Argentina U20 World Cup line-up confirmed for match against Mali


Argentina will be playing their Round of 16 match against Mali and the starting eleven is confirmed.

Following the team’s 2-1 defeat against Korea Republic, coach Fernando BATISTA has made several changed to the team. Here’s the starting line-up.




  1. It’s OK, Argentina… You have given your optimal effort.. This FIFA U20 World Cup 2019 is not for us…

    I believe that you will have a bright future at a higher level with national team, Boys… Heads up… Let’s move on…

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! God bless everyone….

  2. on Friday our team play against Nicaragua one last game before Copa.
    let s see what Scaloni have in mind.

    i can t wait to see that game.

  3. Guys please stop arguing
    Argentina won so many
    Under 20 world cups
    The only thing made me annoyed
    The way we conceded the second
    Goal. Let us worry about the senior
    Team is the one who need to win
    The copa otherwise this blog
    Will even become more fire
    I hope we all shout and celebrate
    In July.

  4. today we lost one game that it was ours.
    in the extra minutes of the second half of the extra time our kids make a childish mistake and we pay it heavily.

    that s it.
    we pay heavily one mistake.

    it is not honest thing to start accuse the kids or our coach with every bad thing that come to everybody s head now.
    i am not hypocrite to make the easy bad critic to our kids.
    to “throw stones” to our kids is very easy now.
    i refuse to do it.

    this kids have talent. this kids have value and this kids have future.
    i am sure the tonight mistake it will be something that they will remember in their entire career.
    they will learn from that i am sure.

    unfortunately we pay heavily one childish mistake.
    i am more than sad tonight.
    but i am proud for my country s kids.


    • “today we lost one game that it was ours”.

      think the same. Mali was not the better side

      • the game was in our hands till the very end.
        one bad moment and everything lost.
        that is football unfortunately.

        Mali s players was make so much theater.
        the go down to earn fouls in every single touch.
        like we play basketball.
        this show that Mali was afraid us.
        they smile in end and that pain me so much.

  5. Not to play with Ferreira was like bench your best player (or one of 2 best). And I’m not saying that because he is on my profile picture. Simply he is player who always might make difference

    • not it was not.
      Ferreira should learn to play for the team and not for himself first.
      that is why he was in bench and sure i support Batista on that.

      Ferreira need one ball to play for himself only.
      anyway. this kid have very big talent . i have hopes for him and i am sure if he learn to be more teamwork
      he will be very important player in future for our national team and he will have big career.

  6. I am not sure why Ferreira would not play. This seems like a poor decision by Batista.

    The penalty shots that Mali took were very well placed. But again, I am not sure why Canchalay who came in so late would take a shot. Another bad decision.

    But this was a 120 minute game, we had the lead twice and lost the lead both times.

    I am not sure how to word this, but that “it” factor, the killer instinct to finish off an opponent, these kids don’t have. I think it is coaching from a very early age. Whenever there is adversity they just fold like a table. You could see panic in their face.
    What’s worst is the senior team doesn’t have it either as much. No reason to lose to a less talented team when you have the lead multiple times. Once again, it’s all between the ears. Start by playing a full game and not losing ball possession when you score.

  7. Argentina are cured. I don’t have any hope on wining Copa America with coach SCALONI. They should have called Willy C over Armani just for penalty shootouts. I will you guarantee you, same shit like tonight will happen. Mann, It sucks knowing that they could have done it better with players selections..

  8. Ferreira, De La Vega, Gaich, Sosa (likely already goes there), Barco, Alvarez, Medina, Ortega, Moreno – I bet all the boys will go to Europe sooner or later. Why? Because they are simply talented. Batista fucked this up

    • de la vega needs more time in the argentine league to develop…it’s too early for him….and what a waste he was today….it seems like he just has good feet and zero brain…he exposed mura and he didn’t threaten in attack and furthermore he didn’t bring any energy with him.
      and yeah i hv only seen him with argentina u20 team so what little i saw i said that…may be with lanus he gets more free role to express his talent..

      • Batista main tactic was this, “quick”, wingers wide players with little creativity always wanted to cross the ball to wasteful Gaich, i dont even undestand how Barco could play under him LOL

    • but from these only Barco, Thiago Almada and maybe Nehuen Perez seems NT-level caliber talents, who strenghten our side not weaken (in long long years)

      • Ferreira? I suppose he will be better than any of the rest. He is of good height. Looks most complete. Gaich only needs to improve finishing to be star. Medina will be better than Perez

      • True.

