Argentina, Boca player Cristian PAVON linked with Watford move


Argentina international Cristian PAVON is presently being linked with a move to Watford.

According to a report by Sportia, Watford are interested in signing the 23 year old. Boca presently have a price tag of $30 million for the Argentine. He wouldn’t be the only Argentine at the club as Roberto PEREYRA, who has been called-up to the Argentina team for the Copa America, is also at Watford.

PAVON represented Argentina at the 2018 FIFA World Cup where he even started a knockout stage match but was not selected for the 2019 Copa America.


  1. Julián Álvarez is the star Player from U20 squad hope he can success like aguero in 2007 and establish as new Superstar. I personally watching Manuel Roffo, argentina need worldclass GK and he looks like Tar Stegen in U20 days.

  2. ……………………….Roffo

    Mura……..Pérez ……..Medina…….Ortega


    De la Vega……Ferreira………….Barco


    Double pivot it’s somethig new for the team. Both Scaloni and Batista were playing so far with one No.5 and two box-to-box around (Moreno and Almendra or Insauralde).

    I think No.9 or SS is optimal position for Alvarez. Didn’t impressed me so far on the wings.

  3. PK shootout is huge possibility in Copa America since, except the final, everything will not have to go through 2 x 15 minutes extra time after a draw match in the elimination rounds.

    Our penalty takers should be:
    1. Leandro Paredes 2 PK and 0 missed: 100 % record
    2. Paulo Dybala 20 PK and 4 missed: 83.3%
    3. Sergio Aguero 43 PK and 12 missed: 78.2% (4 PK and 2 missed in 18/19)
    4. Lionel Messi 84 PK and 25 missed: 77.1% (4 PK and 1 missed in 18/19)
    5. Giovani Lo Celso 2 PK and 1 missed: 66.7%
    6. Matias Suarez 7 PK and 3 missed: 70 %
    7. Rodrigo De Paul 7 PK and 3 missed: 70% (3 PK and 3 missed in 18/19)
    8. Angel Di Maria 1 PK and 1 missed: 50%

    All these stats are from CLUB level only, not international.

    Other players have never taken PK for their teams.

    How about goalie? Our best PK goalie is….

    Franco Armani: 6 PK saves out of 24 attempts in his career or 25% (1 in 3 attempts in 18/19)

    Agustin Marchesin: 9 PK saves out of 54: 16.7%

    Esteban Andrada: 3 PK saves out of 21: 14.2%

    So the worst in PK goalie is Andrada, although I agree at the moment he is a better goalie than Armani.

      • Penalty is a lottery regardless who kicks it. Lots of players shoot well and still denied by goalkeeper and there’s nothing you can do about it.

        Statistically, a player that takes more penalty naturally will miss more than the one who dont. Players like Maradona, Tevez, Riquelme are regular penalty takers, they scored many penalties but also had a miss at important games. Maradona in WC 1990 QF, Tevez in Copa 2011 QF, Riquelme in CL semifinal against Arsenal. They didnt shoot it wide , but was denied by goalkeeper.

        People could say Messi isnt that good at penalty but he actually had perfect record with Argentina in a tournament before 2016 final. 2 penalties in u20 final against Nigeria, 1 penalty in WC 2014 semifinal , 3 penalties at Copa 2015.

        In 2011 Copa, Higuain shot was terriblem yet his penalty still went in regardless.

        • very true, if you ever kick a penalty, the goal appears too small, regardless. many great shots were saved because the goalie guessed right ! the more you take, the more you miss.

  4. Julián Álvarez is the Player to watch out in U20 Worldcup, next big name in Argentina for Sure.

  5. One of Acuna or Tagliafico should be dropped for Cristian Ansaldi.Against France Sampoli choosed Pavon over Aguero and we lost.This time Scaloni has made the mistake.Ansaldi is way better than anyone.If i rank most important player:
    Rank 1- Messi
    Rank 2-Aguero
    Rank 3- Ansaldi
    Rank 4-Lo celso
    Ranl 5-Pezella or Di maria

  6. Manuel Roffo; Facundo Mura, Nehuén Pérez, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega; Fausto Vera, Santiago Sosa; Pedro De la Vega, Cristian Ferreira, Ezequiel Barco; Julián Alvarez

    If this is the starting line up for today’s game I’m surprised by absence of Anibal Moreno more than Almendra. Moreno was always starter for both Scaloni and Batista.

  7. So far Uruguay impressed with win over Norway. So did Colombia and Italy. Ecuador did well, however not enough to win.

  8. Our U-20 No.5, Santiago Sosa, is on the Everton’s radar. The club offers 12 mln for him. I hope he will stay one season more in River. He is still reserve team player though. His future might depend on how he will do during the WC that begins for us today.

  9. I appreciate all of you guys comments, you guys informed Argentina fans so well, analyzing Argentina players so well that show me you guys know your staff and I have a lot of respect for you guys. Hopefully Argentina can win something very soon to make us happy again. Good luck guys.

