Gonzalo HIGUAIN: “I was afraid to go outside”

Gonzalo HIGUAIN spoke about being afraid to go outside, the criticism he endured and the life of a football player.
The former Argentina man and current Chelsea striker gave an interview with ESPN where discussed all of those things. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have always regretted staying in and not going out in the street for fear of what they might say to me. That was a regret in my life. There are people who do a lot of damage and do bad things without shame that can go outside. And us, we killed no one, who did good things, we only play a sport, we can’t go out?”

In regards to the money earned by football players:

“They always say “With the money that they earn…” but you can’t buy friends. It’s been 14 years that I have been celebrating birthdays and Christmases with distant people. If I want to see my mom, it will take me a 15 hour flight. Obviously I can pay for the flight but I don’t have her 10 minutes away. People don’t see that. What do they see? They see that I score a goal because they pay us for that. They judge us only if we score, I think it’s a little exaggerated but I’m healed from all of that.”

HIGUAIN also mentioned about where he is right now in his life:

“I’m at a stage in my life where nothing can hurt me. I’ve suffered. If I don’t go on to social media, it still gets to you. I’ve played in the best leagues, the best teams, in three World Cup’s and Copa America. At the age of 5, I never would have imagined even 10% of what I accomplished. Why should I be pre-occupied with what people say?”


    • He’s a talented player but he still has the tendency to disappear in certain games, I personally would select Ocampos ahead of him but I wouldn’t be upset if he was called up for Copa.

  1. First, take it easy on the personal attacks….its ok to be passionate but I wouldn’t be passionate over Higuain or Garay. The bottom line is with great fame and success comes great attention; good and bad. Had Higuain converted any of his opportunities, he would be a national hero. He screwed up. He missed the shots. The blame on those opportunities are his and his alone. Just like when he gets paid millions he cashes the checks. He gets the money. It cuts both ways. You can’t have it all and not take shit when you screw up. Thats called life. You learn that lesson at the age of 10 not in your 30’s so stop bitching.

    • you speak the truth one more time.
      you save me from get tired to write the same things.

      i agree with you and i want to add only to Higuain that
      i didn t have mood to go out from my house. i didn t have mood to go to work.
      i didn t had desire to eat and i didn t have the desire to speak with anybody FOR DAYS as result from YOUR MISTAKES.

      do you see me complain to anybody ?
      i learn to live with this because this is life.
      so stop complaining and learn to live with this too.

    • Agreed. You’re right that “you can’t have it all and not take shit when you screw up” but it’s a bit of a catch 22. The more fans talk shit the more insecure he became and worse off the NT became. Everyone loses the more stones we throw…

  2. Ezequel garay is the player with most coward mentality who denied the selection twice and skipped the NT to escape the criticism from Argentine media.What a shame!

      • Everyone know why did he leave real Madrid he was hardly getting play time there just started 9 matches in 3.5 years he would be a bench warmer there in the presence of pepe and Ramos.

        • That is called mentality.Playing time over money or prestige.He could have won there la liga or Champion league. But he just wanted to play.Garay is always consistent unlike Ramos.Sergio Ramos is overrated because in crucial games he always finds net but he is unconsistent

    • Hang on now, according to the guy he never denied the NT but rather was never asked to join the NT, which was a big mistake because Argentina could’ve used him in 2018 and if Scaloni would select him for copa (not gonna happen!) I would be all for it even though he’s on the wrong side of 30.

  3. Bottom line, respect our players. No matter how shit they are, how many chances they miss, or make, they take a huge risk putting that shirt on at all. Playing for Argentina has a huge burden, and it is all caused by the fans, they take the fun out of it, and make fear the fuel. Respect our players please.

  4. Guys be respectful to each other please!!! We support same TEAM also we share same DREAM. So far about Garay? In my opinion if Otamendi-Pezzella here than I don’t want him in NT aswell. Not because of whatever drama going on between him and coaching staff. Simply because I would rather take one young CB who probably will gain some experience. Also Garay not getting younger anymore. So far for experience Otamendi-Pezzella enough for now. Or I don’t mind Garay for Otamendi but don’t really want both of them wasting a place than cry for a young CB in crucial qualifying game. It’s transition time. Don’t want to croll in past for future glory. Not wise I think

    • High chances Girona’ll relegate, lost the last 5 matches, only 2 points over the line…rather stay in Velez, much better than spanish segunda division

  5. Ezequiel GARAY
    “It’s a question for the Argentina coach. I intend to do things well at my club and after that it depends on the coach. It doesn’t depend on me to decide who goes and who doesn’t.

    “A lot of things were said. Did you hear anything coming out of my mouth? No. Listen… I never gave up. I always believe it’s a dream to be able to play for you country.”

    Mrinal1235 (AKA Little Sissy)

    “No wonder why messi doesn’t shakes hand or hugs in the matches against Valencia as it happens with international teammates”

    Pussy, you see how ignorant you are? Garay never refused to represent his country and he was ready to take part in Russia WC and it has a high possibility that he’s still ready to join the team once again if the coach gives him that opportunity. Stop posting theses nonsense comments, you fucking faggot!