        Some people say we have not future because we lost today to Mali even if they know very well in our team is a many more talents than in Mali. We need better coaching

        • The senior team has plenty of young talent, and many good younger players were not selected. good players come with more playing time. I don’t worry about the future. people want a new messi or maradona every year which will not happen

    • If all the U-20 was about future then Mali, Corea, Senegal, Usa, Ecuador will World Champions while Argentina, France, Portugal underdogs. Not to mention about other big nation that even didn’t qualified: Germany, Spain, England, Brazil, Netherlans.

      Man, think twice before you say something

  9. this argentine team took the lead this WC, and instant start to play way different, idiot long passing from Roffo every time to no mans land, and constant unintelligent plays, fucking crosses, no excuses, from this Mali team 3 players played adult football for Gods sake

  10. Csabalala, Undisputed – as always lurking hidden when we are winning and emerging when we lose.

    Do you want to claim yourself Argentina fan?

    • Real argentine fans dont want players from an overrated weak league, dont want young players who cant take pressure even on u20 and Olympicsl, who cant play good football on this easy level, since 2007 our youngsters failed in 09, 11, 13, 15, 16 Olympics, 17, 19…their best is worse than our oldies weakest FACT…Gonzalo U20 WC is over, now you have to start blaming Messi, cmon, its not too early from you and do you claim yourself Argentine fan?

    • Transfermarkt: ARG players worth 88 millions, Mali 4 millions (and they always underrestimate young ARG players), so go and fuck yourself with your cheap laughable excuses

      • “ARG players worth 88 millions, Mali 4 millions ”

        It looks like as you just brought best prove of canstantly being wrong: it’s you who usually brings money value as evidence of quality.

        • From this Mali side maybe one, two or maximum three will play in top 5 european leagues, and not as star player, so what the fuck are we talking about?

          • So you know that very well many more our players will go to Europe than those of Mali. Why? Because they are simply better. Much better than those of Mali. Coach is first to blame

      • BTW

        if it’s about local league so why Atletico Madrid man Nehuen Perez was our worst player during the tournament? Medina of poor Talleres 100x better

          • What about the time he already spent in Madrid. Why they didn’t make him better? He was really our weakest point,

            Colidio, Maxi Romero were really mediocree during Sudamericano. Gaich much better. So How those Europeans makes difference?

          • these guys have neirly never played adult football in Europe what are you talking about? and they learnt everything in argentine youth system and in local league (Romero), and PSV said he is not ready for Holland league (OMG), Magallan learned more in Ajax then in 10 years of argentine youth and local league

          • If the European players learned so much in Europe about tactic why the oldies can’t still win depending on their tactis knowledge. They too looks like raw talents that needs better coaching

          • What? they failed 4times due to penalties, weak looser mentality, if they would have strong, ARG won 4 Copas, 2004, 15, 16, 2011 quasi final vs Uruguay, but our youngsters even worse, and imo have talents deficit too

  11. We could have win this wc
    But we have eliminated from ro 16 bcz coach didn’t select our few best players
    Benjamin garray
    Don’t know why afa always appoint mother fu.ker coaches???
    He choose moron roffo over other better goalkeepers…

    • Colidio too who is the best player of cotif tournament which won by Argentinia under scaloni

    • guyz we didn’t miss any of them……..i think we needed one more striker thqat could hv been maxi romero other than that we were ok…we lost bcoz of taking things for granted

  12. Mali 2nd goal against Argentinia similar to Liverpool 4th goal against barca, school boy error with lack of concentration

  13. Another overrated generatiion, only Barco (seems very strong mentally) and Thiago Almada the bright spots, and maybe Nahuen Perez worth notes, Roffo like Armani, zero charisma before penalties (too) only a nervous guy, man we will never ever win penalties with the same mentalitys Armani, never…its so clear (and Andrada even worse statistically), i said Gaich will cost us a lot, even against a Mali 4-5 clear chances and 1 goal cmon

    • Gaich was our best goalscorer 3 tournaments in a row (this time along with Barco). “Clear chances”?! Yes, he should have been scored one more or so but he is best CF in this generation and soon will go to Europe

    • exactly!!barco is something special.
      medina is good too……
      how ever perez plays he always look confident that is strong mentality.
      nd i think gaich can get better… he brings a lot to a team….but the most important thing for the CF is to finish thier chances and he failed match after match but i still believe he can get better and he has age by his side.

  14. When Higuain on the pitch you can’t accept any team to win big matches whether it’s Real Madrid, Napoli, Juventus or Argentinia the way Gaich missed easy chances easily Argentinia took 2-0 in half time and and 4-1 in 2nd half when Batista left our cotif best player and top scorer clodio on home this must to be happened

    • Everyone who had watched COTIF tournament may say the best player award for Colidio was joke. Not even one of 3 our best players

      • Colidio was cotif top scorer just like icardi before, much clinical and best striker from Argentinia U20 generation his exclusion not even as 3rd striker cost us

  15. Now Scaloni..ho sh!t we didnt pick any penalty stopping GK…!
    Argentina will miss one or two…can any of our GK in the NT save at least 1..?

