Argentina, Tottenham defender Juan FOYTH talks about national team, Copa America


Argentina and Tottenham Hotspur defender Juan FOYTH spoke about the Argentina national team as well as the Copa America.

Now a Champions League finalist with his team, the young defender has a chance to cement a spot with his national team at the upcoming tournament in Brazil. Only receiving his first call-up less than a year ago, FOYTH has found himself regularly selected by coach Lionel SCALONI.

Speaking in an interview with CNN Deportes, here’s what FOYTH had to say:

“We’re going to Brazil with good expectations. Argentina are always candidates. The last time with the Argentina national team, it went by excellently and the ceiling is high. And for that reason, a lot is asked. But we have to go there being calm, take it game by game and I believe that things will go well.”


  1. Scaloni should find his First 11 for all games. He should not change 4 / 5 players each games with different formats. This is my pick of first eleven who should start every game .

    Saravia Otamendi Pezzella Taglifico
    Guido Rodriguez Parades
    Lo Celso Exequiel Palacios
    Messi Aguero

  2. Scaloni should find his First 11 for all games. He should not change 4 / 5 players each games with different formats. This is my pick of first eleven who should start every game and 4-4-2 Format.

    Saravia , Otamendi, Pezzella , Taglifico
    Guido Rodriguez , Parades
    Lo Celso, Exequiel Palacios / Di Maria
    Messi, Aguero

  3. Brazil XI-
    Alison – Alves T Silva Marqunos Luies – Arthur Casemero Paqueta – Coutinho Jesus Neymar.
    Argentina XI-
    Armani – Saravia Otamendi Pazella Tagliafico – Lo Celso Gludio Paredes Palacios – Messi Aguero
    GK:- without any doubt Alison>>>>Armani hence brazil beat Argentina on GK department on paper.
    Defense:- Brazil defense is aging than any other team in copa and most easier to break down, nothing to disrespect Alves but he is done and no more right back playing as winger in PSG at moment Saravia>Alves. Same for T Silva too at 34 he is no more top CB and finished where Otamendi may not be good like previous season due to lack of playing time still crucial part of pep success this season so Otamendi>T Silva. Marqunos is most overatted defender and Pazella is leader of defense hense Pazella>marqunos. Tagliafico having dream season for Ajax and one of the best left back in the world where Filip Luies 34 is no more like once to be hence Tagliafico>luies. Therefore Argentina DF>>>Brazil DF on paper.
    Midfield:- Lo Celso is 2nd best player in la liga after messi where arthur despite starting good first half declined his from end of the season so Lo Celso>>Arthur. Casemero>Gludio no question about it but casemero form in real isn’t upto the mark. Paredes>paqueta according to me, other can have different opinion too. Therefore Brazil midfield = Argentina midfield on paper.
    Forward:- Messi+Aguero better than Brazil+Uruguay+Colombia+Chile combined attacks, so on paper Argentina FW>>> Brazil FW.
    Here someone hyping Brazil squad when their key players Coutinho and Neymar out of from therefore no chance in copa, even Astrologicallly Brazil can’t win the tournament only 1986-87 born captain can win the tournament whether it cricket or football, I’m 100% sure Argentina beat Brazil but uncertain about Uruguay favorite to win the tournament

  4. Even though Brazil, which is by far have more advantages from GK, defence until midfield than Argentina, Tite looks more dependable on the left side of their attacking scheme. Mirrored from their last world cup campaign. They was relying more between the connection of Marcelo-Coutinho-Neymar who often thundering from left. But now it may slightly reduced with the absence of Marcelo, that most likely replaced by Alex Sandro. From the match they cannot win (1-1 against Switzerland and 1-2 against Belgium), their opposing team successfully shut down the right flank, which are placed by Willian and Fagner. And at the same moment they did man-mark Neymar (by Behrami from Switz. and Meunier helped by Fella) which make his movement are limited. Based on Brazil now that wouldn’t have Marcelo and their right flank is unexperienced, we should have opportunity to defeat them. Turn their right flank down and set Saravia to get Ney under his pocket. The rest is about how our midfield can dominate them and close the gap for Coutinho long shots.
    But for sure, it was not easy pal.

