Lucas OCAMPOS scores in Olympique Marseille win


Lucas OCAMPOS scored for Marseille in their 3-1 win against Guingamp.

The Argentine scored the second goal of the match as he headed the ball to make it 2-0 for Marseille. The goal is his fourth of the season in the league.


    • Because Russia is where a player goes to die, sadly! It’s very sad to see Mammana wasting like that in a nothing league, he’s a true talent and still young enough to re-ignite his career.

    • He was dealing with sterling and he dealt with him well….but I m still worried about his lack of time in spurs ….he is 21 he should be playing more now

      • Spurs isn’t Real or Barca in order to play regularly leave the club if Foyth can’t find his place in B grade club then sorry he isn’t what Argentina need

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