Paulo DYBALA talks about Argentina victory: “The team won and gave it their all”


Paulo DYBALA spoke about his team’s 1-0 victory while also discussing the weather.

Anyone who watched the match will have seen the it wasn’t the best of weathers as the wind played a big factor. Speaking after the win, here’s what DYBALA had to say:

“The weather didn’t help anything because the wind would constantly change. First, we would have it against us and after that in our favor. In the second half, it was always against us and it made it easier for them because they started coming in with long balls. It wasn’t easy to play, the pitch was very dry as well.

“One doesn’t like to make excuses but they are things that play against you. You have to remember that the team won and gave it their all.”


  1. I am silent fan Arg since 1998. Let Scaloni build their team first and we can see what happen he can do for copa 19. My opinion Arg must recall Benega, Aguero, Romero, Rojo for NT.

  2. Uruguay and Brazil are clear favourites for copa, i will put uruguay ahead because of neymar. Argentina is underdog in the tournament, no need more old guards when chances of winning is rare better go with young one for the benefit of long term project. I think what i little bit understand scaloni philosophy expect messi and otamendi no old guard are 100% for copa. Romero and Aguero have 50=50 chance, Where benega won’t make it and Palacios or ZARACHO maybe selected ahead of dimaria. Scaloni interview totally indicates long term plan to build a new team with fresh blood. I should be noted by everyone here one mundo who are making fantasy team, scaloni called up 53 player post the disaster WC out of 5 didn’t play a single minute. It is 99% certain 23 squad for copa 2019 will be the from 48 players who played under scaloni expect aguero can make it with 50-50 chance. 48 players who preformed well for Argentina under scaloni will be selected for copa after evaluation and no player outside 48 is going to be selected therefore stop writing bulsit about farmer benitez

  3. Since we all know that we’re rebuilding, so I don’t mind we play without the best squad in this upcoming Copa.

    BUT, the coach should be consistent and deterministic!!!

    If he wants to build chemistry and formation, be consistent with your selection!!!

    If he wants to rebuild a new generation, be deterministic and don’t select players older than 30 or playing in MLS/Mexico!!!

    HOWEVER, Scaloni is a shity coach who has no clue what he is doing. I’m so saaaaaaaad that we’ll waste this Copa, AGAIN.

  4. Alright Mundoers – thanks to everyone who participated. There were 30 more votes today so i repost if anything changes.

    Here are the final results of 172 votes. We more than doubled this time around thanks to Ebo.

    Notable differences from the 1st round.
    1) Although Scaloni still remains #1, his support decreased by ~20% (Gallardo gained)
    2) Rise and Fall of Icardi – Sorry Romance but Martinez dethroned Icardi who was neck to neck with Aguero.
    3) Di Maria’s support significantly increased. He failed to make the 23 1st time and now is the 12th most popular player.
    4) Similar to Di Maria, Banega didn’t make Squad 23 1st time around but now he sneaked by Battaglia for the last midfield spot.
    5) Armani didn’t even make the 23 and lost his 2nd spot to Benitez.
    6) Kanneman also gained a lot of support.

    Notable Similarities:
    1) Same Starting 11
    2) Messi still god – 1 fool did not vote for him.
    3) Aguero, Lanzini, Dybala, Lo Celso, Paredes, Tagliafico, Otamendi, Pezzella are fan favorites with 130+ votes each

    Starting 11


    Messi – Dybala

    Lo Celso – Paredes – Palacios

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella – Saravia


    23 Squad

    FWD: Messi, Aguero, Dybala, L. Martinez, Lanzini, Di Maria, A. Correa
    MID: Banega, Palacios, Pereyra, Ascacibar, Lo Celso, Paredes
    DEF: Tagliafico, Pezzella, Otamendi, Saravia, Acuna, Montiel, Kanneman
    KP: Romero, Benitez, Gazzaniga

    Manager Totals As a %
    Scaloni 67 40%
    Gallardo 57 34%
    Pekerman 21 12%
    Sabella 18 11%
    Gareca 6 4%
    Schelotto 0 0%

    Keeper Totals As a %
    KP – Romero 128 25%
    KP – Benitez 96 19%
    KP – Gazzaniga 71 14%
    KP – Andrada 62 12%
    KP – Rulli 61 12%
    KP – Musso 43 8%
    KP – Armani 40 8%
    KP – Marchesin 7 1%
    KP – Guzman 3 1%
    KP – Caballero 2 0%

    Keeper Totals As a %
    KP – Romero 128 25%
    KP – Benitez 96 19%
    KP – Gazzaniga 71 14%
    KP – Andrada 62 12%
    KP – Rulli 61 12%
    KP – Musso 43 8%
    KP – Armani 40 8%
    KP – Marchesin 7 1%
    KP – Guzman 3 1%
    KP – Caballero 2 0%

    Defense Totals As a %
    LB – Tagliafico 167 14%
    CB – Pezzella 160 13%
    CB – Otamendi 160 13%
    RB – Saravia 151 13%
    CB – Kanneman 139 12%
    LB – Acuna 97 8%
    RB – Montiel 64 5%
    RB – Mercado 59 5%
    CB – Foyth 55 5%
    CB – Mammana 25 2%
    RB – Ansaldi 22 2%
    CB – L. Martinez 20 2%
    CB – Romero 18 1%
    RB – Bustos 15 1%
    CB – Rojo 14 1%
    CB – Funes Mori 13 1%
    LB – Angileri 8 1%
    CB – Barboza 7 1%
    CB – Fazio 7 1%
    RB – Godoy 3 0%

