Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI on Sergio AGUERO: “He’s in the race for Copa America”


Argentina national team coach Lionel SCALONI recently gave an interview where he discussed Sergio AGUERO.

The all time leading goal scorer for Manchester City has not been called-up by SCALONI since he took over as coach. However, speaking with Direc TV, the Argentina manager had this to say:

“There’s no problem with Sergio AGUERO and he’s in the race for the Copa America. I can guarantee that I have the best relationship with him and I’ve never had a problem. He’s playing at a very good level and he’s not to be discarded from being in the final list of the Copa America.”

In regards to AGUERO not being called-up:

“It’s not a problem of performance and at one point I thought it would be good to continue with Lautaro MARTINEZ. I value and I know what Sergio can bring to the Argentina national team but I thought it was more important to give Lautaro confidence.”


  1. He is in the race???
    What’s that supposed to mean??
    Who do we have that’s better than him at the moment??
    Icardi just got back he’s not even at full fitness yet

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