Walter BENITEZ of OGC Nice: “I know it, I will be the Argentina goalkeeper”


Nice goalkeeper Walter BENITEZ recently spoke in an interview with Ole where he discussed the Argentina team and much more.

Arguably one of the most underrated goalkeepers in Europe and possibly Argentina’s best goalkeeper, Walter BENITEZ has been in fine form all season. He has represented Argentina at the U20 level and is looking to be the starting goalkeeper for the Argentina national team.

Speaking in an interview with Ole, here’s what BENITEZ had to say:

“To be the goalkeeper of the Argentina national team is like touching the sky. It’s my personal and professional goal.”

If it bothers him that he’s only just now getting the recognition:

“Yes, what do I know? I don’t know if the word is recognition but in Argentina if you don’t play for one of the big clubs, you’re not talked about much. But I know that on the side lines, I’m talked about. Especially by the people that I need them to know what I’m doing. I have to work and put in good performances.”

On playing with the Argentina U20 team:

“They were great experiences. I played many tournaments with Argentina, including an L’Alcudia where we were champions. I’m still in contact with a few of the guys. But I was left feeling a little annoyed about the Rio games. I was on the preliminary list of players but an injury kept me from being part of the team.”

After the list was announced for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, BENITEZ posted a message on his Instagram page stating “I work to play with Argentina’s best and to bring another World Cup to the country.”:

“I am a person who sets very firm goals for myself. And I’m convinced of what will happen. I know it. I will be the number 1 goalkeeper for Argentina. I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t my biggest goal. I work and I live for that. Hopefully I could be given the chance. I believe that SCALONI still hasn’t decided 100% and he has tried a lot in the last year.”



  1. Joaquin Correa ,Benitez, Juan musso ,Lucas Alario, Lucas Ocampos, Cristian Romero ,Juan foyth, Barbosa, L Martinez ,Joaquin pereyra ,Benjamin Garre ,Colidio should be in

  2. Benitez will be our GK Sooner or later, The Coaches wont be able to ignore him for long, I think after the Copa 2019, Andrada, Benitez, Gazzaniga, Musso these 4 should carry on for us in the Qualifiers and the Copa 2020. These 4 falls in perfect age group for Goal Keepers. No More Armani, Marchesin and Romero after the Copa 2019. Rulli?? Well nope every GKs makes errors, but he is one GK who is very Consistent in error making which is not a good attribute to have. On his day he is among the Best GK of the world too, but rather inconsistent.

    I dont know but among the above 4 i mentioned, I feel like Gazzaniga is more natural. Only thing which is hurting him is he is not getting any playing time. he has to move on to a club where he can play consistently.

  3. soon you will have your chance kid.
    first you will take the experience to be in the squad of 23
    and after you prove yourself there you can be the number 1.

    to have big expectations from yourself is something very good and give big motive.
    to be arrogant is not arrive you in something good in end.

  4. A bit arrogant. He said something similar about a league award. He’s doing incredibly well not but hopefully it doesn’t go to his head and impact his performance.

  5. benitez is one of the best argentine gks’ in europe he is very much needed for copa 2019. benitez along with andrada and musso shall be the 3 gks’ for NT in copa 2019 (hope this comes true)

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