Argentina U20 World Cup line-up confirmed for match against South Africa


Argentina’s U20 team will play against South Africa in the first of three group stage matches and the starting eleven has been confirmed.

The team’s first game in Poland at the FIFA U20 World Cup kicks off in a few moments and here’s the starting eleven.


  1. List of Argentinean players from Top Five Leagues in Europe that will play on UEFA competition next year that not played for NT right now :

    Jose Mauri (AC Milan)
    Lucas Biglia (AC Milan)
    Mateo Musacchio (AC Milan)
    Damian Martinez (Arsenal)
    Diego Perotti (AS Roma)
    Federico Fazio (AS Roma)
    Javier Pastore (AS Roma)
    Jose Palomino (Atalanta)
    Papu Gomez (Atalanta)
    Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
    Lucas Alario (Bayer 04)
    Leonardo Balerdi (Borussia Dortmund)
    Willy Caballero (Chelsea)
    Gonzalo Higuain (Chelsea)
    David Abraham (Eintracht Frankfurt)
    Facundo Ferreyra (Espanyol)
    Pablo Piatti (Espanyol)
    Facundo Colidio (Inter Milan)
    Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan)
    Joaquin Correa (Lazio)
    Benjamin Garre (Man City)
    Marcos Rojo (Man United)
    Valentin Vada (Saint-Etienne)
    Ever Banega (Sevilla)
    Franco Vazquez (Sevilla)
    Gabriel Mercado (Sevilla)
    Erik Lamela (Tottenham)
    Paulo Gazzaniga (Tottenham)
    Ezequiel Garay (Valencia)
    Facundo Roncaglia (Valencia)

    All of them would’ve take part in two major UEFA competitions, UCL & UEL, if not get involved in transfer window.

  2. Enjoyable first match from the youth.
    Batista came out well with the intention to win with a pressing 4-1-4-1 type structure with Sosa as the defensive shield and using Fausto Vera to do majority of work in first half running back to cover breaks and driving very far in front to give support to Ferreira. Christian in his number 10 role was quite creative and his talent has been obvious for long.

    Out on the wide areas Barco’s selection on the left meant De La Vega had to play on the opposite wing where he got caught in the ‘DiMaria dilemma’. Basically too much talent for a player just to be used to bang crosses in with his dominant foot. A bit sad because though you can see De La Vega does not have straight line speed (think jordi alba) you can see he is really fast and deceptive with ball at his feet and cutting inside centrally; two skills wasted when isolated on the wing.

    Poor Julian Alvarez got a tough start playing in a position which does not really suit him. Center forwards are probably the hardest thing to develop young and they tend to develop a little later as you need intelligence as well as a ‘mans strength’ to play that position between two center backs. Things which take time to develop. Gaich continues to show his early potential there and Batista would do well to use him in that position going forward.

    In the second half Batista came out with a clever twist pushing Barco inside of Ferriera on the left wing allowing Barco a lot of room through the middle whenever he cut inside. A tactic which looked increasingly threatening till the penalty. In fact it proved so useful that he chose to replace Ferreira with Gaich in the box and withdrawing alvarez positioning a bit putting him in a nine half type position more suited for him (rewarding him with the fourth goal). This allowed huge areas of spaces for Barco to open up wide and run through dominating and killing the second half especially combined with some nice overlaps by Ortega who had a quiet but very nice game.

    On the down side the big weakness of modern argentine football was visible again. Extremely poor positioning and attack on the ball while defending aerial set plays. Every time I watch the national time defending aerial set pieces I am worried because of the basic mistakes made. The fact that Perez was partly responsible for this made me sad since as part of athletico madrid, one of the most aggressive ‘header’ teams in the world i would have expected better from him. These problems have roots in the national league which we can discuss later.

    Onto the next opponent. vamos!

  3. Atalanta had a fantastic season now. They secured the 3rd place and now advance to the UCL next year. I especially appreciate our nation’s represent, Jose Luis Palomino, that has been solid in the heart of defence of La Dea. The same credits goes to Papu Gomez, had amass 7 goals and 11 assists in 35 games, proved he is one of the main keys of Atalanta productivity. Hope they will get a chance for NT atleast the next Copa in 2020.