    I always see you as a Barca fan who knows very litte about football but pretends to be an Albiceleste die hard fan, you motherfucker!

    • After Argentina loss 1St wc qualifier against Ecuador, garay refused to play next match due to personal reason, there after Martino and later other coaches didn’t call him…

    • Calm down. No need to use foul language. If I remember correctly, Garay’s wife was about to give birth during Copa 15 and Garay was not allowed to leave by Tata. Thus in my view, there were two muddafakkas, Tata for being such an a-hole for banning Garay from NT afterwards and Garay himself (literally since it resulted in a baby).

    • @Dadir10 hey you skank pussy after long time, btw how do know that he didn’t decline the call ,have you sucked his dick and got the information?
      What do you expect from from him that he come in front of media and publicly accepts that that he denied the selection ,he doesn’t have balls to do that.
      And I know your ass is always jealous of barca and messi you asshole.
      Keep licking the ass of useless player you cocksucker.

      • Hey listen here you fucking clit if your mom got raped by your brothers and you couldn’t come home to check on the situation and you had to i instead, play for Argentina again, would you?! No, Garay had to miss the birth of his child no just end up losing, AGAIN! So shut the fuck up and leave this site you dumb fucking fag!

  6. E.Garay and Ramiro Funes Mori would be best CB pair for Argentina. Otamendi should be discarded even man city does not like him and find him useless.Ansaldi and Sarvia or Tagliafico for full back.Tagliafico is improving his skills now his shoot and crosses are good but lacks speed.He is good.Pezella and Kannamen for back up. This backline will be great for NT

    • Mori is an accident waiting to happen sadly while Garay hasn’t been called up in 4 yrs (big mistake!!) so Pezzella, Kanneman and Otamendi would make up a solid list of CBs.
      I think Ansaldi, Saravia, Tagliafico and J.Silva (or possibly L.Martinez) should make up the fullback list.

        • No disrespect funes Mori is very
          Suspect he shouldn’t never be
          Ahead of otamendi and pezzela
          Garay is the one who turned his back
          To the nt I remembered before world cup
          In 2018 sampoali sent scaloni to have
          Chat with him in oder to return the nt .
          But he refused to play to his country
          So forget about him the c….

          • If someone doesn’t want to play for his country then it’s useless to talk about him again again. No wonder why messi doesn’t shakes hand or hugs in the matches against Valencia as it happens with international teammates.

          • Really? Do you have a link to the story? Because if I remember correctly he was asked about it before the world cup and he said that he’d love to come back to the NT, all they have to do is ask him.

            Wonder why he left in the first place, maybe he had a fight with Messi.

  7. Foyth & Gazzaniga played excellent in their last match against ManU
    I think Gazzaniga is the best option we have.
    whenever he got chance he proves himself…

    • What do you think of Matias Pellegrini of Estudiantes? He practiced under batista along with Urzi and several other new players. Should he be a part of u20 WC or the midfield is already packed with other talented players?

      • Some time ago he was hot new name. Now seems to be stabilizing his position in starting eleven of Estu. He, Urzi and Lovera from Rosario Central were showing something really good during Copa de Superliga. These are good options in U-20 WC perspective

  8. Messi Di Maria Aguero Dybala Icardi

    Lo Celso , Banega, Lanzini , Palacios Ascascibar

    Tagaliafico otamendi kannerman mercado

    As long as this is core of squad

    Don’t want Pity Martínez, Benedetto, bustos, near it

  9. Romero

    Saravia. Pezella. C romero. Tagliafico

    Locelso. Parades

    Messi. Dimaria

    This may b a good choice…we lack the service of a good DM….foyth has the ability to be one of the best…its a try..or else use ascacibar or battaglia…icardi and aquero should be swaped….dybala and locelso…another position were we are lacking a good player is the service of a good pacy winger just like mbappe or dembele…can j coorea be a good solution?

      • Did this guy play in Cotif already? His passing is great for a 16 years old, Riquelmesque, he was this born to be playmaker type, Palacios seems the same, very rare this accelerated passer so young, 18 years old Riquelme vs England in U20WC: youtube.com/watch?v=CMORh1UBFlY
        Maybe Palacios will be more mobile and hardworker in defense than Riquelme, but seems not fast enough to be a Messi-like inverted forward playmaker, so he has to be an Iniesta, David Silva etc.-type attacking midfielder who works his socks off without the ball and in defending too, otherwise he wont play in a 3 man midfield, classic 10’s time were way gone. So again there are two ways ahead of him: LFW (not fast enough imo) or mobile, hardworking AM/ZM hybrid like Iniesta, Silva, De Bryune etc, no team plays 4-3-1-2 with classic playmaker anymore.

        • I don’t see him as hardworking in defense neither now nor tomorrow. Don’t think he’s the type.

          ‘classic 10’s time were way gone”

          this is true, however I see in him new version of, say, d’Alessandro, regardless of usefulness of such one thesedays.

        • Tony Kroos. That’s the guy I was thinking about when I watched Matias Palacios. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be as lazy as Paredes.

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