Sergio AGÜERO scores as Manchester City win Premier League title


Sergio AGÜERO scored in Manchester City’s 4-1 win against Brighton to lift the Premier League trophy.

It wasn’t the best of starts for Peo GUARDIOLA’s team as Brighton scored to take a 1-0 lead. However, just 81 seconds later showed up Sergio AGÜERO. The club’s all time leading scorer showed up when it mattered the most and drew City level. After that, it was business as usual for City.

They went on to score through a lovely MAHREZ strike and an even better free kick by GUNDOGAN.

Nicolas OTAMENDI came on as a substitute in what was likely his last match for the club as strong rumoes are linking him to a Manchester exit.


  1. Aguero’s form is too good to be ignored, Icardi dig his own grave, he was our set for the Number 9 starter role in the Copa (Well that didn’t go well). Suarez is an odd choice but he showed some small spark of chemistry with Messi against Venezuela may be that’s why he is preferred over Icardi. Dybala i have no idea (I think till Messi is there Dybala wont play for us, End of Story)

    We need to understand that there is No World Class goal Keepers nowadays, Every Goal keepers even the so called WORLD CLASS GOAL KEEPER’s are also making Childish errors. Its humane to make errors, Armani in River is phenomenal(Bar some Bloopers), Because he has been playing with the same set of defense for long time week in week out, Lots of training. Come to our NT, Every Match he played was having a different set of defense in front of him, Now we can again complain that he should have stooped this goal, he should have stopped that goal etc, But its natural to make minor errors. We cant expect any Goal keeper to give consistent performance if the defense in front of him is constantly changing. Romero had that luxury of playing with same set of defenders for around 90 Matches, Dammnn

    Anyway Frankly speaking as of Now, Andrada is better for the NT, He looks more sharper than Armani. Hell even Marchesin looks better than Armani, I m glad that the Era of Romero is over(probably) for Argentina.

    • Yea, France goalkeeper made even more ridiculous mistake against Croatia than Willy’s mistake against the same team.

      Sampaoli’s team just keep making these pointless sideway passing & backward passess instead if making proper clearence, so he’s just asking for defensive errors.

    • As a goalkeeper myself i agree with what you told about error. You can’t expect a lot from goalkeeper without a good set of defence

  2. many fans here are saying Lautaro Martinez and Aguero have similar playing style. i can not see this similarity. the only thing they share in common is the low centre of gravity.
    in my humble opinion, the NT does not need a goal scorer. we have Messi. he is killer in front of the goal. we need hard working intelligent striker who can set the field in front of Messi and help him to score goals. Icardi can not play this role. Aguero can play it but i think Lautaro is more fit in this role even though he is still young. Icardi is traditional no.9. Aguero can play like traditional no.9. therefore, we do not need Icardi at the moment. and that is why i want Lautaro,Aguero and Suarez to be in the final list. these 3 players can be very useful and have different capability.
    one other thing. i hope every fan consider this edition of copa america as test and a chance to build a chemistry between these young players. they are the future. they still have copa america 2020 and world cup 2022 qualification competition.

  3. Armani’s last match exposed him. He is not upto the mark. PERIOD. Its silly to select him for the COPA. As a backup maybe yes.

  4. No doubt Kun is the best striker Argentina have got at his moment, but still Scaloni is confused to select and guarantee his place. Icardi, Lamela, Ascacibar,Foyth and Dybala are not on his form so no need to compare and brings their names in Copa selection.. why make things complicated .

    We have experienced and repeat the same mistake again, remember how Tevez names are being echoed by fans during Sabella reign…

    Most worrying things are GK..that need to be resolve and why not consider Romero as he always be ready and still can contribute for this upcoming Copa..

  5. Hopefully Aguero and Icardi is in the final list. Latauro is Similar to Aguero so we dont need him this year. There is no reason. If one tactic does not work coach should have a different option. Whats the point of subbing Aguero for Latauro? Maybe Icardi is not in his best form but still a handful and a better option if Aguero is off. Icardi brings the X Factor, Agilty, Height and Strenght. And he is a natural goal scorer. We have to go with both Abilty and Form. In Form we have Kun now lets get a striker with the abilty. (need to mix it up, Ability/Form and Experience/young blood) We cant have all young players in a team or all in form players in a team because form is temporary it can drop in Copa too. Gotta have some mix of players with Ability (Icardi) and and some players with experience (Like Otamendi, DiMaria) Icardi just scored a goal for NT and he deserves a call. If he starts scoring Alongside Messi, Copa will be ours. Latauro is not at that level (Game Changer) yet but Latauro can be our future for 2020 and 2022 alongside Icardi when Aguero Hangs up the boot.

  6. I see Armani many times from WC to River plate,he is not that level to represent national team..if he is very good go then he definitely joined European side after 2 Copa Libertadores…may be he is your choice but in my opinion he is not able to represent national team..

    • Because they lost only 1 game this season, reached cl final against Spurs, and their 2 forwards mane and Salah achieved golden boot. They also played real Madrid in cl final last year.

      • Icardi can score a goal from anywhere when there is not a hope in dying minutes. He can change the game as a super sub in last 15-20 minutes coz he need half a chance to score and bang. Remember his last goal for Argentina. Pure strength and skill on the ball and furthermore he has decent pace for a big man. 182 cms in height. Diversity in attack is must.

  7. Juan Musso played another good game today. Except one error, he save some great shots. That reflex one leg save was awesome to watch!

    Hopefully Scaloni knows what he is doing with Argentina Gks. Because Benitez, Gazzaniga and Musso are the ones should be selected for Argentina in terms of current form.

  8. Watched the highlights of Atletico Tucuman vs River thing is clear to see that Franco Armani is just a PURE SHIT

    • let me see if i understand well.
      you just saw highlights of one game of one competition
      which River plate don t give a shit because we are Copa Libertadores champions and because the championship has ended and because we already have qualify to the last 16 of 2019 Copa Libertadores

      and you watch those highlights and you arrive to the conclusion that our goalkeeper is pure shit.

      probably you don t have idea about River plate and the successful years we have those years we have Armani to our team.
      this is clear to me.

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