  4. Handanavez is the most underrated GK in the World clearly he is the main reason for Inter champion league this season

  5. Icardi missing the penalty and Wana Nara emotional face arrive, i was crying 😭😭😭 true love 💯%💞😍😘

  6. How bad luck has the U-20 Ecuador team. They beat us 2 times during Sudamericano. Now another match with another wasted penalty. Being better team against Italy, even with 10 man.

    • Alessandro Plizzari was doing superb on that match, although i think Ecuador have some golden chance to atleast grab 1 goal. But truly, Plizzari was insane. He earned his reputation as penalty blocker since u20 World Cup two years ago.

    • PSG is the biggest idiot club sold in 20million where Betis will earn three times more after copa lo celso market price increases more, and lo celeso to man utd will be the very good move, don’t compare LVG season and Dimaria at the end of his peck where lo celso still to reach his best label

    • Atletico also made a 50 mill bid for Celso that was rejected apparently while Spurs made a 60 mill offer that also got rejected. I think Betis are holding out for a 70 mill + for him i.e. get about 3X profit on the kid.
      Also Tuchel and PSG are idiots! Such a loser club.

  7. One more heart break for Messi but he tried well.Messi needs better defence to flourish otherwise conceding goals he feels pressure so we need rock solid defense.Otamendi should be omitted.Pezzela Funes Mori Foyth Sarvia Casco are good.About Otamendi can not say one year ago for City he was the Barrier even Guardiola said “he has never seen a player of this strong mentality” but now he is bench warmer at City.If he is in form he is best otherwise worst.

    • i really like otamendi and i still think he’s our #1 for now (until proven otherwise) but his temperment during the world cup was really disappointing. Few minutes left and he was kicking the ball and throwing a tantrum.

      • @Choripan,
        That’s right. I can’t seem to forgive Otamendi for how he behaved during the wc. He kicked the ball away and wasted time during stoppage time against France. He shot a ball straight at Rakitic’s head when we were 3-0 down against Croatia. This could have easily resulted into a red card. I have never seen Ota acting like that under Guardiola. His behavior surprised me during wc. Perhaps he was taking advantage of Sampaoli’s chaotic team management which is a shame, because senior players are meant to set examples for the younger ones to follow.

  8. “don’t know what Valvarde has feeded to barca , No manager in the history of barca has been backed as much as Valvarde”

    @Mrinal1235 (AKA Little Sissy), people here are talking about and analysing our U20 team’s success and you’re obsessed with your fucking Barca team which can’t protect a 3-0 lead.

    Pussy, I told you before that you are hiding behind Messi (pretending an Argentina fan) and you’ve never been an Albiceleste fan even a single day, you fucking cocksucker. This forum isn’t a Barca forum and if you like talking about your loser team go some other places for Barca fans.

    You are the most idiot, annoying person on this site, you motherfucker.

    Keep your Barca team to yourself and stop this shit you are obsessed with!

    • Without pointing out anyone I’m disgusted by this constant comments in here about stupid Barca as if it was forum of Argentina and Barcelona at the same time. Just because Messi is there. Who cares about Messi in Barcelona. Only NT matters. I tell you once again: more than a half of people will left this site when Messi left football.

      Mostly the same people who are following every Barcelona game are trying to convince everyone that it’s not a worth while to spend any time to watch sometimes a game of local league, even if some teams of the league have 2-4 call ups to NT, while Barcelona only one BIG.

      This persistent staring at Messi in Barcelona makes no sense. His Barcelona form and performances have little influence on NT performing. Wheter he is scoring for Barca 4 goals in one game to win it by himself or losing as yesterday or in Champions League – I say all this will not be decisive factor of winning or losing with NT thesedays. Times when Messi was able to do it for us by himself are past. He is always the same. Always gives 120% for NT. Never any doubts about that but now it’s more depends upon other players.

