Javier PASTORE, Federico FAZIO score in AS Roma win against Cagliari


Javier PASTORE and Federico FAZIO both scored in AS Roman’s 3-0 win against Cagliari.

The two Argentine’s scored their goals in the first eight minutes of the match. Federico FAZIO with a towering header while PASTORE’s well placed right footed shot from the edge of the penalty area made it 2-0 for Roma.

Speaking with AS Roma’s website, here is what coach RANIERI had to say about Javier PASTORE:

“With PASTORE, it’s not a case of getting him to express his potential because his ability is unlimited. I just said to him: ‘Do your thing because there aren’t many players with your talent but defend the way I want you to. If you do that, I’ll be happy.'”


  1. ok. After what I’ve seen of Foyth in the last few matches I am happy to drop Mercado now for the hybrid CB/RB role. My call for the Copa back line is now: Saravia, Montiel, Otamendi, Pezella, Kanneman,Foyth,Tagliafico,Acuna. Now we also have flexibility to carry only seven in the backline dropping montiel, and using Foyth for injury back up in both spots and releasing an extra spot to carry in the midfield.

    • thats likely our best def. Funes Mori could possibly challenge Foyths spot for CB/RB hybrid. Not sure if he has experience but i can see him there in desperate times.

      Whos your 3 for goalie?

  2. if Argentina win the world cup 2022 lineup should be like
    GK(like Neuer/casilas) – RB(like Zabaleta) Foyth Romero – Tagliafico – Lo celso DM( like mashche/kante) Palacios – Messi Winger(like mbappe) – Icardi/lautaro

  3. Argentina was wining against France for a moment sudden 2-1 lead turn into 2-4 then loard sampa brings meza because he promise game time after spending with him on bed the day before, introducing aguero much later who can threat any defense, playing the Prime minister Mache every single minute despite performing back to back disaster class performance, 2018 was the best chance for Argentina to win the world cup can’t predict 2022 because U20 and Olympic tournament yet to be played and will messi maintain his best 2022 also a big question and Aguero will not be the same after 2019, Dimaria already finished our current generation is good but not enough to win world cup but they can win copa 2019 with Lo Celso, Paredes, Ascaliber etc. For wining worldcup need world class player like kante progba or kroos ozil or xavi inesta, only hope is Argentina surprise in this year U20 Worldcup and medicore players is going to replace soon

  4. Actually during Sabella’s tenure and especially when he found his momentum we didn’t only loose by a big margin but we barely lost in general by any team, we only lost in the final even though we were clearly the better team! You are right, our main problem is people who run Argentina national team and the coach of course. Once we had a sensible and pragmatic coach throughout all these years and we almost won the world cup at his first ever tournament with the national team.

    Look at Germany in 2014, they didn’t have Maradona neither Messi who are the two greatest ever played the game, they didn’t even have phenomenal players such as Batistuta, Caniggia, Redondo, Zanetti and others that we used to have, but they had good players in almost every position and of course a good coach whom they gave several chances to remain at the helm.

    So yes, at the bottom line, if we don’t put someone on the helm to handle all these talented players we are talking about and form a well oiled team we will fail once again.

    • Yupp Someone to handle the Talents well. Even though the production house has slowed down a bit, Argentina will always produce talents, Even the Current generation Players are sufficient to make a solid team. They may be weaker compared to the previous golden Generation, But they can cut the job.

      Lo Celso, Paredes, Ascacibar, Palacios, Icardi, Dybala, L.Martinez, A Correa, J.Correa, Lanzini, Lamela, Foyth, Battaglia, Tagliafico, Pezzella, Andrada, Musso, Benitez, Gazzaniga etc etc add to that the likes of experienced fellows like Messi, Aguero, Banega. And even add the Mixture of under 20’s too (Why Not De La vega, Almada, etc etc) there r ample enough resources to mold a superb team, under a right coach.

    • In 2014 Germany had the best squad ever i seen, Spain in 2010 also had great squad but since i was to little to understand football. In 2014 Germany had best GK Neuer, best full back Lahm, best MF Bastinan swanstiker, Peck Ozil and Muller, one of the greatest midfielder of all time Kroos and experience Klose who is always best at International label, i don’t think any team have this kind of luxury. Also forget to mention Boitang and Hamuels at their best in 2014 and compare with Argentina, average Gk, decent full back and defense, worst midfield, injury prone winger and choker forward. No chance for Argentina to win in 2014 also messi might be young in 2014 but not versatile like now, in 2010 even peck messi performed poorly for Argentina. Messi upgrading himself to much better player now which he used to be at young age. In 2018 France wining world cup is completely fluke, Argentina have much better chance to win the world cup 2018 as well as Brazil. But wrong team selection cost Argentina where France chose exactly right player ignoring the experience factor, Messi at 19 would have performed much better than mbappe at 19 because of the talent messi have noone ever can match but cowered team management destroyed messi two worldcup.

