Giovani LO CELSO signs permanently with Real Betis


Giovanni LO CELSO has made his move to Real Betis a permanent one.

After having been initially sent out on loan from PSG, the Spanish club decided to sign the Argentine. Real Betis made the announcement official over on their Twitter page.

LO CELSO will remain with the club until 2023, costing the club €25 million.


  1. I’m surprised it took betis this long because they intended to buy him ages ago. If he keeps up this form then a major club will surely buy him at the end of the season.
    Betis got him for a bargain price of 25 mill but you can bet your proverbial farm that they intend to stick a big price tag on him (maybe 60-70 mill) and sell him at triple the profit at the end of the season and as I said I think Real Madrid (Barca is unlikely since they already bought DeJong at an inflated price) is gonna pay his release clause.

    • Yeah it all seems apparent to me. Betis is a small club and they would rather take the money they can get and get two “potential” players at that price. Lo Celso for me is TOP TIER talent and with a little bit of luck is already on the way to a “big” club. I personally prefer going to a good coach than going to a “big” club.
      I see him leading us in the future.
      All the best !

    • Matías Palacios has a bit of Benega, a bit of Aimar and the way he hits his long passes also reminds a bit of Veron. In modern game he is similar to Hazard in many ways. Would love to see him play for a top club soon.
      Juan Sforza is also an interesting player from this U 17 team.

  2. Yet another player signing for a mid-table team. The current crop of young players is easily the worst Argentina football generation to date. When was the last time an Argentinean player signed for a major European powerhouse club? Ok, some players have to sign for small clubs we get that, but explain why no Argentina young player is playing for the top European clubs? (Spurs doesn’t count). Argentina currently only have players who can compete with the Venezuela and Morocco of this world. Rival national teams nowadays don’t consider themselves inferior to Argentina especially the smaller football nation hence the reason why a team like Morocco showed no form of respect on the football pitch. There are way too many average players on the Argentina national team nowadays. A team like Morocco or Venezuela will never respect the current new players on the Argentina national team because they don’t see those players as superior to their own hence the reason for the lack of respect shown during the recent friendly.

    The only positive sign right now is the U20 and U17, those guys are the future 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Cup players not mediocre players like Pity, Asicabar and Percedes. This current Argentina midfield is going to struggle against Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and Peru midfielder at the Copa America. Argentina under Scaloni have only won possession against Guatemala, Iraq and Venezuela while losing the possession battle to Colombia, Brazil, Mexico B (twice) and Morocco. And the only reason Argentina won possession against Venezuela was because of Messi presence on the pitch, the plan was to sit back and counter Argentina. The current crop of midfield players is not even as good or as talented as young Mascherano, Gago, Banega, Biglia, Cambiasso, Lucho and Max Rodriguez big toes. All this hype over mid table and lower level tier players, and for what? What have these guys done? I mean, Serie A is a JOKE, performing in Serie A doesn’t make you a top player. If you’re a young player and don’t have the drive and ambition to play in the UCL then why go to Europe? Might as well move to MLS. UCL is the biggest cup competition outside of the World cup, if you don’t have a max of 5-6 players participating in the UCL knockout round (and starting as well) the impact on the national team will be costly. Some say Otamendi is not good for national team football, he is the only Argentina CB currently playing in the UCL knockout stage. If it wasn’t for Otamendi heroics Argentina would have conceded at least 3 goals against Brazil in the earlier friendly. No current LB is better than Rojo despite playing out of position. Rojo for Argentina had two great World Cups in 2014 and 2018 yet this guy can’t make the team but average and mediocre players can.

    César Luis Menotti seems like he wants to party like it’s 1978, dismissing the fact that football has move on a long time ago. The best clubs in Argentina will struggle to defeat the worst teams in Ukraine and Russia top flight league. I almost forget, didn’t River Plate lost to Al Ain at the FIFA club world cup yet César Luis Menotti want to move forward with all local team who would struggle to win against the Qatar, Iran and China of this world.

    Let’s refresh César Luis Menotti memory on European teams against Argentina:

    Argentina will always struggle against European teams at the world cup. If you go back to 1986 – 2018, Argentina got eliminated from the world cup before the final by the hands of European teams with the exception of 86’, 90’ and 2014, and even the 90’ and 14’ finals defeat was against a European team (Germany). Even 1982 Argentina was eliminated by Italy while losing to Belgium in the group stage and defeated a weak Hungary team. So if you look at the big picture Argentina winning record at the FIFA WC against European teams post and pre 1986 is not that great with 1990 and 2014 being the only exception.

    At the 1990 FIFA World Cup Argentina needed two penalty shootout wins against Yugoslavia (Quarterfinal) and Italy (semifinal) in order to make the final of the world cup that year. The Soviet Union was the only European team Argentina defeated in regular time at the 1990 World Cup and this was during the group stage. Argentina also tied with Romania during the group stage at the 1990 World Cup. So Argentina had three wins and a draw against European teams at the 1990 world cup with two of them going into penalty shootouts.

    During the 1994 FIFA World Cup Argentina was ousted by Romania during the round of 16 (the same country they drew with at the 1990 world cup), and earlier in the group stage Argentina lost by 2 goals to Bulgaria and defeated Greece by 4 goals, the worse team during the group stage. Argentina registered just one win against European teams at the 1994 World Cup.

    During the 1998 FIFA World Cup Argentina defeated newly world cup debutant Croatia by one goal during the group stage. In the round of 16 Argentina needed PKs to defeat England. And during the Quarterfinals Argentina lost to Holland. Two wins for Argentina against European teams at the 1998 World Cup with just one win in regular time.