      I have hopes with the new U-20 team. What I like here most is something opposite to senior NT of last years: one man team (with group of other stars that usually disappointed) while I see this U-20 team is equal one without one player that overshadow the others. I miss something like 2006 team which had group of possible cracks, not one biggest star: Riquelme, Cambiasso, Maxi, Crespo, Tevez, Masche, young Messi, Saviola and others. Watching Ferreira, Gaich, Barco, De La Vega (Urzi), Almendra I had some of that pleasure: you may expect something exciting from everyone of them, but none of them is obliged to bear the burden by himself, hence one of them can afford to have not that good performance (so was with De La Vega yesterday, not to mention ALvarez) cause the others may do that for him.

        • And that comes from some “Undisputed” which is completely new here (fake account?) unlike Dadir

      • @Gonzalo that’s fine.
        You don’t have any problem
        If i talk about lo celso and real betis ,if i talk about paredes and Psg, if i talk about pereyra and Watford,if talk about boca ,river and their players, if i talk about j correa and lazio , if i talk about lautaro and inter. But whenever i talk about Aguero, Messi and Barcelona you will call me a non – argentine fan.1

        • What I wrote is not personally against you. No problem with Aguero and City.

          But the scale of Barcelona fanboyism is incredible here. And this is not just talking about another club where we have one of our players – you know that very well. That’s something more. When I see how people overreact when Barcelona is losing something, either in league or Champions League… as if it was some big harm for us or Argentina because of Messi. Endless discussions about Barca coaches… looking for reasons of their losts. As if it were Argentine club… Of course it’s all about Messi. If so – this means the people either are just Messi fans and nothing more or they are far overestimating Messi thinking his club form will have straight translating into NT success.

          Very often the same people who talk so much about Barcelona and only top of club European football at the same time want to dissuade others following local players, local league which is always grasroots of every Argentina success.

          • @Gonzalo go and check the Twitter, the admin of this blog Roy Nemer continuously talking about Barcelona and Copa del rey , tell him not to talk about them.

        • true fact…every one knows that ..Gonzalo is a oldy haters.when u talk about young player, Argentina primera ligue..then its is ok for gonjalo. but when u talk about Messi,Di maria , Aguera,Otamendi…then u know nothing about football..

    • Hey you uncivilized motherfucker asshole, you talk to your mom in a same way? Why your ass is jealous of messi. Has he slept with your mom? I expect a reply from you , don’t hide behind your pussy like a coward whore you cocksucker bastard asshole.
      And will talk about messi and barca continiously and you can’t do anything you bitch.

    • messi’s work rate is decreasing year by year….these days he does nothing without the ball only just stand on one place not even looking for a ball…….it is like now argentina is playing with only 10 men without ball ……’s not i hate messi on the contrary i m a huge fan of him but it’s a team game i want messi to do more without the ball afterall he is the best player in the world….expectations is much higher than the rest

      • @Shubham you really don’t know what are you taking about messi never used to run without ball his strength is his magical touch with the ball. And no manager in the world would want to waste his energy without the ball. And is dropping deep more than ever , he helping in defence and doing tackles. And accept you don’t like messi your comments are against him from the first day.

      • @ subham

        Same criticism for the past decade.

        Per the article, he focuses mainly on High value locations and doesnt need to run around. He also creates space for others because he draws defenders in like a magnet.

        And to mrinal123 point, thats not how we get the best out of him. No manager wants to waste his energy chasing the ball like a dog.

        • This Shubham hates messi once he said Messi is not running enough for the team even Cristiano Ronaldo is running more for juventus.
          Average distace run by messi per match = 7.56 Km.
          Average distance run by Ronaldo per match = 6.45 Km.

  9. You fans don’t know what you want. Starting a WC with a victory is never easy. The team manages to do that in a very convincing way. I think the other CD Medina is very good, athletic and fast, the FB play their roles. I didn’t see a DM who was controlling the game, giving the tempo, knowing when to attack or defend but overall it was a great performance. It’s been a while that I didn’t see Argentina plays like that. Great mention to Barco with a golazo….

    • For some people, you need to win 5-0, having 80% ball possession , outshooting your opponent by 15 to 1, to be considered as good performance.

    • DMs are main concern here just as in the senior team. I have real doubts about Sosa and Vera. The first has a good press but his passing is not really exceptional so far as for player for which Everton want to give 12 mln.

      • It’s way to early to concern
        Our defensive midfielders they
        Didn’t do any harm to themselves
        For me there are always room of
        Improvements but I liked what I saw
        Our under 20 team except the goalie
        I’m sure as tournament continues
        The Batista team will improve.

