Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI talks about Mauro ZARATE, staying as coach


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI spoke about Mauro ZARATE and the Argentina national team.

Speaking in an interview with Super Deportivo Radio, the Argentina coach gave his thoughts on Boca’s Mauro ZARATE and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s difficult to close the door on a player like that. I was his team mate at Lazio, he’s in important form, that he continues like this and we will take the decisions.”

In regards to possibly staying on as coach after the Copa America:

“The processus of long term planning falls to those who pay, if a process is cut due to a bad result, this is where the problem lies. Hopefully we continue.

“France were crowned world champions but two years prior had lost the finals of the Euro at home.”


  1. Not Scaloni but Tapia should go.Mercado Angel correa are waste.He should choose player who has brain who can anticipate the move before.Tagliafico is average because of his low understanding and leaving his position we will concede goals

    • True bro. He should call a fullback who can cross the ball and atleast have some skills to beat one on one defender of opposing team. I am a big admirer of Cristian ansanladi coz of work he does. He can play with both feets which rare for a fullback and a added advantage,can cross a ball to the point, can beat defender one on one. Sadly scaloni didn’t know anything abt fullbacks when he himself was a fullback. Tagliafico has avg skills and mercado is shit who can’t play neither a cb nor a fullback. Hope scaloni uses his brains little bit😑

  2. It would be interesting to read how Scaloni and staff are preparing for the Copa. How are they analysing opponents, adjusting their gameplan, setting up tactics (without revealing), what did he learn when Qatar won Asia cup? etc.

    Nowadays it is only about team selection.

  3. Please open your eyes Mr. Scaloni, look and travel every corner and watch the football games daily. Find the young and potential players not exploring the 32 years old player into N/T. Why every time should create enigma and controversy. You have in your hand the world best players and still searching for the old guards without the guts to bring the best and lifted the trophy… Oh dear I hope Sabella will and keen to take charge again. Another frustrating tournament

  4. Scaloni will provide list of 40 players for unsure about Icardi, Dybala, Aguero, Dimaria and Rulli. Romero and Benega won’t make into 40 players list.

  5. Earlier we wanted a world cup miracle which never happened… now we want a copa miracle with a dumb scoloni at the helm. Nah. That’s greed.
    Football is a beautiful game. Get the coach right, get the players right for each position and tactic and we will be on the way to the podium.
    Comparing Argentina to France who won this world cup by luck is a farce. (Common man, we taught the world how to play beautifully and produced the world’s greatest player – Diego Maradona)
    AFA is cursed at the moment… Whatever it does backfires.
    Praying that one day everything in Argentina Football will change for good. Until then let’s not expect big … Just watch the Copa games for football sake.

    • Yes France won the world cup by luck with world class GK Lorish, DF Varane Ummtti, Young world class full back Hernandez and pavard both will play for Bayern next season, best MF of the tournament Pogba, kante, mattudi, world class Grizmaan and future balloon dor winner mbappe, having dembele, fakir, laporte on bench, France had the best squad in the world cup other favourites like spain Germany had aging squad where brazil was overrated like always

    • “France who won this world cup by luck”

      LUCK??? I know we are mad at France but denying their accomplishments is just absurd! They beat every opponent good! Especially us! There was no luck, just 4 years of hard work and dedication from the entire association. UNLIKE us, who got one LUCKY goal, and a LUCKY ticket to the round of 16. We have to admit our mistakes first. Blaming the jackass coach isn’t the first thing to do. The association is bankrupt and will do anything to have their way. Filtering them out is the first thing to do!

      • According to me France had best squad in 2018 than others yes 2014 Germany or 2010 Spain were different label but in 2018 France had world class squad of players with average age of 25-26

    • It was not LUCK only my old mundo friend. It was something like this:

      49% WELL PLANNED
      1% LUCK
      Now you REMEMBER THE NAME.

      • Nah it’s actually

        10% luck
        20% skill
        15% concentrated power of will
        5% pleasure and 50% pain and a 100% reason to remember the name!

        Wise man that Mike Shinoda! 😉

          • man i must be bored…i just spent 5 minutes looking up the reference.

            “Remember the Name” is a rap song by Fort Minor, the side project of rock band Linkin Park’s co-lead vocalist Mike Shinoda.

            [Intro: Mike Shinoda]
            You ready? Let’s go!
            For those of you that wanna know what we’re all about
            It’s like this, y’all, c’mon!

            This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
            Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
            Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
            And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

  6. Everton are interested in signing Santi Sosa from River, only thing that’s holding them back is that he doesn’t have an EU passport.
    Federico Navarro is in City sights are a possible Fernandinho understudy.

  7. Hmm let me see.

    every day and one new name come to add in the list of our dear coach for Copa.

    just i wonder something.
    did our coach knows that he have to take totally 23 players with him in Brasil?

    or he is confused that he will take 23 attackers 23 defenders and 23 midfielders ?
    just he make me curious every day.

    i am sure tomorrow this time i will hear one or more names more for take them in squad for Copa.