    Midfield Totals As a %
    MF – Lo Celso 168 16%
    MF – Paredes 160 16%
    MF – Palacios 114 11%
    MF – Pereyra 100 10%
    MF – Ascacibar 96 9%
    MF – Banega 89 9%
    MF – Battaglia 87 8%
    MF – Guido 53 5%
    MF – De Paul 49 5%
    MF – Zaracho 41 4%
    MF – Marcone 11 1%
    MF – Caseres 10 1%
    MF – Dominguez 8 1%
    MF – Meza 8 1%
    MF – Pizarro 7 1%
    MF – Vasquez 7 1%
    MF – Kranevitter 5 0%
    MF – E. Perez 5 0%
    MF – Vargas 5 0%
    MF – Blanco 4 0%
    MF – Almendra 3 0%
    MF – Gimenez 2 0%
    MF – MacAllister 0 0%

    Forward Totals As a %
    FW – Messi 171 20%
    FW – Dybala 149 17%
    FW – Di Maria 129 15%
    FW – Lanzini 128 15%
    FW – A. Correa 88 10%
    FW – P. Martinez 55 6%
    FW – Lamela 43 5%
    FW – De Paul 35 4%
    FW – J. Correa 26 3%
    FW – Suarez 17 2%
    FW – Pavon 15 2%
    FW – Cervi 3 0%
    FW – Salvio 1 0%
    FW – Centurion 0 0%

    Choices Totals As a %
    ST – Aguero 156 45%
    ST – L. Martinez 133 39%
    ST – Icardi 49 14%
    ST – Simeone 3 1%
    ST – Benedetto 2 1%
    ST – Alario 1 0%

    • Thanks for the poll……
      But i wonder why Battalgia couldnt make in starting 11….he is the perfect destroyer of our team………..battalgia with peredes and lo celso are must

        • stop making fantasy team, i bet with you 100% Benitez will not be selected in copa neither Gazzz, Armani 90% chance to be in the copa squad else Andarda.
          Romero and Rulli will be selected. I am telling this according to scaloni plane, Icardi is always key in scaloni plan even he wasn’t scored goal for NT and last match with NT icardi score goal, scaloni always used icard in big matches when messi wasn’t there, lautaro against small teams not sure about Aguero but Icardi is going to copa in long term plan aguero won’t be useful, For me Aguero making into copa squad is 50=50 even i want aguero in the squad.

    • …………………..Romero…………………


      Lo celso………….messi………………di maria…………



    • Popular vote doesn’t make first x1. Without a proper DM it’s useless. Battaglia, Ascacibar and Guido. Two of them will make into Copa and one will be sure starter.
      Also Dybala-Messi won’t start in Copa. It will be Messi(Dybala)-Aguero(Lautaro)-Lanzini(Correa). Scaloni will prefer 4-3-3, I guess.
      Dimaria will be playing in 4-2-3-1.It will be second option. Paredes will also get starting spot in this lineup.

  5. @san Isidro

    Well said man. Most here are delusional as hell, absolutely in ignorance of reality.

    They speak of average players like they are the next Ronaldo & Dybala as if he is the next coming of jesus. The guy can’t even get minutes in Juventus now after Bernadeschi & Costa have stepped up big team. They would say he scored 6 goals in CL but no he has scored 5 goals, Also they won’t say he he has scored against.

    Dybala 18-19 CL:

    4 Goals vs BSC Young Boys
    1 Goal vs Man utd

    And i wasn’t surprised. This guy everytime flops hard in big games or vs tough oppositions, Barca game being an exception where enrqiue had a brain fart and fielded 3 defenders with Mathieu.
    Watch the match vs Atletico where he played 1st leg and when he didn’t play 2nd leg. The worst part is he is the most talent & best of this generation Argentina.

  6. Lisandro Martinez should be playing LB position for two reasons,
    1: He’s more suitable to LB position than CB.
    2: We have a shortage of players in LB position (Currently Tagliafica and Acuna only).


      • claudio bravo of banfield is a decent LB he might be a good option too but jonathan silva plays in la liga and his performance had been appreciated and fabrizio angileri of river plate might be better option than claudio bravo of banfield in LB

        • Agree. ATM my hierarchy is Tagliafico, Lisandro Martinez, Angileri, Silva, Bravo. Still we should concentrate about first two names now. No need to bring new names before Copa


    • I do really think Lisandor Martinez should be in the team as Tagliafico sub. He is versatile and can play also CB, DM (I suppose) at emergency.

      Bravo maybe in future. No need to think about him before COpa

    • Yes, his best position should be LCB but he can only be LFB with Argentina because we don’t have players for 343. To me the main reason is his height. Already we don’t have enough tall players. If the CB are short, we will get smashed on the corners. I always believe that in a 4 men defense, one of the fullbacks should be capable of playing as center back. Some successful examples in the past: Thuram, Heinze, Abidal, Gallas, Ramos, Höwedes, Lucas Hernandez, Pavard, .. Etc. Don’t know if Licha will be the one, but we need definitely a fullback like that.

  7. from yesterday game i keep some things.


    1. Scaloni choose the system.not only that he choose the correct one.the classic for Argentina 4-3-3.

    2. He is building one strong defense. the level of our defense play increased very much which is something very very very important. in modern football without strong defense you don t have chance to win anything in international lever. not world cup and not Copa america.

    3. he start build a team with the pattern was used from big coaches from past.
    first you build your team from defense and you move forward after.


    1. the team have not chemistry at all.

    2. our offensive play is in tragically low level if you think that we have 2 months before Copa.

    3. the most of the players that was used yesterday will not be counted as starters in Copa.

    for me personally my biggest worry for Copa is as i had post in past that we don t have the time to use same players for more than 2 games for they find chemistry. so practically Scaloni will go to play with one team without chemistry against some teams that have players that played together for long time and they have chemistry each other.
    this is big problem for us.



