Mauricio POCHETTINO, Tottenham reach the Champions League final


Mauricio POCHETTINO’s Tottenham have reached the Champions League final after defeating Ajax.

It was one of the most memorable semi-finals of all time, one which saw Tottenham comeback after being 2-0 down away from home. A late goal saw them qualify where they will play Liverpool in the final.

POCHETTINO becomes only the sixth Argentine coach to reach the Champions League final. He joins Luis CARNIGLIA, Helenio HERRERA, Juan Carlos LORENZO, Héctor CUPER and Diego SIMEONE.

Congratulations to POCHETTINO as well as Paulo GAZZANIGA, Juan FOYTH and Erik LAMELA.


    • I can’t blame pochettino not want
      To coach Argentina because
      He is coaching the best league
      In the world arguably plus afa
      Were been mess till tapia came
      Forget pochettino even tata martino
      Refuse and chose Mexico over his
      Home country Gallardo simeone
      Bielse all refuse to manage arg
      But I hope pochettino becomes
      First non European to win UEFA champions
      League two other Argentines came close
      Simeone and cuper lost towice.

      • Samething rule applies to players also still they are fighting and not scared of playing for NT ready to do anything for NT but you will blame them for the same.

      • Nobody should blame anyone from refusing to coach a NT that didnt even pay their securities and the coach for almost a year. Remember what happened in middle of Copa? Tata said he hasnt been paid for almost a year and the securities knocked on Messi hotel room to tell him that they havent been paid! Messi even complained (he rarely complain publicly) on AFA flight delay that affected their training schedule ahead of the final.

        Who d fck would want to get anywhere near these kind of circus?

        • Rattlehead
          That was true mate but afa clear
          All the debt they own ex managers
          Likes Buaze sampoali and Tate
          Right now afa becoming stable
          Tapia is doing fantastic job
          Soo afa will be able to pay any coach
          Or staff from now on

    • he has said before hes not ready to now not he does not want to do the job later on , remember hes only 43.
      anyway would he want to take the job knowing that the afa will meddle in your team selection and the pay is absolutely crap, sim is on $4.5 mill g.b.p at ath.m per year and poch $3.5 mill g.b.p per year at Tottenham-the n.t job pays $250,000 g.b.p per year-find me any one in their right mind who would take such a dramatic pay cut for any job at 43 years of age..

  1. Many disappointed by exclusion of Almada for U-20 WC squad but another creative player exclusion of which is controversial for me is Maxi Lovera from Rosario Central. He made 2 assists yesterday on his club’s Copa Libertadores win over Libertad.

    Also CM Joaquin Pereyra who were playing for Argentina U-20 during Sudamericano 2017 is someone to follow in the club. He scored one last night.

  2. According to Whoscored messi is the highest rated player in two legs semifinal ties, Football is the team game not individuals sports, in Argentina Higuain and Dimaria costs messi now Suarez/Coutinho doing for barcelona, Messi and Tar Stegen saves barca last two season back to back need mass changes in Barca squad otherwise messi must leave barca for city

    • Yes, agree with you. Football is team sport. Individual talent will help but not all the time. I only hope the rest of argentina players, coach, support team, to stand up and seize the copa for us. Messi will be able to help but not him alone.

  3. Hector cuper lost as a coach UEFA champions league back to back 2 times..99/00 & 00/01 season.. on 99/00 edition of champions league he lost to real Madrid and 00/01 edition of champions league he lost to Bayern Munich… It is sad that Argentine players and managers have very bad fate on final days.. I hope this time Fae will be changed thru pochettino… And also I hope Tottenham beat Liverpool in the final…

    • You mentioned the failures but why not mention all the victories? Argentina won 14 Copa , 2 WC, various Argentine players has won CL and Libertadores aswell.

    • Cuper with Valencia was underdog vs Bayern and Real just like Simeone vs Real Madrid, Poch will be too, when Simeone was the favourite in Europa League he won it twice. Bielsa and Martino are loosers for sure.

    • well lets wait till the actual match is over to tell whether he lost the final or won the UCL and became a legend for tottenham

    • Dont underestimate the Kloop looser factor neither, lost 3 european finals so far, he will lose the PL, vs Barcelona they were nothing to lose, in the final will a lot.

    • Kloop is the biggest choker who is going to lose back to back three European Final. Spurs captain Loris is 1986-87 born who won the worldcup last year is going to win UCL this year too

  4. WBCS exam question:
    Which is the biggest bottlejob in UEFA Champion League 2018-19 season?
    a) PSG 2-0 Away lead
    b) Barcelona 3-0 Home lead
    c) Ajax 3-0 overall lead in First-half
    d) All the Above

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