Argentina Champions League Preview: Sergio AGUERO for Manchester City, Lionel MESSI for Barcelona


The quarter finals of the Champions League continue on Tuesday as we preview the Argentine players.

At least one Argentine will be eliminated today as Paulo DYBALA’s bring their 1-1 away goal advantage to Turin against Ajax. DYBALA, who didn’t have the best of matches on the weekend, will look to try and redeem himself.

Nicolas TAGLIAFICO and Lisandro MAGALLAN will want to eliminate another European giant after having knocked out Real Madrid in the previous round.

Lionel MESSI and FC Barcelona take a 1-0 advantage away from Old Trafford over to the Camp Nou. MESSI assisted the only goal of the match in Manchester while Marcos ROJO and Sergio ROMERO did not take part in the match.

The remaining two matches take place on Wednesday as Mauricio POCHETTINO’s men have a 1-0 lead going into Manchester. Sergio AGUERO and Nicolas OTAMENDI will look to turn it around and make the semi-finals.

Porto against Liverpool is the other match on Wednesday with no Argentine representatives.


Juventus (Paulo DYBALA) vs. Ajax (Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, Lisandro MAGALLAN)

FC Barcelona (Lionel MESSI) vs. Manchester United (Sergio ROMERO, Marcos ROJO)


Manchester City (Sergio AGUERO, Nicolas OTAMENDI) vs. Tottenham (Paulo GAZZANIGA, Erik LAMELA, Juan FOYTH)

FC Porto vs. Liverpool


  1. the only interest me is to be healthy Messi and Aguero as every other Argentinian player for our national team.

    Personally i don t give a damn about Barcelona, Manchester city or Juventus who will win and who not.
    i will not cry or smile for any European club.
    Especially for English ones.

  2. Aguero’s penalty is a typical Argentine penalty in a crunch game – weak. Go back and take a look at the penalty. Hugo Lloris have already dived towards the left even before Aguero took the shot, but still he got dragged over there and put in a weak and comfortable height shot. Let’s see if he can redeem himself. I want to see Argentine players step up in pressure cooker situation. This will then transformed into NT.

    Messi, I want a cracking game. A great game against English teams is always fantastic. The media will give you lot of coverage and confidence. I just don’t want to see him walk around.

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