Luciano VIETTO to join Sporting Lisbon from Atletico Madrid


Luciano VIETTO will reportedly join Sporting Lisbon next season.

Per a report by Portuguese media A Bola, the Argentine will be signing a five year deal with Sporting Lisbon. VIETTO, who is presently on loan at Fulham from Atletico Madrid, will be leaving Diego SIMEONE’s team and joining the Portuguese club.

VIETTO has played for five different clubs since leaving Racing Club and playing in Europe. He signed with Villarreal in 2014 before joining Atletico Madrid. From there, he went on loan to Sevilla, Valencia and Fulham.


  1. The problem is Not Messi, Nor any other player, We need to have a proper Coach. Sabella used to play with Sosa etc etc during the starting of his tenure and he still won matches, Gradually he replaced Sosa with better players like Lavezzi, Augusto etc That’s what a good Coach can do, with the available players we have we can definitely build a Solid team, But need a Good Coach.

    I think i can identify what @Gonzalo is trying to say.He is not a Messi Hater or a Messi Follower. He is an Argentine Football Follower. Messi can be an intimidating figure because of his ability, Which is by no means his fault. Its not his problem that he has an extra ordinary Footballing mind. Playing alongside him can definitely impact other players if they r young then its more tough. Its not like in Barca where even the young or new players can easily adapt to play with Messi, Because they have far more time to play each other,Lots of training sessions. We cant expect our Youngsters to gel with Messi’s style with in very less training time. Logically speaking.

    He was actually supposed to be a Jewel in the Crown for us, but unfortunately he forever will be a contradicting figure in Argentine Football. And i don’t see that changing. As of now the Copa looks doomed for us. Barring a Miracle..Fingers crossed.

    • frankly speaking, you put your finger on the core of the problem,
      now we can approach this problem in 2 methods

      1- keep Messi and some of the best in form players of his generation and introduce ‘gradually ‘
      new players and give them more playing time to adapt , OR

      2- Drop Messi and the whole generation and build new team with new identity.

      those 2 solutions represent the 2 opposite sides of the discussion.

      I am for the first option, because We can preserve the Identity of the NT while keeping our competitive edge . Clearly it had been a year that we took the 2nd option and still Argentina has no identity. I think with option one We can go forward and will take less time to achieve the objective of a ‘REBUILD’ . While option 2 might take us double the time needed. We will have strong team eventually, because Argentina is a power house, but it will be long before having a formidable team. We said before that introducing many many new players on constant basis will just make us lose direction, and we did.

      • I would also like to go with your option 1, No one wants Messi to be dropped. No way, But we need to have a system which can function with Messi or without Messi. Thats it. (Better easy to say than doing)

        Only Players i would even consider taking back for us would be Messi, Otamendi, Aguero, and Banega. No one else. But above all we need some one who can guide us for some years to take us to the Top. Only with a good coach we can achieve that, No Matter how many great players we have.

        • “Messi, Otamendi, Aguero”
          I would go with these three, too
          But as you said
          “Only with a good coach we can achieve that, No Matter how many great players we have.”

          • If I were AFA ruler, I’d go with Messi, Aguero, Otamendi, Banega, and Di Maria…

            First three obvious. With banega, we lack a deep lying playmaker. Paredes should be out but needs more time. El Fideo still capable of winning games on his own and still very useful.

          • I share your view, of course, but did not want to start a stormy argument, again 🙂
            SO, I settled for the first three 🙂 🙂 “Chuckle”
            OR as MR. Burns tone in the Simpsons : “eggcellent”

      • You know my vote. 😄

        #2 is meant for nutcases without any brains and reasoning left. I can’t even fathom some joker pitching the idea to any competent futbol org.

  2. I love watching heinze’s velez
    They play beautiful football
    Thiago almada is really good
    I see why fcb and man city want
    To pay 25 million for 18 years old kid
    It’s way too early to predict but the
    Boy is really really talented
    Watch the space…

  3. I personally don’t think there has ever been an ad hominem attack on Messi from Gonzalo. It’s more nuanced than that. Rather, what he’s been saying is that other players are so in awe of Messi that they look like a shadow of themselves on the pitch. That’s not Messi’s fault though. Messi a genius and possibly the best player of all time but we need a team.