    • We don’t have the players for a 4-4-2
      We don’t even have 3 top midfielders.
      Who is our Cambiasso?
      Who is our Riquelme or Aimar?
      Who is our Mascherano?

      On forwards, it worked with Saviola and Crespo. Saviola was a moving forward. Crespo was active also. Who is our Saviola? It is not Kun or Icardi or Lautaro. All those guys like Crespo.
      We have players for a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1
      You can line up
      Saravia Pezella Otamendi Tagliafico
      Lo Celso Battaglia
      Lanzini Messi Lamela

      Remember Scaloni on 2006 team. All he knows is 4-4-2 but he does not have the players. He just doesn’t have experience for anything else

      • my friend i understand your point and i agree with you.

        because of that i am thinking what is the best we can do in the present with those conditions you write up.

        so with that in mind i am thinking that the only way to cover the missing of quality of level we had 2006 for example is by use the players we have this days in way to be like 1990.

        i mean by that Scaloni to find one specific role to each player and to do only that.
        every player to have specific role to do and all of them together in time find chemistry which will arrive us to be one team working as machine.
        one united and difficault to beat B class team-machine as we was 1990.

        even that way this team lost world cup final because referee and FIFA.

        the older age fans can remember that was exist Diego and together with him role players like Sensini, Olarticoechea , Giusti , Cannigia , Burruchaga , Serrizuela and Troglio.

        the quality was not extremely high but the team cover what we missing by the way i wrote you up my friend.

        • I think quality is going to be dead for rest of my life. I saw Mundial at Monumental in 78 against Holland. I was 10 years old.
          The last creative midfielder we had was Aimar and Riquelme
          The last right or left back we had that was world class was Zanetti or Sorin
          The last good goalkeeper we had was Goycochea
          The forwards or strikers…Batistuta, Crespo, Aguero, Tevez, Messi, DiMaria, Icardi, with Lautaro being the newest.
          My point is our clubs only produce what sells. Forwards bring in the most money, so we produce forwards.
          Los otros posiciones son basura. Solo tenemos delanteros. Porque los defensores y mediocampistas los clubes no se pueden vender para mas plata. Así desde los juveniles tratan a enseñar a todos como jugar solo en algunos posiciones, y faltamos los restos.

          • “My point is our clubs only produce what sells. Forwards bring in the most money, so we produce forwards.
            Los otros posiciones son basura. Solo tenemos delanteros. Porque los defensores y mediocampistas los clubes no se pueden vender para mas plata. Así desde los juveniles tratan a enseñar a todos como jugar solo en algunos posiciones, y faltamos los restos.”

            Always thought about this, but you put it in simple words.
            for AFA and football in general, it’s about money. quality is gradually diminishing.
            in the 70’s and 80′ even in the 90’s there were many star players, now only handful.
            Maradona was sold for 17 million. now you are talking about 200 or 300 million. money ruined the sport

          • I get your frustration Isidro but I have to respectfully disagree on several points.
            It’s true that Argentina hasn’t produced a player like Riquelme or Aimar but modern football rarely uses a player like Riquilme (creative but lazy) while Aimar wasn’t used properly by any of the managers sadly.
            Pupi and Sorin were world class that’s true but so was Zabaleta (starter for a top club) and he was excellent for Argentina.
            While Rojo never was world class, he played at a world class level for Argentina when it mattered (WC14).
            Romero is no Goycochea but he certainly played like one when it mattered.
            In conclusion a player doesn’t have to be world class to play at a world class level and I think Argentina has alot of players that can play at a world class level if directed by a proper manager.

            In regards to not having good midfielders, well again I have to disagree. Celso is one of the best midfielders in spain (according to MARCA and not just me), Paredes -disappointing as he is thus far – is still a considerable talent otherwise Chelsea and PSG wouldn’t have been fighting for him.
            Ascacibar can potentially be a world class no.5 but needs to move to a better club.
            DePaul and Correa play as left and right midfielders and are performing really well.
            Lanzini can be world class if he gets his fitness issues sorted and the same goes for Lamela for that matter.
            Lastly lets not forget about the next gen with the likes of Palacios, Almendra and MacAllister.
            At the end of the day talent in it’s self means squat if the AFA doesn’t sort its s**t out and find a coach who is worth his salt.

          • Mamoun
            I agree with some of your points my friend, but keep in mind…availability is the best ability. So for guys like Lanzini, Lamela, DiMaria…forget it.
            Ascacibar, DePaul, Correa, MacAllister, Palacios, Almendra have achieved NOTHING. Maybe someday they will be good. But does anyone of these guys remind you of Mascherano in his prime or Redondo…Not even close. Most of the players you mentioned wouldn’t even get regular minutes in La Primera in the 70’s and 80’s when guys like Mastrangelo, Alonso, Luque, etc were playing.
            Just because Chelsea and other big clubs want Paredes doesn’t mean he is great. They bought him cheap relatively in todays market, and he serves a specific purpose for a very long season. This does not mean he is any good. It just means he is an above average player with potential that will get occasional playing time.
            Yes, the AFA is run like a convenience store with the thieves taking turns at the cash register, but after the Pekerman generation the players we have produced have mostly been very average or below average with bigger reputation than name. We used to sell stars, now we sell potential.

            Remember this question, in what Argentina generation would a 21 year old back up like Juan Foyth come ANYWHERE near the NT other than now? This guy can’t even start 30 percent of Spurs game but he is a starter for the NT. This is complete utter joke! Are you kidding me on Pity Martinez starting. An MLS player? Is this how far we have fallen that we have to tolerate this garbage? Dybala shitting the bed every game and saying this guy is our future? How is this Dybala trash any different than Pastore or Ricki Alvarez or dozens of other hyped up players?
            This is what I mean. You deserve better. I deserve better. Argentina and its fans deserve better.

