Argentina U20 team win 3-1 against Villarreal B ahead of FIFA World Cup


In their first of two preparation matches before the U20 FIFA World Cup, Sergio BATISTA’s Argentina team won 3-1 against Villarreal B.

It’s one win out of won thus far for BATISTA’s boys but it wasn’t easy. Villarreal B took a 1-0 lead which was cancelled out by Atlanta United’s Ezequiel BARCO to make it 1-1 going into half time.

The second half saw Argentina add two more goals. Julian ALVAREZ and Pedro DE LA VEGA complete the comeback for the 3-1 win.

This was the starting eleven:


  1. New rumored 23 copa america squad

    Franco Armani
    Esteban Andrada
    Agustín Marchesin

    Renzo Saravia
    Gabriel Mercado
    Nicolás Otamendi
    Germán Pezzella
    Walter Kanemann
    Nicolás Tagliafico
    Marcos Acuña

    Leandro Paredes
    Giovani Lo Celso
    Exequiel Palacios
    Guido Rodríguez
    Roberto Pereyra
    Rodrigo De Paul
    Ángel Di Maria
    Ángel Correa

    Lionel Messi
    Paulo Dybala
    Sergio Agüero
    Lautaro Martínez
    Matías Suárez

    What do you guys think?

  2. Haha, Scaloni has heard me. Nacho Fernandez added to the list. He realle deserved that Lanzini too: Montiel, Sigali, Nacho Fernández y Lanzini

    • ARQUEROS: Franco Armani (River), Esteban Andrada (Boca), Agustín Marchesín (América, México), Juan Musso (Udinese, Italia) y Gerónimo Rulli (Real Sociedad).

      DEFENSORES: Renzo Saravia (Racing), Gabriel Mercado (Sevilla, España), Nicolás Otamendi (Manchester City), Germán Pezzella (Fiorentina, Italia), Walter Kanemann (Gremio, Brasil), Nicolás Tagliafico (Ajax, Holanda), Marcos Acuña (Sporting Lisboa, Portugal), Ramiro Funes Mori (Villarreal, España), Gonzalo Montiel (River), Leonardo Sigali (Racing) y Juan Foyth (Tottenham, Inglaterra).

      MEDIOCAMPISTAS: Leandro Paredes (PSG, Francia), Giovani Lo Celso (Betis, España), Exequiel Palacios (River), Guido Rodríguez (América, México), Roberto Pereyra (Watford, Inglaterra), Rodrigo De Paul (Udinese, Italia), Matías Zaracho (Racing), Ángel Di María (PSG, Francia), Gonzalo Martínez (Atlanta United, Estados Unidos), Paulo Dybala (Juventus, Italia), Maximiliano Meza (Monterrey, México), Ignacio Fernández (River), Manuel Lanzini (West Ham) e Iván Marcone (Boca).

      DELANTEROS: Lionel Messi (Barcelona, España), Sergio Agüero (Manchester City, Inglaterra), Lautaro Martínez (Inter, Italia), Ángel Correa (Atlético de Madrid), Matías Suárez (River), Mauro Icardi (Inter, Italia).

      • Sigali? I don’t think so. Other Racing player – Guillermo Pol Fernandez – deserved more (however different positions).

          • (Pol Fernandez is not on the list)

            Projection of your wishes not exactly response reality. You better think twice before you pre-judge (like J.Correa few months ago). So many missed predictions…

          • missed prediction? Because he scored 7 goals overall as SS? cmon, look at Mertens in the same position or playing Dybala 20-25 goals every season, today missed two big chances too, the goal was nice but with million of spaces after the first goal

          • He won the starting eleven place in Lazio beginning season as bench player (being always one of the best whenever he got minutes). You just written him off arrogantly as you do again and again with our youngsters whenever they pass through hard times:

            “J. Correa a benchwarmer in Sevilla and now in Lazio, he is not even Lazio-material”

          • i just say the reality, Paredes will be the next after lo Celso (yes good in a spanish mid table team) PSG will buy at least 2 midfielders, but they are at least our only midfielders who played in a top 10-15 team

    • Scaloni is pure idiot, 31 names was not enough? made it 40 with questionable local players, who wont be selected btw, playstation coach

    • Nacho till now haven’t been got his due for the NT. Hope he gets picked to replace Zaracho.Lanzini meanwhile is not a direct replacement for Zaracho.More of an AM. Where as Zaracho is more CM. So Nacho looks better equipped to directly replace Zaracho. Meza shouldn’t be the one too.

  3. Argentine local league ‘s quality is deteriorating day by day ,I get frustrated with their game play ,improper passes ,back and side passes etc until and unless we don’t try to improve our local league we will not win anything
    Nb just by giving chance to local players in nt won’t improve the quality of league

  4. Rulli should be given chance to be now gk since benitez isn’t getting selected ,we have lost two finals in penalties so this time we should take someone who can save penalties

  5. River beat Atletico Tucuman 4:1 in quarter final of Copa de La Superliga. But it’s Tucuman the club to make semis after 3:0 on 1st game.
    There a lot of River players called up in last years (Pity, Palacios, Armani, Montiel, Maidana, Pinola, Casco, Enzo, Alario, Pratto, Suarez) so the more I can’t understand why none of our coaches didn’t give chances (other than against Singapour) to Nacho Fernandez. He is perhaps most consistent River player since years. Always trying to play ahead, always positive, creative football.

