Sergio AGUERO, Paulo DYBALA make preliminary Argentina Copa America team


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has announced his preliminary list of 36 players for the Copa America.

Sergio AGUERO, Paulo DYBALA as well as Mauro ICARDI are the big names in attack to feature for SCALONI. The final 23 will be announced on May 30 ahead of the tournament.

The initial list had 31 players but shortly after it was announced, SCALONI added Leonardo SIGALI, Gonzalo Pity MARTINEZ, Manuel LANZINI, Ignacio FERNANDEZ and Maxi MEZA to the squad.

Here’s the preliminary list of 36 players:

Esteban ANDRADA, Boca Juniors
Franco ARMANI, River Plate
Agustín MARCHESIN, Club America
Juan MUSSO, Udinese
Gerónimo RULLI, Real Sociedad

Gabriel MERCADO, Sevilla
Gonzalo MONTIEL, River Plate
Juan FOYTH, Tottenham Hotspur
Renzo SARAVIA, Racing Club
Nicolás OTAMENDI, Manchester City
Walter KANEMANN, Gremio
Germán PEZZELLA, Fiorentina
Ramiro FUNES MORI, Villarreal
Nicolás TAGLIAFICO, Ajax
Marcos ACUNA, Sporting CP
Leonardo SIGALI, Racing Club

Leandro PAREDES, Paris Saint-Germain
Guido RODRIGUEZ, Club America
Giovani LO CELSO, Real Betis
Roberto PEREYRA, Watford
Rodrigo DE PAUL, Udinese
Exequiel PALACIOS, River Plate
Ángel DI MARIA, Paris Saint-Germain
Matías ZARACHO, Racing Club
Iván MARCONE, Boca Juniors
Gonzalo Pity MARTINEZ, Atlanta United
Manuel LANZINI, West Ham United
Maximiliano Meza, Monterrey

Lionel MESSI, FC Barcelona
Sergio AGUERO, Manchester City
Paulo DYBALA, Juventus
Mauro ICARDI, Inter
Matías SUAREZ, River Plate
Lautaro MARTINEZ, Inter
Ángel CORREA, Atletico Madrid


  1. In which basics scaloni selects his player? Is scaloni importance the performance of each player or only he selects the player who suits his style only?consistent performed players are not selected in this list…Joaquin correa Christian Ansaldi Christian Romero Pappu Gomez all are performing in regular basics.. but not selected.. Lautaro Martinez vey good player but not get a regular play time or not selected in 1st 11.. Icardi,just lost his tempo form killer instinct due to controversy..Mercado just worst right back in la liga.. foyth is not impressive with Tottenham and not get a chance for regular playing where as Christian Romero almost starter in maximum serie a league games and performed very well.. Pappu Gomez is far better than any current mid fielder of our current team.. Ansaldi is very good back up for both left and right side..but all are ignored but why he ignored the In form players I don’t know really…it is sad for the players..

  2. off topic: Magallan said he learned more about tactics, positioning and football in his six months with Ajax than in his whole career in Argentina….

    Just think about that for a moment.

    How far behind is South America these days?

  3. Leeds United did not make it? Unbelievable… Bielsa is not the one for Argentina NT anymore.
    Barcelona did not make it? really sad for Messi … thought this is his crowning year.
    Will atleast Argentina do something?

  4. My Dream Team :

    GK : 1. Armani 2. Marchesin 3. Andrada

    RB : 1. Saravia 2. Mercado

    RCB : 1. Pezzella 2. Sigali

    LCB : 1. Otamendi 2. Kanneman

    LB : 1. Tagliafico 2. Acuna

    DM : 1. Guido 2. Marcone

    RCM : 1. Paredes 2. Lanzini

    LCM : 1. Lo Celso 2. Pereyra

    RCF : 1. Messi 2. Dybala

    ST : 1. Aguero 2. Icardi

    LCF : 1. Di Maria 2. De Paul

    Yeahhh…. Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion!

    God bless everyone…..

      • Thanks, Rhaelyn, for your respond..