      • Your 4231 is not balanced enough. You cannot put Lo Celso as 8, he should be more like Messi’s sub as 10, behind the striker. I prefer to have Palacios who is a real box to box. He may not have the level yet but should have him in the 11 at some point for the future. One of the wingers need to defend well, I’d go for Zaracho on the right. He is mobile and agile.

    • @cox4

      Friend, I don’t want to contradict what you said, but where was that defense against Venezuela?
      We simply do not have defense capable of winning a trophy!
      Yes, defense can help in knock out phases (Octavos de finales, cuartos, semis, etc) but not in group stages. Attack gets you to the top!
      And we don’t have an attack, much less a defense!
      Well, we DO have an attack, but we’re not calling them up, such as Aguero, Icardi, etc.

      The ONLY way to see if we have a defense is playing top attacking teams, such as England, Netherlands, the new Italy, new Germany, etc.
      If we can keep a clean sheet against a top attacking team like those, THEN we can say we have a good defense!

      For example, the defense that kept Brazil 0-0 for 90 minutes, THAT’S the defense that could be relied upon, which was Saravia-Otamendi-Pezzella-Tagliafico. They proved that games they’re good.
      But Brazil aren’t the attacking team they were two years ago. You could say Panama have a good defense too if that’s our standard😆

      But I don’t see us headed the right direction! But again, that’s MY opinion!

      But as you said, in good or bad… Vamos Argentina!! 🇦🇷

      • my friend i understand your point.
        i find logic your observations.

        just only one comment about Venezuela game.
        our defense was completely mess up in the first half that Scaloni had 3 in back.
        this is crime.

        in the second half that he change it our defense worked very well.
        only one goal they score and that was the penalty they win.
        this was personal mistake of Foyth. it was not matter of defense working.

        for all the other things you wrote i don t have argue.

    • Tambien,
      No te olvides que casi medio de la primera son extranjeros, y por esa razón no juegan nuestros jóvenes. Ni tienen tiempo en la cancha en Argentina o cuando lo venden a los equipos europeos.

  8. I read all the comments and one thing is very clear: we need the old guard (Aguero, Messi, Banega etc) to stand any kind of chance to progress in Copa.

    From all the players that have been tested over the past 8 matches Saravia, Kanneman, Pezzela, Palacios and LoCelso are a must. The right mix of young and old and a bit of luck might see us reach the semi final.

    Once the old guard retires in 2-3 years, WC qualification will be a major challenge.

  9. So that was some game. Finally the full set of friendlies are in the book ( pre Copa friendlies are usually warm ups for the selected 23 man roster and not true friendlies in terms of player trials) . Somebody’s favorite player is always going to get dropped but I think we have a good sense now of at least 70% of the squad much like Scaloni, as well as what the ideal setup for this group would be.

    While the actual product on the field in this game in terms of link up play and passing efficiency was not the best we can clearly see what they were trying and it was consistent with their methods in previous games. Someone had mentioned that I was against experiment but that is not true. A 3 man back or 4 man back is only a part of the experiment. In fact Argentina had played 3ATB against Mexico as well as Iraq for various stretches of play. Formation is only one thing not everything. You have to be consistent with other parts of the strategy as well whether you are 3ATB or 4ATB.

    Ignoring the weather conditions and the violent nature, which our players negotiated quite well, there was other stuff consistent with our strategy before. The ball hunting midfield press of the team was back. As I had mentioned before their identity is not park the bus, but relies on sitting in shape until correct opportunities for press in the midfield are identified and then they are aggressively pursued by outnumbering opponents. These opportunities include opponents receiving ball facing goal, running back at goal, sideline pressing, pressing on bad touches etc. All of this was visible yesterday. On top of this they also brought back the forward line press and it was quite something. That is a difficult part of the game and needs extreme communication between the forwards and attacking mids. It was quite in flow yesterday, resulting in many turnovers deep in opponent half. The transition phase from both the midfield and forward press was a little lacking however. But I think the wind was a chief cause here because Argentine transition relies a bit more on longer length passes than the Moroccan transition. But the intent was there to be seen only chemistry needs to be solidified a bit more. This team cannot play possession yet, and possibly this coach cannot teach possession. But that was always a tough expectation for a 6 month project.

    Moving on guido was a real difference maker to me. He was in full control of the center circle and even making late arriving runs to the top of the box. I am not certain battaglia will return so soon after an acl unless he is a medical miracle so this was a really good development for the team. As many expected his presence also allowed parades to focus on transitional aspects which are probably his best strength. Pereyra and Depaul played like they had lungs of iron and I got tired just watching them. There were too many moments where they were shutting down players in our box one second and upfield being a danger next second. In fact the very reason the midfield hunt is successful is solely because of their profiles. The downside of playing 442 shapes with those type of players means we get extremely limited in width which we saw but I am ok with that sacrifice. In fact if the team continues to go forward with the strategies seen so far it will not be able to fit fideo. He is not a winger/midfielder/forward of that profile. However while we may not win Copa, and we are certainly not built to play from behind like this, if this team maintains the structure and compactness it can show then they have the potential to be very dangerous in the summer. Vamos!

  10. Eduardo coudet should be Argentina head coach . his contract ended this summer i really appreciate his work in racing and Rosario central .He is the one who pick up lo celso ,zaracho

  11. Dybala played 20 matches for Argentina only 1 goal and as i remember a few assist ,may be one or two only .

    If messi is criticized , i think dybala will probably be the other one . Jusy look at how he perform last night ,diastrous.

    This guy we never need .

    • Tevez was given chance 80+ times in NT, only scored 13 and Argentine fans still loves him. Messi only scored 16 in 66 matches before Sabella took over and the fans still has faith in him. 16 goals in 6 years is way below his standard and isnt something you expect from Messi but since 2012, he has banged almost another 40 goals. Mind you that Messi played full minutes most of the time while Dybala only played full minutes like … twice? has Icardi ever play full minutes?