  5. Our problem is most of the times when we look on paper our team always looks great. Imagine Aguero – Messi – Di Maria etc etc on paper looks so intimidating because each of them plays spectacularly for their clubs, Core problem is each of the players are lost when playing for the NT. Why is it like that?? Why dont the AFA start from the scratch and solve the core problem?? The Coach. A good tactician should be the basic foundation.

    As per me we wasted a year with Scaloni experiment(I like him, He brought fresh young players to the team as it should be) but he is not a coach with any experience, This is not Club football, This is Argentina NT one of the most prestigious teams in World football, AFA really messed it up, May be because of Money constraints or whatever they should have brought at least some one with experience. the least they could do for the NT Damit…

    Had there there was better Tactician like Sabella no matter which player is playing, Either Di maria or Either pity don’t matter. The coach will use who in his view fit his tactics. I still remember we were all panicking during the starting tenure of Sabella who were always favoring his former Estudiantes players and some average players like Guinazu etc etc,(Even we lost some matches vs Venezuela etc if i m not wrong) but still he pulled it off. He got it together and almost win the Damn thing. One thing which was very clear under Sabella, We rarely lost matches on heavy Margins, Why? because he really know what he wanted, Its as simple as that. Without a good Coach we are not going to Win anything. Doesn’t matter if whoever is chosen Messi, Dimaria, Aguero etc etc.

  6. Lo Celso with a brilliant assist last night against Espanyol. He is such a joy to watch ,always seems like creating something, had a Messi like run too at first half,just could not find the net. He is what Argentina missed over the last decade. Its shivering to imagine Messi and Aguero upfront with Lo Celso behind.

  7. Watching Godoy Cruz – Boca have the constatation than Boca after some break has bunch of good youngsters getting more and more: Obando, Almendra, Reynoso, Capalado, Weignandt (and the massively talented 17 yo Chilean Cortes). To that Andrada, Pavon.

    On the other side was Angel Gonzalez which was close to join Boca. Since years outstanding for Godoy Cruz. Similar to Vargas or Papu Gomez.

      • Yes. Actually Godoy was the better team most of the game.

        I don’t know wheter Cortes may choose Argentina but with this talent he would be big star of Chile

  8. For the Bielsa fans, check this out. What a clusterfuck! lol


    • I don’t think third place will give Leeds automatic promotion to the premier league. I’d love to see Biesla back in main stream football.

  9. Pity showed really poor display after being subbed off. MLS supporters saying he’s been really really underwhelming. Many say he’s outright terrible. If he can’t make it in MLS, I can’t see him being a NT priority.


    • What’s your suggestion? He is not enough good for MLS? Argentina league is better than MLS. And he get the award of best SA player. He is simply not in right place. Just like Papu Gomez was withering in Ukraine. Now one of best players of Serie A. Pity’s confidence is low now and for the reason I don’t think he is priority, but still one of 3 (or so) best options for left wing. Need back to the optimal mentall form.

      • My suggestion for *Copa leans towards form.

        If Di Maria sucked ass in league, i’d have similar reservations and that applies to everyone. It doesn’t mean they can’t do well for NT despite poor league form, but probabilty wise, form matters.

        • I expect Pity to be there for COPA,
          LoCelso, Pity and L.Martinez linked well with Messi for their first game together vs Venezuela.

          I think going to the MLS was not the smart decision, but Pity has settled in the NT I think.

        • You got, what you asked for..probably you must have chuckled at your own comment..

          take it easy mate…be sensible..this argentina is in transition..do not expect glory immediately and Pity is a good player..

          • Ok we are waiting for 25 years and we will wait for next 25 years no problem. According to you how much time needed to complete the transition and expect the glory. Look at the Netherlands it took 6 months for the transition and now they are looking like world beaters. In argentina there had never been enough time Sampoli took 8 months for nothing and scaloni is doing all the stupidity he wants with no tactical knowledge. AFA is doing all the idiocy and fans like you keep supporting them for no reason.

