Argentina to play Nicaragua in June prior to Copa America


Argentina will play Nicaragua in June prior to the start of the Copa America.

Per a tweet by Manuel OLIVARI of DirecTV Sports, the Argentina national team will play Nicaragua on June 7 in San Juan. This would likely be the last match before Argentina play their opening game of the Copa America on June 15 against Colombia.


  1. The Argentine Football Association (AFA) intends to offer a new position to Javier Mascherano and Martín Demichelis in the youth teams.

    According to what Hernán Castillo , a journalist from TNT Sports, told us , there have already been some meetings and the idea is that the midfielder and the defender are in charge of watching and recruiting young Argentines in European football.

    For this, they will work in the property that the AFA has in Marbella , a place that is comfortable for the two players who passed through the Argentine National Team, since both have the idea of ​​living in the Old Continent.

    Currently, there are 246 young people playing in European clubs and the intention is that no talent goes unnoticed.

    Although not yet confirmed, Mascherano and Demichelis will work to observe those players.

  2. 2 EPL teams in the CL final,(the last disaster which was remaining to happen) here comes the UK Media and now they will say that England is the Home ground of Football, Ohhh My Goshh.

    Only 1 thing which bring little satisfaction is Pochettino..

  3. Look I am not criticizing Messi I would never but I think he should give up NT captaincy.
    The only flaw he has he is not vocal/leading enough to motivate his teammates. Maybe they always look up to him only after Xavi-Iniesta but he can’t do everything by himself as football is a team game and individual performance only work sometimes. Look at Liverpool, Roma last year the 11 men played together with desire and mentality to win all players gave their 100%.
    I think if Scaloni gives captaincy to someone leader, vocal enough to push their teammates it will be good for NT. Firstly because that would promote a sense of equality as if Messi is not some God (ik he is though) and they shoudn’t always look to him they should try on their own with Messi as 1 part of the 11.Also it will ease him of pressure to perform.
    I think Pezzella if fit is a good choice as he has shown for captaincy.

  4. First, Congrats pablo on your beloved club reaching the UEFA final, i know you’re over the moon now.

    2nd, I can NOT believe my eyes about all the posts about the hate MESSI is receiving on this particular site……i saw HORSESHIT about how Messi is not a true captain, a weak leader, or not even a leader….blah blah blah!!!

    I was NEVER EVER in the habit of attacking fellow-ARGENTINA FANS but after seeing all that BS you’re either STUPID, IDIOT, MORON OR AN IMBECILE……take your pick.


    • My friend, those who always throw the blame on Messi, They expect him to create , score and defend.
      He can do certain things, but when the team as whole act like a bunch of school kids, and the defense keeps letting goals in, it is obviously not his fault, Only haters( or ignorants) who does not really understand how the game is played will deny that He is the best who ever played the game. I am a big fan of Maradona, I was till 2014 saying he was the best in history who played the game, to Argentina, Maradona will always be the best because he (along with exceptional players) won the WC, but Messi does not have the supporting cast that Maradona had. I think Messi had set the bar very high for any future player to reach. I don’t even think it is possible to get a better player than him in the next 100 years. Winning the WC is never a requirement to be cosidered the best, otherwise you can call Griezmann, Mbappe, Pogba and many WC winners to be better than Cruyff, Zalatan, Ronaldo, Van Basten and many great players who never won a WC. Or some can consider Pele ( waaaaay over rated) to be better than Maradona.

    • One led by Argentine.

      Its amazing that Argentina has been producing world class managers and players (including best player), yet the national team is in this kind of state.

      • Its ironic. No one wants to Coach the National team, Really?? Argentina Football National team.

        No one wants to be part of the Mess, (cant blame them too, the Last one who put his career online for coaching the NT was Sampaoli, Well it destroyed his Career, Even if it was his own antics)I m looking forward to see either Gallardo or Eduardo Codet as our Coach after the Copa.

        • He had the courage though, and I respect him for leaving Sevilla for the NT. It seems that all the big coaches are steering clear of the NT. that’s why we should not complain about Scaloni for taking the job :).

        • Remember Copa 2015 (or was it 2016?) when AFA securities knocked on Messi hotel room and told him they havent been paid for months? Tata also hasnt been paid for almost a year at the time, its amazing how greedy those people at AFA. Messi even posted on his social media (very unMessi character) criticizing AFA because their plane was so late and affected their training schedule before the final.

          They treated everyone like crap while expecting a thropy.

