Argentina to announce preliminary Copa America list


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI will announce his preliminary list for the Copa America on Wednesday.

With rumors surrounding potential names to be included, the preliminary list of 40 will be announced Wednesday where we will find out if the likes of Sergio AGUERO, Paulo DYBALA and others will have a chance of making the final cut. May 30 will see the announcement of the final list of 23 players.


  1. Let’s see who he gonna choose.Its better to choose a 40 and finalize the 23 by may 30. knowing about our players track record of injuries.

    Speaking of which one player we miss massively is Battaglia. He was sureshot fix as our number 5.Its unfortunate that he is injured and not available for such a big tournament.

    If we look on paper Samuel, Aimar, Ayala, Scaloni doesn’t look like a bad combo. As Players. As Coach well let’s see. Aimar will be a great coach eventually, a great guy who installs moral values of being an Argentine football player to the under 17 kids. That’s a sign of great coach. We need to have players who plays with the right attitude and values the NT jersey.

    Better late than never, our under 20 and 17 and 15 looks bright. Future looks gud. Thankfully.

  2. Do your best decision, Coach…. Pleaseeeeee, be the champion of The Copa America and The World Cup and of course every single championship……

    God bless you, Coach Scaloni…. God bless everyone…

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the champion!!

  3. I hope AFA and Ameture Argentine Coach Scaloni will read these blog posts and will do the best selection of players not whom they likes but who should be in the team and who can produce and do well. He should pick the players who are doing great in their clubs , physically fit , has experience and in big tournaments. He should have some experienced players beside young players, otherwise the team will suffer and will not do good.
    Scaloni should not pick Armani . He plays well at River but for international Games, he is totally flops and will be not good choice. Romero should start and has vast experience and he also good for penalty shootouts. Musso and Benitez should be also in team as back up. Scaloni should pick Di Maria over Pete Martinez.Di Maria has been playing well and has very good communication with Messi on the field. What’s wrong with Scaloni? How is he comparing Di Maria with Pete Martinez?
    I would like to see scaloni will stay with 4-4-3 or 4-4-2 formats,do not come up with nonsense 3-5-2 or other formats what players are not comfortable with . He should select his First Eleven players whom will play most of the games. He should see how France, England, Germany, Spain, and Brasil are playing. They do not change 4 , 5 players on each games and different formats. Scaloni should study opponents and find technics that can create opportunities . He does not have any idea how to read opponents. Game against Venezuela proved that . If he studied Venezuela team prior the game, he would not come up with poor defence and 3-5-2 format . Even Messi said that, they did not practice that format before the game and how he can switch that in one day against Venezuela? This proves how stupid and Dummy he is .
    Lets see what Scaloni does and whom he selects, but he Must have some experienced players, like Romero, Pastore, Di Maria ,Dybala and Aguero in the team .

  4. Sergio Aguero was sincere and acknowledged that he would not give the Ballon D’Or to Leo Messi this season. Despite the friendship that unites them, the he believes that the best player should be a finalist in the Champions League.

    • here’s what he really thinks about that rumour:

      Sergio Kun Aguero

      No me gusta tener que salir a aclarar pero cuando se me atribuyen palabras que nunca dije, lo tengo que hacer. Para que quede claro, y siempre respondí lo mismo, mientras Messi siga jugando, y más cómo en esta temporada, merece ganar el Balón de Oro

      • WE are living in the age of spreading lies like fire. and many people will just believe anything they read on social media because that is their only source of news, and what makes matters worse, and sad, that reporters are spreading lies from various unreliable sources, I have seen lies and lies on TV channels just because reporters want to fill program segments with anything they grab on social media, without authenticity. I have seen a Flying elephant on Instagram with orange balls, published by save the elephants organization, 🙂
        that must be true, hey it is there on the net, it must be true 🙂

        • > WE are living in the age of spreading lies like fire.

          crazy. who knows what the hell to believe anymore. grain of salt is best we can do until further verification.

          Especially when its freaking Aguero, one of Messi’s close friends lol.

    • If Messi don’t win this year then no one else should win it too. No player has been anywhere near him till May. Why CL is the bench mark. I don’t get it.

      Ohh it’s where the money comes from..We r made to beleave that CL is the most prestigious by Uefa. Ballon D or is equivalent to CL player of the Tournament. Crappp.