  10. Overall team should not be judged by one match still I think another golden generation coming from 2019 Argentina U20 squad.

  11. I don’t know what Valvarde has feeded to barca , No manager in the history of barca has been backed as much as Valvarde by board, President, Players. Even Pep gaurdiola and Luis Enrique the two club legends has not been backed like Valvarde. Even messi wants him to stay.

    • Messi”s word should never be taken for granted. He always say everything politely & diplomatically. He’d always praise and defend his current manager no matter how bad the team at the time.

      When it comes to tough attitude & mentallity , Id prefer players like Tevez & Diego.

    • Even Tata Martino was better than Valvedre

      Barca runs club bcoz of messi only…

      without messi Barca will be near about zero

  12. Based on the first match against South Korea, Portugal attacks rely on through balls often to create dangerous chances, whether by long balls or ground balls. Our defence main tasks is they must be alert for the offside awareness that they set and keep their eyes well to do the interception of through balls.

  13. Cristian Ferreira was Man of the Match for me. Played for his jersey. Orchestrated the attack and helped with the defence as well. That’s the kind of midfielder that our senior team needs. Corner Deliveries were world class. Don’t want him to control his instincts but some of his shots from range were too ambitious and in many cases better options were available

  14. We started very well then went off to sleep after the 15th minute or so. Lost intensity probably the almost complete possession that they enjoyed made them complacent. Barcos first touch was very poor in the first half. In the second half we came back with intent. Moved the ball much faster, made incisive forward passes and even before the red card gained complete control of the match. I don’t think there is so much to worry about the defence. Phillips and Foster were lightning quick. Give them credit for that. De La Vega could not get into the match and our full backs made very little contribution to the forward play. Two points to improve. Barco controlled the game well in the second half. And his goal was a screamer particularly with the ball coming in from behind him.

  15. about the match between argentina and suth africa it was a decent match attacking wise but argentina u20 team needs to improve its defense if they want to top the group or qualify form group stage arg u 20 hopefully dosent concede goals or penalties against portugal u20(who are heavy favourites to win u20 wc) and south korea which is also a decent team and hopefully win against them and i am impressed with performance of adolfo gaich and ezequiel barco hopefully if they perform like this in u 20 wc next matches they might end up at a good european club

  16. Barcelona is finished team like i was saying before only two man messi and tar Stegen carrying the team in last two season

  17. A 5-2 win is a fine start especially considering that Argentina’s el pibes haven’t made it out of the group stage since 2011!!!
    The boys were quite lively, Barco and Ferriera especially were the bright spots. I too couldn’t understand for the life of me why Ferriera was subbed but I could guess that batista felt that the game was wrapped up and wanted to rest one of his best players.
    Like all of you I felt the defense was suspect in the first 20 or so minutes but then the whole team improved and settled into the game. Still I can’t understand why a fullback like Medina was playing CB when centurion was on the bench, an odd duck that batista!
    Gaich once again showed his worth, his big and tall and seems to be the only out and out 9 on the team and he was a nightmare for the Africans to deal with.

    All in all a good match but the boys can’t have the same shaky starts against Korea and Portugal or things will turn out differently.
    Centurion for Medina and Gaich for Alvarez in the next match, also Vera and Sosa need to be alittle more aggressive.

    As for Barcelona losing, well who cares!! Lio scored and kicked ass and didn’t get injured and he’s coming into copa in great form and that’s all I care about.

    • Now thats positive attitude. Yea, Lio did everything, he was league top scorer, CL top scorer, European golden shoe winner, won league title. He already won CL & CDR, he got nothing to improve. Barca has been terrible in past few months and they’re currenly worst than 2018 Argentina

      Glad to see the pibes cane out with a win. Firsr match is always tough, 3 points & +3 goal difference, cant ask for more. Yea S Africa down to 10 men but we already led the game 2-1 even before that. Goalie looked shaky but first match tend to looks scrappy. The 2005 winning side started with a lost.

