FC Porto reportedly submit bid for Argentina’s Renzo SARAVIA


FC Porto have reportedly submitted a bid for Renzo SARAVIA.

The Argentina and Racing Club man has attracted interest from FC Porto, according to a report by Cesar Luis MERLO of TyC Sports. The fee is rumored to be €6.5 million but Racing reportedly would want to wait until after the Copa America in hopes that his stock would rise.


  1. Lets not get overconfident ………anybody can beat anybody thus far. Nobody expected Portugal to crash out or for Nigeria not to be as good as expected or the U.S. to Beat so-called Mighty France or for Uruguay to lose as bad as they did yesterday…….get my point?

    • Of course. We are favourite only on paper. Nothing more. Mali is strong team and we have to play our best + plus a bit of luck to get the quartefinal.

    • you speak correct. don t go far in past.
      remember that we play against South Korea and we lose even if we are better team and
      we play better than them too.

      we need to play our best and have little luck too.

  2. Batista will play with Maroni instead of Ferreira today. Queer guy:

    Facundo Mura, Nehuén Pérez, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega; Aníbal Moreno, Fausto Vera, Maroni; Ezequiel Barco, Julián Alvarez y Adolfo Gaich.

  3. Two important news from Argentine camp.
    1: Guido Rodriguez impress Scaloni in training and most probably will be included in starting x1 for the Copa. I think this is a good news. I dont trust Paredes as single DM.
    2: Aguero is injured..not serious though. I am waiting for the next news…may be Di maria injured…! Then all square..!

    • Mexico league is still important for us. A lot of our talents goes there hence there weill always call ups from there. This time it’s 3 players. Guido should start. Interestingly both our No.5 are from there.

        • So according to you we shouldn’t call up players from Mexico even some of they deserves? Consider your logic. Mexico has decent league.

          • No, we shouldn’t call up any players from Mexico, USA, Asian leagues.
            It’s a decent league for Ecuador or Paraguay, never for Argentina.

            Have you seen Germany, France or Spain call up any players from Egypt or South Africa league???

          • To your logic, I don’t think they deserve.
            The first prerequisite for Argentina team is that they’re capable of playing in top 5 leagues or super stars in our national league.

            Those Guidos are just mediocre players because they’re not capable of playing in top 5 leagues or they don’t have the mentality to fight in a competitive leagues.

          • “Have you seen Germany, France or Spain call up any players from Egypt or South Africa league???”

            Instead some of their footballers stay in local leagues and play for weaker clubs that are not above Mexico league level. In his early years of career they’ve been called up from smaller European clubs that are not above the Mexico league quality.

            “The first prerequisite for Argentina team is that they’re capable of playing in top 5 leagues or super stars in our national league”.

            Is Portugal league such top 5 league. Not. So what for anyone called up Di Maria from Benfica? Was he in that time superstar of NT. No, he was not. Talents are everywhere and only idiot may close his horizons so much to say I will call up only players from top 5 leagues.

            Where from Tagliafico (he was called up yet being Independiente player) or Saravia?

          • Do you know name like Mauro Rosales, Cesar Delgado or Figueroa? They were important players of golden team of Olimpic Games 2004. Being Mexico league players.

  4. Seems like Scaloni has finally found a world class DM in Guido Rodriguez. Kudos to Scaloni!!! I haven’t watched much of him but would like to know more about his playing style. If reports are true then he will most likely move to Spain. Could someone care to share his skills and style of play with us?

    • I started watching club america more since this year after the last friendlies for guido and also because i kind of suspected marchesin was going to be part of scaloni’s plans. He’s not a pure ankle crushing tackler like ascacibar but has good intensity for 90 minutes, physical, and has box to box and late run abilities. Very similar to battaglia but creative play is nothing to write about. not entirely sure how he does under heavy pressure because none of the matches i watched the opponents seemed interesting in pressing the final zone aggressively.

    • He’s playing in Mexico League…….. So I don’t expect him to be good in any respects…..
      Probably he’s just enough for copa america, because we all know that nowadays south american teams are way behind european teams. A well-disciplined european team can destroy Guido for sure.

    • He is not world class but could be very useful to the team. I believe that Pizarro and him can complete with each other: Rodriguez staying in front of the defense and Pizarro more as a box to box(just like what he did with Nzonzi when he was at Sevilla). I don’t see how Paredes can pair with Rodriguez because both of them like to stay deep and doesn’t move up much. Different playing style but similar position.

      • The reason our high profile strike force weren’t able to score satisfactory number of goals for quite sometime is due to the Masch-Biglia ultra defensive double pivot ! Messi had to always drop deep because of that and the little chances he created Higuain, Palacio and co blew them!! So I don’t know how defensive minded these two are but I would rather have one natural DM and 2 hardworking creative CMs(Depaul, Pereyra, Paredes,Acuna) to cover Messi, Aguero and Dimaria/locelso upfront .

  5. If our Copa campaign goes on well some of our current players market value will surely go up.

    Lo Celso is already a hot shot.

    Dybala will defenitly leave Juve.

    Icardi too is on the move.

    Players like Saravia, De Paul, Pezzella, Foyth, Guido Rodriguez etc have great chance to make a bigger impact in the transfer market. Andrada just renewed his contract with Boca if he could put on Gud show he could also make a swim.

