Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Chelsea qualify for final of Europa League


Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Chelsea have qualified for the final of the Europa League.

The former Argentina man will be taking part in another final in his career, this time in the Europa League. After having lost the Champions League final while with Juventus in 2017, HIGUAIN will get another chance at a European cup final.

His Chelsea side defeated Eintracht 4-3 on penalties after the match finished 1-1 with HIGUAIN not shooting a penalty. Chelsea will play Arsenal in the final.


      • It will be injustice you if compare valancia squad with Arsenal. Valancia reached semi and garay is playing consistently though out the season. What Otamendi did ? He was not even a first choice defender.

  1. Copa America 2019 squad most probably-
    GK: Armani, Andrada, Rulli v/s mashchrin
    DF: Otamendi, Pazella, kanemman, Saravia, Tagliafico, Acuana, Marcado v/s Montiel
    MF: Lo celso, paredes, de paul, pareyra, palacios, zaracho, Gludio v/s Marcone
    FW: Messi, Lautaro, Correra, Suarez, Any 2 ( Aguero v/s Icardi v/s Dybala)
    Big names in Golden Generation like Romero, Dimaria, Benega will not be selected in Copa where Lanzini, Lamela also miss the tournament. If Dybala selected then only one between Aguero or Icardi is going to be picked. Only 2 players from old guards messi and otamendi are sure taking part in copa where Aguero also have chance if Icardi or Dybala snubbed.

  2. Sometimes I dont understand this Batista guy. What is his obsession with retired players. For F sake it is 3 players above 23, not 3 players above 35…. I hope they reject it.

  3. Pablo.d
    congratulations for you mate
    For your team done wonders
    To reach champions league final
    Pochettino is very good manager
    His team didn’t spend single pound
    Last two windows yet again he turned
    Spurs regularly top 4 team
    And most amazing one is reach
    Final with that team against all odds
    I don’t like either spurs or liverpool
    But I hope pochettino beat klopp
    Tottenham has Argentinean history

  4. Higuain has been useless for the Blues. He only scored 3 goals since January and most of the time he’s been benched for his poor perfomances when he was a starter. Chelsea already said they will not renew his loan in June. He’s got the right nick Pipa. A pipa just blows humo.

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