      Icardi has 1 goal in 8 games but people dont consider the fact that most of his caps were only few minutes. Messi only scored 2 goals in this first 12 games for Argentina , yet nobody ask for him to be replace ?

      Number of caps are mostly deceptive anyway. Dybala played only 20 minutes in total in WC 2018. Icardi first cap was only 5 minutes against Uruguay and against Ecuador he only came in last 10 minutes.

      • @Rattlehead you are a kind of guy who only counts abpout goals . Football is not about goals if messi doesnt score he is involved in playmaking for argentina he drops deep to create chances for the other players but icardi and dybala offers nothing.
        I will tell you another stat from 2010 onwards messi is involved in 48% of the goals argentina has scored pretty decent stat for a single player. For example look at the goal of higuian against belgium in WC 2014, look at the goals in 3-0 win against columbia in WC 2018 qualifiers , it was just messi and nothing else. What icardi and dybala do?
        You are too raw to compare messi with dybala and icardi.

        • @Mrinal1235 Ugh, its not me, I’m responded to @Maxilopez830 comment which he mentioned Dybala scoring record and how he said we never need Dybala anymore. So I pointed how those other guys also has low scoring ratio, including Messi in his first 6 years. Doesnt mean he’s actually playing badly. Most of Icardi and Dybala caps aint full minutes games, especially Icardi who only played full minutes I think once.

  12. I won’t be surprised if De Paul and Dybala will be dropped for Copa even though I am quite fan of them. Same for Foyth and Benedetto. I also think that Paredes may lost his place in the starting 11(he should be in the 23). I think Romero should return to the team as the 3nd GK, for bringing his experience to the team.

    According to the recent performance and mindset of Scaloni, here is my prediction on the list of 23 for copa(does not mean what I like)
    Gk: Andrada, Musso, Romero(I prefer Benitez by far)
    RB: Saravia, Montiel
    LB: Tagliafico, Lisandro Martinez
    CB: Pezzella, Otamendi, Kannemann, Barboza(Foyth does not have enough playing time with his club)
    DM: Guido, Paredes, Palacios
    RM: Zaracho, Pereyra
    LM: Lanzini or Suarez, Di Maria(I prefer Vargas)
    Half 9: Messi, Lo Celso
    Striker: Lautaro, Angel Correa

    The team will play in 442 or 4231:
    Musso-Saravia, Kannemann, Otamendi, Tagliafico-Zaracho, Guido, Palacios, Lanzini-Messi, Lautaro

    • On LF

      ATM Suarez seems to be good choice. Lanzini, Di Maria, Vargas – None of them have played the firendlies. To that Di Maria and Lanzini are injury prone while Vargas unlikely to be called up again before Copa. As I said before, only Suarez and Kannemann were outstanding on both the games so there’s no reason not to continue with them. The final decisions will be taken on may. There’s Pity still of course. His game against Venezueala was not good on my standards but seeing our team against Morocco I think he still was one of the better players.

      • Kannemann played well and might team with Otamendi but you can’t say Suarez was “outstanding” when playing opponents like Venezuela and Morocco for about 25 minutes total… and what did he really do? even his pass into Correa was a better trap and control by angel than a good pass by matias…

        • He have played totally not 25 but 78 minutes on both the games. No one had any expectations to him while was evident that our team was more dangerous during his presence on the pitch. Especially against Venezuela. Suarez was wanted by no one on this forum so not many excited but if this performances were made by Dybala, Correa, Lanzini, De Paul or any other European player people would be much more excited on opinions.

          Suarez was even going to start over Lautaro against Venezuela (impressed Scaloni yet during trainings) but I suppose Scaloni underwent pressure from media… At least here everyone was against Suarez…

          It’s still too early to say Suarez will be on Copa but ATM he might have good starting position.

  13. I’m bored


    Lo celso
    Di María
    Matias Suarez


  14. I don’t envy Scaloni or who ever the coach will be.
    They have to deal with some of the worst media and fans (me included).
    We are bipolar, short attention span, delusional, biased and unrealistic.
    Correa was persona non-grata one week ago and all it took was a goal and now he is a superstar, next time he will be called bad again after not performing up to their unrealistic expectations.
    Zarracho played 15 minutes and now he is the best midfielder. As soon as he starts and doesn’t perform up to their unrealistic expectations people will say he is bad and this other guy is better.
    And I like these players but this is the cruel truth.

    The state of the team is bad. We barely qualified to the world cup. At the world cup we barely qualified from the group. France was trashing us 4-2 until the took a step back.
    Have you been living under a rock?
    We have hit rock bottom and now is the time to rebuild.
    If your expectations are to win the Copa then your are setting up yourself for a big dissappointment.
    I am not saying we are not going to win but chances are we are not.
    We need a coach who has the backing from above and doesn’t listen to bipolar, short attention span, delusional, biased and unrealistic fans, experts, and media and sticks to his plan.

    • Thats the point..

      If we aim to win Copa, we are not going to win anything. Basically, we are not ready yet.

      The COPA should be looked as experience for a young team at a bigger stage.

      Scaloni should be backed and everyone in the forum should understand that, the players are not robots..


        • Scaloni and tapia launch a ten years project . A very long term but questionable goal .So if you support scaloni .you must be patient after kicking out in copa america and 2022 world cup . They just focus on 2028 world cup not 2022.