    • No one is calling it an attack. It’s an easy excuse. I personally don’t understand the logic. Players can’t play its Messi’s fault. Someone is shy about taking a souvenir and hence it’s Messi’s fault and so get rid of him.

      Also I have been reading for long and it’s kind of getting tiring hearing about all world class young stars who have achieved nothing.

      Will see who is next argentine ballon dor after Messi

      • “It’s an easy excuse. I personally don’t understand the logic. Players can’t play its Messi’s fault. Someone is shy about taking a souvenir and hence it’s Messi’s fault and so get rid of him.”

        It’s the new ‘illogical’ logic my friend, drop your most talented players so less talented players can ‘mature’

        baseless ‘logic’ . and at the end be called Messi’s fan boy.
        a player with Messi’s caliber has to step aside for players like LoCelso or Paredes or Zaracho to have more freedom to ‘prosper’ and mature, they don’t play good when he is around, so get rid of him, where is their professionalism, eagerness, love for their country, aspirations, willingness to play the game? when they are not even 10% of his talent. I though I have seen it all. but I keep getting surprised. saying this to someone who has the slightest idea about football, will make them roll their eyes with astonishment. and then the only reasoning behind that is this generation did not win anything, so let us just scrap them all and build a brand new team for the future, which future? any successful future plans has to take the past and the present into consideration. they keep talking about WC2022 as a given fact that if we drop a whole generation we will win the WC. overlooking 3 FIFA tournaments and qualification process. it’s like a magic switch, get rid of a whole generation and there you have it, a winning NT.
        some can go ahead and call me Messi fan boy for stating the obvious reality.

        • It’s really funny!!!
          We are the only ones in this world who complains about having the best player in the history and wants to cannot wait to get rid of him. Just ask Spain, Brazil, Italy or Germany if they would like to have Messi. Somehow I feel I know what their answers will be 🙂

    • Its not nuanced at all because hes constantly focused on the negative. It’s quite obvious he’s blaming and focusing negative attention on Messi after hundreds of posts. Lo Celso plays better without messi, players are star struck, etc. Im not saying he doesnt like messi or think Messi doesnt play well but he is assigning blame.

      This post is a good example. He highlights that players are in awe of Messi (true statement) which ultimatly translates into poor performances on the pitch. He chooses to focus on Messi and the negative.

      I read the same story and my first reaction is to focus on the coach. Its his responsibility to ensure his team plays well. If the players aren’t supporting and stepping up when Messi is on the pitch, then fucking bench em! The coach should demand from players. Its not Messi fault.

      That’s the problem though.

      You never read Gonzalo pointing blame on coach or other players and saying he should demand change. Instead it’s constant focus on Messi Messi Messi Messi.

  4. I have been here long enough, 7 years. worldcupblog since 2004 and an Argentina fan since 1982. I have seen a lot!!!

    Gonzalo, my friend, nothing personal against you, but you represent the problem of Argentine soccer. The reason why we do not win anything, or win very less.

    Starting with the organization AFA, coaching staff, players and fans all have found a very convenient excuse for failure – LIONEL MESSI!!! For the last 15 years its a great time if you are not Messi. AFA don’t have to take any ownership or responsibility to win a tournament, coaches don’t have to work hard any apply thoughts to win a tournament, fellow players don’t have to show up and take responsibility and now it seems like new generation also don’t have to own it up because they are scared of Messi. People like Gonzalo and Argentine media is there to cover up for you, they are watching your back and there to blame Messi.

    A part of me wished he did not come back to play again. Would have loved to see who steps us a leader, both on and off the field. Which of these so called world class young stars take us to glory this year? Messi’s desire to win and love for the country allows Gonzalo’s of this world hide from responsibilities.

    Anyhow, the guy is already close to 32. So only a few years. Soon the excuse will be gone. There will be no one to blame. Time to show up, have your own desire to win something for the country – Messi or no Messi.