        In my opinion, Juan Foyth did not get regular chance for the first team yet… Hopefully, he will get the chance soon… Cristian Romero, yes, he always get the chance for the first team every week, but.. he still young… Maybe, the next championship he will get the chance to serve Argentina National Football Team soon….

        Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion!

        God bless you, Rhaelyn…

        God bless everyone….

  5. Dybala out icardi in because in copa we will have matches going into extra time and for that reason we need a impact player like icardi who can make a difference with just one goal. He doesn’t need to many chances. One chance and bang and messi at helm there would lot of chances of crosses and through balls. Goals wins games and only one goal can make a difference in decisive minute. Those who are saying that he is not in best form,let me remind you that form is temporary but class is permanent. Also aguero is must coz he and messi clicked well during france game. His form and class both are permanent. How many of you agree on this??🙂

  6. Romance Take:
    Goalkeeper – Armani and Andrada are confirmed, scaloni yet to make final decision on Rulli else maschrin selected.
    Defender: Otamendi, Pazella, Kanemaan,Tagliafico, Acuna, saravia are certain where marcado or montiel one of them selected, Foyth will miss it because of poor form.
    Midfielder: PAREDES LO CELSO PEREYRA DE PAUL PALACIOS are sureshoot in final 23, between MARCONE and Guido RODRIGUEZ one is going to be selected completing the list of 6 Midfielder. Then the fight between Dimaria v/s Pitty as 7th MF option. Lanzini will not make it and zaracho is injured.
    Forwards: Messi, Lautaro, Aguero, Ángel CORREA sureshoot make into 23rd squad according to me. Then comes for remaining two spots DYBALA, ICARDI and
    Matías SUAREZ where suarez leading the race considering the performance in last friendlies and menotoni love for local league players, last 2 matches of this season is going to be crucial for both Dybala and Icardi.
    Conclusion: Out of 23players, 18 are confirmed confusion between rest of 5players. Squad selection is always bad for Argentina during tournament but this time fairly best squad selection by scaloni expect one or two criticism if meza selected then it will be on the basis of his services on scaloni bedroom.

  7. its a decent list but it would have been better if instead of armani or rulli. walter benitez should been called up and instead of leonardo sigali coach should have called up cristian romero and finally one more dm like santiago caseres or esteban rolon should been called up instead of meza

  8. On paper our forward selection is awesome. The best in the world by far. Let’s hope it will be awesome on the pitch too.

    Midfield looks pretty good. Everyone has his preferences of course. The other Correa should have been there just like Papu.

    Defense is pretty close to what most of us predicted. Romero over Mercado would have been better.

    Between the posts will be someone with few caps. None of them has played many matches with the NT. Same would have applied to Gazzaniga and Benitez. Lack of experience between keeper and defence could cost us…

    Now, get to work on the game plans.

  9. So big name Romero and Benega isn’t any consideration anymore, Aguero sure make it 23rd squad because of poor form of Icardi, Dimaria 50-50

  10. Reminded me to compare the Mundo 23 and Starting 11 vote. Overall, Mundo votes were on point with a few exceptions.

    Keeper – Mundo top 3 votes were 100% wrong. lol

    Defense – 100% right.

    Midfield – Mundo got Banega wrong.
    Lo Celso

    Forwards – Mundo voted 100% right.
    Di Maria
    A. Correa
    L. Martinez

    We’ll see how the final 23 turns out. ….

  11. Future Argentina
    #####Juan musso
    Montiel#Foyth#Barbosa#L Martinez
    ######Joaquin pereyra
    ##Lo celso####J Correa
    Benjamin Garre#######Ocampos

  12. KUN will be on the squad……….all this back and forth BS means nothing.
    I don’t understand what the infatuation with Armani is coming from!!!?? and is Romero hurt or what?

  13. 1) So end of road for Romero. I would want to see Ruilli as our GK. He has quality experience unlike Armani, Marchesin & Andrada who wont stand a chance against quality opposition. Too much of criticism on Ruilli’s errors when even world class goalies have had howlers in recent past. Hoping Gazzaniga moves to a club where he gets playing time & post Copa he will be a key player for us.
    2) Instead of Funes Mori , Scaloni shld have picked CRomero or Foyth
    3) I still prefer Asascibar in 23 over Marcone. He is a pitbull & again too much of undue criticism for Stuggart’s bad show . He is card prone – but gives the ruggedness that our midfield badly needs.

