Angel DI MARIA scores roulette goal for PSG in loss against Montpellier


Angel DI MARIA scored for PSG in their 3-2 loss against Montpellier.

The reigning Ligue 1 champions lost their second match in a span of a few days, this time in the league. With the score at 1-1, DI MARIA was at the end of a loose ball in the penalty area, spun around the goalkeeper doing a roulette and scored to give PSG the lead.

DI MARIA’s goal was his number 10 in the league, 17 in all competitions.


  1. I just hope Di Maria if he is selected for the 2019 Copa perform for the NT similar to what he does for his club, I have lost track of how many times i have hoped for that false hope. Sighss..

  2. Messssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Farmer league player Tagliafico probably in the CL final.
    Paredes will also prove himself.

    • Trust me the farmer looked like a great
      Left back last nigh everything of his
      Game were superb for paredes
      I don’t have any doubt he will be
      Prove everyone wrong weather
      Is PSG or Argentina nt…

  3. Paredes can’t be no 5. He is too slow and relatively weak in defense. His dribbling ability and shooting skill is decent .IMO this player only can be a substitute because he isn’t lo celso type nor no 10 and No 5

    Juan foyth or Joaquin pereyra maybe Argentina’s future No.5 Together with Santiago COLOMBATTO , Tomas Belmont. But I prefer the first two

    Lo celso ,Juan foyth plus Joaquin Correa that is a good combination .messi on The right ,di maria on the left. Aguero the striker

  4. What happened to Paredez exactly tells us how disastrous to player’s career when he plays in Russia, MLS or Mexico. Paradez will never become world-class because he has wasted 2 years in garbage league when he needed to grow.

    We should never select any players if they go to garbage leagues. If Messi plays for Atlanta United now, he is permanently removed from national squad!

    • Your logic is so horrible! If Messi decides to move to another team, you will remove him? Our all time top scorer? Our best playmaker? Our gem? Our captain? The best player in history? Even if he is still playing great after 30? Insane, the only thing that should be removed is you from the face of this planet! Fuck you!

      • > Insane, the only thing that should be removed is you from the face of this planet! Fuck you!

        sometimes your insults crack me up. haha.

    • Karl I get why u would feel this way but it’s not entirely true, take Lanzini for example, he was playing in the middle east for crying out loud and when he moved to the premier league people thought it was joke but he shocked everyone and if he wasn’t made of glass (sadly!!) he’d be one of the top players there.
      Another example is Brazil’s Paulinho who was playing in china and when Tite called him up the brazilian fans had a fit but he proved to be vital to the team’s resurgence.
      Tagliafico is playing in the dutch league, which is considered to be far below the russian league yet do you think they should dismiss him from the NT?
      Paredes hasn’t been good but I think the french media (particularly that of Paris) seem to have found a scapegoat to focus all the blame onto instead of blaming the s*** management who froze out Rabbiot because he said he doesn’t want to continue with the club after the season’s end or that idiot Tuchel who let a gem like Celso go for peanuts even when they needed midfielders. So now every damn game they lose is Paredes’s fault even though it’s clear that the team has ZERO motivation to continue playing after crapping the bed so hard.
      I still believe in Paredes, the boy has skill and vision and just like he proved to be a success in Italy he can succeed in a farmer league like league 1 but stop using the guy as a damn 5! HE IS NOT A 5! Instead of spending 100 mill + on a big attacking signing they should invest in a couple of defensive players like Kante and maybe Ascacibar or maybe they should take a shot on a player like Nico Dominguez from Velez just like they took a shot on a little known player from Rosario called LoCelso.

  5. Dimaria will most-likely get selected in the Copa squad will also be a starter. His mediocre mid-field skills and poor fitness might have cost us big time but in the last few years his goal scoring skills has certainly improved a lot!!As I have mentioned multiple time here in the past, Dimaria is more of a striker now!! I think his best position should be left side forward in the national team. If we could line up some hardworking mid field and players and defenders behind Dimaria-Aguero_Messi then we could finally end our trophy drought this season. We certainly have some good players in our midfield now.
    Palcious is back from injury hopefully he will get his form back, De-paul is another solid find for us, Roberto Pereyra has 2 lungs and Guido Rodriguez played very good in the last game. I don’t how comfortable will Lo-celso feel playing as a CM when his role with his club is far more attacking, but he could be our the perfect substitute for Dimaria or vice versa!!! Paredes certainly shouldn’t be our no-5 but he is a good CM if we could play him along side a proper no-5! Our defense also looks solid with Talgiafico-Pezzella-Otamendi-Saravia. Otamendi is the weakest link there but we could certainly make use of his experience for this Copa. Only spot we are still vulnerable is our GK position. Icardi is also must and he should be a Aguero’s backup!! I am not sold on Armani. I am a big Romero hater but I would still prefer Romero over Armani. We should have stuck with 2 young GKs right after the wc and we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place! Dybala and Mercado are our two weak links beside Armani. Mercado if picked should never ever play as a s CB for us again and I am not sure what role low in confidence Dybala will play for us, when we have Lautaro Martinez who is a better finisher !!

    • Completely agree with your lineup although id like to see Martinez as Aguero backup as i think Icardi going through a small slump. Dybala as Messi or Aguero sub. Banega as lo Celso and Pardes sub. @el-mongol raises good point about taking Foyth over Mercado for CB / RB hybrid role.