  5. Which is the biggest bottlejob in this season champion league?
    a) PSG 2-0 away lead
    b) Barcelona 3-0 home lead
    c) Ajax 3-0 overall First half lead

  6. Messi isn’t upset for not wining UCL this year but he will if failed to win copa, i hope champion league bad luck brings good luck in copa america, next season in the addition of De jong, de legit, jovic/no9 Barca will become much superior and for god shake #ValverdeOut

  7. Messi isn’t a leader??? What should messi do, a man who are surrounded by 5 players when touch the ball, creating chances as well as scoring himself, now haters should messi also take part to help in defense so that barcanot conceding goals, the fact is Barcelona is finished no quality player in the team expect messi and Tarstegen, all 30+ players past their best once are the main reason for messi success, Football is the team game not individual sports. Messi missed xavi, Iniesta, pyol, Mascherano, alves, pique+busquest+Alva(peck) and suarez before 2015-17 badly

  8. Just look at Ajax, a young team always can wonder, big names only looks good on paper but on filed performance matter which isn’t possible if more 30+ player on the pitch, Alba is legend but Tagliafico>alba at moment same De legit>pique de jong>>>vidal+busquest+raketic+Arthur, interms of no9 myself(romance)>suarez, Tadic>>> overatted Coutinho, that’s why i don’t want Dimaria in the team even don’t mind C Romero is called up only worrying me local league farmers is selected because of Menetoni

  9. i am not Barcelona fan and i don t give a shit about that team.
    i am happy that they did not qualify because Messi will relax more now before Copa.

    Except that some people find the opportunity to attack Messi.

    why is Messi fault ?
    if he play bad one game so what?
    all the season in his club what he did?
    he is bad football player because he had one bad game?
    the other 10 idiots that played with the same jersey with Messi where they was?

    the European media finally will stop make balloon our heads with the “super”, “magical”, “supernatural” team of barcelona.
    They are not elite class team without Messi.

    let s go now to Argentina WHICH IS MY ONLY CARE.

    Messi is not Maradona and probably will never be.
    BUT Messi is the best football player of the new millenium and maybe the second better player of all times behind Diego.

    we need him to win Copa this year. we need him to win Copa next year and we need him to win the world cup in Qatar.

    only one idiot can believe that we can win anything without the best player of world right now.
    we need to put 10 other players beside him with best possible quality to create one good team to succed our targets.

    The problem is not Messi. the problem is the other 10 we need to put in the team.

    enough with the bad critic to Messi.
    People you didn t get bored again and again the same old tape?

    Personally i am very very bored.


    • “Messi is not Maradona and probably will never be.”

      How many trophies did Maradona win in UCL predeccessor, how many trophies with Barcelona overall (0), how many Libertadores with Boca (0), how many Copa America (0) only one bronze medal, if there wouldnt have been the WC in 86 where he was a real God but with hand ball and full of cocaine (very hard dopping, you are always high and confident) with a great coach and team at that time this comparison rather unfair to Messi, and this Maradona myth and the living Maradona’s idiotism is rather a cancer too for current argentine nationa teams

  10. Yes, Messi is the big tree in the shadow of the little trees hardly grow. Both in Barcelona and Argentina. One of the biggest defference between Barcelona CL Winner 2006 or 2009 and this current one is that there Messi was the growing one among other stars: Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Xavi, Eto, Henry, Puyol, Busquets, Pique, Deco, Larsson. Winning was easier for him. The other players were not overwhelmed by his magnitude because he was only rising to the future status of best player on the world. He was not even one time Balon d’Or Winner then. Now Argentina youngsters are like hostages of his magnitude. We have not players (other than Aguero and maybe Di Maria) with established status of stars to lead the team. Our young boys looks simply like boys joining the team to get autograph from Messi.

    • @Gonzalo, I always liked your posts. But you are going too overboard; You are in some illusion/belief and want every1 to believe that?
      Barca r failing to win Champions Leagues Title, other than that I don’t see any other big problem. They have some ageing players where they need to find replacements. Messi & some luck put them in the driving seat, which they couldn’t capitalize in the second leg. More than Messi, other players have to be blamed for that. Rakitic, Pique, Alba, Busquets, Suarez, Vidal and Ter Stegan. These are all world class players. Don’t say they also got stuck in awe of Messi’s stardom and they couldn’t perform because of Messi on the pitch. These all are not little trees, these are already grown up, probably not as big as the big tree.
      Last time Barca looked like this was under Tata Martino. Lucho took over next season and won Treble with few changes in the squad. I won’t be surprised if same thing happens in next couple of seasons.
      Whatever your belief of ARG young players getting affected of Messi’s presence may have atleast 5 – 10% truth to it. But attributing Barca’s failures in CL to Messi is over the top.
      Even Pep is failing miserably in CL (Both with Bayern and City) with all the talent available. How is Messi affecting those players. Can you explain that too? LOL!!

  11. According to the latest news: Scaloni will give the final 23 Copa America squad on May 15th, in 6 days. Here are some interesting thoughts:
    1. Scaloni will not call 40 players as it is allowed, he will call the final 23 and a couple of back ups on May 15th.
    2. Scaloni will call 3 strikers out of these: Martinez, Aguero, Icardi, and Matias Suarez.
    3. Out of these, only Lautaro Martinez is confirmed. Scaloni praises Aguero a lot. He seems to be another one. He also praised Suarez, so that’s not good news for Icardi.
    4. Armani and Andrada seem to be safe. The third goalie will be either Musso or Marchesin.
    5. The 7 defenders are rumoured to be: Pezzella, Kanneman, Otamendi, Mercado, Saravia, Tagliafico, and Acuna. Funes Mori will replace Pezzella in case he can’t make it due to injury.
    6. According to TYC, the 4 confirmed midfielders are: Lo Celso, Paredes, Roberto Pereyra, and Palacios.
    7. Di Maria and Pity seems to be safe.
    8. Guido Rodriguez, Ivan Marcone, Angel Correa, Matias Zaracho, De Paul, and Dybala are candidates.
    9. Messi will be the captain.