  5. When River Plate were suffering a few seasons ago and hired Gallardo, one of the people he brought on his staff was a psychotherapist. Not anybody but one of the leading FEMALE psychotherapists in the field. It was a big deal because females were not hired that high in the primera. Her role was to work on the players mental blocks everyday and turn them into athletes with a winning mentality. Gallardo attributes a lot of recent River success to that.

    When I read anything about the NT – Higuains sitting in his home alone for days, youngsters feeling shy about seniors, players cracking under pressure, inability of players to adjust personal life in Europe etc. I have long felt an important hire for the NT staff more than technical football matters would be someone who works on players psychology. I feel like the importance of that is not well understood in NT right now.

    • You raise a very interesting topic that isn’t discussed nearly as much as it should.

      Argentines are very emotional. I think they have the highest number of therapists per capita in the entire world (fact check needed 😀)! Gallardo doing the right thing. Di Maria and Higuain openly discussing everyone sees how much NT players suffer.

      To your point, if they haven’t already, the AFA should certainly hire one.

      (Heck, why stop there as broken emotional fans could also use it! I kid..)

  6. Funny thing is some were talking up Scaloni and how he will change everything because he is young and he was calling up local media favorites. Now those talks have disappeared. It’s back to Messi’s fault once again.

    How do you want to steady a ship that has wound up a number of experienced coaches? By hiring a complete novice. Why? Because he won’t listen to the “Friends Club”. So a couple of months away from another major tournament, we dont know what is our core lineup, what is our playing identity. What has improved in our midfield or, do we actually have any midfield at all? Since we are now exactly where we were before the wc, minus some old, worn out players like Mascherano and Biglia, now we need to find some excuses. So lets get back to “it’s Messi’s fault” once again.

    Gonzalo, among all of the senior people at Mundo, you’re the most welcoming guy on this forum. I respect you for that. But your blind hatred, disliking or, whatever you call it, towards Messi is absolutely irritating. How can you keep blaming one guy when we’ve always had a nonexistent midfield? You never seem to point your anger, frustration towards our NT legends who played for us and failed to lift a cup before Messi arrived on the national stage. By hook or, crook, you just want to get rid of Messi.

    • ” But your blind hatred, disliking or, whatever you call it, towards Messi is absolutely irritating”.


      You need to know I’m totally cold and indiferent to the accusations of being Messi hater. Simply: not true. I don’t feel like speak my personal confession of faith and orthodoxy by praising Messi on request.

      “How can you keep blaming one guy when we’ve always had a nonexistent midfield? ”

      Read my comment below to see who I’m blaming actually and who do not.

      • “Why do Lo Celso plays like a world class player without Messi and plays bad when Messi is around. “… (Sorry, I dont remember your exact quote)

        Yeah, I think I understand you perfectly. I will remember this line for the rest of my life LMAO

        • And? Do you want to deny Lo Celso showed more creativity and initiative on the previous games when Messi was not there? Why? because Messi was everywhere, monopolyizing often the playmaking works (not only becauase of dropping deep). The same goes for Paredes. He was not much visible as playmaker when Messi was on the pitch.

          • If Messi plays, he’ll be our no. 10. In his absence, Lo Celso can move up the field and assume that no. 10 role. In Messi’s presence, Lo Celso should be used as CM, not as the no. 10. Because Messi is infinitely more creative than Lo Celso ever will be as a 10.

            It should be Scaloni’s job to put Messi and Lo Celso together and make them work with the right tactics. Besides, Lo Celso is no world beater as of yet. He tends to occupy the no. 10 role but he can also adapt to a deeper midfield role and improve the team as a whole. He hasn’t regularly excelled in a deeper role yet. But I am sure he’ll in the future.

            No. 10 is Lo Celso’s comfort zone. If he has failed to shine elsewhere, it means the tactics wasnt right. Or maybe, Lo Celso hasnt developed another dimension of his game that should allow him to play in a deeper role.

