Tottenham submit bid for Argentina’s Giovani LO CELSO


Tottenham have reportedly made a bid for Argentina’s Giovani LO CELSO.

Per a report by BBC, the Champions League finalists have submitted a bid of €60 million for the Argentina and Real Betis man. However, per the report, Real Betis have a clause of €100 million for the midfielder and would like to get something more in that region.

Giovani LO CELSO scored 16 goals and had 6 assists in a breakout season for Betis where he was one of their best players. He was included in Argentina’s World Cup team last year and finds himself included in the Copa America squad.



  1. I don’t know what magic does messi have that just because of his presence on field you are favourites. I just hope that we start a dream run in copa america with all young and talented players

    • > I don’t know what magic does messi have that just because of his presence on field you are favourites.

      You sure you don’t know? Let me give you a hint with 4 letters – GOAT

      But even with him this Copa, were not favorites because we have not established an identity yet, no chemistry, no attacking threat, not very solid defensively, no starting 11

  2. Lo celso moves to spurs if Erikson goes to madrid, lo celso can’t stay on Betis for sure if all goes well in copa

  3. Lo celso can become Argentina’s David silva, he need to develop his game under pressure and press, still some more key passes I hope to see but the assist to canales nutmegging ramos gives enough reflection of guy’s potential of that. His number of assists could have been more if betis had some better strikers and even though if he plays little deeper as proper playmaker he has got decent long shots though need to increase shot power but yes he can score from out of the box playing in a role unlike in betis where his position is more advanced.
    In the end goals matter if they come directly, by assisting or even co-assisting by releasing fullbacks and wingers playing good balls, and right now argentina is in desperate need of a world class midfielder for which this guy looks perfect.
    But right now more than anything we need some workhorse wide players who can give central players space and time.

  4. i really dislike espn pundit and liverpool legend stevie nicol…..he was saying lo celso is not good enough to play in the epl, he just look good while playing but he is not physically and mentally strong to play in the epl.
    for me he can be the most important player of the argentina NT after messi.

  5. If Lo Celso is a super star as you guys always describe, why not go to a top team in a top league? He can continue grow and become a leader of our national team.

    If Lo Celso is a mediocre player (IMO), it’s better for him to stay in a mediocre team. He can continue gain more experience and be consistent with his abilities.

    • Labelling Lo Celso as a mediocre player is a little harsh. He is our top talent and I think he is the only one amongst the younger lot who is ready to play in the biggest teams. I agree with the point that Tottenham won’t splash that much of money to bench him. Also amongst all the bigger EPL teams, Tottenham is the best option for Lo Celso – Poch and 3 other Argentines in the squad (although Lamela may leave), a well bonded team and lesser pressure than City, Liverpool or United. London is more cosmopolitan and easier for overseas players compared to Manchester or Liverpool and best of all he will get to play in the Champions League which he will not get to in Betis. He needs UCL exposure to test and stretch himself.

    • He should, moving to different clubs that quick is not smart choice. I would like if he stays at least one or even two more season

      • As much as i like the idea of Lo Celso playing at a big club, i have similar reservations as you guys. It may help him develop better if he avoids the massive pressure of big club for one more season and gets a lot more minutes at Betis. Although with spurs, if Eriksen goes to Madrid, Lo Celso would certainly start as they ain’t forking over $60-80m for a bench player.

  6. I think it will be bad idea to move Spurs for Celso. Really bad! Really don’t like What they do to our players every time one goes there only exceptions are few. Plus Pochetino will bench him to use Ali & Co. He can’t even get out and will be trapped like Lamela over money. Spain will be much better training ground to learn for him. Sorry Pablo.d

    • Exactly my thoughts. Sporting director of Spurs, Daniel Levy asks ridiculous amounts of money when another club wants to buy someone. Look at Christian Eriksen. He clearly deserves to play for a club like Madrid or Barcelona. But every time Madrid expressed an interest, Spurs set ridiculous price tag on him. Tottenham is a stable and well run club. But once someone gets in there, It’s a nightmare to get out.

  7. Boca juniors looking to sign Agustin Urzi if cristian pavon move to Europe.
    Also sebastian beccacece resigns from DyJ. Hope he stays in Argentine league or move to Europe and not to other leagues like brazil or mexico.

    • Yes, Beccacece should stay in Argentina.

      I want Urzi to stay still in Banfield under Crespo. Group of talented players there

  8. still hope lo celso remain in spain rather than uk. instead really hope joaquin pereyra ,alexander barboza ,martinez quarta ,lucas robertone ,palacios go to europe

    • Barboza main problem his slowness, Martinez Quarta and he are good passers, Barboza technical too, but not seem reliable for me. Joaquin pereyra hardly played in Rosario.

      • Barboza may not be a speed demon but he’s not slow at all, his true strength is his reading of the game and his leadership qualities, he reminds me alot of Garay.

        Quote “but not seem reliable for me”

        I’m curious why would you say that? Barboza has been one of the most reliable defenders in Argentina for the last 2 seasons.

  9. 100 million for Lo Celso?!!! LOL

    Lets not forget Mbappe cost PSG 120 mil
    Ronaldo to Juventus = 88.5 mil
    Dembele to Barca – 97 mil
    Van Dik to Liverpool – 75 mil

    Apparently 100 Million doesn’t get you much anymore. LOL

  10. 100 Million Euros doesn’t buy you what it used to before LOL.
    I don’t care where he goes as long as it makes him a force when he plays for the Albiceleste.

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