and I hate him for his misses( mainly because misses destroyed our dream to win a cup).

  11. Mientras el eterno rival aguarda por el fallo del TAS para que le quiten la Copa Libertadores a River,
    un periodista le consultó a Marcelo Gallardo qué sensaciones tiene al respecto.
    ¿Su respuesta?
    Una hermosa chicana para poner en un cuadro.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. What a talent he is…
    though people always remember his failure, not his magical goals for his country
    he deserves a chance in next Copa america, before his retirement…

  13. No body likes to lose. Although this golden generation has taken us to three finals. We as Argentina fans should appreciate. Let’s hope for the best for this young generation in times to come and higuain

  14. Will always remember him like all the players: the good and the bad games. But he WAS there. I thank him for the memories and wish him all the best in the future.

  15. I will remember for his off the ball run, his loyalty to Argentina and his brilliant goal against Belgium by which we broke the jynx of QF and first time reached semi in WC since 90. I still think if he was there against France things would have been different… Stay blessed Gonzalo.

  16. I think he had a underrated career …..people will always remember his misses in the final but not the effort he put for the NT and the level he played with the NT…

    • Top Striker for a years. 20+ goals seasons is damn good and he broke the all time Serie A record.

      Just those darn misses will haunt him..unfortunately its tarnished his legacy.

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