  14. Off the bench we need a player like Icardi more than Dybala. Icardi brings a different Dimension to change the course of the game. Goal wins the game. We need goals. Control wont do anything. Seen that in 3 Finals. Icardi has the stomach, Dybala does not seem Strong enough to digest crunch siituations. We dont need Dybala when we have Messi, We dont need Latauro when we have Aguero but we dont have an Icardi in the team. We need a team with all options.

    • Huge icardi fan but he is completely out of touch since the start of 2019 let’s hope icardi get his goals last two matches of the season

  15. Meza had been tried a lot. Lanzini is always a welcome edition too. But Nacho looks in better condition as of now for replacing zaracho. (in case zaracho is unplayable at the Copa)

      • Because we lack all-around players. Players who can play different roles and the players who can attack and defend. That’s why average Meza is there still. We don’t have many options in those types of players.

        • True, but I think Nacho should be the one to replace Zaracho. Considering he is more experienced too. Only issue again is a Left footed player, With Messi, Lo Celso already is starting. Then adding Nacho to the mix will create conflict in styles and each other’s spaces. Similar problem with Dybala had.

          • Think the same. Nacho should be there. Nice goal 2 days ago and generally impressive every game

  16. I do not understand the point of announcing 36 players. is there going to be a mini training camp between now and the 30th and he is going to choose 23 based on that camp? if not what is the purpose? what extra data is going to be available between now and the 30th now that most of the leagues and competitions are over.

    i try to like scaloni but this smells of either coaches indecision or political pressure neither of which is good.

    • The reason calling 36 players so he can avoid last minute injury or any unexpected accident. Like the condition of Pezzella(recovering from operation)who is one of important player for this group. Also you never know when who gets injured like Lanzini had in WC. You can give primillirary list of 40 but he gave 36 so it’s not end of the world. They are the coach now. Scaloni,Aimar,Aylala and Samuel, so they must have some plan or concern. Except few calling this ain’t a bad squad

  17. Joaquin Correa scored a great goal in Italia cup final . He is the most underestimated player .If i were the coach ,Joaquin Correa is a must plus messi ,di maria ,Aguero ,lo celso

  18. New rumored 23 copa america squad

    Franco Armani
    Esteban Andrada
    Agustín Marchesin

    Renzo Saravia
    Gabriel Mercado
    Nicolás Otamendi
    Germán Pezzella
    Walter Kanemann
    Nicolás Tagliafico
    Marcos Acuña

    Leandro Paredes
    Giovani Lo Celso
    Exequiel Palacios
    Guido Rodríguez
    Roberto Pereyra
    Rodrigo De Paul
    Ángel Di Maria
    Ángel Correa

    Lionel Messi
    Paulo Dybala
    Sergio Agüero
    Lautaro Martínez
    Matías Suárez

    What do you guys think?

    • IN :
      Joaquin Correa ,Alario ,Benjamin garre Colidio ,Ocampos ,Alexander Barbosa ,Reynoso ,Alexis Mcallister ,Lisandro Martinez ,Soto, Walter benitez ,Damian Martinez ,Joaquin pereyra ,Lanzini,Montiel, Foyth

      Scaloni ,Dybala ,Icardi ,Meza ,Mercado ,Machesin ,Armani ,Angel Correa, Acuna, Lautaro Martinez,Tagliafico

    • if this is true i like this and its close to my list. only differences i had in my list are:
      gazzaniga or musso over armani – because i think one young gk is needed in 3rd spot and andrada and marchesin are more stable than armani.
      foyth over mercado – this is a pure back up spot. there is almost similar skill and positional overlap here. only difference is temperament, but since this is injury spot the young player should be taken for experience.
      zaracho over diMaria – a little tactical change adding a more midfield oriented profile for potential 442 type shapes instead of choosing a player who operates better in open free 433 type shapes.

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