Lionel MESSI scores for Barcelona, Ezequiel GARAY wins Copa del Rey with Valencia


Lionel MESSI scored for FC Barcelona in their 2-1 loss to Valencia as Ezequiel GARAY won the Copa del Rey.

It was a great ending for Ezequiel GARAY’s season and one which could have been better for Lionel MESSI. Valencia took a 2-0 lead in the final of the Copa del Rey as Lionel MESSI cut that deficit in half. A header off a corner kick hit the post but MESSI was the first to get to the rebound and score.

Still on 32 years old, this is GARAY’s first trophy with Valencia. Congratulations to Ezequiel GARAY!


  1. One thing is clear maximum supporters of here are Messi hatter.. this site is Argentine site if Barcelona is not discussed here then it should be apply for all club over the world excluding argentina’s club because this forum is for only for Argentina not for the club’s..

    • I know right. When people talk about mid table teams, they applaud them, but when it comes to the big team like Barcelona. They are against them. They proclaimed themselves as an Argentina fan, but the truth of the matter is that they are just a Messi HATER aka Ronaldo and Maradona fan.

      • I know man, that frustrates me so bad. The guy in my opinion is the best to ever play i dont know why we cant get behind the guy and support, the truth is he’ll most likely play a few more years. For me can play until hes 45.

  2. @Roy nemer can you please stop posting about Messi and Barcelona because some of guys here don’t want to talk about them because they don’t like Messi.

    • If you had any common sense, you would know the difference between posting about an argentine goal scorer and discussing about barcelona problems and coach which you are doing.
      You always comment about non argentine players of barcelona and coach situation and people here are right for annoyed by this. This is argentine website and no one wants barca discussion here.

      • @Rhaelyn The dumbass comments are always expected from you even Argentina coach discuss Barcelona tactics and even they wanted to implement on NT. Its fine to discuss about local league shit tactics where some columbian and Uruguay players are playing, if we have compete with European teams we will have lerns from european teams we are going nowhere with these local league players. And it doesn’t make a bigger Albiceleste fan just because you hate lionel messi.

      • “If you had any common sense, you would know the difference between posting about an argentine goal scorer and discussing about barcelona problems and coach which you are doing”.

        So true

      • Mrinal

        Please don’t hide behind admin like a coward

        No one hate Lionel Messi. And no one this is not the place to say a word or two about Barca. But this level of compassion to this club is at least queer. Is that all about one player? Don’t treat him as saviour because our idolatry sins are always punished.
        Some people know nothing about Argentina football. Just Messi fans who want to bring here his club problems.

        • @Gonzalo, you need to get a life. You posts are garbage and same shit every single day. Go away from this site for some days, we need some fresh blood to make this comment sections more logical and interesting.

          • You will be disappointed: Gonzalo is not going anywhere out of here. I’m here since years, unlike ephemerids of unknown names like you.

      • “Its fine to discuss about local league shit tactics where some columbian and Uruguay players are playing, “if we have compete with European teams we will have lerns from european teams we are going nowhere with these local league players”

        You forgot that all our talents come from the local shit league. Also your idols. Also Ferreira, Gaich, De La Vega or Barco. If you will praise one of them soon then I will remind you about that.

        “Its fine to discuss about local league shit tactics where some columbian and Uruguay players are playing”

        Give me one example where someone of us talk local league tactics.
        We are not looking there for tactic (no doubt the league is inferior to Europe at this point). We are watching this for the talents there are and always were. For this reason it’s really worth of following.

  3. Congratulations Garay and Valencia. Glad to see them finally competing again. They look like they’re on the rise, I sincerely hope so.

    And to the Barca fans, if not Valverde who would you want to see as your manager? Who’s out there who’s the right fit? Former Watford boss, Oscar Garcia is he still on the wishlist?

    • I have soft heart for Valencia
      I used follow them in late 90s
      And early 2000s in cuper &
      Benitez time mainly of Argentinean
      Players likes Claudio Lopez Pellegrino
      Ayala kily Gonzalez and finally &
      Valencia fan favourites pablito aimar

      • Speaking of Valencia, how can you left out Super Mario Kempes? two times pichichi winners, and Valencia top scorer for 5 different seasons. Obviously Valencia has big history with Argentine players. In previous decade, the likes of Lopez, Ayala and Aimar has been dominant force. They reached CL finals twice, and winning La liga few times during those days and AImar was driving force until he became fragile and got injured easily.

