Argentina, Chelsea goalkeeper Willy CABALLERO talks about FIFA World Cup disaster


Argentina goalkeeper Willy CABALLERO explained what happened and how he was told that he wasn’t going to play against Nigeria at the FIFA World Cup.

Speaking in an interview with ESPN, the Chelsea shot stopper commented on what had happened between himself and Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI as well as Franco ARMANI. Following his mistake against Croatia, here’s what CABALLERO had to say:

“Jorge (SAMPAOLI) called me to give me explinations but I told him that he didn’t have to explain. That I understood and that tomorrow (against Nigeria) we had to win to stay in the World Cup and that’s the only thing that was important.”

CABALLERO also spoke about what he told goalkeeper ARMANI:

“I was rooming with Franco (ARMANI) and I told him ‘He (SAMPAOLI) called me to tell me that tomorrow you’re playing, give it your all, rest well and everything will go well tomorrow, we are all with you. And that’s how it was.

“The World Cup for me, personally and individually, ended there but I still had the hunger of being World champion. I didn’t care about me, the important thing was us.”


  1. It’s OK, Willy… The Argentina National Football Team will be the champion of The World Cup and The Copa with or without you, Willy.. Thanks for your service to the team….

    God bless you, Willy… God bless everyone….

  2. Willy please shut your mouth you have lost all to right to speak. Sampoli should not have started you between the sticks against iceland itself. Your positioning was so horrible. Credit goes to sampoli for starting a goalkeeper which is benchwarmer at his club and not that goalkeeper who plays regularly with his club and your mistake against Croatia is unforgivable. It opened the floodgates for more goals to come. So please be silent 🤐🙏🏻

  3. if i was in your place Wlly i would close my mouth and never speak.
    go back to your hole and never speak again please.

    silence is wisdom in your case.


  4. Willy is better than Franco armani if he would have started against france result might be different. It was baldy who forced him to play in pressure to a goalkeeper who never used to play under pressure with high defensive line.

  5. It will be really pleasefull if we don’t post anything about willy Caballero, enough of what he did for us. I would rather like to see Armani than seeing Caballero any day.

    Not because of the error in th WV he made, but the pattern he made the error. He was trying to show off. GIVE A SLICING PASS TO OUR PLAYER. as if he is too comfortable with his feet. F**k. Unforgivable…

  6. Why is anyone interviewing this pile of dog shit? And why the hell do you think we want to hear about him Roy?

    On a much more important note..

    Scaloni is dead man walking. This piece of shit is already building excuses to save his ass for losing Copa America. He is comparing himself to France and how they lost the Euros 2 years earlier and won the World Cup.
    Menotti is going to fire him before the plane even lands from Brazil.
    Hey Scaloni
    Start by picking the right damn players for the tournament before worrying about your employment you piece of shit

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