    • first of all scaloni don’t have any intention to win copa……argentina will definitely qualify for knockout stages becuase of thier quality after that we will be eliminated in the quarters and scaloni will use the excuse that we were in the rebuilding stage that’s why we lost….

    • You are totally wrong. I just record your comment as prove for near future. Here are few really good players..

  16. Why our best player Almendra didnt play a single minutes in this WC..?
    Why excelent GK Pourtau didnt play the third group matches to check his efficiency? I was concerned about GK from the first match.
    This is called big time choking…!

  17. This is always happened when subed best player Baraco on the pitch 5min before the final witchle

  18. we are the biggest chokers of football.
    nd gaich is the biggest reason we lost not only for misses……in the extra time that guy didn’t make any runs…..he thought we won as soon as second goal went in

    • Gaich is a good tall no 9
      Gaich missed almost 4 -5 chances to score
      Barco made the difference but he subbed off when We Thought Gaich might be subbed

      • Barco was trying all the day. He was defending too…there come Chancalay..the bad luck..awarded free kick..and a penalty miss..!

    • last goal scored by mali in extra time 2nd half ..reminds the goal scored by liverpool against Barcelona in clever quick set piece…

      We lacks concentration

  19. Batista just after the second goal wanted to defend that by coming with Sosa. That was cowardice

  20. Its disgusting to see argentina always chocking in last minutessss…these guys dont have balls….And how could we always produce shit keepers…. even keepers in india are far better…
    Roffo this shit head is responsible for our loss . He cant organise defence . He cant organise set piece. He cant save a ball going under his arm…and another one chancalav whatever giving unnecessary free kicks and a shit penalty.

  21. That choking mentallity of the senior side has infected the u20 side aswell. We can expect the same fate in Copa America with the senior side.

  22. Diego Maradona 🎙️

    “If Manchester need a coach, I’m the man to do it. I know they sell lots of shirts around the world, but they need to win trophies, too. I can do that for them.”


  23. Nehuen Perez? He is no leader neither good defender in this tournament. I could say weakest point of our defence. His behaviour cost us few goals + his 2 yellow cards.

  24. All of them look like future national team material – They’ve already learned how to choke in crucial time. IMPRESSIVE!

  25. Why Batista is holding players like Ferreira from releasing their full potential by not giving them play regularly whole tournament to get more confidence…

  26. It seems to me that the Mali players have more pace/physicality, but all the Argentina players are more technical. The entire Argentina midfield can out-dribble any of Mali’s players.

  27. As I said many times: he will lose few chances but the general bilance to have him is always advantage

  28. People are complaining about crossing style of play. But the fact is this is good. If only Gaich scored one or Perez one of cornercross headers they would’ve say we play great.

  29. Argentina played good game but finishing not upto the mark, Alverez is superb in the match more clinical than Gaich

  30. Korea shows the way for Mali..! An ultra defensive 532…try to counter. Plus time wasting.
    Korea had technical skills and speed to capitalize. Mali cant do a Korea..but physically they are better.
    Its just a matter of time Argentina to score. Play 442…and get a goal..Mali will attack then and Argentina will get many chance to score.

  31. The game all over is looking good. Only missing the simple tapin and headers…. We are going to score. I believe.
    Need La vega in Maronis place.

  32. no 9 shirt is looking like Cursed..
    Gaich missing 2 fabulous chances…
    no 10 & no 11 looking poor
    Moreno & Maroni

    Barco good

    hope Gaich will make a successful Tap-in

  33. Gaich almost officially a new Higuain.

    This team relying on crosses like England, wtf… no short passing game in final third, really?
    We constantly reached the box only wait wait wait and pass the ball back to Mali…

    Even if they do win this game, they’d need plenty of luck to win the whole thing. I miss the 95-07 youth sides.

  34. Maroni is poor just as he was during Sudamericano (even if scored a goal there). His creativness disappeared.

  35. Gaich will be a super star. At least he looks so matured at U20 level. He is like another Lewandowski.

    Our long ball passing/crossing accuracy is a joke. I don’t think this is a skill that you can’t train yourself.

    Overall, we look very sharp and strong.

  36. Man
    U-20 France forgot to take their trophy 😂
    Some of you already gave them the trophy few days back I remember so you lot might take it for them and send it to them

  37. Afraid about our pair of defensive midfielders Vera-Moreno as they play together for the first time in the tournament.

    Mali has the big advantage of athletic physical conditions.

  38. Gonzalo maroni??? …. mali does have the stamina to attack relentless so it can be difficult game if argentina let them have ball. I think Argentina should have possession and exploit their weak defence. Any way good luck

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