    So my best prediction of the final 23 is:
    GK: Armani, Andrada, Musso
    DF: Pezzella, Otamendi, Kanneman, Mercado, Saravia, Tagliafico, Acuna
    MF: Paredes, Lo Celso, Pereyra, Palacios, Angel Correa, Guido Rodriguez, Pity, Di Maria
    F: Messi, Aguero, Martinez, Suarez, Dybala

  12. River – Internacional Porto Alegre 2:2 in Copa Libertadores.
    U-20 Julian Alvarez with goal, Palacios with assist. Palacios is going unavoidably on Copa.

  13. Unfortunately and realistically Football has given more pain and sufferings than happiness. Starting from day 1 when Sensini gave that penalty ( penalty or no penalty is now a meaningless question ) in 1990 to yesterday horrible night..Football has taken a lot from life..blessed are those who don’t have any passion in life..really sorry for Messi..the moment Dembele missed and messed the fourth goal..Messi reaction sums up everything..first time seeing Barca players play with fear including Pique..after the first goal they lost it psychologically..Klopp is a genius certainly..typical German mentality..

    Off the topic..Stephen King is too a genius at least for his work Pet to accept loss in life?

    • You are absolutely right friend sometimes i think about some of my friend who are not so passionate about football are lucky. It me more pain than happiness WC 2010,2014,2018 and copa 2015,2016 . i lost my appetite and didn’t go out for whole day i have locked myself in the room after what happened yesterday night. It was absolute catastrophe.

      • forgive me but your team few days ago won the Spanish championship and just lost yesterday one of their targets.

        if you feel as you said about yesterday night then can you tell me what i should had done when my team (River plate) in 2011 relegate?

        this is life my friend. one time up and one time down. this is something you should accept and continue.

        in 2011 we relegate to second division and after that till now we have won 2 Copa Libertadores , Argentine Primera among other things.

        THIS IS LIFE


  14. How to beat barcelona ,just mark messi with 5 defenders.
    Lot of messi haters active now it looks like they were waiting for this moment.
    They don’t without messi Barcelona would be playing in europa league and may be knocket out of that. Due him they won league , copa del rey and semi final , he was involved in 70 goals is not a joke other players are just shaking their ass.
    Abla-David alaba
    Busquets- de jong
    Coutinho – lo celso
    Suarez- Griezmann

  15. Just like Argentina, Barcelona has become way too reliant on Messi.
    I said a week ago that Argentina NT has players just as good as Barcelona and people said no. Saravia, Tagliafico, Otamendi and Pezella are better than the Barca defense. Yesterday showed it. Benitez is better than Ter Stegen or just as good. Lo Celso is better than any midfielder Barca has at the moment and Aguero is better than Suarez.

    This may still not be enough to win Copa, but Barcelona is not buying super stars anymore and not many are coming up through La Masia, so there you go.
    I am glad this is over so Messi can get some rest. He is older also, and unless Scaloni fields a team that can RUN THEIR ASS OFF and give Messi his moments we will not go very far. We need legs. Argentina has not had legs in close to a decade. This is why guys like Biglia Banega Paredes who are basically nothing more than statues serve no purpose. Give me a guy like Perreyra who can run all day and do the dirty work and we will go much further.

    And for those ripping on Messi, you don’t know shit about football. Football is a team sport. A TEAM SPORT. 11 players. There aren’t any Xavi or Iniesta or Neymars on this team anymore. You have a bunch of B players that Messi is carrying.

  16. After watching the game yesterday, I really want Messi to formally retire from the NT. Because he is not the leader who can help us grow a new generation, and there are more NT humiliations waiting for him, which will be too much. Also, I really hope Messi can join Real Madrid or Man City this summer, which can bring him a good coach and solid teammates. Coutinho and Rakitic are totally dog shit, even worse than Lo Celso and Paredez!

  17. This site are full of Christina supporter who hates Messi along with argentina..just indentify them and kicked them on their ass from this site…

  18. Barca’s 0-4 defeat to liverpool proves the following points again:

    1) Messi’s mental strengh is weak, he can never perform under pressure.

    2) Messi is not a leader that can influence other players to overcome difficult situation

    3) Other than Camp Nou, Messi seldom performs well in other stadiums, 90% of his great goals were scored in camp nou, including the Maradona run, the free kick against liverpool, the 4 goals against Arsenal, etc

    After the first league 3-0 victory, I thought Messi would still have chance to help us to win a world cup. But after the 2nd league, I really doubt so.

