Lionel MESSI scores winning goal for FC Barcelona to clinch league title


Lionel MESSI scored the winning goal for FC Barcelona in their 1-0 victory against Levante.

With the league title on the line, Lionel MESSI started the match for the Catalan’s on the bench. He was substituted in and scored the league winning goal. A lovely left footed finish from inside the penalty area was the only goal of the match.

The league title is number 10 of Lionel MESSI’s career and for Barcelona, it’s 8 league trophies in 11 seasons.

Congratulations to Lionel MESSI!


  1. I always think this, Before Messi the Football pundits where always blabbering about, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo they always hail these guys(they were great players too) Even Beckham, Roberto carlos etc were also hailed. But our players like Riquelme, Aimar, Batistuta, Crespo, Veron, Ayala, Zanetti etc never been received what they deserved that much.

    But Since Messi came, All these pundits were forced to accept his magic(All the above mentioned great players combined in one(Apart from the Defenders). That’s what Messi has done for all the Argentine football fans. For that I am always thankful to Messi, An Argentine player who has been able to give such a joy to an Argentine Football fan.

    Off the Topic, Was watching a random Video Riquelme was toying with players like Figo, Cambiasso etc, What a player, Why don’t we produce players like that. He moves in a particular way, like an upgraded version of Iniesta(Only player who remotely resembles Riquelme)

  2. Congratulations to u Mr. 🐐!
    Want to see Copa & WC trophy at ur hand like this in shaa Allah. Never give up & pls try untill the end, if not, ok no problem, but pls keep going till Qatar’22!
    Love u MESSI!

  3. To make a long story short, Barcelona coach said that Barcelona has been the Winning Barcelona for so long and the core reason is MESSI……..he said players have come and gone, coaches have come and gone strategies have come and gone and Messi has always been the constant behind all that success.

    With Kun, I never dreamed that he would be the success he has been since day 1 there, I thought a solid scorer, maybe a title or two…etc I couldn’t have been happier in being so wrong.

    I still believe these two have some DOING to do with ARGENTINA.

    • Aguero has scored 100+ goals in La liga before he even moved to City in his early 20’s. He won 2 Youth title with Argentina and also the Olympics where he scored twice in semifinal against Brazil.

  4. Messi has won 10 league titles and till playing at his best. Aguero just scored City’s winner, and they’re closer to the title aswell.

    Messi is approaching 50 goals in all competition, while Aguero has reached 30 goals.

  5. In the last 11 seasons Barcelona has won 8 la-ligas. Barca has achieved this feat because of genius and consistency of Messi. A team no matter how strong needs luck factor to win a cup competition but a league is where consistency is required to win it. I was a toddler when Maradona played , so I don’t know if he maintained the same consistency over a decade but Messi has been doing it for over a decade and he has made us so used to it that every football fan thinks its normal. I think this season specifically Messi had relatively least support and he had to carry the whole team till the end. His team was full of aging players going downhill and new and young players like Coutino and Dembele were performing below par. This season is reply to those people doubting Messi won’t make it to the next world cup. He is more fitter than a 25 year old and with his extremely rare talent I still believe he can win the next world cup. All we need is a good manager who can assemble a proper team.

    • Well, Maradona did play at highest level for at least a decade. When he played for Argentinos juniors , he was Primera top scorer 5 consecutive seasons , he moved to Boca the next season and won league title. That was 1976-1981 (and you could add World youth cup thropy & golden boots in 1979) . Even though he only won Copa del rey with Barca, he still scored 38 goals + many assists in 58 games (highlights can be found easily on youtube). Between 84-90, he was undisputed best player on the planet (2 WC finals plus 5 thropies with underdog Napoli) , despite playing mainly as midfielder, he still managed to became serie A top scorer and Coppa Italia top scorer.

      Now the biggest difference would be the fact that Messi still the best on the planet at 30+ years old while Maradona’s career (as best footballer) pretty much ended in early 90’s when he was 30 years old, he was constantly battling addiction and was suspended multiple times, playing in various clubs.

  6. Guys Sampa says that taking over Argentina will always result in failure….who told him to bring Rojo who 3 match in 18 month, to bench Aguero, to leave Garay and take Fazio. Who are Acuna, Armani, Willy, E. Perez…

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