          • dont come to conclusion so soon like , that argentina might not qualify for wc2022 and not perform well in copa 2019 besides even if scaloni is sacked who will be his replacement coaches like simeone or gallardo are not availble so lets see how scaloni PERFORMS IN COPA 2019 IF NOT PERFORM WELL IN COPA 2019 THE HE WILL BE SACKED ANYWAYS SO WHOEVER NEW REPLACEMENT COMES IF SCALONI DOSENT PERFORM WELL IN COPA 2019 WILL COME POST COPA 2019 (SABELLA WAS GIVEN 3 YRS TO MAKE NT COMPETETIVE)

    • Ghost,

      wise words once again. I’m almost sure we are not going to win Copa America neither with old guard players nor with youngsters. For the reason we should give a bit more chances to the youngsters,

  15. The conditions and the pitch was one of the worst thing I have ever seen. It’s look like they didn’t watered the pitch for 20 days and the ball did nt want to move , so it was obvious that playing passes would be difficult. Morocco thought that it was a rugby match , kicks , fisting and what not?.
    Glad that Messi didn’t played, or he would get 3 kicks per minute. Just look at the fans too, they were pointing laser into musso’s eye constantly, sick bad intentions really.
    Now most people gonna point out that it was a shit match , Argentina can’t when hold the ball for 2 mins, cant play even some basic passes, played like a u17 team.
    In simple to would say FRUSTATED.
    There are things That I have noticed closely during the match and I told in some previous post that , there is a interesting thing that I saw in Argentina last night , so here we go.

    – Argentina need to calm down a bit , the squad is young and they all have fire in their heart to give something to the NT , but you need patience , I mean , they are trying to play fast football with passing to score quick goals , but that ain’t gonna happen straight away. This is the reason why they are struggling to keep possession for even 2 mins.
    I have noticed in the match Vs Brazil Vs Colombia Vs Mexico and the two , that they are trying for lightening attack , but it’s better you should play simple passes and build up the play , if it fails then do it again, this is how you can keep the possession intact . This need a bit of experience , so 1or 2 old players enough to teach them how to calm in pressure situations.

    – the RB/ lb issue still needs to be sorted out properly , montiel did nt convince , I mean he really needs a bit of experience just like bustos , he is kid , he will learn , but he need to calm and think like a mature.

    – either battaglia or ascacibar needed in team , paredes ain’t a destroyer, paredes without a destroyer is incomplete, he is regista and a deep lying playmaker just like pirlo. A proper DM would give him the freedom to exploit opposition defences.
    – we have found a leader in pezella , he is otamendi 2.0, such a quality defender and never shy of hiding from the referee , he fought like a warrior against those Butthead Moroccan players whose only intension was to injure or players.

    – Walter Kanemann, man he is must for Argentina , where was he for all these years , he and pezella ( most notably he alone) kept the whole Moroccon players quiet , the guy has really got some my muscles .

    – the CBs for copa defense would be otamendi , pezella, kanemann, foyth and maybe even Romero ( if scaloni really kept a eye on him).

    – Guido Rodriguez , a bull in the Argentine defense , he is just like battaglia , but not purely like him , good passer , maybe with today’s performance he may have convinced scaloni , but we really need battaglia , cause it was bcoz of him ,paredes played independently Vs Brazil and Colombia .

    – lo celso came and connected the defense and offense perfectly , his flair was missed , but the midfield almost stabilized after his presence .

    – Matias zaracho another versatile player , he was sometimes attacking mid , somestimes RM/LM/CDM. the guy is must for NT .

    – I think dybala is just as cursed as Messi is , really sad for him , it was his chance to prove his worth , but alas the weather, the pitch and the way Morocco stared WWE in the first half , it was impossible for not only him, but difficult for entire Argentina did to play their natural game.

    – angel correa may have cemented his place in Copa , the kid is dynamic , apart from during and speed , he has got mental toughness and energy and he can stretch the opposition defense just by his poisoning and movements.

    The last , the most interesting thing and surprising to me for last night match was , the integrity and the grit the national team have formed in these 8 friendlies, u was just heavily impressed by the fighting spirit of Argentina , I didnt see too much of in the oldies generation apart from Messi , mascherano , otamendi & Romero.
    I think this was a test for them to show their fighting spirit , the played like warriors , even if they played nah , but they did played like it is the final of the world cup, if Argentina atleast showed 30% of this in the match vs France ,they would have beaten them.
    And I know Messi saw this match and atleast he may be happy for one thing , that this generation would shed their blood to defend the colours of NT .

    • Yeah it’s quite true on all you said. The team seems to defend much better, more aggressive on the pressing. Even though there is a lot of work to do in attack but since long time I haven’t seen them defend as a team. Encouraging.

    • I absolutely agree with u. Lautero is a ferocious in mindset. All the players were determine. It was impossible to play good football under the terrible condition. I loved their performance. But fans are ripping them apart for not playing mesmerising football.

  16. I can’t lie the game was ugliest
    Ever seen argentin played but I have
    Excuse for them first weather
    Condition very strong wind
    Second you know what would have said
    From Argentina media and fans if they
    Lose against morroco and Valenzuela
    The reactions will be unbelievable
    Having said all that every game you watch
    Atleast you find some Positive
    I have to say well done the whole
    Back 4 and the goalkeepers
    German pezzela very good
    I don’t know what he is doing in
    fiorentina he should be playing top European club who plays champions league gonzalo montiel the kid
    Look good he played very well
    For me he should be copa squad
    The second thing I found was the
    Spirit and fight they showed.
    Personally I believe we will see
    Different Argentina in copa
    I’m not saying we going to win
    But definitely I”m not putting beyond
    Them anything can happen in six games

    • May be the bad weather was the reason for the frustrating match but except pezella there was nothing positive in the match. The goal that came had nothing to do with team , it was just individual brilliance from Angel correa.

        • this is what we want one touch no look pass football . I strongly believe Argentina can play this way ,may be that of 2006 NT .but i think matias Suarez ‘s no look pass isn’t scaloni’s main tactics because i never see it in previous friendly.