    • And more than that, I’d more worried Uruguay. Although they still hadn’t confirmed their final squad yet, i’m pretty sure Tabarez will called 23-man same as the pack that won the China Cup few months ago. Our problem is their fantastic low block defense system that make Ronaldo and Co. out of sorts. Since Godin and Gimenez both have linked so well and better midfield comparing to us, for me it looks more tougher against facing Brazil.

  5. Goalkeepers: Alisson, Cássio, Ederson
    Defenders: Alex Sandro, Daniel Alves, Eder Militão, Fagner, Filipe Luis, Marquinhos, Miranda, Thiago Silva
    Midfielders: Allan, Arthur, Casemiro, Fernandinho, Paquetá, Coutinho
    Forwards: Neres, Everton, Firmino, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, Richarlison

    I would rather exit the tournament earlier than play against this Brazil team. They will crash us.

    • really?

      ok i should start crying from my afraid now or i have time to leave it for later?

      in our national anthem in one part saying

      Sean eternos los laureles,
      que supimos conseguir.
      Coronados de gloria vivamos
      O juremos con gloria morir!

      this is my answer to those are afraid my friend.

    • nd what’s scary in this squad??? ………imo individually wise we hv better defence and better forwards and more talented midfielders than brazil other than no.5…..there are many weaknesses in their defence…

      colombia and uruguay are themselves in the rebuilding stage and their recent form is not that great either
      i think we can win the whole damn thing…..i think this year will be ours

    • why? yes 2 great goalkeepers, Thiago Silva, Alves, Filipe Luis old washep up players, Marquinhos overrated, Fernandinho old, Casemiro in horrible form, Coutinho most overrated player of the world and total out of form, Paqueta zero impact in Milan, Neymar out of form after injury, Gabriel Jesus benchwarmer, Frimino out of form compared to last season, Richarlison nothing special, 90% of their players were much better in last season still failed in WC the mighty brazilians, since 2007 zero medal!!! in big competitions, fearful really

    • Brazil’s last world cup squad was stronger than this with pen and paper. But argentina was not played that bad except croatia one. In my view current argentina team better than the world cup squad..

    • Hey bahgwan 😱🥶 I am really fearing mighty Brazilians….my foot and fuck…..Fernandinho will remember lo celso for long time when he will not be able to stop him and he will run over him like a truck. Firmino is not a CF and gabriel jesus is overrated 100th to aguero. There defense is all old and slow. Against Peru or even Venezuela they will suffer either a draw or loss will be in there kitty. So shut the fuck up you disguised argetina fan 😡🤫

  6. Really Hope Dybala do something for Argentina in copa whenever given opportunity till now dybala NT career is worst in the history of Argentina, i still believe Icardi and Correra world have more beneficial considering injury problem of Aguero and Dimaria than Dybala and suarez respectively

  7. César Luis Menotti is the living history of Argentine football.

    Nothing but respect to him.
    it will be nice to do same everybody here.

    his knowledge about football is far more bigger than all of us here together!!!
    he arrive to be world champion
    when all of us here we just watch football from tv and we make critics how to be world champions!!!

    even if i am going for many years to watch in concerts people playing guitar
    that doesn t mean that i learn to play and the guitar !!!

    so please show respect.

    i don t say to don t make critics.
    but other thing to make critics and other thing to speak rude for the living history of Argentina.

    • if Icardi want to blame somebody for his Argentina national team destiny and the mess with his club Inter
      he should not go far to find the reason.
      it is inside his home!!!

      but what you can expect from somebody that he is inside his wife underwear.
      if he can t manage his career and he do what his wife orders then he is so small to
      carry the heavy Albiceleste jersey.

      • i don’t get it. He has all the talent in the world to be leading the NT as #9 (after Aguero of course 🙂 ) and at Inter or a big club like Real Madrid but his attitude and wanda are his downfall.

        Few years ago, i was dreaming of seeing Messi making perfect crosses to Icardi. Now, i dont see it. Hope he gets his head straightened and not let his talent waste.

      • from my prospective, Icardi’s time in the NT is over! He will always be a static striker. staying in the shadow of Wanda 🙂

        It’s lautaro’s era going forward.
        Keep an eye on LoCelso,Messi,Aguero/Martinez partnership this Copa. Messi / Lautaro partnership seems to have picked up.