    • Haters only mentioned his mental strength is weak when his team is losing…. why not bring up all those goals he scored in crucial games in last 10 years? there are countless, literally countless.

      He has scored and created goals in multiple CL finals, Copa del rey finals, league winning goals (including the one against Atletico madrid few years back), he destroyed Real madrid in 2011 semifinal… Argentina almost failed to make it to the WC and he hit hattrick in last game despite Argentina conceided after few seconds! Barca was trailing 2-3 to Arsenal and he scored 4 goals! oh, nobody remember that anymore off course, its burried under his sea of 600 goals .

      Do these people (like you) actually watch football at all? or just waiting for his team to lose so they can bring “Messi’s weak mentally” arguement all over again? lol , what a desperate haters.

      In 2010, Milito scored in first leg against Barca, they won 3-1, the whole Inter team just sit and defended with 11 man in second leg , they lost 0-1 but still through. Milito then scored 2 goals in the final. Why nobody called Milito has weak mentallity for not scoring in second leg against Barca?

      The first leg started 0-0, Messi scored 2 goals in second half, and his team was up 3-0. Messi had 2 assists against France, but when Barca and Argentina conceided 4 goals, Messi is expected to hit 8 goals to be considered good? nice logic.

    • Tim Vickery always says Messi has Higuain, Maradona has Buruchagga. Messi can only do so much.

      Firstly, he is not an out and out number nine. He works from the midfield so he can create or score. You seem to think his contributions are just scoring.

      How many times has Messi created chances only for a teammate to miss? If the people he provides for scored 60-70% of what he creates we’d be talking about several more titles for Messi. Unfortunately, he is only human and cannot control what others do.

      He created three one on one chances last night and Alba, Coutinho, Suarez all missed. Suarez is fat and always gets caught offside because he wants to gain a yard or two as he cannot run anymore. They need to let him go. Coutinho hasn’t worked out at Barca.

      And you say Messi doesn’t score great goals away from Camp Nou. Really? That UCL goal at Madrid where he ran through the entire defense doesn’t apply for you? And that’s just off the top of my head I’m sure if I did a little research I’d have several examples.

      What I’m trying to say is Messi doesn’t just contribute by scoring, he creates chances way more than any other player I know. It’s up to the teammates to score the chances he creates. If they don’t then it’s not his fault.

      • Messi scored at Rome and Wembley in 2009 & 2011 finals , I guess he’s not even football fans if he’s not aware of that.

        Milito scored twice in CL final and won, Crespo scored twice in CL final and lost, that’s football. You win and lose as a team, not as one player. Messi has provided maximum adventage with his 2 goals in first leg, conceiding 4 goals is Messi fault?

      • No my friend, it does…..NOT
        it proves that Messi, needs to put gloves on, stand between the posts as a GK, ‘inspire and guide’ his teammates to how properly defend against a corner kick.

        … and it proves that he must play as a CB, Fullback and ‘inspire and guide’ Jordi Alba on how to properly pass, or kick the ball.

        Of course, he needs to do all that while creating clear cut chances for the rest of the players, and score goals himself.

        And after all the above, he must be the one to dictate who plays and who does not, and his words are above the rest, he picks who plays and who does not !

        At the end, he is an alien, with 22 legs, isn’t he? and that is why other immature players look for him always to bail them out, and even are in ‘AWE’ when he is on the pitch .

        So yes it must be his fault whenever his team loses 🙂

        P.S. The above goes for Argentina NT, too.

  19. Messi in barcelona 2017-18, 2018-19 season carrying like Argentina, i realy hope barca management try to fix it next season, Messi was surrounded by Xavi, inesta now messi have to drop deep for creating chances and score himself, it’s not possible in every match one bad day and game over, Neymar missed badly against Liverpool and countinho, dembele are flop singing. I really want Ajax to win UCL and kicked Liverpool and finish titleless again this season. De jong is the man for balloon dor in future, please gift messi balloon dor this year otherwise VVD can win it instead of messi. Expect tar stegen and messi no player deserve to wear barca shirt.

    • I hope Aguero score City winner all over again in their last fixture. That should add preasure for Liverpool going to the final knowing they could still finish empty handed.

  20. And Scaloni has already locked the 23 for Copa almost. Only 1 or 2 positions in doubt. Goal Keepers if no injuries, it will be Armani, Andrada, Marchesin. Which is okay considering, Both Marchesin and Armani will be finished after Copa and Andrada, Gazzaniga, Benitez and Musso will have to carry us in the Qualifiers and the 2020 Copa. Anyone but not Romero and Caballero will be fine with me.

