Alfio BASILE talks about the Argentina national team, Lionel MESSI, more


Alfio BASILE, the only person to ever coach both Diego MARADONA and Lionel MESSI, gave his thoughts on the Argentina national team.

The former Argentina coach was on TNT Sports where he discussed Argentina, Lionel MESSI and Diego MARADONA. Here’s what he had to say:

“The other day, it wasn’t a football match. It was a rugby match. It was impossible to play in Tangiers. The match was a disaster. You can’t reach any conclusion out of it.

“In the national team, there’s no time to work.”

In regards to Diego MARADONA and Lionel MESSI, here were his thoughts:

“MARADONA has a tremendous personality and MESSI is an introvert.

“MESSI never screams at a team mate. He’s a crack. He doesn’t do the same (with Argentina) as he does when in Barcelona because his team mates aren’t the same one’s that train with him every day. Barcelona is a world class national team.”



  1. I don’t know why so many fans choose dybala whom i think is highly overrestimated. Actually his performance no matter in Juventus and Argentina this season is disatrous. Scaloni is just giving him numerous chances but no body criticize his poor performance how ever every one point to messi .Ridiculous!

  2. The above interview were made long time before. Now Messi is more mature and hope that he would raise his voice and speak out to the coach directly as he is the captain of the team.

    Thanks to Basile for his contribution…

  3. We are all praying that Messi maintains his form ,fitness and hunger so that he can play the next world cup but these people are trying their best to force him to take early retirement.

    • If messi won 2018 worldcup his hunger would have lost and retired all forms of football early but now we can see messi to play top label football in next 4year, messi can’t give up easily he will play next world cup and continue to perform for Barcelona

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