Germán PEZZELLA says Argentina are not candidates to win the Copa America


Argentina’s Germán PEZZELLA has arrived ahead of the Copa America to start training with the rest of the team. The Fiorentina man has been in great form for his club and is expected to be one of the starters for his country in Brazil. However, the center back does not see his team as candidates to win the Copa America. Speaking to the media upon his arrival, here’s what he had to say:

“Today, Argentina are not candidates, there are other national teams that are. We are transitioning. It’s a process where we have to work hard these days and we have to go give our best at the Copa America. When one gives his all, the results will come, that’s what we are hoping for.”

PEZZELLA, who was did not make last year’s World Cup team, had this to say about being included in the Copa America squad:

“It brought me a lot of joy when the call-up list came out. I lived through some complicated moments in Italy but it made me happy. That’s why from now on, we prepare in the best way.”


  1. Argentina are always candidates to win in any and every tournament they have played in since the late 1970s. When you think of futball you think ot Argentina. When you think of the best ever you think of maradona and Messi. We have a different style then anyone in our continent and in the world. Only a few countries can say that about themselves

  2. Not sure if you cannot win with the current best player , or perhaps the all time best player in your side , when will you actually win?Even if you think you have less chances, say it the other end round, or in that case, best don’t answer….these sort of negative statements can affect the confidence, even Messi’s statement before the WC 2018 was quite agitating, when he said there are better teams than Argentina in the tournament … the coach Scaloni should step in here and handle the media , better not let players face the press and practice hard instead

  3. Tagliafico has improved tremendously over the last season at Ajax. Hope he can carry on the same and provide us with a good option the next 4 years. The tendency to convert CBs and midfielders to full backs is seen in both our senior and U20 sides which is not a good sign. Full backs are a different breed and a specialist role requiring unique capabilities of speed, anticipation, decision making and physical traits (lungs and legs) that are order of magnitude different from those required from a CB / midfielder.

  4. If there is one thing that AFA should really work on is to create a good pipeline of full backs/wingbacks. I think Sorin was the last world class full back that we had. Even though our U20 squad is IMO the best in the world, our full back deficiency is obvious in that team too. Brazil, Chile and Uruguay all have had good full backs over the years on both flanks. But not us. The role that full backs can play in determining the success of a team is best manifested today in Liverpool where TAA and Robertson stretch the opposition defence to the fullest not only creating chances through the wings but also enabling spaces through the central midfield by stretching the defence wide. This dimension is missing in both our senior team as well as our U20.

  5. German, don’t you know that Argentinians are supposed to be cocky, boastful and overconfident. Humility is not to be tolerated.

    He also said: “It’s a process where we have to work hard these days and we have to go give our best at the Copa America. When one gives his all, the results will come, that’s what we are hoping for.”

    How about we concentrate on that statement?

    When giving interviews all the players have to do is sing:

    “Brasil, decime que se siente

    Tener en casa a tu papá

    Te juro que aunque pasen los años

    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar

    Que el Diego te gambeteó

    Que Cani te vacunó

    Que estás llorando desde Italia hasta hoy

    A Messi lo vas a ver

    La copa nos va a traer

    Maradona es más grande que Pelé”

    That would do it!

    • “German, don’t you know that Argentinians are supposed to be cocky, boastful and overconfident. Humility is not to be tolerated.”
      That was pure gold EnganChe! No way to put it better.

      People are interested in what the players say on media rather than what they does on the pitch. The guy was humble as you said (showed his personality) and people doesn’t give any damn to that. That kind of qualities are taboo here like you said. Players are expected to say nasty things about the opposition, make controversial statements and indulge in activities that will put the entire team into jeopardy once he gets caught/knows thats its illegal!!!