    • Franco armani is no longer in form for his club river plate in their recent match against internacional in copa libertadoes group stage he made silly mistakes and conceded 2 goals and in previous games too he made similar mistakers and in NTs’ match against vevenzuela also he did not play that well most likely sergio romero who was injured recently and dosent get much playing at his club and armani who is not in form currently wont be at copa 2019 hopefully.there might be a chance that andrada is starting gk at copa 2019 and 3 goal keepers for argentina NT at copa 2019 could be andrada/marchesin or musso/benitez or gazzaniga

  21. Oh My Gosh, I really don’t know how many times more i have to bear the heartbreaking sight of seeing one of the best Argentine Player’s legacy been tarnished like this. (Copa America 2019 Heartache waiting?? Sighsss)

    Frankly speaking i hate to check internet Sports section, I cant open my YouTube too, Its like every where there will be some stupid pundits blaming Messi, I dont know who will win the Ballon D Ore next year, It should be Messi no question about it,But yesterdays loss diminished the chances,Even though the individual honors doesn’t matter for us Argentina Fans, but it hurts to see someone else winning the Title for the Best player Awards other than an Argentine. Added to that My worst fear is that Will the FIFA give the Award to that undeserving Cr7 again(because Portugal is in the Semis of The League of Nation Cup)Somewhere around the corner that MFking Cr7 is laughing, Which bleeds my heart.

    • Tarnish? the little man has won 4 CL, dominating 3 CL finals (2009, 2011, 2015), led Barca to became the only team that won treble twice. His legacy has been long secured.

      All titles that he won for Barca since then has been just a bonus to his legacy.

      Also, why are people reacting like Messi is 38 year old player that is about to retire soon?

      Zanetti won treble with Inter at 35, now let that sink in before writing a player chance out.

      • Its about different peoples perspective i guess, Everyone knows how gud Messi is and he is carrying his team too. No one is disregarding his past achievements, But from a personal point of view i dont like seeing him loose, Its as simple as that, He may win it back too. But any loss is a loss and it hurts.

        But its a part of the game, may have to move on, But i will be most happy to see him a trophy with Argentina, Copa at least.

      • Agree, Messi will have another chance at UCL. Hope the failure will only make him stronger. About ballon d’or, I don’t trust it anymore. But most people who watch football know who is the best.

    • LOL no chance for Cr7 winning balloon dor but VVD can if Liverpool win the UCL

      • Messi will still win Balon this year I think. He’s both CL & league top scorer and Fifa cant really boost CR & anyone from UEFAdrid anymore since they’re not even in last 4 .

        Also the likes of Neymar & Mbappe ended their seasons with suspension. That said, if Argentina does win Copa , obviously the CL lost will not affected his chance to win that stupid Balon thing.

        While Argentina isnt in good form, you have to consider that none of the other South American teams are in very good form either. Uruguay and Chili however, has a players that willing to play with grit & determination for 120 minutes if needed. Its something we cant say onbthe current Argentina team.

        • Really have no idea how the Ballon D Ore criteria works. Anyway hope he can win it again, No one else deserves it as of now.

          And for the Copa We are behind Brazil,Uruguay, Chile and Columbia, God knows whether we are better than the others too. Bar any Miracles its really hard to put on a good show at the Copa.

          Only hope is we can build on some team chemistry with 3 weeks of preparation. But still i dont think it is enough,The team is behind in somany areas, We dont have a clear system till now after the 2018 WC, Its been a year, Sad part is all the blame will end on Messi’s head that is a guarantee. Get ready Messi Haters. They r coming for us.

          • Based on WC performance (Chile didnt even make it) & recent friendlies, there’s not much indication that those teams are in much better shape. Slightly better perhaps, but people think Germany, Spain & Brazil were top 3 favorites in recent WC and their performance were laughable. We’re at least lost against the two finalists, despite playing our worst football in last 4 years.

  22. Why Messi still playing for this Barcelona team? Barcelona’s dependency on Messi is much higher than Argentina. I mean country don’t produce so many world class players, but for a club as big as Barcelona it’s not a problem. Then why this ridiculous dependency on Messi in every f***ing season?

    I am not mad why Barca out, but mad that Messi’s incredible season can be trash out again because of Barca. And considering the media journalist the different way treat Messi and Ronaldo, it can effect his Balon D’or chance again!

    Just imagine what can happen if Argentina lost this year’s Copa America in a tough place like Brazil! Another Messi retirement outcry will rise from football world and native Argentina media will bury him forever.

    I feel, Messi himself to be blamed for his situation. His lack of vision to see the fall of his legacy by giving everything for Barcelona will hunt him in future. Yes, Barca helped him at a time when no one come to give that growth treatment. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a slave forever for a club! Many clubs helped other players too, but they don’t become slaves for that. Only reason i have to watch this shitty club’s performance every week because of Messi. Can you imagine they won 1 UCL in last 8 seasons with Messi?

    This knockout from UCL will hunt Messi at Copa America too. Mark my word!

  23. Barcelona rested their main players this weekend where Liverpool playing back to back crucial games plus injured key players still eliminating barca proves How much age is important in football, core Barcelona group average age 30+ where Liverpool 25+ makes the difference.

  24. Strong first half for Palacios today. Gallardo using him a little bit deeper which is good for us as thats where our big weakness is. I think he’s still working up his fitness as he seemed to disappear in second half before being subbed around 75m. But overall his passing, interception and touch game seems to be coming back into form.