      Hell even Messi was great in CL too. Even in that loss too he was gud. It will be A shame if he don’t win it this time.

  5. San Isidro my friend.

    you are speak true about our football.
    i agree with you. just i realize what was happening after my 30 years old.
    allow me to tell you my point of view.

    Our style of football was always like this.
    always we was playing this kind of football.
    from child i remember and i learn that this was the football.
    i had use to believe this is the good football.

    the only difference now with then is that the quality of players is much much worse than back then.
    that is why today even the best teams (River, Boca, Racing etc) look so bad compared with Europeans.

    the European football is other football than what we are playing inside Argentina.
    like other planet.

    allow me now to explain something personal to understand better what i mean.

    when i start going to Monumental at the age of 16-17 to watch my beloved River plate
    i was believe that we was the best team in the world and we was playing the best football in world.
    the reason was of course that i was young and i had seen only local football.
    So River plate was winning most of times so with my child brain i thought we was the best team exist.

    when i was in the age around 25 i start to wonder with myself “in Argentina we are playing the best football but why our national team lose all time ? ”

    when i pass my 30 years old everything became very clear.
    with my age experience together with the help of internet anymore i understand everything.

    i see what they are playing in Europe and i see what we are playing in Argentina.
    So i know anymore that what you wrote to me it is the reality and truth.
    i agree with you my friend.

  6. Romero and Benega won’t make into any list, scaloni is confused about the selection of Dybala, Aguero, Icardi, Di maria, Rulli etc therefore giving 30man list let’s see lanzini can make it or not maybe one last season good performance can give copa ticket

  7. Barco, De la Vega and Julian Alvarez scored, maybe the strongest lineup Almendra-Sosa-Moreno or Ferreira—Barco-Gaich??-De la vega, Barco’s shooting is great in the new season, improved a lot, neirly all of his goals came from outside of the box, just like Ferreira, two quality long range shooters, Gaich is a big question, he needs to be very active and good in buildup to compensate his lack of killer instict

    • This is problem to have in starteng eleven Almendra, Ferreira, Barco together. Ferreira’s position is more offensive than Moreno. On the other hand Moreno is starter for Batista. Ferreira position is similar to the Barco’ favourable, i.e. the left side somewhere between midfield and attack.

      Gaich has no killer instinct but his off ball contribution is certain.

  8. You guys are something else you call yourself Argentina fans some of you in here full of negative comments about scaloni but one thing I can tell if me win this Copa America do not praise him

  9. A list of 40!!! Why not make it 60!!!80! I try to stick up for scaloni but then something like this … this is a joke in the football world … no one else will do this before a major tournament … give me a standard preliminary list of 27 and no more !

  10. I must say scaloni is very clever .as a football player he kicked out zanetti to become a RB in world cup 2006.

    As a coach ,he has no experience but can direct the national team when so many famous coach showing interest to coach Argentina such as bielsa, Almeyda, La volpe.

  11. Scaloni is the worst coach in history .let’s see what happen in copa america.

    But this guy is the cleverest coach in terms of grabbing head coach of Argentina national team in history.

    After world cup ,scaloni as an assistant kicked out sampaoli and bacaccee to become head coach . Now he is dreaming of continuing even after a bad result in copa america .

    Ridiculous! Chance is limited, this copa america is his last chance .

  12. Why re you guys so negative about
    Scaloni I know he is not the best coach
    We had recently but let me tell you
    Something we had good coaches
    And better squads before and we didn’t
    win Nothing however I don’t like the
    Style he wants to play in copa he
    Admitted himself that our team
    will be more defensive set up
    Even though I’m not fan of defensive
    Teams but it may work in our favour
    This time around .

    • my friend you speak true for one more time.
      just to add something more.
      we don t have the time to build now the offensive team we desire
      so we should try save ourselfs with defensive view.
      to cover our weakness as much possible.

    • Why are we negative?

      Because he’s giving us a plethora of ammunition to be negative.

      I don’t buy into his snake oil salesmen pitch about testing new players. In terms of everything else a coach is supposed to do, he’s failing. No identity, no starting 11, no 23, no chemistry and were less than 30 days till Copa!!!

      You tell me, what is a positive?

