Javier PASTORE reportedly wanted by Boca Juniors, River Plate


Javier PASTORE is reportedly wanted by the two Argentine clubs.

Per a report by the Italian press, both Boca Juniors and River Plate are chasing the AS Roma player. It appears as though he’s not expected to remain with the team for next season. However, much of that depends on if either club could afford the transfer and salary.

Another option is could be if Roma receive an offer by a Chinese club although nothing has been submitted.


  1. Netherlands will win their first World Cup very soon, sooner than Argentina win the third one. They now play beautifully while winning.

  2. Forgive me Javier but i don t want you in River.
    Please stay away from River plate and make us a favor and go to Bosteros.

  3. Big thanks to Messi who killed the game in few minutes so that I could focus on Juve Ajax. For those who love 1 touch fast transition football, ajax is definitely the team yo watch. I hope more Argentinian players will join this team and Tagliafico should stay.

    • > 1 touch fast transition

      Wish Arg could hire a coach like that. Players had offensive support at all times with 2-3 passing options and the team constantly pressed. Transition across the pitch was really fluid.

      Glad to see Tagi return return next game but next session, Ajax will suffer as all key players will be sold. De Jong at Barca and De Legt off to Barca or Juve. Tagliafico and Neres are rumoured to have interest from Prem clubs.

      • I just read an article how Ajax changed their training methods for young players since 2010(when the legendary Cruyff was appointed as director of the club and the club was in a very bad situation). Very inspiring. In short, they trained the young players to play in different positions to help them to be versatile. For example De Ligt was used as midfielder in U16 for improving his passing skill and vision because he had nothing to learn anymore in defense. The coaches don’t care about result and just focus on players development. For their standard, if a player is not promoted to the senior team at 18, he will be sold. Another thing is players may train on the parking so they learn how to defend without tackling. Overmas did a very great job. They may have their best generation of players now after that of 95.

        So for your points, yes for sure they will be impacted if some key players are sold but should be short term. Seems like they still have a pool of talented players. Yes, Argentina clubs should inspire from that to train young players.

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