    • So is Racing out of Copa Superliga after home win 2:1 against Tigre. Two best Argentina teams of last year gets the quarter finals exit.

  6. Situation indicates that Gabriel Marcado will be scalonis Auto choich Right back bcoz of his last 4 years consistent perforformence.Mercado played super in world cup Qualifier 2018(as a right back), He also played outstanding in world cup 2018(as a right back)

    Remember, we do not have world class right back right now.all are average. Mercado is not world class but he is very effective.seems… In last 6 matches, scaloni just find mercados back up, and find the solution… Renjo Saravia


  7. Sad that Coppa Italia winner J.Correa (scoring the second goal today) is not even among the 40 list.

    • We Have LF like Di Maria, Pity, Correa on the list – though to me 2 best are off the list: J.Correa, Papu Gomez

  8. Meza having done sexual intercourse with scaloni before the announcement of 31 player primary list as Zaracho injured rumor that Meza will be selected in 23rd squad too. I already told mundo earlier messi is tempurary but meza is permanent.

  9. as i saw Scaloni announce 31 players.

    from 5 Gk he will take 3.
    from 10 defenders he will take 7 probably
    from 9 midfielders he will take 8 sure and
    from 7 attackers he will take 5 most possible.

    if i try guess from the final 23 players Scaloni will take off
    Musso , Rulli , Montiel , Funes mori , Foyth , Correa , Dybala , Zaracho.

    let see in end if i guess correct 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • in the list i read in ole Meza was not inside.
        according to other media i saw his name after i post here before.

        NO of course NO i don t think Meza will be in the final 23 list.

        when i will read the official list i will make my guess.
        for the moment i am taking back my predictions because as i see the official list was not what i read.

  10. Romero-“No One can take me out of the Argentina National team”

    Scaloni-“Hold my Beer”

    And If we look into the list it covers most of the names which we all have been clamoring for years, almost all r there bar, Battaglia, Lanzini (both r injured) Lamela, Ascacibar(may be both r not in form). And no coach can satisfy any fan with player selections.Still there will be complaints, “Banega not there, Pastore not there, Romero not there etc etc, We won’t be ever satisfied with what we have”

    One thing which I liked always about Scaloni is his player selections, he actually had the guts to not consider most of our previous generation of players(He didn’t had a choice but still he almost did it)Only player who I didn’t like in the list is Di Maria. Anyway let’s see what he brings to our team for the umpteenth time.

    Above all no matter who the players are selected, it is upto Scaloni that how he gonna assemble them in the training and the actual match. 18 days of training should clear all his doubts, “As he said he can do it, his team can do it” Let’s see that…

    • Lanzini not injured right now. He’s playing currently.
      He’s a special player has all the qualities, can play midfielder, number10 and striker.
      Klopp admires Lanzini…Scaloni not even considering him in 32 squads..!

      • Ooppss my bad. Anyway he is the 36 too. Lanzini never got his due for the NT. Remember he was suppose to start against Iceland along with Lo Celao. Damn for that injury. Lanzini is always a welcome addition.

  11. Posible 433
    Saravia, ottamendi,pezella, tagliafico.
    Lo celso, paredes, palacios
    Messi, aguero, dimaria
    Sub (433) :
    Andrade/ marchessin
    Mercado, kanneman, funes mori, acuna.
    Pereyra, guido rodrigues, de paul
    Correa, icardi, pity martineZ

    • ARQUEROS: Franco Armani, Esteban Andrada, Agustín Marchesín, Juan Musso, y Gerónimo Rulli

      DEFENSORES: Renzo Saravia, Gabriel Mercado, Nicolás Otamendi, Germán Pezzella, Walter Kanemann, Nicolás Tagliafico, Marcos Acuña, Ramiro Funes Mori, y Juan Foyth

      MEDIOCAMPISTAS: Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso, Exequiel Palacios, Guido Rodríguez, Roberto Pereyra, Rodrigo De Paul,, Matías Zaracho, Ángel Di María, Gonzalo Martínez, Paulo Dybala, , Maximiliano Meza, e Iván Marcone

      DELANTEROS: Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero, Lautaro Martínez, Ángel Correa, Matías Suárez, Mauro Icardi

  12. Boca goalie and Juan Musso are best for NT.Aguero Messi should be in front.For midfield Lanzini Lo celso Di maria are must.Pezella Funes Mori Kannamen Mussachio will be good for CB pair no need for useless Otamendi.Sarvia is perfect for RB.Ansaldi and Tagliafico are good for LB.Mercado should be dropped.

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