  10. The perfect example of my point is Lo Celso at PSG. Rich club with many options in the attacking third. No room there for Lo Celso. So they try and make use of him in a defensive role because of his exceptional positional sense and ball winning skills. But that is not what he is best at. Plus it is a deep squad so other players also need to be given a chance. Lo Celso gets to play on and off. Loses rhythm and confidence. PSG think they are not good enough. Here comes Betis.Lo Celso is important for them since options are limited and there goes

    • Both Madrid club eyeing for LO Celso, i would say PSG did huge mistake specially tuchle even fans are upset with LO Celso sold.

        • League 1 itself a joke and PSG has no competition at all, no room for development there, finished Ibra at 34 scored 36goals in league 1, Dimaria looks world class at PSG, last one year Lo Celso turned one of the best Midfielder and 2nd best player in la liga after messi soon he can be in the league of Kroos or Pogba if performed like this season

  11. Development should be a priority for our youngsters not a big club or a higher weekly pay. Those will come automatically. IMO two players that developed most over last year were Christian Romero and Ezequeil Barco (outside Argentina) and Zaracho and Lisandro Martinez (in the domestic league) . I consider Vargas, Palacios and Senesi ready to move to Europe. But not Almendra. He will learn more in Argentina. He should stay there for another year. Europe destroys you if you move too early and that too in a big club. These kids need to understand that development is an evolutionary process and the gap needs to be closed bit by bit. Too big a gap and you don’t get a second chance. That’s why moving to smaller clubs is better particularly if you have age on your side

    • Two things have changed greatly in Argentina since I lived there in the 70’a and 80’s.
      First the number of foreign players has gone up to 4 or more per team. This takes time from our young players.
      Second, big clubs buying back euro players so they can win the championships also kills playing time of young guys. If we are selling our players at 20, they should be playing at least 2-3 years with starter minutes so they have better skill. But old guys in primera are killing our future

  12. Like this news. Will be a great move. Pavon is far from a developed product. He should have been by now. He will get the chance to be in the starting eleven. I doubt he is worth 30 million. But whatever Watford pays will be big money for a team like Watford and there would be accountability and expectations, which is good. Also the pace and physicality of the EPL would be a stretch. Same with Alexis Mac Allister at Brighton. No point moving to a big club and not get playing minutes. Pavon will have more comfort with Pereyra being around.

  13. PSG 1-3 Reims

    Leonardo paredes as a defensive midfielde… Todays performanc…

    Tackles – 0
    Clearances- 0
    Interception – 0

    • That’s why he works properly better if his team goes with double pivot formation. In Zenit, he always get paired with his compatriot, Matias Kranevitter to make his task more easy. Since PSG doesn’t have more defensive-minded midfield (bcoz Verratti also more creative to construct attack) he can’t give all-out the best from him. Paredes isn’t similar to Kante or Casemiro type. He is more similar to Jorginho or Xhaka.

    • I see people blame paredes when ever PSG lose a match. Do you even watch the match or just watch the score and come here…..
      This PSG team is a joke.
      Paredes is a regista you have to put a destroyer behind a regista. Xavi pirlo etc always had a destroyer……
      Once again Paredes is not a destroyer…..
      What was other 10 player doing ?
      Psg need a better coach….
      Tuchel dont know what he is even doing……

      • If you read any french newspaper e.g. l’equipe you’d realize that the french media blames Paredes for the common cold! Admittedly Paredes hasn’t done that well for PSG but neither has anyone else in this overrated club.

    • Guido in the only DM in NT..! Funes Mori, Acuna, and Foyth can play DM position. They will do better than Paredes in doing dirty DM jobs.
      As I commented before, Paredes should not play in 4-3-3.

      • French media is blaming paredes i have seen that too… But the fact i they think he is a destroyer. But he isn’t. Also this is his first season.. media is not helping. I have seen them blaming him after 2 or 3 match….
        But the main problem of this team is the coach…

    • In my opinion he need 2 defensive players next to him. But in this case, we may sacrify a lot for him, does it really worth to bet on him? Why not 1 DM, 1 box to box plus Lo Celso, much simplier.

  14. Rumoured 11 :- Manuel Roffo; Facundo Mura, Nehuén Pérez, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega; Fausto Vera, Santiago Sosa, Pedro De la Vega; Ezequiel Barco; Cristian Ferreira and Julián Álvarez.

    I was hoping for Almendra to play instead of Fausto vera…anyway best of luck 2mrw

  15. One thing we fans have to do is to give a message to scaloni and his staffs that he should not reveal our playing 11 infront of press right before any match ,it ultimately helps opposition team to make strategy against us

      • Already known by them even before official announcement during training or rumored line even before training so opposition don’t need to think about this which hardly matter sometime key players missing change the equation like liverpool vs Barcelona when salaah and Frinmino not there barca underestimate origi who destroyed them

  16. Tonight, we have Walter Benitez, Lucas Ocampos, and Angel Di Maria played their last fixtures of French Ligue 1 this season. It is interesting to see that Ocampos played the LB position since he adept more offensive role often in Marseille. Di Maria tonight also get his place on the right flank.

  17. Pavon is one player that i have very huge apreciate.
    he is one very very very good player and i believe on him so much.

    i hope he goes in one club bigger than this english team but anyhow
    i wish him the best and i hope he arrive to be the player we need in national team.
    one player like him in good form is need like oxygen in our team.

