Javier MASCHERANO talks Argentina and playing at Pan American games


Javier MASCHERANO gave an interview on Thursday where he spoke about the Argentina national team and about possibility of playing at the Pan American games.

Speaking in an interview with FM 93.1, here’s what MASCHERANO had to say:

“With respect to what they said about the group of friends, I would prefer to lose a thousand times with friends and I wish the best to those who continue, hopefully they can be crowned (champions), something we couldn’t do. If we analyze the last 15 years for Argentina, we’ve had a little bit of bad luck. It’s not normal to get to five finals and not win a single one. Today, I’m more relieved, I enjoying watching the Argentina national team as a fan.”

MASCHERANO spoke about possibly playing for Argentina at the Pan American games:

“I already retired from the Argentina national team, in a time where they were interested in seeing if I could go to the Pan American games and we will see. It’s a possibility. I said I would think about it. If I could bring something to the guys, especially off the pitch.

“There’s been nothing formal about the Pan American games, I didn’t talk to TAPIA which is what was said.

“It’s a different tournament, where you look for players to form. The older players go to bring experience and if the opportunity arises, why not?”

In regards to potentially coaching:

“I still don’t consider coaching the Argentina national team but one sees himself in the future as possibly being a coach and trying.”


  1. And Mascherano is the real politician hiding behind messi in team selection, When Higuain dropped these cry babies biglia masche start barking is best no 9 blah blah, when these cry babies retired higuain realised his time over and retired too, the difference between Cr7 and Messi is leadership quality, CR7 took hard decision for team benefit where messi remain silent, if Cr7 was Argentina player instead of messi then Higuain never called up after 2014, messi select team but his best friend aguero wasn’t starter for Argentina, it’s masche who was the real politician on the mask of messi name.

  2. Reason of Argentina not wining final wasn’t luck, it’s execution, France lost final in euro on their home soil but won world cup final, they change their strategy when other team playing park the bus method after one final lose, but Argentina playing similar way in 3 finals, they even don’t try to win the match specially in two copa finals, Germany was better team then Argentina and Pressure was more for Germany because of favourite tag still they don’t want to win through penalties, Low said Gotze prove yourself better than messi and he scored the winner when Neuer their GK where our coach happily accept Shoot-out, Argentina was tactically out played but Chile because they played on their strength where Argentina can’t, Bravo is good penalty saver and Chile attack isn’t world class so they nullify argentina attack tactically but argentina can’t score goals in 240 min against Chile in two finals, i don’t think Argentina lost because of luck if Germany lost 2014 final then it will considered their bad luck but yes portugal won Euro 2016 by luck where France also did mistakes which they didn’t repeat in 2018 final against Croatia also their team selection was always best unlike Argentina, only in 2019 Argentina team selection looks decent apart from GK and winger.

    • You people criticise others like whenever you get a chance but you people either don’t watch the match or don’t care about things.. Copa have 90 minutes match.. No extra time… So Argentina played chile 180 minutes in those two finals.. Not 240… But still some of the points you make are valid

      • Copa America final was played in 120min with 4th Sub option, knockout matches only played for 90min.

      • @Mrinal1235 on paper Germany was better than Argentina, just look the 2014 Germany team squad peck Ozil, MUller, Khedera, Lahm, Bastian Swinstikar, Boitang, Hamules plus Neuer, Kross but Argentina out performed Germany in the beginning because pressure was with Germany then Lavezi sub change the momentum, Germany want to win the match where Argentina want to stretch the match which wasn’t bad because Germany was far superior than Argentina even Holland too where Argentina won in Penalties, but against Chile completely tactically outclassed and same history repeated in copa 2016 too after 2015.

        • “Germany want to win the match where Argentina want to stretch ” check the stats bro argentina had 11 chances in the final Germany had only 5 we were .After halftime sabella substituted Lavezzi by Aguero and i don’t think i was a defensive move to strch the game to penalties by playing with 2 Strikers. And Argentina missed lots of chances Higuian 2, Mesii1, Palacio 2, how can you dream of winning WC final by missing these no of chances. Everyone knows Germans never loose a penalty shootout so it didn’t make a sense to strech the game till penalties .holland was the best team in the WC if it would be Holland vs Germany , Holland would be Champion.

          • stats sometime misleading us, if you watch Argentina vs Germany Final match after first half not a single time looks Argentina can beat Germany, totally German domination and Germany was the best team in 2014 without any doubt clear favourite from the beginning and that period German club like Bayern, Dortmund dominating in Europe like barca during 2010 WC when spain was favourite, Germany was clear favorite and deserve to win 2014 WC, even overall tournament performance Germany performed much better than Argentina only in final during first half Germany not played their label after humiliating Brazil 7-1

  3. Guys no need to get scared of Brazil whom we are scared of
    Neymar? We have Messi , if we are scared of Coutinho’s long shots goals then they should also be scared of Dimaria who has scored 5 goals outside the box more than any player and Coutinho has scored only 2.
    Jesus ,Firminho we have aguero.
    Arthur? I dont think he is better than lo celso.
    Dani alves come on he is 36 . Their CB pair Thiago silva and Marqunios is not better than Pezella and Otamendi yes they have an advantage that they are playing in same club togther so may have better understanding. Yes are better than us in 3 areas
    1 They definitely have better GK than us Allison no comparison.
    2 Casemiro he may be not in his best form still a world class DM.
    3 RB alex sandro > Tagliafico, Tagliafico is another overrated mistake prone player we will realize soon hope we will get a better RB in future.