  8. Velez icon, Fabian Cubero is going to an end of his career in Velez. He spend all the time in the club beginning in 1996 under Marcelo Bielsa.

    Incredible. Do you guys believe he is last active player of 1997 golden U-20 World Cup team? Samuel, Scaloni, Cambiasso, Aimar, Riquelme were his teammates. He is almost 41 yo.

    Yet just few moths ago was playing along with players like Nico Dominguez which is 20 years younger or even 23 years younger Almada.

  9. Surely its messi aguro Nd maria in front dybla is a sub. arg need creativity from the moment thr is only one can creat tht is locelso.I m worrying who can bring his role if he fails or injured. Back up seems to be slow.pnly backup paredes .he is slow and a deep lying plyr dnt interested to ply near yhe box… same thing will happens If midfldrs fails to deliver to our frnt line…

  10. Its clear 80 year old washed out Menotti hates european club players.
    He said about messi “I’m sure if you asked Messi if he’d rather be a champion with Argentina or win the Champions League, he would say the Champions League.”
    He said about aguero ” Now he is scoring a lots of goals but 6 months he was on the bench”.
    He had option to select between Musso and Armani he chose Armani.
    Between Rulli and Adranda he chose boca Gk.
    He chose marchesin over Benitez.
    He chose Suarez over Icardi.
    He chose casco over ansaldi and Mercado .
    Guido over Ascacibar .
    He is still living in 1978 football has changed a lot but this fucking old has no ideia that football dominance has shifted from South America to Europe.

    • Mrinal1235
      In this case IMO, i think they did it right to choose Andrada than Rulli because he is one of the best GK in Superliga Argentina now. More than that, Rulli’s career goes bumpy and sometimes marked with inconsistency. For Benitez and Musso, i’m pretty sure both of them will secure a place in Copa America next year if Musso not gonna be One-Season Wonder in Italy.
      So maybe this is the last tournament for Marchesin. For Casco, arguably he is one of the best full-back in Superliga due to his capability playing in both right n left side. I think he did a right choice to left Mercado because he is slow for a right-back, more like a downgraded version of Kyle Walker.
      Like another Mundo’s member had talked before, Icardi seems like cursed in NT, more than that, NT strategies depends more on Forward that can do build up play. In this case, Icardi plays more passively and this type of gameplay is good against defensive-minded team using advantage at aerial duels. But you must notice that almost all of South American teams barely use park the bus formation.
      No comment for Armani but i think Guido is pretty good.

    • Mrinal,

      it’s hard to see things so much one sidedly and biasedly as you did.

      replicating my own comment:

      you need to know this is popular conspiracy theory (about Menotti picking players), very ordinar one, in which is not more truth than in the one that say Messi is choosing players.

      Maybe besides Armani all the local players called for Copa deserves to be there. Scaloni cut off both Correas but also Benedetto, Pity, Lisandro Martinez, Zaracho, Montiel, Pavon, Marcone, Franco, Nacho, Gimenez, Vargas, Bustos, Blanco, Meza, Sigali and more local players – so even taking this by numbers the dropped players the theory is nowhere near to be truth.

      This is only your one-sided perception to think all our Copa players should come from Europe (still the European ones are majority). You don’t know the local ones and this is first reason of your preconception. If you want to judge things fairly first you need to know both sides while you do not know the local football…

  11. Can someone answer me a simple question?

    Why is it that EVERY SINGLE TIME one of our players is interviewed they give the same limp dick answers? We have to remain calm, Argentina always has chances, blah blah blah. Calm about what? Constanly disappointing and underachieving?

    JUST ONCE, ONCE, for the love of GOD I would like someone to say this.
    We want to win. We have to win. We haven’t done nearly enough. We are going to go out there, kick some ass, and leave it all out on the field because our fans have suffered enough and the NT hasn’t won shit for 35 years and counting, and that will change now.