            If someone can do a better job, he gets the job. The other guy needs to adapt to the situation or, pack his bag. That is life. If Lo Celso doesn’t shine brightly enough with Messi, he needs to go out of his comfort zone and make it work. He will never get to play as a 10 because we already have the best no.10 possible in Messi.

            Regarding Paredes, I dont know when he’s visible. Perhaps, when our opponent midfield doesnt put any pressure on him at all and he can play his cute passes around. He is amazing to watch when he’s allowed to play his lazy game. I give him that.

  7. Ebo
    I don’t care but you contradicted
    Yourself because when I spoke about
    Messi I’m hater when gonzalo talk about
    Him you don’t think he is messi hater
    I made same arguments he made
    And you accused me I’m messi hater.
    Only if you remember mate …
    Hey gonzalo I got nothing against you
    I just try to prove my point.. to ebo
    Who accused me I’m hater of messi
    Which I don’t give shite anyway

    • My friend, I said that in the context of you always accusing others of being Messi and Old guards ‘fan boys’. and you still say that. because many here think that if some one praises any of the senior players they think that they only care about Messi and the senior players, where in fact most are still the best we have at the moment. Many say that Messi’s is not the problem, so if he is not the problem, why you call to get rid of him?
      again, you will think that I am a Messi or old guard ‘fan boy’ . just for saying common sense. You don’t get rid of the best player because other players are weak thinking that it will make them stronger, this is just none sense. Players have to step up, and do their part in the NT.

      • My brother I would love to see
        Messi win copa and world cup in 2022
        With Argentina however if I been
        Offered Argentina will win world cup
        In 2022 without messi I will gladly
        Accept that don’t you?

        • You see my friend, you too, make the presence of Messi the focal point of winning or losing. which is not supposed to be this way, if Argentina does not win with Messi, why do yo think they will win without him?
          it is only an awkward expectation of winning after dropping your best players. just because you think to get rid of good players because the rest of the players are acting like a bunch of kids around Messi. the mentality of the players and the coach has to change, because again, you are saying we don’t want exceptional players because they are bad influence, come on man, do you think that is realistic?
          and if you think Argentina will win WC2022 after dropping a whole generation of players, you are dreaming. Don’t go now and think I am an ‘old guard’ fan. this is just reality, all teams go through transition, of course Argentina will be strong again with or without any certain player. I don’t understand when people call for a complete drop of the best available players, just because they did not win a WC or COPA, you keep your best players and rebuild, not destroy what you have and start from the scratch. same words again and again.
          and forgetting about COPA19 and COPA20 and confederation cup, is just like forgetting about WC2022 qualification.
          there are 3 fifa tournaments before WC2022 and still some don’t really care to have an Argentina team that can compete.

          • No disrespect bro but I genuinely believe
            Argentina will have competitive team
            In near future with messi or without him.
            At this moment time we need Gallardo
            As manager after copa in Brazil.
            By the way I’m not rule out arge
            Winning next two Copa I believe
            Is not beyond them but messi
            As captain and leader needs to tell
            Those kids stop idolising me.
            Play your game as man and let’s
            Fight together and win something
            For Argentina.

  8. I follow Gonzalo’s comment daily till when I joined this site… From the very beginning he is Messi hater.. he treated Messi like Argentine media does..I didn’t expect from him..

    • I too follow his posts; I don’t think he is a Messi hater;
      There is some truth in what he says but that is not the exact problem why the new comers or young players doesn’t perform at their potential when Messi is around;
      Even the players like Tevez, Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria, Banega & Co haven’t performed true to their potential for ARG as well; All these players are good friends and know Messi very well; Still they under performed when it comes to NT (a slight exception under Sabella);
      The problem is only the Coach and the supporting Staff; They doesn’t have a plan and doesn’t stick to it; There is no consistency at all; Each match they change their starting 11 or formation; The players doesn’t know what their role is; Irrespective of their performances they doesn’t know whether they will get call-up or not; They lack confidence & support; That is why they don’t even look like a team;
      The last Manager who had some plan and executed was Sabella; There is a reason why ARG made to WC final; It’s not a fluke;
      @Gonzalo, Whether Messi is there or not, all these talented young players won’t/can’t perform in a proper match when you don’t have a proper coach/manager who doesn’t have a plan of how his team should play;

      Need not judge Scaloni until the match against Colombia;

      • “Whether Messi is there or not, all these talented young players won’t/can’t perform in a proper match when you don’t have a proper coach/manager”

        What worries me is that the list of coaches is still longer (Martino, Bauza, Sampaoli, Scaloni) and the Messi dependency is only deepening.