  25. Ridiculous that Scaloni taking Armani instead of Benitez. Also my worst fear is he will take Marchesin instead of Musso. Ideal should be Andrada,Benitez & Musso but it won’t going to happen

  26. Messi can not inspire his teammates, he is so ordinary in pressure situation. That’s why he failed in three finals with Argentina. It is not all about coaches or other players, he needs to be more influential in vital situations and pressure moments, need to inspire teammates when they need it as he is one of the most experienced out there. Frankly speaking he was not their best player in field in all three final he won with Barca although he gets all the praises. Best moment of his career is that header against United when his team had already one goal lead, its nothing compare to other historical player. Big fan of how he plays but a clueless in pressure situation player is nowhere near best ever. Argentina needs new heroes but like every other coaches current coach also maid it clear that his main job is to bring the best out of Messi and how can other players help him. Now we have some other exciting talent in every positions , make the team thinking about these youths and let Messi help them to win something .

    • Did we watch a different game? During this tie he scored two goals and I can think of 5 clear chances he created that his teammates didn’t capitalise.

      He can do so much for one person. Especially when he has to get the ball deep in his own half and run half the pitch with 4-5 players on him.

      The problem is people treating Messi as a striker. He isn’t like Ronaldo who sits on the box for people to bring the ball to him. He makes runs from outside the box a lot so to expect him to score all the time is very unfair. He’s just been so good at scoring that people think that’s the only contributing to a game he has and if he doesn’t then he’s a failure.

      Coutinho got a pass on a platter from Messi and shot straight on to Allison, Alba the same, Suarez the same. In Camp Nou Dembele missed a clear chance at the end, Vidal given the ball on his feet and wasn’t confident to shoot. All these chances created by Messi. If only one had stepped up and do their job we probably wouldn’t be talking about Liverpool in the final.

      As a team Barca weren’t good. Messi on the other hand did everything he could but he just can’t do it all by himself. Like seriously this is not on Messi. Not a tiny bit.

      • To be honest, liverpool were on fire last night, I think even if Barca won 4-0 in the first league, liverpool could still score 5 goals in the 2nd league.

        I think it was because the liverpool players knew that the premier league is not on their hand, even they win 10-0 in the last match and man city also win at the same time, they can only finish second. They think that they do not deserve to end the season empty handed after winning so many matches in this season. So the champions league was something that is reacheable, as they knew that they just need to score 4 goals to reach the final. That is why they were on fire.

    • 10 times league champions, 4 x CL winners (has scored in multiple finals)

      Yea, try harder to exaggerate things.

      Preasure situation? the first leg actually had bigger preasure than this one since they also had to avoid conceiding goals at home. Liverpool created many chances aswell in first leg but Messi was able to hit twice even late in the game.

      Barca conceided 4 goals in second leg in last 2 seasons and conceiding goals appearently has something to do with Messi lol

      Do you actually think Messi is a defender all these years? Messi provided 2 direct assists against France and lost (3-4), Maradona only had 1 assist against Brazil (1990) and Germany (1986), and Argentina won those games because they didnt conceided 3 or 4 goals.

  27. I also prefer Barca as a team compared to Liverpool. But anyway, priority is Argentina. Happy that Messi is free of injury and hope he can arrive at Copa in best condition physically and mentally. As for Suarez, hope his poor performance continue to Copa lol.

    • He won’t be in best condition mentally. He has been so determined to win CL this season. The defeat will hit him hard for time to come, sadly. Another loss in Copa may be too much to handle. I’d rather have Messi not playing Copa at all and prepare for his last shot, 2022.

      • Actually, now he has more purpose to win this Copa , cause if he won treble with Barca… Copa America failure will never affected his chance to win that stupid Balon thing at the slightest.

        People has been saying Messi will be affected mentally since losing 0-3 to Brazil in 2007 or 0-4 to Germany in 2010 or after 2014 final but he always comes back swinging. The reason is simple, he’s still playing at highest level after each failures because he enjoy playing football in first place, so he might not see things the way the fans are. For him, he’s simply enjoy to play the football game.

  28. Guys how was ter Stegen, is he the worst goal keeper in the world? I mean if it had been Argentina lost in this way then it is Armani’s fault right?

    • Very True. Cant imagine had it been any Argentine GK he would have been ripped apart, But at the same time Ter Stegen will continue to be the best in the world. Everyone’s are humans only. Mistakes and Off days will happen.

  29. If we want to win copa then we should keep hardworking players and scaloni shouldnot do what valverdi did ie sit back and wait for miracle
    I see Roberto pereyra ,saravia ,kanneman ,pazella as hard workers
    PS royal and lazy players like parades to stay away ,will be happy to include someone like zaracho instead of paredes

    • Yep , I missed player like Simeone, Zanetti, Kily Gonzalez and Sorin. These type of players what we really need in the team. Win or lose, we never looked outclassed.

      I wonder why in all sudden since 2005 Argentina always has a players that looks like either highschool kids or Instagram models. They used to looks like a warrior ready for war.