    • thats because they know better! they know they train bad. they know they are not starters with their clubs and had a bad season. they know they shit their pants when they put on this jersey. they know the tactics they train are blown away whith the first whistle and all that is left then is passing the ball to messi and stop and watch him trying to do something. thats the way it was, the way it is and the way it will be. if you cant aknowledge this facts at least the players woke up from their dream of winning something and dont talk about winning or crushing or easily beating someone. they know they will suffer in this group.

      • Thank you. Your comments are spot on. I’ve never seen a less passionate group of players. They are great at looking miserable after the disappointment but have absolutely no damn testicles to do something during the game.
        If I was a player I’d go right up to messi and everybody else and say I’m gonna run my ass off and do whatever I have to, to make sure we win. These damn guys act as if they have their balls chopped off before a game

        • > Why is it that EVERY SINGLE TIME one of our players is interviewed they give the same limp dick answers?

          comment had me cracking up.

          Dude, the shirt carries a huge fucking burden, and they know it. Add it the worlds shittiest fanbase and garbage media, i can only imagine all the staff telling everyone “remain calm”..

  12. I would prefer that ADM doesn’t start and Lo Celso heads the midfield diamond with Guido as the DM and Palacios and Pereyra on the right and left respectively. But suspect that Scaloni would be tempted to start Paredes.

    • Moreover, i think Pereyra will be more usable against the team who can dominate and overwhelm our midfield, for example like Brazil. Since he has some similarities like Arturo Vidal for his ‘anywhere-in the midfield’ role, he could play the role that Vidal did when Barca thrashing Liverpool in Camp Nou. This will make Paredes and Lo Celso more free when they possess the ball.

      • pereyra like vidal is too stretched. Pereyra is known for his versatility of playing in any attacking midfield position. His defensive contributions are just modest
        I would put vidal as a masherano who can also attack well. Vidal kind of player breaks the play , wins back possession & then can also take part in attack. from what I have heard palacios is closer to that style ( though I have not seen him beyond the 2 friendlies ) . Ascacibar has the warrior outlook – but low on passing & attack transition

  13. I think the coaching staff found way to use dybala and Messi together specially Aimer has something one mind in this far the coaching staff concerning the three half’s of the pitch is a good concept only thing needed is a capable neuroscientist or psychiatrist ,remember Gallardo uses neuroscientist at River.

  14. Lineups

  15. Hm lets say the probability if ADM will play in the right side this time. For me, I think the better uses is the 4-4-2 concept, so the line-up probably like this :

    Aguero – Messi
    Lo Celso – Paredes – Guido – ADM
    Tagli – Pezzella – Otam – Saravia

    Is it good if we put Lo Celso in the left side? Oh, and of course i rather choose Andrada than Armani. Looks like Marchesin surely will be 3rd GK.

  16. Gonzalo, your English is fine and I learn a lot from your comments. Even my 15 year daughter is crazy about Argentina football and follows your posts religiously. I have great hope from our U20 team. Winning or losing is one thing. They play the beautiful game worthy of the Albeceleste. And that for me is very important. Like the senior team in ’98 and ’06.

  17. There is no breathing space in Copa. All the South American teams are dangerous. Qatar is the only weak team in our group. Unfortunately we play them last that means we have to start hitting the deck from the first match itself.

    A 15 days of training should help Scaloni to fix the errors and find a balanced 11.

  18. Between Uruguay and Argentina one of them is going to win copa america not brazil because Argentina and Uruguay captain messi and Godin 1986-87 born where Brazil captain Neymar not, so no chance.

    • Why re you care about Brazil
      If they start thier training so what.
      That does guarantee they will win
      For copa? I don’t think let’s be patient
      With our team . Anyway Argentina
      Will start training on Monday non
      Stop one from morning to the night.

        • Bro we all want to see Argentina
          Win something after 25 years
          Personally I”m desperate to
          See that happen but you know
          What no one expects us to do
          Well this Copa that may work
          Our favour I’m really optimistic
          About messi left the trophy.

      • Because their team is full of young and explosive players and now worse they get more training time. However we are filled with 30+ year old players like Acuña and Marchesin, and weak defense, and on top of that we have less time.

    • As to dybala, it is nothing special . Actually it is a disatrous season for him in Juventus .

      I recommend you to watch Joaquin Correa ,Lucas Ocampos YouTube video. We need tall,all round ,speedy players with running ability .

