Barack OBAMA talks about Lionel MESSI’s World Cup struggles with Argentina national team


Former president of the United States, Barack OBAMA was discussing team work where he used Lionel MESSI’s struggles with the Argentina national team as an example.

In a headline many thought they would never read, the former president stated that the reason why Argentina have failed to win a World Cup despite having Lionel MESSI is because of no team work. Speaking at the EXMA conference in Bogota, here’s what he had to say:

“Even people that we consider geniuses work with other people in order to develop their style. In Argentina, even though MESSI is wonderful, they have problems winning the World Cup. My advice to young people is that we have to recognise very few people achieve great things on their own.”



  1. Living in the United States, I can tell you for a fact that the two most hated presidents in the history of this country are Obama and Trump.
    You would we wise to not put ANY, and I mean ANY, opinions, comments, or anything from any politician on this site,
    Take my advice wisely, and take a good look at what is happening to networks like ESPN and CNN. They are losing subscribers by the millions.

    Frankly I could give two craps what any politician thinks about Leo or the Albiceleste.

    • “Frankly I could give two craps what any politician thinks about Leo or the Albiceleste”.


      me too

    • Utter nonsense. I live in The United States too and that does not mean anything I say, without basis, has any worth. Obama most hated Presidents, along with Trump, in the history of this country?? For a fact you say and what do you back that with?? Your own personal views?? So pathetic. Mundo should absolutely post any person he wants to, including politicians, if they say something related to Argentina Football. Obama comment in itself is worthy of debate, for or against, and the issue it touches has visited by many fans. His emphasis on the importance of team work point, and exactly, to the challenges facing Argentina in the past few year to the day. In fact it has been one of the most debated issue in the sport, really for the past decade, namely, the genius individual greatness of Messi and the fact that it hasn’t translate itself in winning a title on the national stage.
      Obama, and his insightful comment, is just too sophisticated for your lack of perspective, for your stupidity.

      • yes you just confirmed what he said.. you are so triggered…LOL ..what insightful comment there’s nothing sophisticated about it.. he says we have to work together and used Messi-Arg as ex in contrast .. even the dumbest kid will get that… man this Obama sycophants are so so so NPC … everything he utters is Gold… I don’t have any axe to grind here I don’t like Trump very much either. I am from India… but even I can see that he is doing good or at least something for his country… economy good.. US is feared again in international politics.. unemployment going down… try to secured the border and protect national security… aren’t those things good?? unlike Obama its all talk ..yes he is great Orator I’ll give you that but What did he do for your country esp in international politics he turns US into a whipping boy of PUTIN ..LOL… yes Trump..he says and tweet some dumb stuff.. he is a bit crass and crude and straight up rude sometimes.. and has some shady past may be…so what??… Many are still in denial esp the coastal areas.. who just swallow whatever comes out of mainstream media and too stupid lazy and dumb to do their own analysis …impeachment.. impeachment……Lol it’s just a F***king clown show…

        • And how do I know all this you asked??… I am preparing for one of the most prestigious exam here in India… and I am doing political science as optional subject(means as major)…. all Indians here knows what I am talking about.. so whether I like it or not I have to study all the craps coming out from US and sh*ts happening around the world…

          • BobHKip
            I visited already what I thought to be insightful. I’ll do it again. Obama talked about team work, that despite having on the squad a player who I consider, along with many, to be the Greatest ever, Argentina has not been able to win a title. The main reason for that is that a real team has never been built around him. This message has been said on this page over and over but since it came this time from Obama, who you do not like, and that is your right, you readily disparage it, that is fine, that’s good. You think it is not insightful but but when I disagree you call me lol an Obama lover etc… who’s demonizing who??
            You hate Obama because of his color, not character, otherwise you would have judged his comments on merit. And yes I see you as a closeted Trump sycophant who think people can’t read through all that crap. Assume.

        • Of course you’re a dumb ass Indian who’s completely off subject. Who said everything Obama says is Gold?? And who judged Trump here?? Did you see, any place in my comment, any judgement of Trump??
          Typical Trump sycophants, dumb as fuck, but thinking himself the smartest person, in great harmony with Indian well established habits.

          • yaya.. ,.. triggly puff… look at the last sentences you wrote…
            ‘Obama, and his insightful comment, is just too sophisticated for your lack of perspective, for your stupidity’ what’s so insightful about it.. and so I assumed you to be some sort of Soy boy NPC character parroting whatever the mainstream garbage shove it to you ..lmao.. yes obama is hated by many too.. I know more about your country than you dumbass… Demonizing everyone who disagrees with you .. so progressive …I think you love Obama cos of his color not because of his character…DIVERSITY…eh???!!
            like I said i don’t give a shit about Trump… cos trade wise he f*cked us.. but i am telling you what i observed ..sycophant my ass….