  30. really i don t understand the most of friends here why they get upset because Barcelona lost and did not qualify to Champions league final.

    if they are friends of Barcelona too then i can understand it.
    but from Argentina point of view which i care only
    then this is wonderful news.

    Messi finish with his obligations with his team and he is now healthy and free to prepare himself mentally and physically for Copa with us.
    he can relax before Copa more time.

    who gives a shit for Barcelona and how Barcelona played today.
    Personally i see as good news what happened today.


  31. Hope Ajax win the UCL else VVD can win balloon dor instead of messi which will be the robbery, best player award should be given on individual performance not team. Copa America will be the crucial for Messi

    • This CL lost should fuels Messi to win Copa. If he win treble with Barca , the Copa America performance will never affected his chance to win Balon because even if he lose Copa America, FIFA and journalists will never really care as long he win the CL. Now he’d have more purpose to deliver great performance in Copa plus no CL final to play before flying to Argentina.

      We all know in last 15 years Balon has always been CL winner, nothing else.

      • Messi won balloon dor 2010,2012 Cristiano in 2013 without winning UCL, Liverpool needs to be titleless this season

  32. In terms of choking, Argentina are better. At least we don’t give away 3-4 goal leads. Sure we may have lost, but we have way more spirit and always come back for more.

  33. Suarez is finished, misses easy clear cut chances and not produced any threats, countinho is misused, Arthur is overatted, pique and Busquets is no more world class, Messi and Tarstegen is poor today and two player can’t win all matches. Barcelona played with 4 player Alba, raketic, messi and Tarstegen in whole season

  34. Barca and Argentina ain’t much difference now! Is it? Like i said week before that only differences is Barca full back nothing else

    • Barca midfield is better than ours. It’s Valverde’s fault. Even in the first leg before those two quick-fire goals from Messi, Liverpool were presented with opportunities to come back in the match. Valverde dont know how to use Coutinho. Instead Coutinho’s presence nullifies Messi’s threat. Still, Valverde waited around 65mins to replace him with.. Semedo?? Another coach would go for the kill and introduce Dembele much earlier.

      • Like I said given time and a proper coach would do wonder in our new midfield. Barca midfield obviously would look better as they training every week together.

  35. Valverde…that f****** Valverde!! He pulled it off again. They should beat him up with sandals and drive him away from Barcelona forever.

    • Imtiaz:
      no disrespect you sound like
      Fcb fan i feel sorry for you
      but if that was Argentina
      Everyone will come on and
      Attack our players fcb proved
      Tonight they re the biggest bottles
      A long side PSG and Juventus
      When it comes to UEFA champions

      • Godin11,

        Do you have any idea about the players you praise? I sincerely doubt it. You think praising our players and coach will improve their performance on the pitch? No, it wont. For example, no matter how much you fantasize about Paredes ruling our midfield, he wont. Because if Paredes doesnt improve his workrate, a team like Liverpool or, the Copa winning Chili midfield will eat him alive. Then we will only talk about Messi.

        “but if that was Argentina
        Everyone will come on and
        Attack our players “… Yes we would. Because, Barcelona proved in the first leg that they can blow Liverpool away. They also prove week in week out in La Liga that they can blow Real Madrid or any other league rivals away with/without Messi. Barca have a 160m Coutinho, 120m Dembele who were working wonders elsewhere. This is not the strongest Barcelona or my favourite by any means, still they are way better than our NT.

        Besides, when was the last time our NT took a 3 goal lead and blew it away? Nah, i dont think we’ve been that good in a decade lol.

        • i respect the fact that you are sad for your team that lost.
          if my team River plate lost as your team lost today i could feel same way sad.
          just as Argentina fans here there is no reason to be worry about Messi s club performance.

          • @cox4,
            UCL has been the yardstick in recent years. I am frustrated that Messi was so close to winning it again yet Barca collapsed again. I remember one Barca fan page after Valverde’s renewal, “Two more years of this tactical football.” When you know something crap is going to happen and it unfolds before your eyes, its really frustrating.

        • Mate to be honest I’m very happy
          To ba proud fan for albicelestes
          As tonight honest to God I wanted
          Fcb to go through is not because
          Of messi but I don’t like liverpool
          Come to Argentina players
          I agree with you some our players
          Are not same level as fcb players
          The thing is I didn’t i ask anyone to
          Praise our players but I saw some
          Unfair judgement to our players
          Especially those who had few caps
          Yet I saw people overpriasing
          Certain individuals who had over
          60 caps and fail time and time
          Again .but when come the new
          Blood who hasn’t played any tournament
          Yet We re so critic to them especially
          Their form club I’m saying Argentina
          Will come good again I don’t care
          Who criticise or praise our nt players
          One thing I’m certain the albicelestes
          Will be force in near future

          • Godin mate,
            What you consider unfair judgement of youth now, may not look so unfair in a couple of years time, you know. Some people can probably judge players quicker than others, some see the flaws and still keep their fingers crossed. While others just reads the news and media hype. If you’re asking me for my positive input on youth, I would happily include Lo Celso and Lautaro in my team any day. J. Correa on the left as well. I am not going to build my hopes on Paredes or, G. Pity Martinez because I either consider them one dimensional or, less talented than others.