      • Barca in CL .
        Against Tottenham it was all about messi.
        Against PSV it was all about messi.
        Against Lyon it was all about messi.
        Against Man Utd it was all about messi.
        Against liverpool it was all about messi.
        Come other players shoud have stepped up it a team game not an individual sport.

    • “Gaich… was a nightmare for the Africans to deal with”.

      Yes, like always he is. Combination of height, physical strength, good speed, excellent ball control, busyness makes him for opponents most hard player to handle with.

  18. I don’t understand the people that come on this site and insult Messi because Barcelona lost.
    Even if you don’t like a player it’s pathetic that you morons enjoy any Argentine player losing. It’s absolutely sickening.
    I understand if a player disappoints us with the NT but my God you are ripping on arguably the best player to ever play because his team doesn’t win a pathetic made up cup. Grow up.

  19. Missed the game but watched the highlights on very nice and let’s keep it up.

    Sadly, Messi was again let down by his sorry teammates in another pathetic display…..time for an overhaul, including the coach.

  20. I watched Portugal vs south Korea
    There nothing especial about them
    Argentina should beat them both
    But our goalie is very suspect
    I don’t have no confidence on him.

    • Yes, symphatetic face. Warrior with good stamina. Few days ago it seemed he will start for RB and not Mura.

  21. Great start! Hope this generation producers players willing to die for their Jersey. Them albi’s need a strong minded captain as well!

  22. Wanna hear a joke guys? Haha….

    Why this team reminds me of that Argentina of 2014-16 side so much!? Their attitude and lack of desire to win big games like of this Copa Del Rey final and also those CL knockouts against Roma and Liverpool is so similar. Even the players emotions and meantality!!

    Haha….after a long time, i am so happy to see the Argentina matches rather than wasting times on Barca. It’s good for us, Messi needs a atmosphere change! Hopefully Argentina will give that to everyone of our players.


    • I enjoyed watching Messi lose. I hope that fairy finally gives his all por la camiseta. He needs to grow up and act like a leader.

      #Caminaste la final HDP!!!!!

      • This is not at 32y old he will learn something like that. He never was a leader in the first place and maybe it’s time some coaches in Argentina gets that…

        • Msii75,

          He’s been carrying Argentina on his shoulders for a decade. That is a true leader. You have n clue what it means to carry the burden. Give the guy credit.

      • @3rdcupstateofmind

        ..and maybe you and many like you can now stop accusing him of playing better for Barca !

        Barca, and Argentina likewise are looking for one man only to save them always, and if that man is not a leader at his game, why they always look for him to save their ass ?

  23. What about our fullbacks ortega and mura
    They were good r8.
    Which is the strongest team in this tournment…wat about portugal

  24. Generally I must to say: offensively it looked good, really good, impressive in a moments. Grain of salt is we did that against 10 man team. However 1st games of tournaments (even of favourites) does not look that good usually. This one was pleasure to watch when it comes to attacking 5: Ferreira, Barco, Gaich, De La Vega, Urzi.

    • Not impressed with today’s game by De La Vega. LOTS of standing around and lots of out of position.
      Also, I know it sounds crazy and they are kids, but somebody needs to tell De La Vega and Gaich that their future is incredibly bright as long as they give up empanadas milanesa and asado. Pudgy kids for sure

      • De La Vega was below his best today. He really reminds Di Maria in movement. Has good sub in Agustin Urzi person. The second was very good

  25. Not only Gaich’s physique is impressive, for me the most impressive is how he moves.

    Cristian Ferreira is a great great talent , a joy to watch.

    I recent times there are some up coming talents who like to shoot outside the box what we dearly lacked because our players wanted to dribble into the goal.

    Argentina will always produce talent.
    Don’t expect all of them to be National team material. Finding 3-4 players each generation is a success.

    • Argentina will always produce talent.
      Don’t expect all of them to be National team material. Finding 3-4 players each generation is a success.

      Yeah it’s absolutely right Argentina
      Will always produce but this team
      Look very good to me
      Da le Vega will be some player
      I also like the full back Ortega.