      Di Maria – Aguero – Messi

      Palacios – Guido – Lo Celso

      Tagliafico – Pezzella – Otamendi – Saravia


  6. there is a chance that jonathan silva of leganes fc could be transfered to atletico madrid next season,jonathan silva could be a valuable backup for tagliafico or maybe even overtake him as a starter in NT he is better than acuna in LB position ,acuna is decent in midfield where he plays mostly for his club hopefully scaloni calls walter benitez,jonathan silva,cristian romero,guido rodriguez,and sergio aguero only these 5 are enough new players to be called for NT there is no need to call many new players in a friendly before a competion like copa america since there should be contunity in NT and other players called till now by scaloni are decent

    • I don’t think Silva would do well at Atletico, he’s superb at attacking (2nd only to Alba in terms of goals created/scored at Spain) but he’s suspect in defense and Simeone is more about tight matches and defensive solidarity than open attacking football. Personally speaking though I would like to see Silva in the NT as a backup to Tagliafico, especially in games where a team would park the bus against Argentina, which is something that happens way too often.

    • I’m a big fan of Jonathan Silva and he should be in copa as taglafico back up, after jordi alba he is the best left back of the LA liga this season…

  7. Fortunate to see Juve vs Inter at San Siro in person last Sat. Amazing experience, shame Dybala was MIA and Martinez only played 10 minutes. ICardi was pretty poor especially in second half, fans were screaming for Martinez. Spalletti is such garbage, same ol same ol hard to watch.

  8. If Paredes is our 5 for the copa, we will be fucked for sure. Completely transparent and lost ball in critical position, he reminded me of Biglia 2018. The worst thing of a midfielder is to hide from his team mates and afraid of receiving the ball. I am not even sure if he deserves to be in the 23. His Russian years definitely killed his career. If he played at this level against Montpellier and Rennes, don’t expect any miracle in 2 months.

      • It’s exactly like Rojo and Biglia last year just before the WC. Its impossible to change a player within 2 months. I think the reason why he had so much playing time with his club because they have already secured their champion title of L1. Personally I haven’t seen a DM so fragile since long long time. Just to give you guys an idea, Biglia of 2018 wasn’t worse than him

        • I’m not here to defend paredes or any
          Other player but I’m trying to be logic
          How can someone blame paredes
          For PSG losing games let me tel you
          Something mate PSG got nothing
          To play for they dominated French
          Football years their season were over the
          Day they lost against man utd.
          Another point why re we obsessed this
          Defensive midfielder things don’t you
          Guys remember we had mascherano
          Who was best defensive midfielder we
          Had years plus biglia who was good
          From 2014 to 2016 for that we suffered
          Lack of contribution from our midfielder
          That was one of the main reasons we
          Couldn’t score a single goal in three
          Finals. Now when we have good midfielder
          Players like paredes and lo celso whom
          Have the creativity we been crying for last
          Few years both a long side with lanzini
          can feet Our attackers and we disregard them because they had bad game against velanzuala
          So what that is friendly game the problem
          Of Argentina is not only the players
          It’s the lack of identity the system of play
          Let us come forward if you guy’s say
          Paredes not good lo celso can’t play
          As midfielder Ascacibar not good enough
          The local players are not up to the task
          Than I wonder what you guys want .

          As me .
          Honestly speaking I’m more optimistic
          Than before for Argentina nt.
          Just wait and see you guys may think
          What the hell is he talking about
          But I have my reasons to be optimistic
          For albicelestes we had our difficulty
          Years but now it’s time turn the page
          And stay positive I almost certain
          this generation of lo celso paredes
          L Martinez palacios foyth Romero
          And the up come stars likes thiago almada
          And the most of under 20s now
          Whom will play world cup in Poland
          This month. will win Argentina senior
          Team For some trophies next few years.

          • Agree with u @Godin, I really dont know how on earth we can blame a player who has played only 10 Matches(Even less than that) based on 1 or 2 matches performance, Paredes was never a proper number 5 like Battaglia or Ascacibar. If we have to put him in a bracket we can call him a Deep lying play maker, He will thrive if played along with a proper number 5, Now if he is played as a Number 5 its obvious he will perform bad. I really dont know what some r talking about. Its not Paredes fault that he is played as Number 5 Its the Coach’s fault.

            As per our current situation we dont have any other choice,other than to carry on with the current generation players. We cant go back to the older players which wont bring you nothing. Give proper game time for each new player then only we can have an opinion.

          • Godin, mon ami, it’s not one or the other – we need both types of midfielders.

            Paredes is not masche and never will be. The problem is that we had world class Masch but no attacking/creative as support. The problem now is the opposite, just attacking and no defense.

          • Mik, i don’t think anyone is calling for masche or biglia. People are just venting that theres an obvious defensive void in the mid.

    • Come one royal aren’t you exaggerating abit? Granted Paredes hasn’t lit the world on fire but PSG as a whole are godawful.
      Paredes has considerable talent but he’s not a 5 and shouldn’t be played as one and to keep trying to play him as one will only result in failure. PSG need to buy someone like Kante who can act as a libero and give players like Paredes and Veratti space to create. With all that being said and based on what I’ve seen (at PSG and more importantly with Argentina) Paredes has no business starting for the seleccion. Banega and maybe Palacios (if and when he recovers) are much more suitable IMO but I wouldn’t have anything against him being on the bench.

    • I agree Paredes as our No-5 is a time bomb waiting to explode!! He is not only slow, his decision making is very poor as well. We had a perfect no-5 Battaglia, but he is injured and it is a big big blow, the man was one of the best find for us post disastrous world cup. Guido Rodriguez did impress in last game and if he can give similar performance then he should be ahead of Paredes!!

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