Lionel MESSI scores twice for FC Barcelona in win against Manchester United


Lionel MESSI scored twice in the Champions League for FC Barcelona in their 3-0 win against Manchester United.

With the first match ending 1-0 for the Catalan’s, the second match at the Camp Nou was business as usual. That is to say the Lionel MESSI show.

Barcelona’s captain scored two very different goals. One of sheer brilliance and the second with some luck. With the ball at his feet, MESSI with a nutmeg through FRED and a left footed shot from outside of the area beat goalkeeper David DE GEA and gave Barcelona the 1-0 lead.

The second goal saw MESSI shoot with his right foot but a blunder by the goalkeeper and it was 2-0 for Barcelona.

MESSI’s two goals bring him to 10 this season in the Champions League, making him the top scorer. With his goals, he has now scored 24 times in 32 matches against English clubs.


  1. See even the so called BEST GOAL KEEPER in the World also make school boy mistakes. What about that. We cant expect our GK’s to NOT make mistakes, All r human.

    And looks like Cr7 also is over unless FIFA finds an excuse. We all know Ballon D Or is not accurate. But But it is prestigious, winning it matters, So Messi must get it back from (Who was it the last time Winner, Ohhh wait it was LUKA MODRIC. Bye Bye Modric Dude honey moon is over, Next year Modric wont be even in the Top 10. LOL what a pity. FIFA made a blunder. They choose the Wrong guy to end Messi-Cr7 Monopoly.

  2. I love how Ajax is playing. What a talented squad and great coach. Liverpool vs Ajax would be a fun match.

    Cr7 looked goofy as heck with the ineffective lanky step overs.

    Messi getting closer and closer another ballon dor.

    • Ajax is playing again like in the days of Cruyff, Neeskens and Krol. They will be a contender for next WC.

      On a side nota, Ajax scouts are talking to Boca about a Pavon transfer. De Jong already sold to Barca and more youngsters will be snapped up by rich clubs.

  3. De Light 19years old from farmer league played like a matures world cupper.. it looks like that he has huge experience. And our 19 years old player played like immature,it seems that they till like novice … These are differences between 19yr old European player and 19yr old Argentine player..

  4. Forget about dybala, even last season he scored more than 20 goals ,still didn’t impress me .not to say this season ,football is a teamwork game .those20 goals most of them are team work.

    But this season dybala is totally disastrous without speed and height to be a number 9. Technically not that impressive enough to be winger. He is not that skilfull enough and always lost ball possession easily .Too fragile to be a number 10.But rather his name is far more renowned than his actual ability

  5. Tagliafico was suspended but his team won the second leg so he’s in CL last 4.

    Juve came close to win treble with Tevez 4 years ago , reached a final 2 seasons ago with helped of Dybala’s brace against Barca, but then they sold Pogba, made Dybala a second strings player and bought CR for unlimited amount of $$$ only to reached QF… congrats to Allegri lol

    Meanwhile, Messi destroyed MU yet again.

  6. I got my wish:
    Messi stole the show and scored two amazing goals.

    Like the songs says, Bye Bye, Christina, cry yourself to sleep tonight and Juve got this year what they been getting for the past 4 5 whatever years, won in Italy and Zero in UEFA after spending 100 million Euros.

    I am a believer, the story of Messi and ARGENTINA is not over yet.

    • @Dfox1942, Yes you are right, I am hoping the same, I still believe the story of Messi and ARGENTINA is not over yet as you said. He will definitely win something important with Argentina by the time he will retire from International Football.

    • Yeah ,but Ronaldo can still win the ballon’dor if he scores a brace against already relegated team in seria-a at the end of the season, like he did against Sweden in a world cup qualification playoff when Portugal couldn’t directly qualify.

      • Fifa actually extended the timeframe for the vote specifically just for CR.

        Messi also hit hattrick for Argentina which made them qualify for WC plus winning domestic double plus European golden boots, yet he’s only 5th in Balon lol

      • That BITCH is not going to win shit and justice is finally served.

        RM got lucky twice against AM when they almost had both UEFA finals won and CHOCKED to death on their stupidity, poor tactics ,missed Pks and opportunities.