          • Mrinal

            you say false things. Koeman is since february 2018 with Netherlands and the process of transition started there even before. Read the words below and notice it sounds similar to Argentina case. Every transition needs time, This is not 6 months process:

            “A lack of stability, a crisis in identity and the old guard slowly falling away saw the Dutch struggle massively in a transitional time for the great footballing nation. Failures to qualify for Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup were huge disappointments and not something this powerhouse was used to on the national stage.

            It was clear that the passing of a ‘Golden Generation’ without any trophies to show for it was disheartening and seen as an opportunity missed. Some optimists however were still managing to stay positive and saw it as an opportunity to welcome in a new generation of talent- and this is exactly what has happened.

            The current squad looks almost unrecognisable to that of 4 years ago- only four players from their most recent squad were in the 2014 World Cup squad which further illustrates this. The only survivors from that side that managed a 3rd place finish are Daley Blind, Stefan De Vrij, Georginio Wijnaldum and Memphis Depay.

            Under Ronald Koeman however, the Netherlands have made great strides and appear to be heading very much in the right direction. Determined to return to the greatest stage it would appear that the ‘Oranje’ have heavily invested in youth, placing trust in the next generation to express themselves and deliver results”.

          • So how many argentine players are left from WC 2014 messi,aguero ,di maria and romero.
            Netherland couldn’t play in WC in june and in October they are playing at the highest level.

          • They couldn’t play on WC because the qualifiers oare few years long. The collapse period was for them much longer than you suggest (6 months).

    • “You never read Gonzalo pointing blame on coach or other players and saying he should demand change. Instead it’s constant focus on Messi Messi Messi Messi”.


      Sorry for out of time reaction but why you do not read my posts actually? Why? I wrote in previous post I don’t know who is to blame for the Messi dependency situation but for sure not Messi himself. This is rather years long processing into blind alley .

      • You don’t know who is to blame yet the vast majority of your Messi comments are negative? Come on man.. like I said, most comments paint messi negative and rarely do you criticize coaches. I could be wrong but that’s what I perceive. Sorry if I’m wrong.

        • “vast majority of your Messi comments are negative? ”


          Every game Messi is 100 times better than any other our player but the fact is that ATM our coaches cannot to do something to make of his presence something more than one man show. Lo Celso, Paredes and others looks more creative and mature when left on themselves.

    • I still maintain that pity is a big talent but he had an awful match against Venezuela (as did most of the team) and his form in the MLS has been abysmal (according to reports) so that complicates the issue of him being called up especially when you have players like Maria, J.Correa, A.Correa, Ocampos and Papu Gomez who can occupy the same position and are in better form while playing in stronger leagues.

      To be honest I’m all torn here, I really like Pity but on his current reported form I can’t condone his selection above the players I mentioned. A player’s fitness level and form are essential, especially in competitions. Sergio Romero hardly plays for club but he’s ALWAYS stepping up for the NT so he gets a pass while the same can’t be said about most of the players selected by Scaloni because he’s selected so many and hardly stuck with any of them for more than a handful of matches.

      • I could say the same. And don’t forget about Matias Suarez – the player who was the only good (along with Kannemann) on both last 2 games. In a way ATM I prefer J.Correa, Suarez and Papu Gomez over Pity.

        • Disagree with you guys come on the guy
          He just moved new environment he needs to settle before we throw him away same goes Leo parades I can’t believe some people in here getting all the excuses
          When comes to some players who has been under performing for the nt years yet again they bashing likes pity and Paredes whom hardly reach 10 caps for the nt where is the logic?
          put this way I will start pity and
          I will Olso love to see j Correa be in
          The copa squad personally
          I won’t take Gomez

          • The logic is that Copa is in less than 1 month. To you point, pity needs more time so of course should be given more chances but is right now the best decision for the team when the clock is ticking and no time is left

        • I won’t write him off for one poor show,yet

          I think both Martinez, Pity and Lautaro along with Paredes are already part of the 23 for COPA

          • One poor showing alone should be ignored.

            Its a combo of that game as well underwhelming league performance that’s unsettling. When players aren’t doing well in league, it’s only natural to sure concern and perhaps give priority to inform players. Not sure id drop though. Tough situation.

            With Paredes, both league and NT are underwhelming but we simply don’t have options so easier to justify.

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