    • Cox4.
      You live in Argentina, so let me ask you. This is no disrespect to Boca. But it seems to me Boca players are more flash than substance. Many of them have great potential but how many of them really end up being great players? I can not think of many. Even guys like Gago when he went to Real Madrid never really raised his game. Pavon was supposed to be a superstar transfer after 2016 and I would say he has not gotten any better has he?
      Like I said, this is no disrespect to Boca, but they have a history of producing players like Palermo, Palacios, even Tevez that are magnificent for Boca but that never translates to NT or international game. Even Tevez while he had some incredible seasons was a little crazy and always drama in locker room

      • first of all my friend i am huge fan of River plate so i don t like Boca at all.
        for not say i hate them let say i don t like them at all.
        so even if you disrespect them it is fine by me 🙂 🙂 🙂

        but except the joke part i will answer you honestly without put my River plate love effect my answer.

        this is not matter of the player which club playing in Argentina.
        even if play in River, Boca , Racing or else the problem is one and only.
        it start from new millenium years if i remember well.

        in Europe they play other football than here. like other space.
        we play here like street football. this is the type of football we learn play from children.without the strict rules of modern football.

        in Europe the football became like science. this is not happening here. we are more romantic here allow me to say.

        that is why it is very difficault and need a lot of time for one Argentina child
        to use to play in European football and adopt their ways of play.
        it need time hard work and patient.

        the big European clubs like Real Madrid , Barcelona and others they are not patient for their reasons and they are not give the time to Argentina young players to get use to the new envirement.

        that is the main reason that most of our players are fail to succeed arrive to be as we all expect.
        of course exist and other reasons as it is the character and the mentality of our players which is not strong enough sometimes.

        But the main reason is what i said in begin.

        something last. it is true too that Boca juniors star players take a lot of times the arrogance that they have in their club mentality.
        this make them damage sometimes but this is not again the main reason of fail in Europe.
        Boca club mentality in Argentina is that they are the best club in Argentina and that all the rest we are nothing compare to them.
        that mentality make the members of this club arrogance in years passing.

        this is my friend what is my view about your question.

        • I think you are right. I am a Talleres fan lol. I know do not laugh.
          Still very very few Boca player ever become great.
          I don’t think they play beautiful, I think they play hard dirty and many fouls and no elegance. Just hard work but nothing beautiful about their game

          • my friend not only i will not laugh for you are Talleres but i will tell you this because is like game of destiny to me.

            normally i don t like to reveal in internet personal information of myself but i make one small exception now.
            i am from Cordoba.i left there many years ago but i am from Cordoba.

            my nickname cox4 is code i make from 2 start letters of Cordoba
            and the x4 which means the number 14 which is the number of our fan club of River plate ” Los Borrachos del Tablón “.
            maybe you have see our banner in Monumental stadium in Sivori chant of stadium 🙂 🙂 🙂

            as about what you wrote up about Boca you are right 100%
            i believe the same things too my friend.

    • It’s embarrassing hearing Argentina top young talent being linked to a low profile team in England.
      I lost my hope on Pavon after the match with France but still, it’s an insulted news to me.

      • Who said Pavon is top talent? Most top talent guys are sold by 21 like Lautaro. He is a good player but crazy as it sounds think of him like Matias Suarez or Benedetto not like Aguero or DiMaria

        • Many did when he was linked to Barca just few weeks before the World Cup. I doubt the rumors were serious but many people considered him as the next big thing.

          It’s really sad to see the fall of Argentina youth football. Probably Higuain was the last big transfer from Argentina who made impact and became world class, like 10 years ago.

  18. I wish hes transferred to a club where he can get regular playing time. Same time he can polish his skills. A club helping young players to progress will be a better destination.

  19. At 23 years of age good players would have already reached their potential but in his case he is still a youngster with potential to become good!! I still can’t believe fraud baldy benched Aguero and Dimaria for this guy!!

    I can’t thank you enough, Scaloni for not picking this guy .

    • without offend you my friend i totally disagree with you about Pavon.
      Pavon is much better player than what you believe and not only that
      Pavon playing in one position that it is very important for our team.
      strikers like Aguero we can find in Argentina sooner or later.

      as about last world cup Pavon played less time than Di maria and he offer to the team much more.

      • No offense taken cox4. If Pavon can prove me wrong and turn out to be a world class winger, I will be one happy albiceleste fan 🙂 .

      • Also no offense but I disagree with you about Pavon’s contribution in WC. He supposed to track back and run a lot in the match against France but I usually saw him wandering around, even higher than Messi’s position. Di Maria in 2014 ran his ass of under Sabella compact midfield. Pavon in 2018 played wide, didn’t make any impact, and didn’t contribute to defense. Lost my hope on him since then.

  20. i m a huge fan of him….what a talent he is or should i say much needed talent in our beloved NT……hope he starts firing again for his club

  21. Pavon has good speed, has decent passing and dribbling abilities, has age on his side has everything to become a Good NT material. He should believe in himself who knows one day he can become an awesome player.

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