          IMO scaloni is a coach mainly focus on counter attack not bielsa ,Martino or Guardiola type. But he didn’t know how to counter attack

          • Suarez and Kannemann were the only players who keep good level on both games. Lautaro only on the first game.

            Suarez has perfect physical conditions. It’s comfortable to have such player attacking from the left wing.

    • I am a supporter of no look pass ,tikki takka ,possession football .I don’t like ugly football at all .But i am not against counter attack .actually sometimes counter attack is very useful. look at the formation ,dybala ,Lautaro too slow to counter attack

  17. actually i think giving scaloni 8 friendly matches and a try in copa america that is enough. if argentina cant convince us in copa america ,he should be fired as soon as possible. i am not saying to win the copa america but just need to convince us with a newly estabilished argentina full of tactics ,formation and creation.

    when you lost you told the media the team lack of attitude and a 10 years project that is ridiculous . when argentina got beaten in copa america ,he say this is a ten yrs project, when you fail to qualify for 2022 world cup ,he can say this is a 10yrs project. is it fair to tata martino ?

    • The way tata martino’s mexico is playing they will be most deserving team for copa america 2020.
      Argentina lost the chance to sign a decent manager like tata martina instead that brainless fucker Tapia chose scaloni instead.

      • Martino had his chance and fucked it up twice at least.

        it is Martino who should have done what Scaloni is now doing – injecting young blood into the squad.

        now, he was just sitting on his ass and talking that he was going to play like a Barcelona.

  18. I am a 30years Argentina diehard fan.But feel very disappointed .Argentina doesn’t improve after Russia World Cup. Without messi ,we score with luck .players not much cooperation ,everyone don’t know how to attack, actually this two friendly we don’t have midfield at all playing ugly football .

    Do you think such ugly football can win copa america and world cup? Just look at england ,Holland ,Brazil ,France ,Belgium you will realize the difference.

      • di maria and lanzini always get injuried .romero and banega may not have chance . we probably have messi and aguero but football is a teamwork game, we have messi still got beaten by venezuela.

        i am not against revolution ,actually i dont mind any defeat in friendly but the team didnt show any significant improvement during these matches. that is very disappointed !

  19. Actually this is the weakest national team in 20 years .

    Some fan’s may not agree but just look at how they play .It doesn’t convince me anymore . I think Morocco played traditional Argentina football rather than this team .

    Firstly dybala is absolutely a rubbish ,useless ,unfit. If i were the coach ,sorry i will never choose this player forever .

    Secondly i will give Lautaro Martinez 5 years to improve his skill ,only afterwards he can be selected .

    This team has no future at all .raw ,no tactics, no speed but sometimes have luck. Let’s see what happen in copa america. Actually i don’t think this team can qualify for next world cup .

    • You’ve got to be kidding
      Dybala was not at his best but he is good
      And Lautaro is our second best Striker after Aguero
      Lautaro has two goals in I guess 3 or 4 games

      • i think you never watch other national team’s match.try to spend some times on brazil,england ,holland and france . you will realize the difference. dont judge a player by his reputation. aguero is far far far more better than today’s lautaro,.may be one day lautaro can be better than aguero .

        • I’m watching every game I can, even Brazil, but I’m only fan of Argentina. And that is what I said Lautaro is second best. I know that Aguero is better. I just don’t get it way always play new Strikers. We have Number 1 Aguero we have Lautaro and a third Striker is enough.
          The bad thing is that we try to many players. All the teams u mention above have their core. France Brazil Holland Germany England Belgium. They try new players but also have the same midfield and defense for every match…

  20. I hv always told people in here that a correa can be very valuable player for us …..I m not talking about his final third skills but the energy he has is what we need .
    The problem with people is they want playmakers on every positions they want wingers to be playmakers they want midfielder like lo celso who can only just create but can’t get back in time and defend…they even want no.5 to be playmaker…..
    We should select midfielders who can play like midfielders creating and also doing little bit defending and making the play ticking just like perreyra showed in yesterday’s match.
    Lo celso day by day is coming more on messi and dybala territory thanks to that real betis …he is not playing like a midfielder now …..Nd I personally is a huge fan of pavon he can be a game changer he can create and outrun any1 and plus can come to defenders aid sometime ….he is totally a team player

  21. I think this should be our core squad.
    If there are friendlies before Copa then Argentina should keep 4-5 players that played today.
    My Takeaways from the match—–
    1)Goalkeeper wasn’t tested much but Andrada is better than Armani any day.(Romero+Gazzaniga+Andrada)
    2)My man PEZZELLA this is our man. Whenever he plays he brings calmness in defence that we haven’t seen since 2016. KANNEMAN was decent too and he brings new dimension in defence as he is left footed but we can use PEZZELLA-OTAMENDI in important games too as Otamendi has heck of an experience and he will play awesome when he has someone like PEZZELLA with him.
    3)MONTIEL was decent too but I think there should be fight for Copa starting 11 place between him and SARAVIA as he was good whenever he played. That means MERCADO is definitely OUT.
    4) ACUNA was decent too and He is an more of an Attacking left back option over TAGLIAFICO. But defensively Tagliafico is stable.
    5) GUIDO RODRIGUEZ never allowed MORROCAN midfield to be stable that’s what was missing against VENEZUELA a DESTROYER. GUIDO/ASCAIBAR/BATTAGLIA one of this 3 is very important in starting Lineup.
    6)PAREDES-PEREYRA were Average and I still think we can play BANEGA/LOCELSO over PAREDES he is slightly overrated. CORREA should play on Right of 4 man midfield as he does in ATLETICO MADRID.
    7) DE PAUL was good but needs more game time in NT to evaluate anyways he should be in COPA 23 man team.
    8)DYBALA was AVERAGE :/:/:/.
    9)LAUTARO was good but I see AGUERO starting over him as AGUERO can break defenses on his own and is a big match player. LAUTARO can start matches PARAGUAY QATAR. But AGUERO for COLOMBIA.