  6. @Nikita hope you read this, i love you and i love you very very much Nikita. Mein akhain band karta hoon tho tumhe dekhtaa hoon, akhain kholta hoon tho sirf tumhe dekhnaa chahta hoon tum pass nahi ho isliye tumhe charo aur sirf dhundta reheta hu ki tum mil jao mujhe

  7. France- USA match will be an interesting one. On paper, it’s France all the way but I was really shocked to see the way the Americans played. They played football, pretty good football! Defensively they might not be that strong, but offensively they’re a treat. Their first match against Ukraine, particularly the first half was a testament to that. I’m also surprised that nobody even mentioned them; Italy, Uruguay, Ecuador etc all got praise but not them.

  8. With Pizarro, we have swaps across the pitch (personally i wanted to see little pitbull Ascac given a shot to prove himself but dont mind Pizarro). i don’t see a swap for Paredes since Pereyra plays more advance. Banega would be it if included.


    Lo Celso – Messi – Di Maria
    De Paul – Dybala – Suarez

    Paredes – Rodriguez
    Pereyra – Pizarro

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella – Saravia
    Acuna – Funes Mori – Foyth – Mercado

    • That team is more than enough
      To win the copa but It down to
      The coaching staff come up with
      Good way to play and stick with
      It . I don’t care how arg play
      This copa as long I see they
      Lift the cup.
      If that happen I’m sure the whole
      Picture of the nt will change.
      Rest will be history.

    • Fixed it:


      DiMaria – Messi – Lo Celso
      De Paul – Dybala – Pereyra

      Paredes – Rodriguez
      None – Pizarro

      Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella – Saravia
      Acuna – Funes Mori – Foyth – Mercado

  9. I think..overall..this team is an improved version of the wc team…. except GK position.
    GK position has not been improved…may be worsened…. Caballero was an hope in PK..

    • The problem was, with Caballero we won’t have to wait till the Penalty shootouts in the knockouts. We will be beaten in the normal time itself.

      He was trying to show how good he was with the feet. Which cost us. Never wanna see him anyway near us. The trauma he has given us was enough. His prime time was during the 2014 WC that time he was not selected for 1 friendly match.

      I think Andrada, Armani, Marchesin combo is better than the last WC combo.

      • Caballero could have been utilized only in PK..!
        This area we are far behind other opponent. Its shame we dont produce world class GKs, same time our greatest opponent produces world class GKs every time.
        When will Argentina federation understand a world class keeper is must in winning the WC..!

        • With a joint-high final record of eight saves, Alisson became the first goalkeeper to record a clean sheet in the champions league final since compatriot Julio Cesar for Inter in 2010.

        • Sadly it won’t happen any near. Our only option is to trust on Average GKs and hope they have a great momentum during a tournament or luck.

          We rarely produce World Class GKs. And Fullbacks. Which for some reason is a tradition.

          Moving Forward Benitez, Gazzaniga, Andrada, Musso have to get us past the tough Qualifiers.

          • “We rarely produce World Class GKs. And Fullbacks. Which for some reason is a tradition.”

            Like many mentioned here before, it’s not for a reason: it’s just business, pesos! Forwards, creative midfielders get more attention and a significant amount of money than the rest(in transfers). So they concentrate on developing those players more and more. Hence guess the quality goalkeeper, defenders drought in Argentina.

  10. Another News for Information :
    1. Jonathan Silva has permanently bought by Leganes from Sporting CP. Leganes will pay around €3M for his service.
    2. With rumors spreading between Lo Celso and Tottenham, Real Betis are anticipating it by planning to sign Guido Pizarro from Tigres. Yes, the same Pizarro who replaced Palacios.

  11. It looks like Porto eyeing Saravia as a replacement of Eder Militao who moved to Real Madrid at end of this season. If this transfer going for real, i hope that Saravia plays with consistency.

  12. He will be one of our bright spots in Copa 19. Look forward to see Saravia, Guido R, Lautaro, DePaul , LoCelso ( already established to a superstar) to maximize Copa 19 for their further growth.
    Hoping to see Foyth, Gazzaniga to move to clubs where they get regular time.

  13. He is 25 years old and a little older for European clubs to be able to make money off of him but for the national team the best age to ship local players off to Europe is between 22-25. If you sell players at very early age then European clubs will deprive them of playing time which impacts their growth. South American countries should ban their clubs from selling local players below 25. So, I would stay it is a smart move by Racing to wait until after Copa. If Argentina wins the Copa then not just Saravia but his other team mates will also be in demand in bigger European clubs and local clubs can make double the money . I prefer Spanish or Italian clubs for our players and I consider Porto,Ajax etc. as gateway for our not so internationally popular local players to jump start their European careers!!

    • Dude, no way are clubs going to be banned from selling youngsters. Remember that business interest are priority and the NT takes a back seat.

      • I know this will never happen, but the South American nations’ local football federation should at least try to persuade the clubs to hold on to their players until they are 22 years old.

        I also would like the South American federation to start a 3.5 years long league tournament between 10 South American teams, each team playing 2 home and 2 away games with every country and teams ending up in the top four automatically qualify for the world cup. By making our players play more together is the only way to end the European dominance in the World Cup, which also will never happen 😀 (I mean the league cup).

        • > 2 home and 2 away games

          great idea. I would love nothing more than to double the playtime but I doubt clubs would go for it and they have a really strong lobby.

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