    • Yeah the long distance shoots are our weakness long time. I noticed since his first performances in River Ferreira is beast of distance shoots. 90 % of his goals is this way. He impressed me enough to take him for profile photo some time ago 😉

    • “Not only Gaich’s physique is impressive, for me the most impressive is how he moves”

      His ball control is so much good as for such tall footballer

  26. Gaich is a unique type of player.
    his physique can cause a lot of trouble.
    over all loved it…
    but needs to improve in alot of thing… this team is better than the last one…..
    the communication between defense and forward isn’t smooth

  27. I am always messi fan but I am not impressed by his lack of desire to do something for angentine youths. In his era so many Brazilians signed in barca but none of argentine…!!! Ridiculous

  28. it was a good game for the kids.
    i am very happy from what i saw today.
    make me feel good and give me hope for future.

    in same time i will not get exited very much because we had our best perform when our opponents
    played with 10 players. this change the game.

    this does not mean that our game was not good of course.

    i am very happy today.
    good job kids. 3 points and we continue.


      • yes you are right my friend. if he continue work like this sure he will be a big star.
        as about Barco i agree. i think same for him as same for Pity.

        as about the last…. who knows my friend maybe he will have them finally.
        in 2022 they will be in their best age to be beside Leo.

        • yes i agree. now with the 3 points in first game the stress will be smaller and the kids will perform even better i believe.
          they will feel more free.

  29. Wow….off to a good start…the game changed after Gaich introduction.. ..although ferreira involved in two goals he was trying too hard to shoot from distance maybe thats why he was subbed.. …after 3rd goal I was hoping to see urzi’s game and then came on… ..I think he can become a good impact sub, i.e, very energetic.

  30. Bàrco played well after Gaich came, hope come back at his best further tournament progress

  31. Congrats Los Pibes! 3 points and a winning start for us. Hopefully coach will make some changes and use better tactics against Portugal and S.Korea.


    • Perez was good Ortega was very
      Impressive going forward
      The goalie and medina gave
      Two goals to me the was very good
      The first game of the tournament
      Always important to start winning
      The lads did well.

      • He always brings a lot of good. So was during COTIF tournament, then on Sudamericano and now on WC. Was starter on the previous tournaments and should be now

    • Need to see more of Gaich & Almendra…
      What an advantage a tall central forward would be for a team…. Gaich shows it!!…
      I don’t know why our senior team coaches don’t realize it?
      Icardi in place of Dybala would have been good for CA;

      • Icardi is not like Gaich. Icardi is just target man. Gaich is everywhere. Very active also on wings.

        • Yes but how Gaich uses his body to hold the ball is also impressive;
          ARG need versatile players at Front; There is no target men to put in the crosses; Lautaro is good but Icardi has that height advantage;
          Dybala except for sub of Messi and in that too he isn’t that impressive;
          There is news circulating that Dybala wants to stay at Juve; I don’t know how would that help him;

  32. Alvarez should be sub off! His finishing is poor. Fereyra giving his soul for the jersey! That shot almost give us a lead!!

    I don’t understand why our wingers are not using the empty space in wings when going forward? Batista ‘s tactics seems all about based on center midfield….. ahhhh

  33. people said argentina squad better than Barcelona and after watching the Copa del Rey today its clear they are right. Ter Stegen is amazing and an edge over any keeper we have, but the rest of the pitch Argentina is and can be better

    • Who cares about Barcelona? Especially if at the same time Argentina play. Too many Barcelona fans in here.

      • im from argentina, I watched barca during halftime of argentina game. argentina >> barca siempre. los de barca son una mierda sin Messi

      • I am always messi fan but I am not impressed by his lack of desire to do something for angentine youths. In his so many Brazilians signed in barca but none of argentine…!!! Ridiculous

  34. The thing I like however are the long distance shoots attempts (missed by Ferreira mostly though)

    • De La Vega should play only his favourite left flank, even if it requires Barco to bench. Alvarez is invisible so far. Good to know we have still Almendra, Moreno, Gaich, Urzi, Maroni on the bench.

    • Yes, there are big gaps. It’s like 4 defenders, double pivot and 4 forwards. We need 3 man in central midfield

  35. Our players are too far from each others. 3 man midfield with No.5, Moreno and Almendra would work better than double pivot.

  36. Roffo’s mistakes reminds me of Romero’s one against Brazil! No need to come forward from goal post. Hopefully the boys reacts quick!

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