    • Cox4
      El nivel del juego en La Primera es basura hermano. Parece como el juego de pibes en escuela. Ayer vi los partidos de Boca River y Racing y era bastante difícil ver el juego. Solo los viejitos o los que jugaron afuera del país parecieron saber como jugar. Y este pibe Zaracho de Racing, me parece que Racing vende fuma

  8. Scaloni has never coached a club. He ONLY knows how to play 3-5-2 formation. That is all he played. When you are calling these shitty goalkeepers, matias Suarez over Aguero, and countless other dumb decisions like leandro “statue” paredes, you should be fired. We simply cannot go on with idiots like this in charge. The country is suffering, the fans are suffering, Argentina football reputation is a joke, and the players are suffering. The AFA is so bad they need to bring a senile 84 year old Menotti for advice. How much worse can it get? A group stage exit at copa?

    • Agreed. We’re now way behind Uruguay and Columbia for sure.

      What I really concern about is how to qualify WC2022, after two disastrous tournaments in Copa 19 and 20.

  9. Haha… Scaloni to announce a list of 40 players this Wednesday….
    Back to Square One; They keep on changing their decisions & words… Within a week how he changed his mind?…

  10. Before you start to throw all your extreme opinions about Scaloni going to call up Zarate first think twice: he is not going to call him up. Just pundits needs some controversive topic. We have Suarez on his position who had 2 good performances so far and Scaloni dont want to drop him for Zarate.

  11. Mauro Zarate is so much good player why we never use our best talent.He is 32 year old he could have been much better than Di maria.For left wing i will go with Lanzini and Mauro Zarate.Di Maria should be dropped.
    Messi Agurro Mauro Zarate front three.Scaloni please select Ansaldi
    Midfield is worry

  12. Well here comes the downfall. He wants to continue now. That’s not a gud sign as per me.Till now he always said that he is a temporary fix only..

    He started good to be frank but now after the last 2 matches I clearly don’t have much confidence in him.

    He is a defensive coach who beleaves in counter attacking football(as per his words) but ironically we haven’t seen that much counter attacking plays from us under his tenure in all the matches under him which is weird.

    U need to atleast implement ur ideology or atleast lay a base for ur ideology if u r gud coach, like for example Simeone is damn clear about his defencive system.that hasn’t been the case with Scaloni.. Anyway fingers crossed. Looking forward to Our Copa Miracles.

    • So you’re okay with him at the start but after two bad games you don’t want him? That’s the problem. Every coach goes through bad spells. Have some faith.

      And this goes for everybody. Stop your moaning about the coach. He’s what we have for now. You support the entire team, from the 23rd player selected to the coach. It is too late to have a change, so you either ride or leave, but don’t stay here and continuously complain.

      • It is what it is,thats true, whatever we cry over here it doesn’t gonna matter to, AFA or Argentina football in general, it’s a fact. Either we like it or not.

        Irony is we all know that, but that’s these blogs r for, (matter of fact most of the blogs r too) for our complaining, as far as me, I can’t go and complain in AFA ppls ears. So better cry here.

        Either u like it or not, doesn’t matter… If u don’t want to read the complaining post. Just ignore it and carry onnnn…

        • And this is why this website has gone downhill. Roy does a great job updating the daily aspects of the players abroad but the comments section is a disaster. But there are only a few posters who can intelligently discuss football without throwing negativity in every single comment(Gonzalo is one of them. A quality poster who gives insight on players from home and has a neutral sentiment towards the national team). It seems like twitter over here with all the complaining.

          It is a shame when this blog started with Seba during the 2006 World Cup, there was a long list of quality posters, even all the way to 2014(To a degree). When we were poor to the build-up to 2010, there was still great insight. There is the reason why so many of the original posters, have left or hardly show up anymore. You scroll through the comment section and nothing ever changes.

          • Everyone won’t be as wise and intelligent as other people, we can’t expect others to verse words which we want to hear and like.

            This is place we’re we share our opinions. Either agree or not, I can’t do anything to make others here accept all my opinions. Vice Versa too, I can’t like all the opinions here.opinions are matter to differ I guess

      • Nothing wrong with evolving opinions. Personally, i’ve disliked him from the start and every single game reinforces my opinion. So far, he’s akin to snake oil sales man conning supporters by selecting new players. less than 1 month out from an incredible tournament and we no have no identity, no starting 11, no 23, no chemistry. Sure, to your point, i don’t think anything will change so it’s futile complaining but whatever, thats part of blogs.

  13. Scaloni is not good coach. AFA should have good quality coach who has coaching experience, has ability to read opponents and motivate teams and select right players. Scaloni does not have any of these quality and never coached even a club team. It will be disaster to depend on him.


    Disagree if long term planning isn’t led by the right person. We need to cut our fucking loses!!

    El Mongol and CanadianRoyal can do a much better job as Arg technical coaches. 🙂

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