        All the goals he scored in the Champions league LATELY were mainly against lesser clubs, further extending his lead on total goal, nm that Messi played in what? 30 something LESS games in that competition.
        Portugal wins in the Euros without her majesty when up until that point he was playing like crap and France simply chokes and gives them the win on a silver plate and that moron even though didn’t DO SHIT THE WHOLE COMPETITION is hailed an inspiration for cheering his team on from the sidelines and given the credit for the win?? WTF that is what is known as horseshit.

        The voting was over and done with but that corrupt sepp mother fucker decided to open the polls again because he allegedly hurt her highness feelings by calling Messi a good boy and her militant or a trouble maker or whatever and ends up winning it!
        Messi should have won it 6 times and that idiot 4 times instead of being even at 5

        • This year UCL, Cristiano Ronaldo was simply outstanding… Saying this, I am a huge Lionel Messi admirer and consider him the best of all times ..agreed , done…but , let us all remind ourselves about CR7 , this is a 34 year old footballer, who has switched to a new club and a complete different setup of footballers…then, what he did against Atletico Madrid in the 2nd leg was unbelievable…best performance of UCL this year..he was the lone scorer for his team, and literally , playing without support in the forward line…that goal against Ajax in the 2nd leg was the best of the lot, wonder how could Juventus afford to lose after that…

          Messi is an amazing talent …a genius , no doubt..but CR7 , without those god gifted skills that Messi has, is a beast in himself with some extraordinary self belief and confidence …that urge to be on top of all his team mates , both physically and mentally…and above all, play the role of a leader under high pressure…probably, Messi is not helped in this aspect, because he is an introvert , and less expressive person on the field…Ronaldo , in his worst game, would miss 3-4 chances but curse, swear , make his presence felt , if not playing football but mentally imposing against the opponent…Messi , on other side, when not having such a good game by his standard, would fade away from the game, get frustrated…Messi can probably try to incorporate at least some of Ronaldo’s on field aggression, because with age passing by, he might not be on his divinely best standards all the time and then its absolutely necessary that he keeps himself still in the game even he is not playing very well…sheer presence of players of his caliber on the field can win matches, motivating other players

  7. Messi is the greatest club player ever In the best club system ever devised. Had he won a WC under Sabella, we would be saying nobody is even close to him. Such a shame

  8. In front of Lionel Messi there is no any wise goalkeeper. De gea was like our village’s team’s goalkeeper, hhhh!
    Thank you our Lion Messi, you have made my night, great work to Coutihno too and all our Barcelona God’s team!
    Messi must get his sixth Balloon d’or this season and win Copa America as well!
    Though I can’t be happy of Dybala’s failure and being knocked out, I’m glad for being knocked of ronaldo!

  9. Ya, To some extent, Dybala’s performance has slowed down, should really improve but Ronaldo is almost finished. Like you are saying time and again, Ronaldo is tough mentally rather than Messi which is not right, Ronaldo only can score goals if not then He can’t create chances as Messi does. All in all, Messi is the complete footballer unlike Ronaldo, winning and losing is a part of the game, it happens but what Messi does as a whole, nobody does, Nobody did and most probably it will take years and years to born another footballer like him. On the other hand, It is all due to coach tactical failure and didn’t give Dybala enough confidence by putting him on the bench time and again. What he thought, Ronaldo is good enough to win excluding Dybala on the bench so This coach is a bottler so with him, Juventus can’t win the champion League.
    Being very honest, Let’s not only see goals but his overall performance, absolute Genius. Hope to see him playing like this for many more years with Club and Country.

    • I may be wrong here, but didn’t Dybala have a phenomenal first season at Juve? Wasn’t it under Allegri? I am not sure as I am asking. If it was under Allegri, than Dybala is underperforming and is not the player we thought he was on that trajectory. If it wasn’t Allegri, he is a fool for staying,.

      • No you’re not wrong Isidro, he had a hattrick of amazing seasons with Palermo and Juve but this season with Ronaldo’s arrival Dybala was pushed to the side and played out of position and now he’s clearly lost his confidence but that doesn’t excuse his apparent mental frailties, the boy needs to toughen up cos he’s got the talent.

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