        I think we need long term coach. Such one who will have the chance to learn on his own mistakes. In short perspective every coach just want to resort to Messi as remedy.

  9. Best Possible Squad for Copa America as per me:
    GK: Andrada, Rulli and Romero/Gazzaniga
    DF: Otamendi, Pezella, Kannemann, Foyth, Tagliafico, Saravia, Acuna
    MF: Lo Celso, Paredes, E Palacios, R Pereyra, M Zaracho, Gudio Rodriguez, Ascacibar/Marcone, De Paul
    FW: Messi, Aguero, L Martinez, Dybala, M Suarez

    If Battaglia was fit, would have opted him in place of Guido Rodriguez;

  10. I remember this guys potential. I watched him against Barca, and be made great plays. It is sad he ended up just being a player with nothing greater than talk rather than potential.

  11. Guys I think that Argentinean soccer is rebirth. They are talking of so many young players like Almada, Zaracho, Saravia is linked to Inter, Palacios, Dela Vega. Its a very good generation and I hope the coaches make good use of them….I am excited….

    • What I’m speaking when say our team is distorted by Messi presence you may find exactly in Zaracho’s words about Messi. He did not dared even to ask Messi for souvenir photo let alone build with him balanced team of equal partners. Our players take Messi as eternal idol, legend alive and this will never get us good things no matter how many young promising players we bring. BTW I estimate Zaracho as one of our best talents but his mentality when Messi around will be the same:

      • Good things? What have archieved these “young promising talents” on youth levels? U20, Olympics, only gave us pain, disappointments and anger, first show something to verify the hype in U ARG yersey and in top european clubs, then we can start to talk about Messi LOL

        • Out of point. I just emphasized no matter how good youngsters we introduce (even with U-20 WC titles) all that will end the same way still because Messi is our fetish – idolatry that must be doomed. We have already few raising stars from Europe, which have not to prove their talent by winning any youth tournament. Yet the promising footbalers does not look such talented with Messi around.

          They looks inertic aside of Messi. No wonder. Do not even dare to ask him for photo. The only such team in the world. Not really professional.

          “U20, Olympics, only gave us pain, disappointments and anger”

          Some doubts wheter the tournaments gave you pain or joy

          • you’re misdirecting the blame.

            The solution isnt to get rid of Messi so the fetish goes with it…..

            The solution ultimately lies on the coach to ensure players gel and don’t turn into statues when Messi is dribbling. Instead of getting rid of the greatest player on Earth, I’d fire scaloni and hire the right coach. That’s the key.

          • I always said it is not Messi’s Fault, some painting it as his fault if he is idolized, and the solution would be easily to get rid of him, say that to Barca management, coaching staff and fans. tell them that you guys are nothing without Messi, he is bad influence on the team and the players so you should get rid of him! and run and hide after that because god knows what they will throw at you 🙂 . In Barca, Messi is 10 times more idolized than Argentina, and he still delivers titles and compete at the highest level. It is on the shoulders of the coach and the players to treat him as just part of the team not a magical wand to play and deliver titles alone. The problem is over relying on Messi and putting more pressure on him to either deliver ‘alone’ or get lost. win or get humiliated and disgraced. it is basically because he is loved and respected at Barca that he keeps delivering, even if he misses penalties, or misses open chances, he is still treated with love and respect, unlike Argentina where he is grilled to the bone. and that goes towards all the NT players not just him, but he is the one who carries the burden ‘unfairly’ of failure, or success.