  19. Tomorrow starts U-20 WC. We play first game on Saturday against South Africa.

    Tychy and Bielsko-Biała are places where we play. Both just around 100 km from where I live. I’m going to watch at least the 3rd game at stadium.

  20. We can say our hopes are on players like Otamendi, Tagaliafico, Lo Celso, etc…
    But what will be the main thing is the connection between Messi and Aguero.

    If those two can click like Messi does with Suarez in Barcelona, then we have a chance.

    Barcelona don’t have a midfield to envy anymore. Their midfield is pretty mediocre, Man City, Ajax have a better midfield than Barcelona does at the moment. All Busquets, Rakitic, Arthur, Vidal etc do is pass to Messi, or sideways pass until Messi drops deep, then pass to him.

    Messi is constantly playing all the through balls for his teammates, and Suarez finishing is second to none.

    If those two scored 57 of Barcelona’s 90 goals in La Liga, 14 of Barcelona’s 26 Champions League goals,and 5 of Barcelona’s 18 goals in the Copa del Rey, Imagine how much Messi and Aguero can combine for to carry Argentina!
    Aguero is IMO a more complete forward than Suarez.

    A 4-4-2 would be best, defensively secure at the back, and let those two work their magic up front!
    Vamos Argentina!

    • Messi, Di Maria, Aguero all delivered against France and Argentina still lost that game because they conceided 4 goals! thanks to Rojo dumb foul early in the game, that proof to be the difference. Great forwards will make you help you to qualify from group stage but great defence will take to far in tournament. 2014-2016, Argentina had great defence and statistic proof that.

  21. Some of the members are thrashing Paredes.He is a very good player he going to be best midfielder in copa for Argentina .Parades Lo celso Rodriguez in midfield would be great.I think Scaloni just made two mistake first not selecting Sergio Romero and second not selecting Ansaldi.Tagliafico should have been dropped may be Acuna too
    But Paredes is best for midfield.In matches there would be nothing any threat from our left back Tagliafico who just randomly runs here or there

  22. Actually if i were scaloni ,i will
    1, put Juan foyth in to DM position
    2, Joaquin Correa to be false 9
    3, insist running ability and different tactics
    4, quit traditional no 5 instead using box to box midfielder.
    5, using speedy offensive player Playing one touch no look pass football for counterattack.
    6, select tall and fast FW for different purposes

    FW : Joaquin Correa ,Alario ,aguero
    Winger: Di maria ,Ocampos ,Benjamin garre
    DM :Juan foyth ,Joaquin pereyra
    CM :lo celso ,Reynoso ,Palacios, Alexis McAllister/Lucas robertone
    DF : L Martinez ,Soto, Barbosa,C Romero ,Pezzella ,Otamendi ,G montiel ,Godoy

    Gk : Romero ,Juan musso ,Walter Benitez

    • Dear team announced.. please use your time to write for the betterment of this team…to win the Copa now. Later we will discuss what should or could have done..

  23. I found that Zaracho should have his place in the 23. Palacios seems to be the only box to box player and it’s a bit light. When I look at the list, most likely the team will play in 442.

    I actually prefer a 4312, with Pereyra or De Paul as the 3nd midfielder, Lo Celso as 10 with Saravia and Tagliafico who move up a lot in order to support Giovanni when the team attacks. It’s a shame that Lanzini and Zaracho cannot make it in time because I believe either of them is more talented and better with holding the ball.

    I am great fan of Dybala but don’t see what he can bring anything different to the team. As I said, we need different profiles on the bench. I’d rather go for a tall forward or a very fast one who can make the difference very quickly. Matias Suarez is a good player, but why him and not Joaquin Correa or Angel Correa?

    • > Matias Suarez is a good player, but why him and not Joaquin Correa or Angel Correa?

      Cause Menotti and Scaloni are trying to prioritize local over europe for some cases, even if talent isn’t the same.

      • “Cause Menotti and Scaloni are trying to prioritize local over europe for some cases, even if talent isn’t the same”.


        you need to know this is popular conspiracy theory, very ordinar one, in which is not more truth than in the one that say Messi is choosing players.

