Javier MASCHERANO, Maxi RODRIGUEZ, COLOCCINI to join Argentina team Pan games


Javier MASCHERANO, Maxi RODRIGUEZ and Fabricio COLOCCINI are set to join the Argentina team at Panamerican games.

This news coming from TyC Sports reporter Esteban Edul. If the news is true, the three former Argentina players would join Fernando BATISTA’s team for the games. They would be the three overage players.


  1. Its almost summer once again and here comes that same itchy-giddy feeling I’ve been getting for the past 8 years or so since the 2011 Copa.
    Lets GO ARGENTINA, you deserve a trophy and we the fans deserve it just as much.

  2. I hope maschareno becomes a great manger one day and will help argentina NT because he was always there for NT not like pochettino who always shows his back to NT.

  3. Copa America 2019 squad most probably-
    GK: Armani, Andrada, Rulli v/s mashchrin
    DF: Otamendi, Pazella, kanemman, Marcado, Saravia, Tagliafico, Acuana
    MF: Lo celso, paredes, de paul, pareyra, palacios, zaracho, Gludio v/s marcone
    FW: Messi, Lautaro, Correra, Suarez, Any 2 ( Aguero v/s Icardi v/s Dybala)

    • Armani, Andrada,marchesin…! No need to play Copa. A sure defeat with these GKs.
      Romero, Rulli, Musso, Benitz, all are ahead of them.

      • Scaloni most probably pick palocios and zaracho ahead of lanzini and dimaria, on the basis of Morocco performance suarez and correra seals their spot as well as Andreda, Amrani is going to be selected for sure then third one is Rulli vs maschrin, Romero is miss out and Dybala or icardi one is not going to be selected if Aguero picked

      • If Mercado is injured then montiel will be picked, experience is with marcado although saravia will be the first choice @insider

  4. According to rumors 10 confirmed players for copa america is messi, lautaro, Angel correra, Suarez, Lo celso, De paul, Paredes, pareyara, Palacios, zaracho. Little bit surprised for suarez and zaracho but last friendly match against morocco cementing these player place as well as Angle Correra. There will be 3Gk and 8DF for sure so the main debate will be for remaining two places. Only two player between Aguero, Icardi, Dybala, Dimaria is going to be selected most probably Dimaria missed it.

    • *** Lanzini is also going to miss it, if Dybala is selected then fight between Aguero vs Icardi.

  5. Politician Mascherano is the first player who become coach 1year after his last world cup while others played 4-5year after retiring form NT proves how much mascherano cost Argentina 2018 worldcup

  6. i like so much this idea.
    i have very big faith and desire to see Masche to become a successful manager.
    i believe on him.

    i want to see him be like Simeone and Pochettino.

    i wish the best for Masche.

  7. t is practically a fact that next week will be known the 23 players of the Argentine National Team that will travel to Brazil to play the Copa America . Self Lionel Scaloni confirmed yesterday in TyCSports that while you still have time to present the final list, prefers not to give a preliminary call and then make a cut so that they will be psyched and what they will face.

    The DT already has a large part of the list resolved and only waits for the next few days to define some specific issues that go through recovery of injuries and elections between two players for which there is only one place and simply has to tilt the balance for any of the two sides.

    Next, a review of the situation, point by point.


    There are two that have their place guaranteed. Esteban Andrada (Boca) and Franco Armani (River). For the third there are two names on which the DT should decide: Agustín Marchesín (América, México) and Juan Musso (Udinese, Italy).


    It is almost all defined and in principle there will be seven. Nicolás Otamendi ( Manchester City ), Walter Kannemann (Gremio, Brazil), Germán Pezzella (Fiorentina), Gabriel Mercado (Sevilla), Renzo Saravia (Racing), Nicolás Tagliafico (Ajax) and Marcos Acuña (Sporting Lisboa). The only doubt is to confirm that Pezzella will not have problems after the operation due to the zygomatic-orbital-maxillary fracture.


    It is probably where there are more doubts at this point. Confirmed are Giovani Lo Celso (Betis), Leandro Paredes (PSG) and Roberto Pereyra (Watford), three who were a fixture in the Scaloni cycle. In addition, after showing a good recovery another that gets without doubts is Exequiel Palacios (River).

    And the dilemmas appear: Guido Rodríguez (América, México) or Iván Marcone (Boca) fight for a place as an alternative center midfielder, while Gonzalo Martínez (Atlanta United, USA) and Ángel Di María (PSG) would emerge as a member for the left band. In addition, with some of the other names that saw action in this new stage of the selection will be completed the list: Matias Zaracho (Racing), Rodrigo De Paul (Udinese, Italy), Angel Correa (Atlético de Madrid) and Paulo Dybala (Juventus) ).


    Lionel Messi, who returned on the last FIFA date, will be the captain of the team in Brazil and the first confirmed holder. To accompany him in the attack there will be three names, which emerge from the bidding of four strikers: Lautaro Martínez (Inter, Italy), Sergio Agüero (Manchester City), Matías Suárez (River) and Mauro Icardi (Inter), who are in the consideration of Scaloni in that order.

  8. They are not joining coaching staff of the team but UNFORTUNATELY the squad itself. The dinosaurs – Colloccini, Mascherano and Maxi Rodriguez will play on Pan American Games. They will the 3 over 22 yo players. Have not we experienced but younger ones?

    • Javier Mascherano vuelve a la selección argentina. Es uno de los tres mayores elegidos por Fernando Batista para los Juegos Panamericanos. Los otros dos serán Coloccini y Maxi Rodríguez. #EstudioFútbol @TyCSports

      Not coaching but playing, Coloccini is 38 years old! Maxi 37.

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