Pablo AIMAR states that he will likely be with Argentina staff at the Copa America


Pablo AIMAR has stated that he will likely be with Lionel SCALONI’s Argentina coaching staff at the Copa America.

Recent winner at the U17 Sudamericana with his team, AIMAR mentioned in an interview with Estudio Futbol that he will likely be at the Copa America. Here’s what he had to say:

“Surely I will be with SCALONI at the Copa America. Surely I will be with them. Hopefully that ends well too, it’s what we all want.”

AIMAR added that he will talk about it with coach Lionel SCALONI and the staff:

“I will talk with them about it to see how we will go about it.”


  1. Thats great. I wish he could wear the shirt instead. We could really use him.

    By the way, does anybody know what is going on with Lanzini and Lamela? Are these two guys professional injury patients or footballers? I swear we have more players that are “recovering from injuries” than any other NT.
    Lamela, Lanzini, DiMaria, Gago…the “always injured dream team”

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