        Maybe besides Armani all the local players called for COpa deserves to be there. Scaloni cut off both Correas but also Benedetto, Pity, LIsandro Martinez, Zaracho, Montiel, Franco, Nacho, Gimenez, Vargas and more local players – so even taking this by numbers the dropped players the theory is nowhere near to be truth.

    • Actually Canadienroyal Palacios is more CM than b-2-b, more in the vain of Redondo rather than Cambiasso, which is a position that Argentina really needs. The other CM is Paredes.
      Celso, Pereyra and Depaul are more than capable of playing b-2-b and infact all 3 of them have done so quite effectively in the past, so box to box is the one position you don’t need to worry about, infact the midfielders selected by Scaloni cover all required positions whether be it a 10 (Celso, Pereyra, Dybala), lateral (Acuna, Depaul, Pereyra), CM (Celso, Palacios, Pereyra, Paredes, DePaul) or DM (Guido and possibly Foyth).
      Scaloni has all the necessary pieces of the puzzle, now he needs to fit them together and make a cohesive picture akin to a Michaelangelo or Raphael rather than weird, wrapped one like picasso is his cubism phase.

      • clear points, bro. best b2b we could use is LoCelso. he is the most capable. but I think Palacios can pull that in his absence

        • Zaracho has been solid for Racing but I honestly prefer Robertone to either him or even Palacios. For some odd reason Scaloni is ignorant to Velez players like Dominguez and Robertone even though they have profiles that Argentina really needs.

  24. I think Scaloni has not addressed a fundamental hypothesis. Our favoured trident – Messi, ADM and Aguero/Higuain do not shoulder much defensive responsibility. With Messi it’s OK – u don’t want him to expend energy or injure himself while tracking back/tackling. Aguero is walking pace when the opposition has the ball and ADM chases shadows when defending. That puts too much defensive load on the midfielders. Argentina always has played with a high backline winning the ball back far from their box. A high backline allows for a high possession and closes the gap between midfield and defence and reduces the load on the midfield. To run a high backline we need defenders with intellectual and ground speed and a sound anticipation and reading of the game to prevent the strikers from getting behind you- Ayala, Milito, Sorin, Zanetti, Garay had that. Our current defence doesn’t have that – when they play a high backline they get over run (eg Iceland first half) by the strikers when they play deep there are too many gaps in the midfield and after around the 80 th minute the MF is exhausted because the attackers do not help in defence. When Mascherano was younger he and Biglia, Perez and co. could manage this reasonably well. But now we are poor defensively. It gets worse when we fall behind. As we try to get level, we are exposed even more. That is why guys like Lamela, A Correa etc are so important for us. And that is why we should consider playing without an out and Out striker. As long as Messi is there we can afford a try.

    • High back line or high line pressing are not suitable for Argentina which needs lots of running ability ,speed and good positioning

      Most of our select players lack of speed and one on one defense skill ,not to mention some times lost their original position .

      The most suitable tactics is counterattack 4141 .select fast ,strong box to box and tall central forward and then put messi infront to score .

      That’s why i like players such as Ocampos ,J Correa ,J foyth ,J pereyra ,B garre ,Alario

      4141vs Brazil
      Godoy#otamendi#Barbosa#L Martinez
      Di maria#lo celso#J Correa#Ocampos

  25. Nowadays DM needs lots of running ability and passing skill not just only defense. A tall ,strong and able to dribble and long shoot DM is very hard to find in Argentina .

    Juan foyth is strong ,fast and skilfull enough to be a successful DM .actually Argentina has different type of DM

    1, mascherano type fast ,very defensive but rather weak in passing and scoring .such as Ascacibar ,Santiago casares, Bruno zucullini

    2,Biglia type not too fast and defensive ,lack of running ability but rather good at passing and cooperating with others like paredes,marcone, cambiasso

    3,strong ,averaged defensive skill but lack of passing and dribbling ability like Guido pizzaro ,Guido Rodriguez ,Rodrigo battaglia.

    All of the above are not top class DM except mascherano .