  6. Honestly, i want to pairing centerbacks with different characteristics, one is a good ball-playing defender, and another one is a speedy tough-tackler, for example like Toby Alderweireld and Davinson Sanchez for Spurs. In this case we have Nicolas Otamendi as the ball-playing defender, and for the pacey tough-tackler the most suitable one is Juan Foyth. But since he needs more experience i think this wouldn’t gonna happen in this Copa. This kind of formation IMO will make our #5 more relieved.

  7. Football players say the most annoying, idiotic, and brainless things from any sport.
    Lets just hope his game is better than his choice of words!

  8. let me see. we are not candidates he believes. so if we are lose no problem ha !!!
    no big deal. the excuse of fail is ready for him.

    if it was in my hand i would send him to go holiday instead of be in the team and take one spot from one other player that understands what jersey is wearing.

    i am speechless.

  9. He is right. Argentina traditionally play better when we’re not the favorite.

    Announcement is not equal to mentality.

  10. If you don’t believe La Seleccion has a chance to win any game, against anybody, 11 vs 11…even at this moment in our glorious history 1) I don’t know why you are on this site because as an Argentino your faith and pride will always make you a believer 2) stay positive! Even with scaloni as our coach we are not that far off 3) you really no little about Futbol as in football, when you have superstar players like we do… one moment of brilliance can make the difference against the biggest odds !
    Stay faithful and keep believing hermanos!

  11. Isn’t the coach supposed to instill a winning mentality?
    Look at Guardiola, Klopp, Pottechino, hell even Luis Enrique., when his team half-assing, they don’t accept that! They expect their teams to win, or don’t play at all.

    This coach is practically instilling to the country, if we lose, don’t worry we’re still learning.
    We have players like Messi, Aguero, Etc, and we’re learning?
    Other teams should be learning from us, not the other way around!

    At least after this summer we’ll finally be able to see who is worse, Sampaoli or Scaloni.

    • I think it would do well for us to go there without the favourites tag. Let’s leave the limelight to other teams. Thats what we want. The problem with us has been irrespective of not having a strong all around team, we were always one of the favourites coz of Messi & the overall attacking unit. That would mean the teams will be too focused against us. Saying we are not favourites in “public” doesn’t mean the players do not have winning ability. It’s just part of the tactics.

      Our team is much better than 2018 now. No aged players, No Meza and much more all around unit. How I wish we had Rullie. I think we can go very far in the Copa. But let’s keep the expectation low.

  12. He is right. I don’t think our head coach is capable of leading this team with his horrible players selections. Argentina will be lucky to go QF with this coach.

    • If you think we are not capable of winning the Copa, leave this site until the Copa is over. We don’t need too much negative minded people over here.

      • Yeah if somebody says we are going to win Copa 2019 2020 and world cup 2022.. Then you think that is positivity… You are very positive indeed… You are the kind of fans who cries and make lot of foul statement against players when they fail…. How many tournaments Argentina won due to your positivity in last 20 years.. None… So be sensitive not your kind of positive… Believe in them… Let’s not add too much pressure.. They will win.. Let’s them to do it step by step… They will do by their work and not by their words.. Words may keep you happy but not me… Thats the positivity for me

    • He didn’t mean that. He simply said that to take pressure off from the team. A great leader would do that. No point of saying we are gonna crush everyone and gets burden of huge pressure to the young kids shoulder

    • Loser mentality??? He said what’s truth. If they really wanted to win Copa, they would have called more experienced players. With players like parades, Armani, Palacios, Mori, tagliafico no way Argentina are favorite to win this tournament.

      • There are too many idiots here. Paredes plays for PSG. Tagliafico played in UCL Semi. Still some people think these are crap.

        • Yes these two players are not good enough to play in NT look psg they all are unhappy with him, he provides practically nothing to the team IMO foyth should take his place. And Tagliafico with him we are going nowhere everytime he looks vulnerable , mistake prone and dirty fouls could get him a red card. Look at lucas moura scored 3rd goal Tagliafico could have defended that.

          • If not Tagliafico who else would start at LB? Suggest a viable alternative please. It’s not that we have an embarrassment of riches in that position.

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