    • correa’ s most success comes as a sub. i would replace him with Palacios , Guido with Ascacibar ( proven guy) & Banega with LoCelso

    • Very good and professional comment I like that. Some here are just complaining but can’t really tell what was wrong..
      I like your lineup but for me is Lo Celso missing I think he is our best midfielder. I think Lanzini still needs some time after the injury I hope he is matcht fit at copa..
      I also like Kautaro a lot. For niw he’s gonna be the sub for Aguero later on our new number 1 Striker

      I hope the coach and you guys don’t give i up on Dybala I think he can be a great player. Every player has bad games even Messi(vs Venezuela wasn’t the best)
      Thx for your comment

      • @Mark518 Thanks😇.
        Lo Celso is nice but he is playing too much higher up the pitch like an Attacking Midfielder if he plays little deeper like Banega beside a DM then he should surely play.

  22. I think the 70% scaloni of scaloni list for Copa will be like
    GK: Romero, Rulli, ???
    I put romero and rulli in confirmed GK list because both are the part of scaloni call up since taking over the coaching job after sampaoli and played 2 matches each of them and performed good. Our 3rd GK will be one of the from recent call up Armani, Andarda, Musso after evaluation
    DF: Montiel, Otamendi, Pazella, Kanemaan, Tagliafico, Acuna, ???, ???
    Out of 8 defenders 5 are certain according to me, two position most probably between marcado vs Sarvia and Foyth vs Other CB
    MF: LO Celso, Parades, Pareyra, (NO-5), ???, ???
    Out of 6 midfielder 3 are certain as well a pure no5. In no5 fight between Ascaliber vs Batigala vs Guido after evaluating their pervious NT performances and club form. The others two position is the thing scaloni in the dilemma to decide. Dimaria, Lanzini, ZARACHO, Palacios, Lamela, De Paul, Benega all of them fighting for the two spots. I think scaloni prefer Palacios ahead of others and remaining spot Dimaria vs ZARACHO(impressed scaloni), lamela/lanzini probably miss copa ticket.
    FW: Messi, Icardi, Lautaro, Corera, Aguero/suarez, Dybala/suarez
    Lautaro and messi are 100% in copa, icardi too unless something really bad happen and his condition not improved but most likely icardi deal with Inter problem solved within next 2 or 3 weeks also leave the club this summer for Real Madrid or Man utd. Corerra seems uncertain for copa before the match against morocco but seals his spot after match winning Goal. Out of 6 attackers messi, lautaro, icardi and corerra are certain. Now for remaining two spots fight between aguero vs suarez vs Dybala. Suarez is huge positive in march friendlies which can’t be ignored. Aguero having his best season and best Argentine striker at moment but considering 2022 it’s upto scaloni to include him or test unproven player in the tournament. Dybala is totally useless when NT matter, many one hates 2007-08 generation players for inconsistency but dybala never performed in NT shirt but can be considered for copa as messi back up still last part of the season is going to crucial for him.
    NOTE: I am giving the list of squad based on Scaloni call up not based on my choice otherwise i put aguero ahead of anyone

      • They just don’t have one ready…. Just a knee-jerk reaction. There’s no plan at all within the AFA currently. Easily the worst crisis in arg football in the past 45y. Looking at what’s going on, there are serious risks we will miss the next WC at the rate thngs are going on (i already gave up on any positive results in the next Copa America) unless a miracle.

    • Indeed, the fact that this (firing Scaloni if we had lost to Morocco) was even thought of/ rumoured/ a possibility certainly does not bode well for the future of the team… He is just living on borrowed time. The rumblings will slowly but surely revive again the moment the team loses again between now and during the Copa. But then again we shouldn’t be surprised right? It was darn clear to all that appointing Scaloni was the most cost effective way to paper over the crumbling (to say mere hairline cracks is just doing injustice to the AFA – seems like lots are saying that there is fundamental weakness in the AFA in terms of organisation, structure and finances especially after firing Sampaoli) walls that is the AFA and Argentina soccer. In the face of no show of hands, then there’s this guy here who is waving his hands frantically saying he’ll do it cheaply – why not? Scaloni was always a punt by AFA to buy time and cross fingers and see how things work out. Unfortunately or fortunately for us, I don’t really know how long can Scaloni last and whether it is better to sack him now or sack him in the future and what will this mean for the team in terms of WC qualifying preparations. And the perennial issue that confronted us before will continue to confront us again soon, who should/wants to/who can AFA afford to replace Scaloni? A number of us mentioned before this – we are going to be stuck in a rut and vicious cycle… when can we ever escape from it?!!

      • And in the meantime, Messi will continue to (despite the poor organisation, poor coach, poor tactics, poor player call-ups, friends or no friends, his age, what have you) play for the team and save the team by their skin at the last game. It will be a real let-down and boo-boo if Argentina fail to even qualify for the WC and Messi’s swansong attempt fails without even going to the finals. I think no one show ever doubt his determination and love to win something for Argentina.

        • And it also says something about us as fans… that despite the deep shithole we are in, depsite the number the times I had swore and cursed never to watch and support Argentina, we still come slinking back, being so hyped by young new overrated overpaid players, being so hyped by new managers, why do we even bother putting ourselves through the vicious cycle… we (or rather I) must be mad!

  23. We won thanks to Correa, but nobody talks about it
    Angel Correa is a must, he need more time to prove himself. Many argentina fans prefer idiots over him. We need Angel and Joaquin Correa in the nt.

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