          • Ebo, Choripan

            I do not understand why evertime when someone just speaks factual situation of “Messi dependent” team he is immediately accused for blaming Messi. I’m just noting sad fact. I don’t want to point anywhere to say who is to blame for the situation. Fact is fact. The only thing I’m sure is that it’s not Messi fault and, the second, we won’t win anything with such distorted team.

          • “you’re misdirecting the blame”

            So I’m not misdirecting the blame because I’ve nowhere above expressed who is to blame for that.

          • Gonzalo,

            My friend, yes you are talking facts about ‘Messi Dependence’
            I agree, But at the same time you are implying the importance of leaving him out of the team to force other players to ‘grow up’, which is not the smart solution. because you will set standards for the future that will say , once WE have a great player, keep him out of the team so others don’t idolize him.

          • @ Ebo

            “at the same time you are implying the importance of leaving him out of the team to force other players to ‘grow up’, which is not the smart solution”

            1. Do I think to left Messi aside of the team will make the young players growing? I think so. For the reason I suppose we will not see the new generations mature and showing full of their potentiall till Messi importance (and probably quality) drop. So MAYBE in 2022 when he will be old and probably not that good as today.

            2. Ideal is to have coherent collective and Messi in at the same time. Virtually every team of the world must be better with Messi. This is ideal, virtual,theoretical level. Leaving him aside we cannot be better in short perspective of time. In long perspective we can (at least better than this current team). Still ideal is to have working machine with chemistry and Messi IN. But… (and that’s next point)…

            3. …I don’t think it’s something we can realize. I lost faith Argentina NT (no matter with what coach) is able to transcend the queer moment and go out of Messi shadow to find new quality soon. Succesive coaches are coming and we are naively hoping the next one will able to balance all that to make our team like once Barcelona with Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and others. Every new coach, after some promising words of will to be more independent to Messi, is finishing at the same point.

            You may understand ludicrousness of all that reading the Zaracho’s last words about Messi which are really typical for our youngsters. He does not dare even to ask him for souvenir picture while they have to make one team together, team of equal partners. This is not really symetricall relation. This is something like meeting of young boys with their old-boys legend idols. Forsooth Messi is live legend but that make harm only to Argentina NT, not to Barcelona.

          • At the end of the day and maybe most importantly that’s not really matter what I think: wheter Argentina will be better with or without Messi because I know we will not drop him till the end of his career anyway (barring some short term rest that is not really changing anything). So I used to the reality of Argentia WITH and not without him.

          • @ gonzalo

            “You may understand ludicrousness of all that reading the Zaracho’s last words about Messi which are really typical for our youngsters.”

            I do understand it well, the answer from a smart, professional coach would be very simple:
            If you guys don’t play your part in the team, stop worrying about Messi’s presence, or go f..k off and get other players who want to play not run after Messi to get a selfie.
            I don’t understand the reasoning behind dropping him or any other player to allow the ‘young players’ to mature, that is just insane idea. if they are up to the task, they should have the desire and the energy and the WILL to mature around any player. They are here to play for the NT not act as a bunch of idiots who require baby setting. that tells you that they are not professional, if they are they would just play their game. they are just not strong enough to play the game, let’s face it. and they have to change and adapt. it is just an insane idea to drop good players because bad players can not play with them and look at them as ‘GOD’, at the end he is not ‘GOD’ and they should treat him this way, otherwise they can f..k off, because they act as a bunch of fans, not players

      • Barcelona plays naturally with Messi, Argentina stands and watches Messi or force it to Messi … if the argentinean national team played longer together the transition would be smooth but they see Messi for a day or two and never get in sync with him… still the the awww process… but that’s not messi’s Fault and that definitely doesn’t mean Argentina should ever play without Messi… the other argentinan players need to step the fu#% up! Much like caniggia, burruchaga, valdano did with maradona…

        • You steal the words out of my mind, Bro
          If Messi had half the players Maradona had, Argentina would have conquered the world!

      • Gonzalo
        Agree with you mate
        Especially with those two fells
        Every time someone try to make
        A good point about the nt or messi
        Or any old guard play they put fire
        Together I’m 100 % agree with you
        About those players idolising messi
        Too much even messi himself doesn’t Like that

        • Yes, I’m sure he doesn’t like that. He don’t want to have kids around that are going for autograph.