    During the 2002 FIFA World Cup group stage Argentina fail to win a game against Sweden and England hence the reason the team exited the world cup in the group stage. Zero wins against European teams at the 2002 World Cup.

    During the 2006 FIFA World Cup Argentina defeated newly world cup debutant Serbia and Montenegro by 6 goals and later on drew 0-0 with Holland in the same group. Argentina lost in the quarterfinal to Germany via penalty shootout. Argentina registered just one win against European teams at the 2006 World Cup.

    During the 2010 FIFA World Cup Argentina defeated Greece in the group stage and lost to Germany at the quarterfinal stage. Argentina registering just one win against European teams at the 2010 World Cup.

    During the 2014 FIFA World Cup Argentina defeated Bosnia Herz in the group stage. Defeated Switzerland in the round of 16. Defeated Belgium in the quarterfinal. Defeated Holland via penalty shootout in the semifinals. Lost to Germany in the final by one goal. Argentina recorded four wins against European teams at the 2014 world cup with only one of them going outside of regular playing time. Argentina register 4 wins (one via pk) against European teams at the 2014 world cup.

    During the 2018 FIFA World Cup group stage Argentina tied with newly debutant Iceland and lost to Croatia. Argentina also lost to France in the round of 16. Argentina register ZERO win against European teams at the 2018 World Cup.

    2018 Argentina world cup class is clearly on par with the 2002 class despite the 2002 class of players topping the CONMEBOL qualifiers with ease.

    At the 1986 World Cup Argentina played five European teams, two of which was in the group stage and three in the knockout rounds (quarterfinal, semifinal and final). Argentina in 2014 had to play against Bosnia Herz in the group stage and then later on played four straight games against European teams in the knockout rounds (Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Germany). So during the 1986 and 2014 World Cup both those Argentina teams had 4 wins against European teams, the only difference was that Argentina played a non-European team (Uruguay) in the Round of 16 at the 1986 World Cup.

    To win four straight games against European teams at the World Cup during the knockout stage was never going to be easy and the Messi generation almost did it. I mean, something had to give after defeating Switzerland, Belgium and Holland before facing Germany in the final. There should have been like a non-European team in the mix to play against Argentina in the knockout rounds, like say an Ecuador who was in the same group as Switzerland. But anyways, Sabella prove he was up to the task against European teams, and prove himself to be the best Argentina coach in decades. If I’m not mistaken, Sabella played eleven games against European teams only losing once (Germany 2014 final).

        • Tagliafico with Ajax reaches semi’s, Icardi had great UCL too carried mediocre Inter single handliy, I’m not convinced by parades or Ascaliber either but Lo celso is talented, yes real betis is mid table club but better than farmer king PSG, it’s just matter of time Lo celso moved to big club

    • you kinda make sense kid but still we hv to support our beloved team argentina……i was never a huge fan of lo celso coz he is just another no.10 and we hv abundance of that……i thought may be just may be he will be able to become a world class no.8 but he is disappointing me …….but the good thing about lo celso is that he has age on his side.

    • Your insight about our football is great man, Respect..

      But there is nothing we can do other than play with what we have got.Even if they are average players compared to the previous generation, We cant keep on holding to the Historical players for ever, Every Generation of Players has to end. Its a cycle. We have to move on. The Historicals are done and out. Mentally…

  3. It’s a matter of time LO Celso moving to the top European clubs after fantastic first season, business wise Betis did fantastic job, another good season for Lo Celso who already starter for Argentina min 50 milion profit is certain

  4. Lo Celso better step it up or else in just 2 years or before the 2022 WC, we will witness the next big thing from South America step into the playmaker shoes for Argentina and is gonna rock the football world. Here is a highlight of his OVERALL skills (trickery,passing,vision,shooting,dribbling) throughout the tournament. He is really impressive and matured for his age…

  5. Mixed reaction for me, happy that Lo Celso moved from farmer league king PSG permanently as well as sad for big club move after fantastic season in la liga.

  6. Good for Lo Celso.

    Ascacibar’s season is over. Suspensed for 6 weeks after spitting an opponent. Very unprofessional. Good luck in second division in Germany.

  7. Lo Celso better step it up or else in just 2 years or before the 2022 WC, we will witness the next big thing from South America step into the playmaker shoes for Argentina and is gonna rock the football world. Here is a highlight of his OVERALL skills (trickery,passing,vision,shooting,dribbling) throughout the tournament. He is really impressive and matured for his age…

  8. Definitely a good news. He can work on daily basis with a great coach like Setien. What a joke this Tuchel seriously. Even as 9, Lo Celso is better than Choupo and as an attacking midfielder, I don’t understand why he kept Draxler instead of Lo Celso.

    Now at Betis, his place seems to be half 9 because Guardado and Canales are Setien’s 1st choices for 8 in his 3142. Many people here wish to see him in a more creator role in deeper position but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  9. This is good move. He will get playing time and he has to have another solid season. Prove that he is not a one season wonder. Also, he has to establish his playing style and role. He has almost become a striker now.

    Is he like Maxi Rodriguez? A wide midfielder and attacker. More like a goal scoring attacking midfielder?

    I have a feeling Betis might sell him for $60 million now. Hope that is avoided for one more season.

    • Lo Celso plays more in the middle and much more tricky to use him. Maxi used to play as midfielder or winger in 433 or left/right midfielder in 442. He could even play as winger back in 343 and half 9 in any system. Lo Celso’s natural position is 10. Emery tried to use him in a deeper position and Setien trying him now as half 9. I believe that 4312 with him as 10 and Messi as half 9, supported by 2 box to box and 1 real DM/sweeper is the best for the current NT.

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