    • player superiority is debatable the obvious advantage brazil has is chemistry between players and they are much more drilled and disciplined and have an identity. None of which we have. Im not scurrrred, just pointing out the advantage.

      • “brazil has is chemistry between players and they are much more drilled and disciplined and have an identity.”

        That’s what being said before the WC 2018 about Germany, Brazil and Spain. They didnt progress further than Argentina.

        Anyone can think how this or that team are superior , at the end of the day, even team like Mexico can outplayed Germany and Germany topped their WC qualifier group with ease. Spain thrashed Argentina in friendlies before WC and they couldnt beat Morroco and Russia.

        Yet , so many Argentina fans writing out Argentina chance ?

        Grit and determination are what we need badly and we can progress far . Argentina was in 28 Copa finals out of 41, so the odd is always big for them to be in the final regardless what’s written on paper.

      • Choripan
        Yap, i’m agree with you. We aren’t scared, in fact we post the analysis from our opponent past match that can be our point to leak their weakness.
        Surely guys, we are no more school kids that just watch our lovely team then waiting them to score and we screamed after. Please find the difference between analysis with post that show our fears. Seriously are you guys just watch only Albiceleste match in international event without analyzing their possibility and their opposite team?
        We just want to review what kind of strategies that our foes used that could cause problem to our gameplay.

  4. Balerdi – BVB
    Nehuen Perez – Atletico Madrid
    Fouth – Spurs
    Cristian romero – Juventus (most probably)
    Lisandro Martinez – Ajax

    I hope all of them shines….
    The CB problem would be over for Argentina……
    TBH last time i saw a quality CB pair in NT. I was a kid.


    Hmm, “bad luck” El Jefe?! A one-off game can be termed as bad luck, but apparently that’s not the case. You forgot to “play” in those matches. It was panic. A goal conceded, it was panic station; 2 goals, you give up. When you had the chances you won’t take it. Well Jefe, it certainly ain’t “bad luck”. Anything bad happens, it’s always “bad luck” or “fans/media” fault. It’s so easy. So I guess if they win, “fans/media/luck” should get all the credit, right?

    Now onto the Copa squad:
    It’s a very refreshing squad since I don’t know, ages. Eventhough I’m not pleased with a few of those selections, it’s still refreshing and a decent enough squad. Good job Scaloni and Co!

    I see still some people are moaning about penalty shootouts, Icardi omission, Banega omission, Rojo, Romero etc etc etc. Those are the very same people who keep on saying ” Pochettino is a choker, Klopp is a choker, Guardiola’s a fraud, Messi is not a leader, he’s a choker, he needs to quit Barca/ fuck loyalty…”.
    I honestly don’t know why are they even watching football.

    • You are right….There is no point in blaming fans and media for final failures. It is just Argentina was tacticaly outplayed in these finals. The fans and media criticism happens to every country and not exclusive to only argentina. I can understand the 2014 final being called unlucky but in 2015 and 2016 chile played very well and it is unfair towards them to say they are lucky.

      • Chile had a player sent off in 2016 final but Rojo decided to implode so early in the game and we ended up also with 10 man. You call this tactical superiority by Chile?

        Argentina last 7 games against Chile

        2018 WC qualifier at home – Argentina won 1-0
        2018 WC qualifier away – Argentina won 2-1
        2015 Copa final – Argentina drew 0-0 lost on PK
        2016 Copa final – Argentina drew 0-0 lost on PK
        2016 Copa group stage – Argentina won 2-1
        2014 WC qualifier at home – Argentina won 4-1
        2014 WC qualifier away – Argentina won 2-1

        They never actually beat Argentina except in those 2 finals which they won via PK.

        • I am talking about the finals and in these finals argentina clearly had better squad than chile but coudnt score against them and when they won on pk you are saying that it is because chile is lucky?
          And whose fault is rojo imploded…is it due to unlucky? no it is due to stupidity from argentina’s side.

  6. Winning mentality with fans and Media makes no different guys

    Huddersfield town tried it and failed

    End of day it’s quality , taking chances and luck

  7. I’m trying no to disrespecting anyone
    But some nutecas keep posting
    the yellow banana sh..t lin up
    Let me tell you here is Argentina fans
    Base If you like or support Brazil
    it’s fine by me please don’t come in
    Saying Argentina must fear Brazil
    P… off Argentina never fear any
    Nation in the world when it comes
    To football I swear Brazil are praying
    Not To cross with messi and co
    Because no one expects albicelestes
    To do well this summer trust me
    That is the time They are most
    dangerous team to play against.

