Marcos ROJO states which Argentina final loss hurts the most, World Cup and Copa America


Marcos ROJO spoke about which of the three finals lost with Argentina hurt the most.

A veteran with the Argentina national team, ROJO played in the three finals in three years. Beginning with the 2014 FIFA World Cup final against Germany and the two Copa America finals against Chile, ROJO commented on them all. Taken from TNT Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“The Copa America we lost in Chile was a bigger hit than the one of the World Cup.

“In Brazil, it was the first final we lost and obviously it hurt but it was also a satisfaction to be able to get to that match. The two Copa America finals we lost hurt us a lot.”


  1. When there is a problem in right and left back position then ansaldi is the best for backup or any crisis situation..he didn’t get any decent chance from the coach..why he is not selected I don’t know but in my opinion he is versatile player..

  2. Frankly speaking any final loss is painful. I remember the Finals we lost against Brazil in the Confederations Cup, The Copa 2004, Copa 2007. Frankly speaking WC 2014 Final loss to Germany even though we had chances, The better team won. But it was painful too.I for one felt more sad for the Copa 2015 and 2016 loss more because it was within our grasp.We could have easily beaten Chile. We were playing well under Tata especially the 2016 Copa.

    Unfortunately Messi will never be able to play like the way he does for Barca for us. We all know that. Its sad to see that such an extra ordinary player couldn’t win at least a Copa for the Senior NT. Damn. will he be ready for another Heartache with the NT after 2019 Copa.

    Well its will be a tough 2019 Copa (fingers crossed). But 2020 Copa can be ours because we have more time to fix a system. Actually we should have already created an identity by now since its been nearly a year after the WC 2018 is finished. But as always AFA messed it up. We should have taken a solid coach like Gallardo he should have ample time to create a solid team. Scaloni is not that bad. But we should have been better under a Solid tactician like Gallardo.

  3. Thanks to Sabella for introducing Rojo into his WC squad 2014. I believe that it is his best performance for N/T before he joining Man Utd and drop his performance either in club and N/T.

  4. Actually most argentine players are mere shadow of their club form while playing for the country. The sad thing is that Messi gets criticised for the same even though he is keeping his form with both teams unlike other players.

  5. Hi guys my name is raviz ,im from india…i was following you guys for around 1 year…for a guy like me,this is the best site to get notifications about AFA and their activities…keep on the good work guys…you are doing a wonderful job.

  6. A true Argentian footballer with a lot of will and desire although I have to admit that he lacked abilities. It was the biggest mistake of Sampa to take him in 2018…. He plays around 3 full matches in 18 months. Only a coach like Sampaoli is able to accomplish such a performance.

  7. He’s right that reaching the WC Final was amazing itself. Only spoiled entitled shitbags would disagree that it isn’t an accomplishment.

    As for importance and emotional suffering for most fans, WC loss is way worse.

  8. Then again, Rojo was dumb enough to get red carded in 2015 copa, which didn’t help the final result, so I guess I can see why the copa loss was worse…for him atleast.

    • Dont forgot Rojo decided to shoved Mbappe from midfield all the way to penalty area… he’s not necessarily needs to cause Mbappe already losing his balance and in no position to score . Experience defender like him should have know better. At the end of the match, that penalty made 1 goal difference for France.

  9. Bruno Amione, our U-17 Sudamericano Champion is Another Belgrano Cordoba central defender (after Cristian Romero and Cristian Lema) who’s getting interest of European clubs (again Genoa).

  10. I BEG TO DIFFER, losing to Germany in the final when ARGENTINA had several chances while they had one lousy friggin one and scoring in double overtime.

    ARGENTINA winning the world cup on Brazilian soil would have been worth at least two WCS, especially since the krauts TRASHED them 7-1.

    Sometimes while driving alone, whether going to work or the gym or wherever, I replay that game in my mind and I remember how i just sat on the couch silently for about 40 mins without moving a limb.
    I was fucking furious after the two loses to the low-life Chileans but the WC was different.

    • Lothar Mattahus actually thinks Argentina was a better team that day. Germany might had more possession but obviously Argentina had better clear cut chances before Germany scored with few minutes remaining.

      I remember Germany already got few yellows by halftime and I thought wow, we could capitalize that …but then Messi and Palacio also missed their 1 vs 1 chances.

    • Yeah. rojo was monstrous at cb for United several years ago and wc14. But ever since that injury, he’s dropped

      Pastore just made of glass like lamela.

      Still hopefull for paredes though even though PSG (and some NT) fans getting really critical of his lack of defensive contribution.

      • Well his performance of the last few games with PSG was horrible. I think the club is already preparing for the next transfer window for new DMs. Don’t think miracle will happen. His mistake was his move to Russia. Can’t blame some players prefer cash to longer term

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