      • Choripan
        Scaloni is not best tactician arg have
        But anyone who has knowledge
        About football could see that was
        Coming to Argentina football
        In the circumstances Argentina
        Football Has been in.
        In the last few years but since tapia
        Came in thing going right direction
        He knew he couldn’t get Gallardo after
        World cup than he tried tata martino
        And he rejected us instead he chose
        Mexico trust me pal that is the man
        I wanted so badly to be in charge
        Our beloved albicelestes again
        But f…k him since he gone Mexico
        Coming to scaloni it’s free hit
        Almost everyone of us no one
        Expects him to do well so I don’t
        Get the emotion towards the nt
        After been such in trouble last
        Few years let’s us hope the best .
        By the way mate all your favourite
        Players will be in the squad likes
        Messi otamendi kun aguero
        And f…k no mecardo & di Maria

        • so you’re basically saying there is NO positive to scaloni…there are no alternatives to shit so were just stuck. were most likely going to lose so let’s accept shit and be supportive! lol

          btw, i care more and more about veterans because we have such a shit coach. The better the coach and current players, the less relevant veterans become. until then, fuck that, lets call the darn veterans back!

          Indifferent with Mercado, you know my opinion of El Fideo 😉

      • I still say that Scaloni is the best option available,for now. AND he will have to call at least 5 or 6 players from the ‘SENIORS’ or ‘OLD GUARDS’ or ‘FAVOURITS’ for COPA to preserve the ‘Chemistry’ in the NT and because there was no other available options to replace them, for now. Scaloni played it right, he kept rotating players, introducing young talent, but he always had plan ‘B’ which is when COPA comes around he will go back to the more ‘experienced’ more ‘in form’ players. What he accomplished in that? he kept the fans puzzled, without certainty to who will be part of COPA, when he calls some of the older generation players, fans will understand that WE tried younger, newer players and we were not in a state to compete in this coming COPA without the backbone of the previous squad.

        • I think hes the *only option right now, not necessarily the best.

          The rest of your comments sounds reasonable but i don’t know, its the AFA and with Scaloni combo, i cant imagine it will play out so smoothly. This plan B is hurtful though. Messi, Aguero, could have been practicing together with a core new midfielders and everyones favorite defense. We had so many games to build chem and style.

          • “I think hes the *only option right now, not necessarily the best.” TRUE, THE ONLY OPTION

            Well, if you are dealing with lunatic fans and media that constantly slaughtering our ‘ seniors ‘ while they are in better form than ‘newer generation’ it is a good idea to throw them off and prove to many that they are still needed for COPA. for a while now, I expected that he will have to call 5 or 6 of them. I would have liked to see Romero and Banega,too. at least on the bench. Remember when I was encouraging you to practice oooosah…oooosah and saying, Aguero will be there ? it was just politics to silence the critics

  13. He hasn’t played a single match like its a world cup match or copa america match which has only 3 substitutions for 90 matches. He has substituted at least 5 players in his each match. He will play his first official match against columbia on June 16 who has carlos curos at helm. He previously led iran to successive world cup finals and has lods of experience. Don’t know how would he handle it😖😨

  14. Honestly, don’t expect Argentina to make it past the Quarter-Finals this Copa America.
    Our current record against other South American teams is not encouraging
    ARG 0-0 COL
    ARG 0-1 BRA
    ARG 1-3 VEN

    With Scaloni as coach, there is little to be hopeful about.

    But regardless, supporting Argentina in the good and bad!
    Vamos Argentina!

  15. Why 40?its way to much don’t you guys think?? 30 should have been apt for preliminary list and out of this 23 should be selected. But scaloni will not use his precious brain once again. Hoping for the best🙂

    • i agree with u that aguero and foyth should be taken but benitez(he is currently argentinas best gk) wasnt called for friendlies so he might not have good chemistry with NT defense but hopefully he might be called after copa 2019 friendlies,papu gomez is too much aged and NT already have rodrigo de paul and angel correa , for angel di maria case he is a phenomenal player but injury prone for NT during tournaments and finally in the case of rulli he is very inconsistent let him prove his consistency for one full season

      • But i don’t think even Armani has good chemistry with our defence, Papu gomez is in good form so should selected for copa 2019 atleast he can give option in RW. Di maria is injury prone but when he is fit he should play in RW ,he can put pressure on the GK with long shots and can provide pace and creativity on the flank in the last 15 minutes against france when he changed the flank he was tearing apart Lucas Hernandez in 1v1 situation. And Rulli he can save penalties in shootout, we don’t have a GK except Romero and Caballero who can save penalties.

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