          • MDT
            People like you are EVERYTHING that is wrong with this world.
            You can’t win an argument so you bring race into the equation. Is he dumb because he is an Indian? Or is he just smarter than you because you can’t present your case and you have to debase somebody because of the color of their skin?
            The irony here is that morons like you constantly point the finger to others saying THEY are racists and not you merely because of all the hate you keep inside.
            My comments are not political, but you turned them into a political statement. So yes, Obama is hated, Hated with a passion. If you pulled your head out of your ass for one minute you would know that. If he was adored by the masses as you assume we wouldn’t have Trump. The people of this country brought in Trump because they were sick of Obama,
            And if I need to explain to you how much Trump is hated, you clearly don’t keep up with the news.

        • Mundo is not a place to talk politics but I have jump in for this comment

          > Try to protect our border

          Goodness people actually believe this garbage. From Police to border patrol to national security agents, all have openly stated that the wall is a fucking awful idea. No one except Trump and his racist Evangelical supporters think it’s a good idea. spending billions on building a wall and billions every year maintaining it. National security has FUCK ALL TO DO. Trump committed to evangelicals and so it must be done.

      • Its also too sophisticated for all the “smelly WALMART people” that voted in Trump.

        Why don’t you move to Venezuela and enjoy your commune living.

    • San Isidro
      ‘Living in The United States I can tell you that for a fact that the two most hated Presidents in the history of this country are Obama and Trump’, how is that not political? You are like Trump, projecting your own frailties on others. You clearly have hatred for Obama and you assume everybody is as hateful as you are. Obama was elected, twice, he sure has people who hate him, like you, but most don’t.
      The hatred you, and many others, have for Obama was a contributing factor for Trump election but not, as your stupid and dumb ass assume, THE factor. There were many. You have problems with facts, I mean clearly obvious. As evidenced by your bringing in race in my comment to Bobhkip when it’s nowhere to be found. I sure made a generalized comment about Indians, which I would take back, but nowhere did I talk about skin color. I do not know his skin color, nor yours btw, and do not care, but since you are wired that way you automatically jumped to that subject. Just pathetic. And if YOU pulled your head out of your ass for a moment may be you will see, and once again, facts. Like for instance nowhere in my comments do I say Trump is loved.
      You do not want to see comments by Politicians on this blog and that is your right but just don’t assume that everybody has that view. I don’t care, any comment, from anybody is just fine with me and that’ It.

  2. Who is a good tackler in our midfield? Only Guido Rodriguez comes to mind as an option to start alongside Lo Celso. Redondo said that Paredes should be our no 5 but defensively Paredes can be a liability. We need a proper DM. I still like Paredes but not sure how he fits in our system. Hope he proves me wrong.

    This is the only line-up that makes sense to me given we are likely to play 4-4-2

    Di Maria as an impact sub if needed.
    Pereyra———–Guido———-Lo Celso———De Paul

    • Paredes can tackle well. I know he’s getting a bad wrap lately but I remember a game where he saved our asses in a last second sliding tackle. (Reminded me of masche tackling. I’m not saying he’s masche btw). Hope he can produce something similar throughout the entire tournament.

      • The only thing Paredes is tackling these days are asado, empanadas, and milanesa.

        This guy has been good for a total of 3 seconds.
        I would bet anything the only reason this stiff is on the NT has got to do with AFA politics and that he is from Boca

        • But those 3 seconds were glorious!!

          All I’m saying is that I’ve seen potential and the reality is that we don’t have alternatives. For DM, we only have Guido and Paredes, maybe foyth.

    • Pereyra over Paredes?

      There is no problem with that but most of the teams we may face(Peru, Colombia, Brazil etc.) are attack based teams and so having an extra defensively well rounded midfielder like Paredes is better. Pereyra is risky as he has low ball control and Paredes has signifacntly beter strength. Before you start talking about Paredes being slow, he has great passing and dribbling to make up for that.

  3. I think this team has everything that Messi needs for attacking. A world-class winger (Di Maria), a midfielder that he can partner with (Lo Celso) and a clinical finisher (Arguero).

    The difference between Barca and Argentina is that we can’t keep 60% possession like Baraca. We need more patience and efficiency – we did the first part well in 2014, as we played our game very slowly and patiently. But we were not so efficient and clinical in 2014. If we had a fit Arguero in 2014, we could destroy Netherlands and Germany easily.

  4. I do not how Messi reaction when he heard this; but it must be acknowledge as an advise from former US President. The message should go to AFA and all the stakeholders as well..

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