    • I agree with you 100%. This Argentine team looks good and there is nothing to worry. If their defence plays well and scaloni does not come up with stupid selection of players then Messi’s team will lift the cup this time.

    • Like I said many times, even though Argentina isnt in good shape, some clowns always assume that other South American teams are playing top level football which is NOT the case. Did Uruguay put better performance against France than Argentina? they lost by bigger margin and didnt even score a single goal. Brazil couldnt beat Switzerland and Belgium at World cup and they’re being considered as top 3 favorite prior to the tournament.

      Argentina isnt in good form but neither does the other teams in this Copa. Brazil is slightly better but in recent friendly, we played with experimental line up and they only won by a late goal. Again, saying Argentina has zero chance is just plain stupid.

  8. Hmmmm bad luck? Don’t you make your own luck?
    I remember very clearly. Every day since it happened one Gonzalo Higuaín single handedly shitting the bed on 3 occasions that would have won 1 World Cup and 2 copas for us. Is that bad luck or is that a guy choking consistently in the biggest moments and managers keep going to the same fucking guy? Trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is not bad luck, so maybe it’s our own self inflicted insanity.
    Pulling players that constantly defer to Messi to bail their ass is also insanity. Pulling players interested in worshipping Messi instead of helping him is also insanity.
    Having a midfield with Gago Masche and Biglia and a forward in DiMaria is also insanity. And when DiMaria is out going to Enzo Perez.
    It’s a lot of things. The smallest which is bad luck.
    The fact that we have not developed a creative midfielder that is world class in 20 years is not bad luck, it’s bad planning.

    • Just hoping that Lo Celso at the peak of his career will truly become the world class midfielder. Had the same words for Lanzini but soon after, i realize his feet are made by glass.

    • The fact that we have not developed a creative midfielder that is world class in 20 years is not bad luck, it’s bad planning.

      True that

      • ‘in the last 20 years’ would include Aimar and riquelme, so you don’t consider those 2 world class?
        Pastore and Banega were also world class players even though the former faded quickly while the latter wasted alot of his potential with his off field antics.
        Now there is hope for Celso and DePaul.
        All in all I’d say Argentina hasn’t done too badly in the creative midfielder department but sadly the country produced far more incompetent coaches than they have creative players.

        • Aimar hardly played for the NT. He was always behind Riquelme. No, Riquelme was a very good player but not world class. Was he iniesta or DeBruyne or Xavi, or David Silva? He had great vision, a brilliant reader of the pitch, but slow footed and a head case.
          In Aimars case, he was always second fiddle to Riquelme and always prone to injury. So the answer is no.
          Banega was so average he didn’t make the team with Sabella and got beaten out by Augusto Fernandez. So no way in hell was he anything other than above average. Pastore was 2 good seasons. Pastore is Ricky Alvarez, and nobody sings that guys praises do they?
          The last world class guys we had in my mind were guys like Ardiles, Simeone and I am sure I am forgetting some but the obvious dominant force being Maradona arguable the greatest ever

    • “Pulling players that constantly defer to Messi to bail their ass is also insanity”
      Yes, it’s the dilemma, that’s need to be solved ASAP. It’s interesting to see how Aguero performs this time. Willing to run his socks of for the Albiceleste shirt and for Messi? Making selfless runs, always giving an option rather than static, dumb and watch Messi do his thing… I hope so. Atleast put an effort, I don’t know about others but I’d rather like to see him give his all out than waiting for his qaulity to kick in(which we’re still waiting and waiting in Argentina colours).

  9. Sometimes it just a bad luck, really

    Maradona was in 2 tournament finals (2 WC) and won 1
    Ruggeri was in 5 tournament finals (2 WC, 2 Copa, 1 Conf) and won 4
    Batigol & Simeone were in 3 tournament finals (2 Copa. 1 Conf) and won 3
    Messi was in 4 tournament finals (1 WC, 3 Copa) and won nothing.
    Masche was in 6 tournament finals (1 WC, 4 Copa, 1 Conf) and won nothing.

        • I did, and I was surprised as it came from you, Bro. knowing you from the many past comments.

          But I might have interpreted it wrong, where I imagined a question mark after the ‘Really’ but now I think you meant ‘Really’ as an agreeing/assurance.

          My bad , Bro

          • Well, no prob… I always have faith on the national team. I’ve been supporting them since WC 90 when I was 7 , if I dont have faith, I wont be here maybe after 2014 or 2016 finals. They’ve been losing countless finals.

            Since this article is about Masche, I merely pointed that he failed in 6 different finals with Argentina basically due to bad luck. I mean he lost 3 of those finals in penalty shootout and 1 of them by late late goal at 113th minutes.

            Some other players might couldnt play at top level as long as Masche did, yet they did won thropy with the national team.

  10. A true leader.. agree the goddess of fortune is not in their side. Arg should have been the WC Champion at Brazil however sadly missed the golden chance

  11. One of the great defensive players of our time. He said it right, bad luck.
    Bad luck and a bit of Brazil and Germany opposition can stop any team in the world.

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