    So Argentina must find out modern box to box DM

    • Juve or Chelsea plays with 3 midfielders: one regista+2 box to box 1 defensive minded and 1 attacking: Pjanic-Jorginho-Paredes in the middle dictate the tempo, give long balls, and have some defensive skills—Matuidi-Kante-Palacios running all day long with good defensive skills, but can run with the ball forward too—Bentancur-Kovacic-Lo Celso hardworker hibrid ZM/AM with good energy who can create+++one hardworker winger Douglas Costa or Bernardeschi—Pedro or Willian-Di Maria or De Paul with pace and work ethic—one luxury player Ronaldo-Hazard-Messi with zero defensive work, who play free and one centre forward, maybe Scaloni want to play this Allegri-Sarri way football.

        • Even if Argentina is able to play one day without classic No.5 IMO it takes maybe years to adapt the system – something what is new for us. We have the position, the role of axis, span player, grey eminence in our DNA. I doubt we can do that on this tournament without dangerous exposure that will cost us a lot. Way too much.

          • this is nothing compared to change the system to 3-4-3, vs Croatia or vs Venezuela friendly match, nobody knew whats his role, 3 (5) defenders formation need long time, not this concept.

          • If you want Argentina to become strong again ,quit the traditional no.5 is a must .

            Actually Brazil is far more better than Argentina nowadays. No matter who direct Argentina or what formation used , we can’t win this copa america for sure .

            But one thing is important that is during the tournament , will we see some changes in tactics vs different teams ?

            Scaloni lack of guts and experience to try.

      • IMO scaloni will play 433 with parades ,lo celso ,Palacios combination.

        Those three players are number 10 few years ago in their u20 team .

        Actually i think this type of combination only work in counterattack but not in offensive 433 model.

        Lo celso and palacios act as double playmaker but paredes lack of running ability is the weakest point .so you must have two speedy wingers to support our CB ,RB,LB 。at the same time you must have canniggia infront for counterattack.

      • I never believe in regista + 2 box to box formula. There is only 1 Pirlo every 10 years. Besides, it seems not working anymore. Pochettino found a way to counter this tactic by putting a maximum of pressure on the regista and since he did that, Chelsea didn’t win anymore against big team.

        I agreed that Paredes has some talents but not enough to ask for the team to put 2 box to box who run for him. We just need midfielders who run, very simple. No need for any fancy stuff. I go for a 3 men midfield Pereyra Guido and Palacios, behind Lo Celso who plays as 10.

    • Many tried to convert a center back into DM but I don’t remember any successful examples. A CB has very different skillset than a natural DM. It’s much more complex to be a DM. For example Marquinhos was used in DM position by his club, he did quite ok against average teams but very poor performance against the big teams. However, a tall DM can be a great CB, for example Desailly and Laurent Blanc.

      • You are wrong ! Joaquin pereyra is no 7but he has the talent to be a good DM in future.

        Do you remember paredes in Boca few years ago ?he is attacking midfield but now he is a DM

      • I watch some Rosario central’s game .sometimes Joaquin pereyra played very deeply .He is fast ,tall and technically very good at passing and long shoot . His defensive skill is above average.

      • Pereyra have played CM during U-20 SUdamericano in 2017. He was in double pivot with Ascacibar. And was one of our best players. If I remember correctly have assist. That was surprising not to see him later on WC.

        He is complete midfielder with impressive range of passing, as well driblings and long shoots.

        • Yes ,Joaquin pereyra is very talent and all round .In recent games he played very deeply ,just look at paredes in Boca .

          I think only Juan foyth and pereyra can be a good DM .

          Several Players are highly underrated. For example Lucas Ocampos ,Alario, J Correa ,Bebelo reynoso, L Martinez, Barbosa. Those players are very useful and skilfull.

    • Don’t just think a player used as attacking midfielder can’t be successful DM later . Actually some successful cases confirm that a speedy ,strong ,good at ball control ,passing with certain extent of defensive ability can be transformed to be a good DM

  26. Foyth appears to be cover for the CBs, Saravia and Guido which speaks volumes about his potential. I don’t think there is any obvious back up for our starting RB and DM. Hope that doesn’t cause him to lose focus on his development. Both Demichilis and Mascherano were great DMs before they played as CBs. Foyth is very young and all three positions need specific skills and attitudes.

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