        • You see my friend, it’s not about Messi or any other player. it’s not because I love MEssi , I just say the truth, Messi or any other exceptional player in the future, you will say he is the problem, so yo usaying we should not have very good players like Messi because the players will idolize him, 🙂 do you think that is good thought? it’s about the mentality of the players and the guidance of the coach, you always think that Messi is the problem, even when you say Messi does not want that, but he is the problem

        • “Agree with you mate
          Especially with those two fells
          Every time someone try to make
          A good point about the nt or messi
          Or any old guard play they put fire”

          You know Bro, if I do comment every time I read such thing, my computer will catch fire 🙂 🙂

          • Ebo
            Regardless weather I and you agree
            Or disagree I always respect you
            I like you too bro so please
            No hard feelings come on
            Your albiceleste…

  12. Copa 2019… Our left wing should be Di maria and Alejandra gomez. Becouse in big tournament, we just need the best player. In that case,Their last one year performences was pity solid.No one can better than (Di maria, gomez).

    But poor pity is a coaches favourit.

  13. Joaquin Correa is pretty all rounded but need to improve his shooting skill .here is what Sebastian Veron said when Lazio kick out AC Milan

    Veron was back in Rome earlier this month to witness his former club’s 2-2 draw with Sassuolo at the Stadio Olimpico, but he also took some time to discuss the progress of his current club’s protégé.

    “I know him well, he has incredible talent and personality, but he still needs to develop,” he said.

    “I often talk with him. This also happened to me, he needs to believe in his own importance and pull the team forward, that’s what he’s missing.”

  14. 442 will be the formation during copa america. I think icardi /Lautaro /Aguero will fight for the no.9.

    Messi will be a false 9 with dybala being the substitute

    MF should be lo celso togther with a defensive MF no.5 (Paredes/Guido Rodriguez/Ivan marcone)

    Two wingers may be di maria/De Paul on the left and Lanzini/Pity Martinez on the right

    LB : Tagliafico ,Acuna
    RB: Saravia ,Mercado
    CB: Otamendi ,Pezzella ,Funes Mori ,Kanemann. Juan foyth

    GK : Machersin ,Andrada ,River plate’s GK

    • Actually i am not a supporter of scaloni .His tactics or selection both didn’t impress me at all . I just think AFA is wasting time on an inexperienced coach.

      Probably after copa america ,A new and attractive Argentina will be seen with new coach ,new players

  15. We need J.Correa and A.Gomez kind of player for left side of the pitch.Lanzini is injury prone and Di maria holds ball for too long and still males bad decision on the ball.J.Correa and A.Gomez have what it takes for NT.Scaloni should consider them.If you drops player of such caliber that is disguating.I think there would be great chemistry between Aguero and A.Gomez. A.Correa is a waste both for Argentina and Atletico

    • Scaloni won’t select A Gomez because of his age. Joaquin Correa is the same no chance at all just because scaloni is sampaoli’s assistant from Sevilla to Argentina . J Correa is not their cup of tea . They want a back up to di maria on the left ,De Paul ,Pity Martinez,or maybe Acuna are first choices.

    • Angel Correa can play on the wing in 4-4-2 with his good defending skills, Joaquin Correa cant, so he is useless in this formation, only in 4-3-3 useful, or in SS, but with Messi there he has zero chance (and his finishing still tragic)

      • Actually Joaquin Correa can be both side winger .In Sevilla he played very well on the Left .In Lazio sometimes he plays on the right still very eyecatching. So 442 is suitable for J Correa .

        I think J Correa can be a good false 9 or a decent midfielder with lo celso and a no.5 .So no matter 442, 4231,433 are okay .As to 352 ,he can be a false 9 too

      • Even with his finishing far from best he is better and more natural winger than A.Correa. To that he has some experience as No.9 from Sevilla spell and LM/CM from Estudiantes times. J.Correa is player who may make difference in long perspective of time. A.Correa makes difference only sometimes.

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