        I’m glad now Garay also made history with them. Messi has won countless thropy with Barca, losing CDR for once wont hurt. Messi has won La liga 10 times + 6 Copa del rey, imagine how many players has failed to win in past decade due to Messi lol

    • Lets be honest, its only considered as disasterous season due to Messi existence in the club. When you have godlike player like Messi, the standard becoming much higher. They still dominated the league (11 points clear), reached top 4 in CL, and final in CDR. If that’s bad season, what about other team ? ultra disasterous season for them I guess?

      Juve won the league but they’re out in QF in both CL and Copa. Liverpool hasnt win anything, yet. PSG? lol . Man city can secure domestic treble but they still couldnt reach semifinal in CL.

      There’s only few teams that managed to achieved treble and Barca is the only team that has won it twice, thus not winning another treble is being deemed as complete failure.

      Its becoming a third treble or bust for them.

  4. To be honest I think this Copa will have upsets. Underdog teams will perform really good.
    Big teams like Brazil, Uruguay have great teams and Their players are used to chemistry between them but they lack is player form. For Uruguay Godin and Gimenez are looking lacklustre and bentancur Torreira are nowhere near their last year’s form. Same for Suarez and Cavani.
    Similar is the condition of Brazil,Chile
    and Colombia.
    Teams like Venezuela and Peru will have bigger impact this time and will surely cause group stage upsets.
    Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay are easiest(relatively) in this competition.
    At the last Japan is a great team and can give any team good competition and on their day they can upset anyone. Qatar also one to watch out for after winning Asia Cup against the odds.
    My biggest dark horses are Venezuela and Peru.

    • As I mentioned many times in last 2 months, Argentina might still have a chance due to the fact that none of other teams are actually in very good shape either. Chile has sinked faster than titanic since winning their second Copa, Brazil isnt in the same form as few years ago and they didnt even look good in recent WC just like Argentina. Argentina had to face two of the finalist within their first 4 games while Brazil cant even beat Switzerland and Belgium.

      For some reason though, I think teams like Venezuela , Peru and Paraguay might be the dark horse in this Copa. Uruguay, Chile and Brazil are still relying on veterans who’s well over 30.

      We might consider Kun , Messi and Di Maria as veterans but they’re still in their early 30’s, it just that they’ve been playing for senior side forever (since their youth age) which gives an impression that they’re old players.

  5. “Playing for Paris Saint-Germain just since last January, Argentinian international deep-lying midfielder Leandro Paredes (24), according to latest French news, might be already put up for sale by Ligue 1 giants. Former AS Roma and Zenit playmaker is currently on a deal with PSG until June 2023, and has been purchased on a 40 million euros (which might reach up to 47€m, if bonus attached to the trade are unlocked).”

    Here we go again…same old story, who will be the next Palacios, Almendra?

    • PSG is sh..t club I feel sorry for paredes he went PSG
      Wrong time and became scapegoats for everyone
      The other day when PSG lost 3-1 I saw verratti gave
      The ball away number of times di Maria
      Cavani mbappe derxlar buffon all played
      Sh…t I don’t understand why everyone
      Blame psg form for one player .
      At least we can say lo celso proved
      There is life after PSG nightmares
      Cose all big clubs in Europe after him now.

      • Godin11
        You forgot to mention the offside trap in the opponents half. The defense played offside in opponents half. Hahahaga ridiculous goal. Coach should have stepped down on the spot.

    • This guy is big a flop just like Coutinho. If Argentina starts him in the midfield, it will be a disaster. He is a bench player at best. I have no clue how European clubs signed this average player.

    • All Psg fans are slamming Tuchel for selling a player( lo celso) and buying a player ( Paredes ) at the double price who doesn’t have even half of the talent lo celso had.

      • This is how I see it: selling lo celso was a mistake, selling paredes will be a mistake. Different players, different things. You like fast, dribbling players. I like all kind of players. We‘ll see in future who is right.

  6. Icardi missing the penalty and Wana Nara emotional face arrive, i was crying 😭😭😭 true love 💯%💞😍😘

  7. Garay played very well in WC 2014 & CA 2015, always great penalty tacker. Not sure what he’s out from the NT after CA 2015???

    Messi in Barcelona is now in similar situation as he’s in national team, he could score or assisted and still losing the game.

    Congrats to Garay! he’s been one of my fav defender in last many years.

    Messi season seems like big failure on media but its not, its just that when you’re Lionel Messi , people have different standard to judge you. He’s won multiple CL , countless league titles & other thropies (including 2 treble seasons) , so a season with only 1 thropy is considered as a failure. Messi won league title + Pichichi, CL golden boots and European golden shoes. Individually, he’s still on the top of his game. Seriously, he’s 20+ goals ahead of CR in all competition!

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