Argentina win 5-2 to start off U20 FIFA World Cup, Ezequiel BARCO scores twice


Argentina are off to a great start at the U20 FIFA World Cup after winning 5-2 against South Africa.

An early goal for Fernando BATISTA’s team as Fausto VERA headed home in the fourth minute to give Argentina 1-0 lead. A mistake by goalkeeper ROFFO let South Africa back in it as it was 1-1 at half time.

The second half was all Argentina. A penalty goal by Ezequiel BARCO was soon followed by one of the goals of the tournament. South Africa were given a red card which meant Argentina were up a man.

Atlanta United’s Ezequiel BARCO scored once more, this time a lovely shot from inside the penalty area. Julian ALVAREZ would make it 4-1 from close range. South Africa were awarded a penalty where they made it 4-2 but impact substitute Adolfo GAICH add Argentina’s fifth of the match.


  1. Medina needs a special mention. To me, he was outstanding. He had everything for a centre back. He was athletic, strong,tidy with the ball and had good reading of the game. And guess what he’s not even a centre back(that came as a surprise to me). The recovery pace he had shown a couple of times was worth mentioning. And for the penalty, he was a tad too casual with the ball, but that takes nothing away from the overall terrific performance on the night.

    • Also I think it was Medina who supplied that cute ball to Gaich in the inside left channel that paved the way for Alvarez’s goal. I have always watched Medina play only as CB though

  2. Playing Almendra would also give more attacking freedom to Ferreira and also tire him much lesser. He was exhausted because of his defensive load in the central midfield against RSA by the time he was subbed.

  3. Not starting with Almendra against RSA is surprising given his versatililty and that he has the most experience in the senior team as far as playing minutes go (not counting Barco who is not only an established first team member but one of the standout players in his league).

  4. South Africa had us by the collar for many minutes on and off… the young guns of Arg must be mentally strong to recover from and play through solid performances bu opponents… it is only our finishing that gave us the victory… kudos!

  5. i asked this question before i cant find the damn post.

    For the U20 experts, who are the hands down best starting X1 using 433 or 4312?? I mean straight talent, not what you think works in practice.

    • It’s a very difficult question. Horses for courses is what I would prefer depending on the specific gameplan against a specific opposition. I would like to see Almendra start against Portugal a team that likes to attack through the central midfield, at the expense of De la Vega. Gaich starting in place of Alvarez. And Weingandt in place of Mura. I thought Mura contributed too little to support the attacking moves on the right. Also Portugal are as quick as S Africa and more technically adept. I am not sure of Mura’s strength and pace. Also the few playing minutes that he has had in the senior team he has been used in multiple positions at Estudiantes so I am unsure of his familiarity and confidence with the RBs role. There would be three changes with a slight change in formation with Almendra coming in for De la Vega

  6. Icardi missing the penalty and Wana Nara emotional face arrive, i was crying 😭😭😭 last Inter Match, true love 💯%💞😍😘

  7. Solid start, great to see some goalscoring prowess from this team (some superb finishing there) . It has been a bad period for the youth side in last many years. We only need a draw to remain at the top but hopefully we’ll beat Portugal and qualify right away.

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