      • Godin11,

        By the way, What’s wrong with being a FCB fan? Since you’ve asked, I am not actually a Barcelona fan. I am more of a Messi fan. Messi is the only link between me and Barca, and I dont like Madrid either. I am frustrated because UCL was a sitting duck for Messi but thanks to Valverde, Barca have blown it again.

        The only club I have been watching for years is Man City. I watched Aguero thousand times more than Messi. But you dont know that because I dont campaign for Aguero, do I?

        • Imtiaz
          I can’t disagree with that
          I love premier league
          I mainly watch man city too
          Because of aguero plus of
          Guardiola I also watch west ham
          Which is my local club and spurs
          Because of pochettino I follow
          Watford too cose of peryer

          • Pereyra can be our vidal if we can use him properly but I can’t be optimistic because of scaloni,modern football needs good coach who can get the best out of the team as well as who is good in reading opponents I wish gallardo or the racing manager was our coach

          • I started watching City when Tevez joined them. I figured everybody in the English media hated them. City were trying to win after a long time. City games suited my work schedule too. Somehow I got attached to this team.

    • I don’t understand this… In Last Match he has and in this match he haven’t; Last season the same happened against Roma?….

      • The problem is, most teams that has a big lead in first leg will enter the second game with “avoiding to lose” mindset rather than keep “trying to win at all cost” mindset.

        This is where your opponent can capitalize that, they’d just playing without preasure knowing their opponent is a big favor to win and will easily through. Playing without preasure means a team can deliver their best performance.

        Inter basically defended with 11 players in second leg in 2010 semifinal, they beat Barca 3-1 in first leg, lost the second leg 0-1 but still through. Milito didnt score in second leg , didnt even had a single chance in that second leg, but he scored twice the final.

        Why people aint blaming Milito for not scoring in that second leg yet blaming Messi for not scoring in this second leg?

  36. tactically physically liverpool beat barcelona from 1st leg to 2nd leg…valvarde only depend on personal brilliance… our argentina is far better than barcelona….

  37. This Barcelona team is fruad
    Last year they gave away health
    Lead against Roma and this year
    Yet again they threw away 3 0
    Which I never witness any bigger
    Come back than this in UEFA
    Champions league in my life

    • outwitted is the wrong word here pal……they outplayed barca ….they were more physical, energetic , enthusiastic and clinical……they played like a team…..everyone was working so hard……that’s why i always say we need good hardworking plus talented players these days to win the matches …..see ajax, man city, liverpool……… today’s football just being talented is not good enough…you have to work hard more.

  38. hahahaha Barcelona was terrible today…….really feel sorry for messi though.
    atleast argentina national team players have more spirit than these barca chokers.

    • None of the Barca defenders jumped at the header (third goal). How dumb…
      Too many players that are over the hill (Rakitic, Vidal, Pique) and Suarez is only irritating players and achieves nothing.
      Messi’s aim was off today. Again he was not a true leader…

      • Hey Richard pal don’t say anything about messi here otherwise u will be considered as a plebian who doesn’t know anything about football lol

      • In what way, Messi wasn’t a leader… If Pique was captain for today… Would Barca win?…. Barca’s performance from top to bottom was horrendous…. Valverde tactics were awful to say the least…. He was just looking for things to happen…. Same he did last season against Roma…. Iniesta was the Captain last time…. 2 mistakes by Alba… That 4th goal was a joke… Not even 2nd Division team would do that…. Blaming everything on Messi is too harsh….

  39. This is tradition already to play with some Central America team before tournament: Guatemala, Panama, Haiti, Trinidad, Jamaica. Oh come on guys, Nicaragua is far stronger than these minnows. LOL

    • Tapia and Scaloni are smart people.
      they know that we have one team without chemistry and we don t have the time to fix it now.
      so they do the most normal thing.
      they don t want to expose our weaknesses before even Copa begins.

      • yes I agree. this is fine. seven days before tournament this is right warm up team. get some goals, get some confidence, stay healthy.

  40. it would have been great for argentina nt to play a european country not a powerhouse like france,england,spain,or germany but a NT like norway,iceland,lithuania,luxemborg,sweeden or wales would be perfect friendly for ARGENTINA NT BEFORE COPA 2019 hopefully along with nicaragua NT there is another friendly against a european NT like lithuania or iceland or sweeden or luxemborg

  41. Hello my fanmates?
    Here I’m Wondering why our leaders many times choose small teams to play with where strong countries like European ones are there? Which would sharpen our guys better!
    Vamos Argentina!

    • because my friend if we play before Copa with one strong European team as you said then it will
      expose our team s weaknesses and it will be huge moral defeat for us before even Copa begins
      with negative critics etc
      if that happened Tapia and Scaloni will not be able control the situation.

    • Because a big win boost confidence. A defeat against France, Spain or other powerhouse will have a negative mental impact.

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